Bitcoin Machine review – this SCAM keeps getting copied

Read our BitcoinMachine review to understand that this trading program is fraudulent and made to take money away from you.

About Bitcoin Machine

BitcoinMachine reviewBitcoin Machine is a group that has at its disposal an automated trading software for bitcoin. This app allegedly is very profitable and can make you a millionaire thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps the strangest thing is that you can become a member of the group for free, which means that supposedly you can become a millionaire for free. Is it true?

Bitcoin Machine scam

BitcoinMachine is a scamOf course nobody will make you a millionaire for free, the truth is that Bitcoin Machine is a scam. To be precise, it is an infamous scam that started as Bitcoin Code and keeps getting copied over again.

On our picture you can see some other instances of this scam: Bitcoin Storm, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Future. They use the same video, the same texts, only colors and names change.

Bitcoin Machine testimonials

Testimonials are not realThe website of the program features some stories of people who allegedly have been earning money with this program. But it is easy to prove that they are fake. Just check our picture to see that scammers used stock photos, these people are not real users.

Because this scam has been around for so long, we have real Bitcoin Machine testimonials and reviews that we can base our judgement upon. And trust us, real reviews are all negative because this program is an absolute scam that has lost a lot of money to a lot of people.

Trading results

Trading results are fakeAnother fake thing you can notice on BitcoinMachine’s website is the table with live profit results. First of all, it contains only winning trades, which is a nonsense in itself, because no trading system in the world has only wins.

Maybe you could say it was a lucky series of winners. But no, because the table contains trading pairs like ETH/LTC that in reality are not offered by any broker or exchange. This shows that the results are purely fictitious, nothing to do with real trading.

How this really works

Finally, let us explain in this BitcoinMachine review how this program really works. If you carefully read its website, you will notice that they will require you to deposit money to start trading.

And this is how they get your money. They will push you to an unregulated broker they cooperate with. When you deposit, they will keep your money and tell you that it was lost in trading. Then they will ask you for more deposits but they will never earn you anything.

Any potential profits they will show will not be withdrawable.

Bitcoin Machine review conclusion

We know for sure that Bitcoin Machine is a scam which has only one purpose: to steal your money. So, you have to stay away from it!

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading to make money, try it first with virtual money on a free demo account.

Before trading with real money you have to build a strategy and understand the risks.

Bitcoin Machine

250 USD

Results / Performance







  • Identifiable


  • Scam
  • Losing
  • No real system
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