Bitcoin Millionaire Pro review – What a scam! [see proofs]

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro review

In this review, you will learn the details of a new fraud called Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, with which the fictional Elaine Longpré does not make any money.

What is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

The L’Express Liberation site describes the story of Elaine Longpré, who became a millionaire thanks to Bitcoin Millionaire Pro. It is an automatic program for the financial markets and supposedly it earns tens of thousands of euros a day.

According to its official website, to earn money with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro:

  • You have nothing to know about investment and stock markets
  • You don’t need a lot of money
  • You don’t need to have a lot of time to trade

If you click on the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro link in Elaine Longpré’s story, you will be redirected to the program’s website. Its main feature is a video in which the author talks about bitcoin and how it keeps increasing in value.

And now the most important thing is that you have nothing to pay for Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, it is completely free. So, you are supposed to believe that a free program will make you a millionaire.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a scam

Of course, the very idea of ​​a free program that makes millionaires is absolutely absurd. Money would lose all value because no one would have to work anymore, and everyone would get rich automatically. So yes, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a complete scam.

Elaine Longpré does not exist

You probably arrived at Bitcoin Millionaire Pro via the L’Express Liberation page with the story of Elaine Longpré. But his whole story is totally fanciful.

In the past, the same site has promoted other scams such as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Revolution. Now it’s Bitcoin Millionaire Pro and in the future it will likely be another investment fraud.

That Elaine Longpré does not exist and that her story is a total fiction can be easily proven. This scam has several language versions, and although each one describes the same story and contains the same photos, the name of the main character is always different.

In our photo, you can see that, for example, in the Italian version, it is Felicia Roberta and Vita Libera and in the French version Elaine Longpré and L’Express Liberation. In addition, this scam clearly targets the Nordic countries, where you will find Sarah T. Østergaard and Dagligdags Avisen, Alvina Strömberg and Fria Tider Nyheter, and Nina Tuominen and Iltaviesti Päivittäin.

Elaine Longpré

Recycling an old fraud

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro has a name derived from an old scam called Bitcoin Code. This fraud has a lot of clones and Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is one of them.

In our image you can see the similarities between these programs which claim to have a sophisticated and profitable system for trading with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro scam

Fake International Council for Bitcoin

The official website of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro claims that this system has been approved by the International Council for Bitcoin. The trouble is that in reality no council of this name exists.

The second thing we want to draw your attention to in the picture below is that the alleged member who claims to be making money with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is obviously fake. His photo is a stock photo, therefore he certainly is not a real user.

International Council for Bitcoin

Unregualted and illegal

The video presentation of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro wants you to believe that the trading platform you will be using with this system is fully regulated. But it just is one of the many lies they tell yu.

The trading platform is not regulated, nor are the brokers this scam is partner with. Everything is shady and hiding in the shadows, because it is an illegal system that can be prosecuted.

Lack of regulation

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro platform – not even trading bitcoin

If Bitcoin Millionaire Pro was not a scam, this would be laughable, because the trading system is not even touching bitcoin.

The promise of this program is that it will make you money in bitcoin trading, but when you register and get access to the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro platform, you will quickly notice that it is trading with fiat currency pairs, we did not see a single cryptocurrency trade. Look at our picture below.

Not even trading crypto

Experience with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

On some versions of the official site of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, you will find testimonials from users of this system, or their commercial results. All of them are, of course, very impressive, but also totally fake.

In this case, the comparison with another linguistic version of this trading system will again be useful. Put the English and German versions of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro side by side to see the faces of the same users, the same positive experiences and even the same names. But different addresses. While in the English version there are users from England and Ireland, in the German version under the same faces you will find the German cities of Düsseldorf and Berlin.

The real experience with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is exclusively negative. It is an investment fraud that will take money from you and never bring you anything. It has been around for a long time worldwide, so there is no problem finding comments from real users in various forums.

How Bitcoin Millionaire Pro loses your money

The basic lie is that all investment scams like Bitcoin Millionaire Pro tell is that they are free.

The trading software itself is apparently free, sometimes even allowing you to try it in demo mode. However, such a demo generally uses fake prices and generates profits that would not be possible in real trading.

When you want to start making money with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro, you will find that you will be forced to deposit money with a predetermined unregulated broker, at least $ 250, you will have no choice. They will tell you that the money will stay with you, that you cannot lose it and that it is an investment necessary to start making money.

But if you send them money, you will lose it. Overall, it’s a large group of scammers. Some create so-called miraculous programs, others act as brokers, but in fact they take money from people and keep it.

So, to be clear, the only goal of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is to force you to send money to a fraudulent broker, who will keep it, and possibly ask you for more and more deposits to steal you the most possible money.

So, don’t send them money, so you can easily avoid this scam.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro platform

How to defend yourself

When everything suggests that something is nonsense, it usually is nonsense. Use common sense. Money is a value and the economy is based on this fact. If it were possible to receive unlimited free money through an automatically winning program, the economy would stop working.

So, when someone promises you free money, you know it’s a scam, there’s no point in hoping for anything else. In the end, they will always want your money first, so you will know what it is.

As for the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro program, don’t send it money, don’t sign up for it, or provide personal information, just ignore it.

If you are already registered, they will probably bother you with deposit requests. Make sure you ignore them and don’t send anything to them.

If you have already sent the money, request a withdrawal immediately. You must ask the broker who created your trading account and got your deposit.

If the broker refuses to return your money, tell them that you will report it to the authorities and that you will request a chergeback on your deposit.

If that doesn’t work, try to reverse the deposit transaction. The easiest way is with credit cards, ask your bank for a chargeback of the transaction. The hardest part is with bank transfers, ask your bank what to do.

Bitcoin Millionaire pro review – conclusion

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a scam that aims to take you as much money as possible. It promises big profits in trading with cryptocurrencies, but results are losses. Avoid it!

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading, start on a demo account with a regulated broker. With virtual money, you can test whether you can trade profitably.

Do not engage in real money trading without a tested strategy and an understanding of the risks.

Please help us to warn people against the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro scam and share our review.

Frequently Asked Questions

🎯 Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro a con?

Unfortunately, yes, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a con. It is made to get your money and never give you anything back. It has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency trading.

🎯 Can Bitcoin Millionaire Pro earn money?

No, you cannot make money with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro because it is a scam. Its real purpose is to get you to send money to a fraudulent broker.

🎯 What is the experience with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro?

Everyone who has tried the Millionaire detector has lost money. They sent them to a trading account with an unregulated broker who was dictated to them and they lost it.

🎯 Is Bitcoin Millionaire Pro a scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a pure scam. You can only expect the loss of your own money. The story of the millionaire Elaine Longpré is also a scam, nothing like this has ever happened.

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro

250 USD

Telling the truth


Track record


Legal aspects





  • New design


  • Scam losing money
  • Cloned fraud
  • Dangerous
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