Bitcoin Prime Review – Another Miserable SCAM [Experience]

Review of Bitcoin Prime

Our review proves that Bitcoin Prime is a scam. The experience with it is that it has nothing to do with profitable cryptocurrency trading.

We did a thorough test of Bitcoin Prime and found out how this program works, what real users are saying about it, what trading results it has and that it is an investment fraud.

What is Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime is a trading software focused on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. This app will automatically trade for you based on the trading signals it generates itself.

Bitcoin Prime reportedly earns each user up to $ 1,500 a day. The success rate of trades is said to be between 60 and 95 percent.

Behind Bitcoin Prime is Steve McKay, who introduces himself as a Wall Street veteran who worked for big banks. He says he developed this software to help ordinary people trade like a pro. They get access to secret algorithms used by banks and earn billions of dollars.

And how much does Bitcoin Prime cost? Nothing, you get the app for free. Which sounds weird, doesn’t it? A program that is supposed to earn you tens of thousands of dollars a month, and it costs nothing…

Is Bitcoin Prime a legit program?

When it comes to investing, it is a highly regulated sector. If an application has to trade financial derivatives on the exchanges for you, as Bitcoin Prime does, it is an investment service that needs a permission from financial regulators. This is the case in most countries of the world.

However, Bitcoin Prime is a completely anonymous app that has no authorization. It is therefore illegal in most countries of the world. You can’t even find out who runs it, let alone if that person or company has this license.

And that in itself is a big problem, because it means that you would entrust your money to someone who intentionally hides his identity. There’s nothing good about it, is there?

Bitcoin Prime scam

The whole truth is that Bitcoin Prime is a scam. It is a scam that has existed for several years and changes names regularly.

We have already published reviews and warnings against many versions of this hoax, such as Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Sunrise or Crypto Superstar.

In our picture you will find a comparison from which it is clear that it is the same program. Website design is always either identical or very similar, the video is always the same.

The same is the promise of a free program that will make you big money without you having to learn anything or do anything.

This program is therefore well known and people have a lot of experience with it. Therefore, we can say with certainty that it is a fraud.

Bitcoin Prime scam

Fictional testimonials and reviews

Scammers did not stop copying when publishing Bitcoin Prime user reviews either. They simply took them from another version of this hoax and just rewrote the name of the program. In our picture you will find a comparison and proof, they used the same user experience with the same people and photos with Bitcoin Code.

So these reviews are fake. The people in the photos have nothing to do with Bitcoin Prime, let alone use the program in any way.

As we have already mentioned, the experience of real users with this program is appalling, because it was built to rob people of money. It has been doing this for a long time, so it is possible to find objective reviews and testimonials, but it is not easy.

Why is it not easy? Because fraudsters are flooding the Internet with fake reviews of their products, such as Bitcoin Prime, in order to beat the negative testimonials published by real users. You can be sure that any positive reviews of this program are fake and created by someone who is financially interested in this scam.

These programs also often feature fake articles that mimic reputable media and claim that the software is used by celebrities such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

But the reality is that neither Bitcoin Prime nor any other program of this kind is used by any celebrity, all articles claiming the opposite are fake.

Fake testimonials

Steve McKay is a scammer

Who is the creator of Bitcoin Prime Steve McKay? He is a fraudster, or rather a fictitious person created by fraudsters. This name is associated with a number of investment scams that hide behind cryptocurrencies.

The name Steve McKay first appeared in the Bitcoin Code scam a few years ago, and since then fraudsters have used it regularly over and over again in new versions of the program.

This man does not exist, there are no experienced traders and programmers behind Bitcoin Prime, because it is a loss-making program and a common scam. In our picture you will find proof, the photo that is supposed to show McKay is actually a stock photo.

Steve McKay

How Bitcoin Prime really works

Bitcoin Prime was created to make money, that’s right. But it earns to fraudsters by robbing ordinary people of money. It does this with the help of a handy trick, which is the promise that the app costs nothing, that you get it for free.

However, if you register with Bitcoin Prime, you will soon find out that you can start using the application only when you send at least 250 euros to an account with an unregulated broker, which you will not even be able to choose.

If you do, your money will quickly be lost and you will lose it. And if you realize in time that it is a scam, you will usually be denied a withdrawal request.

The fraudsters who created Bitcoin Prime have an agreement with unregulated brokers and send them new victims. Then they share money they took from these victims.

Bitcoin Prime is just a fairy tale to convince you to send your own money into a black hole where it will disappear. It never was a real trading program, let alone a profitable one. The people behind this have no idea about profitable cryptocurrency trading. If they did, they would make money trading and not force their program on you for free.

Also, be careful if they offer you the opportunity to try Bitcoin Prime in a demo mode. Because the experience is that when this program offers a test mode, it is also a scam.

The demo of the Bitcoin Prime program uses fictitious prices and generates profits that it would never achieve in real trading. It’s just another trick to confuse people into believing it’s a profitable program. But no, in real trading it loses money, it’s confirmed by many users.

How it really works

How not to lose money with Bitcoin Prime

First of all, it is necessary to realize that money is not and cannot be free. This will help you detect a lot of scams like Bitcoin Prime and stop them before your money is in jeopardy.

Because most of these programs promise at first glance a suspicious thing, ie laborless, high and automatic earnings thanks to cryptocurrencies or other investment assets. Imagine that something like this would be possible. Would anyone work then? And what would happen to the world if no one worked and everyone collected money from automated programs? This is, of course, complete nonsense.

The problem occurs if you have already registered for Bitcoin Prime and sent money to it. In this case, try to get it back as soon as possible, everything may not be lost yet.

Bitcoin Prime sent you to a broker who opened an account with you and you sent money to it. So you need to log in to this account and request a withdrawal. If the money is already missing, ask the broker to return it because you are a victim of fraud.

If necessary, you can threaten them with complaints to regulatory authorities. If that doesn’t help, you can file a complaint, but most importantly, contact your deposit payment intermediary for assistance.

For example, if you made a deposit to Bitcoin Prime with a credit card, ask your bank to return the transaction due to fraud. The most difficult is to return bank transfers and it is literally impossible to return cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitcoin Prime Review – Conclusion

Bitcoin Prime is a scam that can only deprive you of money. It certainly won’t earn you anything, so avoid it.

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker and virtual money.

If you later decide to trade for real money, make sure you understand the risks and have a good strategy in place.

Please share our review to help warn others about the Bitcoin Prime scam.


What is your experience with Bitcoin Prime?

The experience with Bitcoin Prime is very bad because it is a copy of an old scam. People with this app are losing money because it is loss-making. It never earned anything to anyone.

Is Bitcoin Prime a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Prime is a scam. All the claims on his official website are fake, it can't make any money for you because it's a loss-making program.

How Much Money Can You Make With Bitcoin Prime?

With Bitcoin Prime, you can't make any money because the app is unprofitable. It was created to rob you of your money, it can't do anything else.

Should I register with Bitcoin Prime?

No, don't register with Bitcoin Prime because it's a hoax. This program would just take your money and transfer it to fraudsters. In real trading, it loses.

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  • Many thanks for you article. I thought about bitcoin and being ‘old in the tooth’, didn’t believe it. Your article was dead to the point and makes total sense. Well done. Billy George.

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