Bitcoin Pro review – the hundredth clone of a big SCAM

In this Bitcoin Pro review we prove that this investment tool is a huge scam.

What Bitcoin Pro is about

Bitcoin Pro reviewBitcoin Pro is presented as an automated tool for cryptocurrency markets trading. It will generate trading signals and execute them on your account to make you money.

It allegedly can earn you thousands of dollars per day and make you a millionaire. And it doesn’t cost anything, which really should ring the alarm bells, shouldn’t it?

Bitcoin Pro scam

Bitcoin Pro scamYou guessed it right, Bitcoin Pro is a scam. It is an infamous scam that has been cloned over and over again for a few years now. It basically uses cryptocurrencies as a lure to get your money, but it does not any real trading, let alone profitable.

As you can see on our picture, this scam has been copied under different names, such as Crypto Comeback Pro, Digital Revolution and Banner Banc.

The basic principle always remains the same, they promise you a lot of money for free, it doesn’t always have to be about cryptocurrencies, they will use anything modern or fancy.

How they get your money

OK, now that we have established that Bitcoin Pro is a scam, how exactly does it work? When you sign up for it, they will send you to an unregulated and shady broker that will ask you for a deposit.

You see, the system is not free, they won’t allow you to do anything until you deposit money. But if you send them your money, that will be it, they will share it and claim that you lost in in trading. These is how these scammers and shady brokers operate, they just take people’s money and never give anything back.

This is why you mustn’t send them anything, it is the only way to avoid losses with scammers.

Bitcoin Pro review conclusion

Bitcon Pro is a dirty scam that wants to steal your money in cooperation with a shady and unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Profitable trading requires a good strategy that you can try and build it on the demo. Be sure to understand the risks if you decide to switch to trading with real money.

Bitcoin Pro









  • Infamous


  • Losing money
  • Scam
  • Unregulated
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