Bitcoin Rejoin Review – 100% scam [ALARM BELL!]

Review of Bitcoin Rejoin

This review provides evidence that Bitcoin Rejoin is a scam that was built to rob people of their money.

Our Bitcoin Rejoin test revealed the background of this investment program, how it works, what you can expect from it, what its real business results are and that it is a hoax.

What is Bitcoin Rejoin

Bitcoin Rejoin is a trading program for bitcoin. It was created to automatically trade with this cryptocurrency and generate profits.

The official Bitcoin Rejoin website lists the following main benefits of the app:

  • wins 99.4 percent of trades
  • thanks to a cloud solution, it has a time advantage over competing programs
  • uses more than two dozen analytical tools
  • trades in more cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin
  • earns each user a minimum of $ 1,000 a day

An automated trading program that will provide you with passive earnings of tens of thousands of dollars a month. Surely you assume it costs a lot of money. But this is not the case, its creators offer it to everyone completely free of charge. Doesn’t that sound absurd?

Features of the system

Is Bitcoin Rejoin legal?

Bitcoin Rejoin is a software that does automatic trading for its users. It will open and close trades all by itself, making business decisions for the person who lets it trade their money. This means that it is an investment service.

For this reason, Bitcoin Rejoin needs permission from the regulatory authorities. But it doesn’t have any. It has not been licensed in any country, so it is illegal software that cannot be offered in the vast majority of other countries in the world.

Bitcoin Rejoin Scam

Let’s face it, Bitcoin Rejoin is a scam. It is an investment fraud that attracts with promises of big, easy and fast profits from financial trading, but in reality, its authors designed it to lose money.

Just think about it rationally. A program that automatically earns tens of thousands of dollars a month, and it’s free? If Bitcoin Rejoin operators had a program that makes a lot of money on the financial markets, they would use it themselves and make money. They certainly wouldn’t pay for advertising to offer it to people for free.

If anyone could passively make enough money from a program to live on, no one would work, and everyone would use such a program. And the economy would collapse. Therefore, such a program cannot exist in public space. If it existed, newspapers would be full of it.

Non-original fraud

But there are also a lot of tangible proofs that Bitcoin Rejoin is a scam. In this review, we will offer you a few of them.

If this is not the first time you have read our site, you may be familiar with the look of Bitcoin Rejoin and its features. This is no coincidence, because it is a copy of a fraud, which is very widespread.

It has already appeared under the names like Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Sunrise. We have already warned against it, see our linked reviews.

Bitcoin Rejoin is probably the most common scam that abuses the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It exists under many different names, and as you can see in the image below, all versions have very similar to the same website, often using the same video.

And the promises are always the same, including a meaningless and impossible trading success of 99.4 percent. It is not possible to have such a high success in financial trading, every experienced trader will confirm it to you.

Quadrupled scam

Anonymous and unauthorized service

As we have already mentioned, Bitcoin Rejoin lacks the necessary authorization for investment services, so it is an illegal program. But that is not all.

Bitcoin Rejoin is completely anonymous, you will not find any real contact details and information about its operator on its website. Which is a huge warning signal for any investment service.

Definitely never trust with your money anyone who is obviously deliberately hiding their identity and hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. You just can’t take seriously anonymous promises of big and fast earnings for free.

Falsified testimonials and reviews

If you are interested in almost any product, you will certainly look for reviews and user experiences. Scammers take this into account, which is why they make false reviews of their products themselves.

It is no different with the alleged user experience with Bitcoin Rejoin, which you can find on its website. They are completely fabricated, stories and numbers are untrue. It can be proved relatively easily.

Take a look at our image and you will see that the photos of the alleged users come from a stock photo service. So, there are people on them who have nothing to do with Bitcoin Rejoin. They have no idea that such a program exists and that it is abusing their faces. It’s a typical trick used by all versions of this hoax.

Falsified testimonials

How Bitcoin Rejoin Really Works

Scammers try to entice you to use fraudulent applications like Bitcoin Rejoin, with the promise that everything is free. You can get the impression that you will not risk anything, that you have nothing to lose when you try this program. But the opposite is actually true.

In fact, the only way to use Bitcoin Rejoin is with a dubious broker appointed by the fraudsters. They will tell you that you need to send at least $ 250 to your broker’s account in order to start using the app and earn money.

If you do, the program will lose your money very quickly. You realize it’s a scam too late. The creators of Bitcoin Rejoin will then share with their friendly fraudulent broker the money they robbed you of together.

These fraudulent programs sometimes even offer a demo mode in which you can try them out with virtual money. But beware, because their demo is fake and uses fictitious prices, so it generates profits that would not occur in real trading.

It’s a very insidious trick, because if you don’t think of comparing prices with a real trading platform, you can easily get the impression that Bitcoin Rejoin is a profitable program. But no, in real trading money is lost with it.

They want your money

Protect your money

As we stated in this review, if you use common sense, it is very likely that you will detect scams like Bitcoin Rejoin in time. Money is not and cannot be free, so if someone promises it to you, it is a warning sign.

And it doesn’t matter if your free and automated trading earnings are promised through cryptocurrencies or whatever, it’s always a scam. Definitely pause and think whenever someone with such an offer invites you to send them your money. This is a critical moment when you can prevent the loss of money with the right decision.

If you have already registered with Bitcoin Rejoin and sent your money, you can try to get it back. The sooner you try, the better. You’ve sent money to a broker, so log in to the account you have with them and request a withdrawal.

If the money is no longer in the account, ask the broker to return it, stating that you are the victim of the Bitcoin Rejoin fraud. If the broker refuses, threaten him with complaints to authorities.

If none of this helps, contact the payment intermediary you used for the deposit transaction. In the case of a payment card, this will be your bank, which you can ask for a so-called chargeback to return the money to your account. For digital wallets such as Paypal, contact your service provider. And always explain how you fell victim to the Bitcoin Rejoin investment fraud.

Bitcoin Rejoin Review – The conclusion

Bitcoin Rejoin is a scam. It is an old and infamous scam that has deprived many people of money. Don’t invest any money with it, avoid it!

If you are interested in legit cryptocurrency and other asset trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Before you can start trading with real money, you need to be well aware of the risks and have a good strategy in place.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Bitcoin Rejoin?

You can't make any money with Bitcoin Rejoin. This trading program is loss-making, so you can only lose money with it. Unfortunately, it was designed that way and you can't expect anything else from it.

How to register for Bitcoin Rejoin?

Just fill in your details on the official Bitcoin Rejoin website. But don't do it because it's a scam that will cost you money. And all personal information would fall into the hands of fraudsters who could misuse it.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin a safe application?

No, Bitcoin Rejoin is not a safe nor secure application. It is a loss-making software, so it is dangerous for your money, it can easily lose it. It is also a fraudulent program, so it passes your personal information on to fraudsters.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Rejoin is a scam. It's just an old scam with a new name. We have a lot of experience with this program and we know that it loses money in cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Rejoin

250 USD



Investment offer


Real results



  • Transparent scam


  • Still a scam
  • Stealing money from people
  • Illegal program
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