The Bitcoin Revolution scam – exposed in our real review

Bitcoin Revolution review

In our Bitcoin Revolution review we reveal the truth about this investment fraud which was never featured in the Dragons’ Den or the Shark Tank.

Our detailed test revealed all the important information about Bitcoin Revolution: what it is, how it works and that it is not endorsed by anybody nor any TV show because it is a pure scam.

What is Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading system for cryptocurrencies. It is fully automated, therefore it can trade with bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and other tokens on your account without your intervention.

Bitcoin Revolution (also Bitcoin Revolution 2) showcases these key features on its official website:

  • the app is designed for auto trading
  • it has a 99.4 percent accuracy (wins nearly every trade)
  • its advantage over competition is superior trade execution speed
  • very high consistency
  • has won several independent awards
  • requires only 20 minutes of work per day

How much money you can make with this trading app? The official site claims that with Bitcoin Revolution you will earn at least 1100 USD per day and that some members earned their first million in just two months.

Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Revolution 2 are available mainly in the UK, Australia, United Sates, South Africa, UAE, Singapore and Canada, but anybody can sign up for it. This software is simply targeting people all over the world.

And the price is the same everywhere, it costs 0 dollars. Meaning that you don’t have to pay anything to become a member of the Bitcoin Revolution group and get access to the trading platform.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit?

Unfortunately, no, Bitcoin Revolution is not legit. In fact, it is a hoax because all the information you will find on its website is fake. The trading app does not win 99.4% of trades, in reality it is losing money.

The fact that Bitcoin Revolution is not legitimate was confirmed by the financial regulator MFSA from Malta. The regulator stated not only that it is an unauthorized investment service but also that it “likely is an international get-rich-quick cryptocurrency scam”.

The Bitcoin Revolution scam

The MFSA is completely right because Bitcoin Revolution really is a scam. It was designed to make money but not to you, only to scammers who run it. It uses clever tricks to get your money, we will explain them in this review.

The only thing that will happen if you sign up for Bitcoin Revolution is that you will lose all the money you put into this auto trading system. We base our assessment on personal experience, feedback from real users and the following proofs.

Old scam with a new name

Bitcoin Revolution is just one scam in a huge fraudulent network. Scammers got so lazy that they are just copying one scam over and over again, the only thing they bother changing is the name. Everything else stays the same.

This same scam system has been released under many different names, you will find a few examples in our reviews of Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Code Expert.

In our picture below you will find other instances of this scam. As you can see, they are identical, they use the same website design, the same video, the same users’ testimonials. Speaking of which…

Bitcoin Revolution scam

They faked users’ testimonials

The official website of Bitcoin Revolution features users’ testimonials that look very good. People are sharing their stories about how much money they have been earning with this app. But they are completely fake.

First of all, people you see in the pictures are not real users of the system, because these pictures are stock photos. We prove this fact with our picture below. Everything is fictitious, there are no real users with profits, because the Bitcoin Revolution app is losing money in cryptocurrency trading.

These testimonials are not real

The Bitcoin Revolution platform

Getting access to the Bitcoin Revolution platform is very easy. You will just have to provide your name, e-mail and phone number during the sign-up process. Then you will automatically be signed into the platform and you will be able to start using it. But don’t do it!

The Bitcoin Revolution App is very dangerous in a way that you might not even suspect. The dirty trick is in its demo. Because the demo mode uses fictitious prices, which means that the results you will see in testing are impossible to replicate in real trading.

In other words, the Bitcoin Revolution demo is fake, it does not show the real performance of the app. It is very misleading, and it will confuse all people that are not experienced in crypto trading. We know it also because the same app is used by other scams, like Bitcoin Superstar for example, see our picture below.

It is very treacherous, because you can review the Bitcoin Revolution app, test it thoroughly in the demo mode and come to the conclusion that it is profitable. But then if you switch it to trading with real money, you will be shocked how it can be so bad, how it can be losing money so quickly.

Bitcoin Revolution platform

How Bitcoin Revolution works – the truth

The Bitcoin Revolution scam works in a very simple way. During the sign-up process, they will create a trading account for you with an unregulated broker which will help them to steal your money.

First, you will get access to the trading platform that will let you try it in the demo mode. You will see a lot of profits, but as we have just explained, these profits will be completely fake. If you fall into the trap, you will think that the system can make you real money.

So, you will switch the Bitcoin Revolution app to the real mode. But there will be one condition, you will have to deposit at least 250 dollars with the unregulated broker they have chosen for you. You won’t be able to choose another company, you will have to send your money to a specific one.

Et voila, this is how they steal your money – they convince you to send it to a shady broker they cooperate with. All your deposits with Bitcoin Revolution will be lost.

And it can get worse because scammers will start to harass you, they will ask for more deposits. They will claim that if you want to make real money, you have to send them more. They may even show you profits on your trading account but they will be fake, you will never be able to withdraw anything. They might also ask you to pay them fake taxes. They will use all sorts of lies just to make you send them more and more. Basically, it is a robbery, but it cannot happen if you don’t cooperate.

How to stay safe

If you want to stay safe with Bitcoin Revolution, don’t even sign up for it. The most important thing is to never send them any money. Don’t give them your credit card details and don’t grant them remote access to your computer via any software.

Basically, just avoid Bitcoin Revolution completely, don’t respond to the offer. Don’t interact with people who are promoting it to you.

Real user experience with Bitcoin Revolution

Since the Bitcoin Revolution scam has been around for a long time, we know from people how it really works and what happens to its victims.

If you register for this system, all you can expect are calls for money deposits. Fraudsters will push you to send them as much money as you can. They will promise you huge profits and they will push you to get money from all possible sources.

When you deposit money with this system, two things can happen. Either it will quickly disappear from your account, or you will see fake profits piling up. Whatever happens, scammers will use it as an argument for making you deposit even more. Once they come to the conclusion that they got everything they could from you, they will keep all your money and stop communicating.

Then you will have a hard time trying to get your money back. You will find that it is unclear who owns Bitcoin Revolution, who runs it and where is your money.

Beware of fake Bitcoin Revolution reviews. When you see a positive review of this system, you can be sure that it is fake and paid by scammers who run Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution in the media

The usual trick of scammers is to pretend that Bitcoin Revolution has been everywhere, on TV, in online journals and that it is endorsed by a lot of celebrities. But it is not true.

TV shows

Some of the favorite shows are the Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, This Morning and Good Morning Britain. For example, fraudsters claim that Bitcoin Revolution was recommended by Gordon Ramsay in This Morning. But it is not true.

Bitcoin Revolution never was in the Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank or Good Morning Britain. Nor in any other TV show in the world.


If you saw an article about Bitcoin Revolution in the Daily Mirror, look at it again because it is fake. Scammers copy the design of journals like the Mirror or CNN on their own website and publish fake articles about their system.

No serious media have ever mentioned Bitcoin Revolution in a positive way. If it was ever mentioned, it was a warning that this auto trading system is a scam. The same applies to specialized websites like Money Saving Expert, Bitcoin Revolution was never recommended by them.

Bitcoin Revolution and celebrities

Bitcoin Revolution is connected to a lot of famous names but wrongly. Because no famous person has ever endorsed it. All the articles associating anybody famous with this trading app are simply fake.

We have noticed fake articles connecting these people with Bitcoin Revolution:

  • Richard Branson
  • Jet Li
  • Psy
  • Charlie Brake
  • Ant McPartlin
  • Bill Gates
  • Cillina Murphy
  • Conor McGregor
  • Holly Willoughby
  • Michael Carroll
  • Peter Jones
  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Trevor Noah
  • Elon Musk
  • James Packer
  • Kayla Itsines
  • Jim Davidson
  • Patrice Motsepe
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Lim Oon Kuin

In fact, some of these fake associations between Bitcoin Revolution and famous people were publicly exposed in media like The Straits Times and U.Today.

Got scammed by Bitcoin Revolution? Do this

If you found our Bitcoin Revolution review too late and you already got scammed by this program, you can try to recover your money.

Follow these steps:

  1. Check your bank account statement to see how and who you sent your money to. You have to know who has your money before trying to get it back.
  2. In most cases your money will be with a broker that Bitcoin Revolution sent you to. If you can log into your trading account with that broker, do it and submit a withdrawal request.
  3. If the money is gone or you cannot log in, contact the broker and say you want your money back.
  4. If the broker refuses, say you will file complaints and push for a chargeback on your deposit.
  5. If the previous step doesn’t help, go on and try to reverse your deposit transactions.
  6. If the deposit was made with a credit card, explain to your bank that you got scammed and ask for a chargeback.
  7. If you used a third-party payment provider, send the same request to that provider.
  8. If the deposit was sent through a bank-wire, it is the most difficult type of transaction to reverse. See with your bank if they can help. You can also contact the bank of the recipient.
  9. If nothing helps, the last step would be a real complaint to authorities in your country. You can also ask the national financial regulator of your country for advice.

How to delete your Bitcoin Revolution account

If you signed up of Bitcoin Revolution, it is also important to get your account deleted. First, try to get back your money, as we explained in the previous paragraph.

Then ask the broker who had your money to delete your account. If you can find any contact information about people who run Bitcoin Revolution, contact them with the same request.

The problem is that you are dealing with scammers, so your chances to get your account deleted are not that big. Therefore, you have to evaluate the risks.

If they have your credit card details, it’s better to get this card blocked and let your bank issue a new one. If scammers have copies of your personal ID card or passport, it is difficult to evaluate how big of a risk it is, you might want to get these documents new too.

To get your Bitcoin Revolution account deleted is not easy, because fraudsters don’t respect the laws, but it certainly is worth trying. Do the maximum possible and stay safe.

If you don’t manage to get your Bitcoin Revolution account deleted, don’t despair. You will probably receive many new offers to invest money in scams, but it is not the end of the world.

Bitcoin Revolution review – the verdict

Our detailed test proved that Bitcoin Revolution is a scam. It is a fraudulent system that is designed to get money from you and give you nothing in return. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit cryptocurrency trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to try everything out risk free.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and have a solid strategy.

Please help us to warn other people against this Bitcoin Revolution scam and share our review.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bitcoin Revolution a con?

Yes, Bitcoin Revolution is a con. It is a total scam that wants you to send money to a fraudulent broker. You will never get anything back.

Is Bitcoin Revolution safe?

No, Bitcoin Revolution is not safe. It is an unauthorized investment service that will put your personal data and money at high risk.

Is Bitcoin Revolution real?

No, Bitcoin Revolution is not real. It has no real trading app, it is just a hoax full of fake information about easy profits on autopilot.

Who owns Bitcoin Revolution?

Scammers own Bitcoin Revolution. Because they know very well what they are doing, they hide their identity in order not to get caught.

Bitcoin Revolution

250 USD

Real results







  • Easy to uncover


  • Scam
  • Losing money
  • Illegal app
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  • hi,
    TOP BROKER EXCHANGE stated they tested the REAL Bitcoin Revolution with $500 USA and it did deliver 77% profit in 7 days.
    all though not close to what the official website claims.
    another “scam watchedog” like our selfs also stated that the original Bitcoin Revolution is legit. also that there is many scammers using Bitcoin Revolution name with all the fake shit you mentioned.
    hell, I am a pensioner who need to get A AUTO ROBOT to trade for me. even if it only deliver $50 USA per day profit.

    • Hi, there are many fake reviews websites and fake scam watchdogs. Bitcoin Revolution is a scam, stay away from it.

  • this is the website com/compare-s/? ad

    how on earth will normal people be able not to get scammed.
    I tried Expert Options.
    used their Demo $10,000
    failed 2 times with 10k try trading £, $, €
    then some how I started with Bitcoin currencies, think it was Ripple, my luck changed, then I tried all the other Bitcoin types.
    made good profits on some TRENDS
    in 2 months “playing” about 12 hours a day I went up from 10k to over 4.5million.
    then I tried with $50 USA.
    lost all of it.
    I really tried to trade as I did on the demo but made more losses than wins
    it could be the reality that it is real money, mentally affects ?

    did you ever tested Expert Options?
    I would like to know if they are real or is their DEMO a fake.
    I still have some screen shots from around 25k up to over 4 million

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