UGLY SCAM: Bitcoin Sunrise Review

Review of Bitcoin Sunrise

In this review, you will learn why the cryptocurrency app Bitcoin Sunrise is a scam. We present evidence for this conclusion.

We have thoroughly studied and tested the Bitcoin Sunrise offer. We found out it was a scam. This review will explain exactly how it works.

What is Bitcoin Sunrise

Bitcoin Sunrise is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It is fully automated, so it can trade on its own using signals that it generates itself.

The official Bitcoin Sunrise website lists the following features of the system:

  • can generate profits of up to 400% per day
  • has a success rate of 99%
  • has existed since 2018
  • has won several awards

The Bitcoin Sunrise app reportedly can earn up to $ 5,000 a day per user. The price of this application is that you pay a commission to its operator in the amount of 2 percent of the profit you make.

Paying only if you make money seems like a fair offer. But what is the reality?

Features of the system

Is Bitcoin Sunrise legal?

The first question you should ask about any financial or investment system is about its legality. So is Bitcoin Sunrise legal? No, unfortunately not. This is an unauthorized investment service, which has already been subject of warnings of a number of national financial regulators.

Bitcoin Sunrise is just a new name for an old scam that exists under many names. For example, as Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Revolution, which the Belgian financial regulator FSMA warned against.

Bitcoin Sunrise is exactly the same system, so the same warnings apply to it. It is an illegal investment service associated with unregulated and dubious brokerage firms.

Bitcoin Sunrise Scam

Bitcoin Sunrise is a scam that was designed as such from the beginning. Real users lose money, not coincidentally, it’s its main function. Our review provides evidence.

A clone of an old fraud

As mentioned in our review, Bitcoin Sunrise is not an original or unique trading application. It is a copy of an old scam, which in addition to the above names also had names like Bitcoin SuperStar or Bitcoin Era.

In the picture below you can see that all versions of this hoax use more or less the same website, the same video and the same promises. They all promise that you will get rich quick thanks to automated bitcoin trading. But you will end up the same as everyone, you will lose money.

Bitcoin Sunrise fraud

Absurd promises

Anyone with at least some experience in financial trading will confirm to you that the promises of Bitcoin Sunrise are completely unfulfillable. The idea of ​​depositing $ 250 into a trading account and soon earning $ 5,000 a day is completely unrealistic.

Scams like Bitcoin Sunrise try to give the impression that trading cryptocurrencies is very easy, that cryptocurrencies are only growing and that it is enough to invest. But it is not so. Cryptocurrencies have been in decline for almost three years, so it’s definitely not enough to buy and wait at any time.

And if you want to actively trade and speculate on both growth and decline, it’s even harder. Trading profitably is a great success in itself and it is certainly not possible to make the same profit every day. In fact, it is impossible to have every day profitable, loss days are inevitable.

Bitcoin Sunrise promises a 99% success rate and a 400% capital appreciation every day. That is really absolutely impossible. These numbers alone confirm that this is a fraud, because they are absolutely impossible.

Fake reviews and experiences

From the official website of this system, you can get the impression that the experience with Bitcoin Sunrise is very positive and that people are making money with it. This is shown by reviews on its website, along with alleged user earnings. But everything is fake.

These are not real users, the photos are stock pictures. You can find the proof in our picture. Scammers have gone so far as to use these same fake reviews on many of their scams. They don’t even bother creating new ones anymore.

And of course, Bitcoin Sunrise hasn’t won any awards, it doesn’t even exist since 2018, as its creators claim. It was created under this name this year.

Bitcoin Sunrise testimonial

False results

Another completely fake thing on the Bitcoin Sunrise website is the table with live trading results of the system. It shows a lot of profits, but they are completely fictitious.

You will find the same table in almost all versions of this hoax. It is nonsensical because it always shows profitable trades only, and also because it sometimes shows trading pairs of cryptocurrencies that are not actually traded anywhere.

Fake trading results

Celebrity reviews

While this is not a rule, some versions of Bitcoin Sunrise scams tend to have fake celebrity reviews. That is why we warn against them as a precaution.

The fraudsters behind this program are able to create fake articles in which you can read that their system is used by various celebrities.

Such articles imitate well-known media, such as The Mirror, CNN or Bloomberg. They claim that their app is recommended by celebrities such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Jones or Gordon Ramsay.

So beware, if you come across such articles, know that they are fake. No celebrities or reputable media will ever recommend Bitcoin Sunrise, as it is a common investment scam.

How Bitcoin Sunrise works

Sometimes we come across the opinion that programs like Bitcoin Sunrise are worth trying, because they are free. But that’s not quite true. That’s why we’ll explain exactly how it works.

When you register for Bitcoin Sunrise, you will immediately be prompted to deposit at least $ 250 into an account with a broker you will not be allowed to choose. You will be told that this program will not work with another broker.

So you will risk your own money from the beginning. If Bitcoin Sunrise doesn’t work, and we know it won’t, you will lose your own money. As you can see, this is a very risky program and it cannot be said that it is free.

It may also happen that you first get the opportunity to try the program in demo mode. The app will trade in virtual money and you will see that it generates big profits. But that will be just another dirty trick. When scammers give you a demo, it’s fake and uses fictitious prices.

It does not reflect what would happen when trading with real money. It is fake and aims to deceive you into believing that Bitcoin Sunrise is a profitable program. But no, in real money trading it loses, we know this from real users.

How it works

How not to lose money

It’s not hard to spot scams such as Bitcoin Sunrise. Just use common sense. The essence of these scams is that they promise you large and free earnings. And it doesn’t matter that they talk about cryptocurrencies, because free money just isn’t and can’t be.

Another very warning sign is that even if the program is said to be free, the first thing you will have to do is send your money to some unregulated and dubious broker. In other words, you are promised big free earnings, but first you have to send your own money somewhere.

If you have already registered for Bitcoin Sunrise and sent your money, try to withdraw it as soon as possible. Log in to your broker account and request a withdrawal.

If you are unable to withdraw money, please contact your deposit payment intermediary for assistance. Mostly it will be your bank. Especially for credit card payments, it is possible to reverse the transaction if you prove that you have been the victim of fraud.

Card companies are against unauthorized investment offers and unregulated brokers, so they should hear you and help you get your money back. The worst situation is with bank transfers, which are difficult to reverse.

The last resort is always to report the crime to the police. Which, of course, will not be easy, because it is a foreign fraud run who knows from where.

Bitcoin Sunrise review – the conclusion

Bitcoin Sunrise is an old scam with a new name. It is a trading system that will steal your money if you let it trade with it. Therefore, be sure to avoid it.

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, try it on a real demo account with a regulated broker. With virtual money, you will be able to test how successful you could be.

Before you start trading for real money, make sure you have a good strategy and that you understand the risks.

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Is Bitcoin Sunrise a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Sunrise is a scam. It was designed to lure you out of your money. It promises effort-less profits, but it will only bring you losses.

Is it possible to make money with Bitcoin Sunrise?

No, you can't make any money with Bitcoin Sunrise. It is a hoax that was designed to deprive you of your money. Scammers don’t know better, unfortunately.

Is Bitcoin Sunrise safe?

No, Bitcoin Sunrise is a very dangerous and risky application. Not only will it deprive you of your money if you let it trade, it will also give your personal information to scammer who can abuse it.

Bitcoin Sunrise

250 USD



Trading system


Real results



  • Presentation


  • Financial fraud
  • Loses money
  • Risky and dangerous
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