Bitcoin Superstar review – we can prove it is a scam

Bitcoin SuperStar review

In this review, we ask if Bitcoin Superstar is a legit program. Our assessment is that it is a scam that represents a huge risk for your money.

This analysis gives you complete information about Bitcoin Superstar. You will learn how this program works, how it is not endorsed by anybody, and that it is a huge scam to be avoided.

What is Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Superstar is a closed group of people involved in cryptocurrency trading, focusing on the Facebook digital currency libra and bitcoin. At least so it stands on his website.

Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency, and this group of people is reported to have a trading system that can trade it very profitably. No matter what the bitcoin’s rate is, whether its price is rising or falling.

The Bitcoin Superstar App is reportedly so powerful that it wins 99.4 percent of trades. That would mean huge profits. Indeed, this system promises to earn you 13,000 dollars in the first day! And it’s supposed to be guaranteed.

The Bitcoin Superstar System is reportedly so miraculous that it is recommended by people like Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Bill Gates. In various reviews you can read that they talked about this program in the Dragons’ Den or the Shark Tank.

To make matters worse, you can get access to this application for free. Why worse? Continue reading.

Bitcoin Superstar – Is it Real?

Based on our test, we have to state that the Bitcoin Superstar is not real. You can’t make any money with this program. If you register for it, even worse will happen, you will lose your own money. Read on to learn how.

Bitcoin Superstar Scam

Unfortunately, all positive statements about Bitcoin Superstar on its official website are fake, bitcoin or libra have nothing to do with it and no known personalities recommend this system. In this review we provide evidence.

Cloned fraud

Since we have been reviewing investment scams for several years, we have a good overview of how Bitcoin Superstar works and what it really is.

First of all, it is a cloned scam that has been on the market for several years. And it really has a lot of copies, in our picture you will find some examples, see also our reviews of Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Note that these scams use very similar websites, often the same videos, but they are called differently each time. Our assessment is that all these systems come from the same group of people.

Bitcoin SuperStar scam

Bitcoin Superstar Platform

When you sign up for Bitcoin Superstar, you get access to a platform that supposedly will generate you profits in cryptocurrency trading. Automatically, you just turn it on and wait for results.

The Bitcoin Superstar platform even offers a demo mode in which you can try everything and verify that the software is profitable. And indeed, if you take the virtual money test, you will see a lot of profits.

But the problem is that these gains are fake. The platform is making up trades, not using the actual bitcoin exchange rate, therefore showing results that would not occur in real trading.

You can also tell by the fact that test trades only last a very short time and show profits that would not be possible with such small price movements. We marked it in our picture. It’s another proof that Bitcoin Superstar is a scam.

Equally fake is the Bitcoin Superstar App table with live results on its website. These are randomly generated positive figures that have nothing to do with real trading.

The robot

Bitcoin Superstar and Celebrities

What do celebrities have in common with Bitcoin SuperStar? The creators of this scam want to tell you that many familiar names are making money with it, but the opposite is true, they have nothing to do with it!

Here is a list of some celebrities who are unjustly associated with this scam. But there will probably be more:

Bitcoin Superstar in the media

Last but not least, Bitcoin Superstar claims that it has featured in TV shows like the Shark Tank (Australia) or Dragons’ Den (UK).

It’s not true. It should be noted that such fake information is very easy to produce. Scammers just clone the design of the original website, sometimes even use real pictures from a given TV show, and then add their fake story to it.

These are terrible manipulations, but unfortunately quite common.

Where Bitcoin Star is available

During our analysis of this program, we found that Bitcoin Superstar is mainly active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But lately it has also been targeting people in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Bitcoin Superstar – real experience

Having explained that all the positive reviews of Bitcoin Superstar are fake, then what are the real ones? Perhaps you can guess yourself, they are exclusively negative.

Because it is a fraudulent program that loses money in real trading, people have negative experience with it, we know it directly from real users who communicate with us.

The problem is that the Internet is full of fake Bitcoin Superstar reviews, published directly by the people who are running this scam and promoting it for money. In such articles you will find only positive testimonials, but they are all fake.

If you try to publish your own opinion and testimonial under such articles, they will not allow you, or they will delete your post quickly. Therefore, it is not easy to find objective information about Bitcoin Superstar, but be sure it is a scam, discussions with real users have confirmed it.

Bitcoin SuperStar testimonials

Should you register for Bitcoin Superstar?

Certainly not! Bitcoin Superstar is a scam, so you must avoid it. If you insist that you want to register for the system, do it with some false information, be sure not to give them your real name, primary email address, and phone number.

Otherwise, you will be harassed, they will push you to deposit money with a shady broker, and they will push you hard. When you use fake personal information and a secondary email address, you can log in to Bitcoin Superstar and see what it looks like.

You will then be able to verify our claims about this platform in this review. But don’t put any money into it or try to buy anything. You can try buying a bitcoin or pound in the virtual money demo mode, do nothing more, it would be too much risk.

Bitcoin Superstar – how does it work?

As we indicated in the previous paragraph, when you register for this system, Bitcoin Superstar starts by asking for money right away. Surprise, right?

This system is supposed to be free. But it’s not. And that is exactly the trick of this fraud. After registering you will be logged in to the trading platform, which will let you try in a demo mode. However, as we have already shown, this test mode is fake, it uses fictitious prices and shows impossible profits.

But anyone who has no experience with bitcoin and stock trading in general will easily get the impression that the Bitcoin Superstar is truly profitable. So, they will want to let the system trade with real money and earn, because they won’t know what the risk is.

At that moment you will learn that you must deposit money (at least $ 250) into an account with a broker you could not choose and with which an account was opened without your knowledge and permission. It will be a broker unregulated and very doubtful, but you will have no choice.

Then comes the critical moment. If you get persuaded and send money, you will lose it. They will tell you that the system has gone through unusual moments in trading, that it was unfortunate, that you have to send more money and so on.

But whatever you send them will always be lost, so don’t send them any money!

How to protect yourself

When you come across a program like Bitcoin Superstar, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • Check the offer carefully. If someone promises easy, fast and high free earnings, it’s a scam.
  • If you want to send money somewhere, check who you send it to. In the area of ​​investment and financial services, everything is subject to strict regulation and these services can only be offered by entities that have a valid authorization from the financial regulator in your country. If they don’t, avoid them.
  • Do not provide any personal information to these deceptive programs. There is a great risk of it being abused. At the very least, to be constantly annoyed with various fraudulent offers and requests to deposit money.
  • If you have registered for Bitcoin Superstar but have not sent any money yet, try closing your account. Ask them to delete your account and all personal information. With such a request, contact the broker with whom you opened an account. Unfortunately, they are likely to keep your personal information anyway, as they are professional fraudsters.
  • If you have provided copies of your personal documents or credit card, it is worth blocking everything and getting everything issued new. There is a risk of abuse of your identity, but unfortunately, we cannot tell you how big it is.

You are a victim of the Bitcoin Superstar scam – What to do?

If you discovered our Bitcoin Superstar review too late and have already lost money in this system, first of all we have to say that we are sorry. The aim of our tests and articles is to warn as many people as possible not to lose money.

If you’ve lost money, there are a few things you can do. First of all, try to get your money back. How to do it:

  1. Remember who and how you sent your money to, using your bank statement. It will be a broker that has created an account for you. And you sent the money either by credit card, digital wallet, bank transfer or cryptocurrency.
  2. First, ask the broker to whom you sent your money for a withdrawal. If they refuse, threaten to report them to the authorities and ask for the chargeback of your transaction.
  3. If this does not help, contact your payment provider. The easiest way is to request a chargeback, i.e. a refund, in case of a credit card. Also, with digital wallets like PayPal you will usually succeed. The most difficult or impossible it is with bank transfers. For cryptocurrencies, it is completely impossible to return transactions. Always try your best to explain that you have been the victim of fraud.
  4. If nothing works, you can still contact the national financial regulator in your country for advice on whether you have any other way to get your money back. The last potential step is to file a complaint.

Bitcoin Superstar review – Final verdict

We’ve proven that Bitcoin Superstar is a scam. This system is lying about everything, in fact it does not have the recommendations of celebrities and in trading it is unprofitable. The real experience with it is very bad. We strongly recommend avoiding it!

If you are interested in trading with cryptocurrencies, start with a free demo account with a regulated broker. You get virtual money and a genuine trading platform that lets you test everything and see how you might be doing.

Do not engage in real money trading until you have a profitable strategy and understand the risks.

Please help warn as many people as possible about this scam and share our Bitcoin Superstar review on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the experience with Bitcoin Superstar?

Experience with Bitcoin Superstar is very bad. People with this system are losing money and very hard to recover.

Is Bitcoin Superstar a scam?

Unfortunately, yes, Bitcoin Superstar is a scam. All the positive things you've read about it are lies.

How does Bitcoin Superstar work?

Bitcoin Superstar works by showing you a trading platform that has profitable Bitcoin trades in a test mode. Then it will ask you for your money, but if you put it in the system, you will lose it quickly.

I want to register for Bitcoin Superstar, how to do it?

Be sure not to register for it! Unless you have too much money and you want to get rid of it quickly.

Bitcoin SuperStar

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