Bitcoin Supreme Review – Dishonest Scam [BEWARE]

Bitcoin Supreme review

In this review, you will learn all about the Bitcoin Supreme scam. What is the real user experience with it, what results can you expect and why you should not trade with it.

We have analyzed Bitcoin Supreme in detail and in this review we bring you our findings. Spoiler alert: it is a terrible scam.

What is Bitcoin Supreme

Bitcoin Supreme is said to be an investment group that provides its members with a program for trading the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This program generates trading signals that you can trade on your own account, or let the application trade directly for you automatically, with an alleged success rate of over 90 percent.

The official Bitcoin Supreme website states that this program can make you become another millionaire. The reported results of individual trades, which are displayed on its website, show the profits in the hundreds of dollars.

The most important question is, how much does Bitcoin Supreme cost? Nothing, you can access it for free. So you are supposed to believe that a program that can earn you thousands of dollars a month costs nothing. Does it sound real?

Features of the program

Bitcoin Supreme Scam

Of course, no anonymous software will earn you thousands of dollars per month for free, Bitcoin Supreme is simply a scam.

A copy of an old scam

Bitcoin Supreme is really nothing new. It’s an old hoax that just got a new name. It exists in a myriad of different variants, such as Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin Union or Bitcoin Era – see our linked reviews.

In the picture below you can see for yourself a small comparison, the concept of the websites of all versions of this scam is very similar, they are often identical, only the colors and name differ.

All of these programs are essentially the same, promising you easy, fast, and automated earnings from Bitcoin trading, while deceiving you to ultimately deprive you of your own money.

Bitcoin Supreme tries to create the illusion that bitcoin is a sure investment, because its price is constantly rising. The fact is, however, that the highest value was recorded by Bitcoin in 2017, and since then it has not even come close to it. Therefore, it is definitely not the case that it is a guaranteed investment. After all, there is no such thing.

Bitcoin Supreme scam

Not a word in the media

The official Bitcoin Supreme website is trying to give the impression that the program has been talked about and written in reputable media such as CNN, the Financial Times, Time and Forbes. But this is not the case.

No reputable media have ever mentioned or will ever mention Bitcoin Supreme, maybe except in connection with the fact that it is a scam. The media talk about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as such, because according to the market capitalization it is the largest in the world, but it is not talking about fraudulent software that abuses its name.

Media reviews

Impossible performance

According to Bitcoin Supreme’s presentation, this trading application achieves more than 90 percent success in trading. And that is, of course, nonsense, provided it is to be profitable at the same time.

Because, of course, it’s possible to risk, for example, $9,000 in a trade and target a $1 profit. Then you will probably achieve a very high success rate. But then there will be one or two losses, and your account will either be deleted or suffer a loss you will never recover.

In other words, with a reasonable risk to return ratio, a more than 90% success rate in cryptocurrency trading is impossible, especially for an automated trading system.

Impossible results

Bitcoin Supreme shows a table on its website with allegedly live business results of its system assigned to individual users. There are profits only, usually a little over two hundred and three hundred dollars. On average, a three hundred dollars profit per trade.

But the results are completely false, they are just numbers, there are no real trades behind them. As we have already mentioned, no cryptocurrency trading system can win more than 90 percent of trades, and according to that scoreboard, Bitcoin Supreme wins 100 percent of trades, which is absolutely impossible.

These trading results are impossible

Experience with Bitcoin Supreme

In the end, Bitcoin Supreme will want to convince you of its profitability thanks to the contributions of its users, who all praise it and confirm the income it generates for them.

This user experience takes the form of posts that resemble Facebook, but everything is made up again. When you try to click on the name of a given user or “like” or “reply”, you will find that the links lead nowhere, the discussion is completely fictitious, users do not exist.

It is a classic element of fraud, their creators produce fake reviews and publish fictitious testimonials of non-existent users. You can’t believe anything you can find on the Bitcoin Supreme website.

Users testimonials

Celebrity reviews

Speaking of Bitcoin Supreme’s testimonials, we also need to point out one more thing, and that is celebrity recommendations. We have not yet seen them in this case, but generally speaking, they are used by fraudsters so often that we have to point it out.

The point is that fraudsters often write articles that imitate various reputable media, such as the Daily Mirror, CNN, Bloomberg and the like. In these articles, they make up stories about how their program (in this case it would be Bitcoin Supreme) is used and recommended by various media celebrities, such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, Piers Morgan, Peter Jones, Martin Lewis or Richard Branson..

So to make it absolutely clear, no celebrity has ever used, endorsed, or will use Bitcoin Supreme. All positive articles and reviews of this program are simply fake.

How Bitcoin Supreme works

You may still not know what the Bitcoin Supreme scam is about when the program is free. So what can you lose? Your money. Because the system, of course, will want your deposit, it’s not completely free.

After registering, you will find that they will redirect you to a pre-selected unregulated and dubious broker, where you will be forced to deposit at least $250 into your account in order to start trading. They will tell you that you have to send the money for Bitcoin Supreme to start earning you. In fact, it’s just an excuse to get your money and rob you.

The broker to whom you send the money works with the fraudsters who created Bitcoin Supreme. Together they will share the money they will take from you. They will come up with a lot of lies to persuade you to make more and more deposits, they may even show you fictitious profits in your trading account, but they will never let you withdraw anything.

At this point, we need to point out another trick that scammers like to use. Bitcoin Supreme doesn’t offer a demo yet, but if that happens over time, be very careful. These scams do not use a real demo, but a program that falsifies test trades and generates unrealistic profits. It has nothing to do with trading in financial markets.

Of course, this trick can convince many people that the trading software is profitable. But when they let it trade real money in real markets, they lose their deposit before they realize what happened.

How Bitcoin Supreme works

How not to lose money

Finally, let’s talk about not losing money with Bitcoin Supreme and similar programs. First of all, it is necessary to realize that money is not and cannot be free. It is the exact opposite, it is the bearer of value, so forget that someone will make you money without you having to do anything.

And no matter what the form is, if someone promises a free software that will earn you thousands a month just like that, it can’t be anything but a scam. That’s just the way it is. And cryptocurrencies won’t change anything to this fact.

If you have already registered for Bitcoin Supreme or a similar program, be sure not to send them any money. If you’ve already sent the money, try to get it back as soon as possible. Ask the broker to whom you sent money for a withdrawal.

If no one responds to your request, there is still the option to reverse the deposit transaction, especially if you made it with a payment card. Contact the company through which the payment went (bank, digital wallet operator, etc.) and ask for help.

And definitely don’t believe fiction like you have to send more money to the broker to get back your deposit, that you have to pay some taxes to the broker to send you money, etc. Scammers are very resourceful and come up with incredible reasons why you should send them more money. Don’t do it!

Bitcoin Supreme Review – the conclusion

Bitcoin Supreme is a scam that aims to get money from you. It will never earn you anything, it just needs you to lose, so don’t invest anything through it!

If you are interested in actual cryptocurrency trading, you can try it on a demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money so you can test everything without risking your own money.

If you want to start trading in real money, have a good strategy and make sure you understand the risks well.

Please share our review to warn as many people as possible against the Bitcoin Supreme scam.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Supreme

❓ Is Bitcoin Supreme a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Supreme is a scam. It is a clone of an old fraud that has been robbing people for many years. It won't earn you anything, it will only push you to deposit your money into an account with questionable companies.

❓ How Much Money Can I Make With Bitcoin Supreme?

With Bitcoin Supreme you can't earn anything at all. It's a hoax that was designed to rob you out of your money. It serves nothing else.

❓ What is your experience with Bitcoin Supreme?

Bitcoin Supreme is a relatively new scam, but it is a copy of an old scam with which there are very negative experiences. Discussions and forums are full of people who have lost money with him.

❓ Is Bitcoin Supreme Legal?

No, Bitcoin Supreme is not legal. It is an unauthorized investment service that is supposed to trade for you on your account. No regulatory authority has given it the green light and it cannot be offered legally anywhere.

Bitcoin Supreme

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