Bitcoin Traderobot review – an old scam that is still alive

In our review we prove that Bitcoin Trade Robot is an investment scam full of fake features.

About Bitcoin Trade Robot

Bitcoin Trade Robot reviewAs its name suggests, Bitcoin Traderobot is a piece of software that has built-in algorithms for bitcoin trading. It works on autopilot, which means that it will open and close trades on your behalf without your intervention.

Results shown on its website make look this robot like very profitable. But is it really?

Bitcoin Traderobot is a scam

The unfortunate truth is that everything about Bitcoin Trade Robot is fake. It is a scam that was created with one aim in mind – to get your money and make you lose. Here are the proofs.

TradeRobot testimonials

TestimonialOn the website of the program you will find testimonials from clients of Bitcoin TradeRobot, they all are very happy with the results. The only problem is that all these reviews are fake.

Check our picture and you will see that fraudsters have used stock photos to illustrate their fictitious clients, all trading results are fake, it is a big lie.

Scam software

Trading resultsBitcoin Trade Robot is a very dangerous scam because of its software. Not only it is a software that is used by other scams such as Bitcoin Method, it also features a fake demo mode that can mislead a lot of people into thinking that the system is profitable.

It is so obvious, just look at our picture to see that the demo trades are fake, you cannot double your investment with such short trades, it is just impossible in real trading. It means that demo results of Bitcoin Traderobot are fake, you will never see such profits in real trading with it.

But why do spammers bother to create a software that will fake testing results?

How it works

The answer to the previous question is that they make money by referring new depositors to shady and unregulated brokers. So, Bitcoin Trade Robot is only a method to persuade you to deposit with their shady partners.

They make you believe that their software is profitable, then they persuade you to try it with real money, but here is the catch, you have to deposit with a broker they have chosen for you. This is how they get your money, once you deposit, everything will be lost.

In this regard this scam is nothing new, there are hundreds of scams that work the same way, every time they push you to an unlicensed broker that will just steal your money. So, don’t send them anything!

Bitcoin Traderobot review conclusion

Bitcoin Trade Robot is a scam, there is no doubt about it. Don’t deposit any money with, otherwise you will lose it.

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, get a free demo account with a regulated broker and try it with virtual money.

If you decide to trade with real money, pleas understand that there are risks involved, you need a good strategy.

Bitcoin Trade Robot









  • Infamous


  • Scam
  • Fake demo
  • Losing big time
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