Bitcoin Treasure Review – It’s a Scam! [+ evidence]

Review of Bitcoin Treasure

Our review of Bitcoin Treasure provides clear evidence that this is a scam. The experience with this program is very bad.

Our thorough Bitcoin Treasure test revealed all the essential information: what is this program, how does it work, what are the trading results and what is the real user experience with it?

What is Bitcoin Treasure

Bitcoin Treasure is a program that promises to make you a millionaire. How? Thanks to trading the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Bitcoin Treasure is a software that can operate in semi-automatic or automatic mode, so in theory it can trade completely for you.

According to the program’s creators, Bitcoin Treasure has a success rate of 90 percent or more, which makes it a very profitable program. At the same time, the platform is available for both computers and mobile devices.


Is Bitcoin Treasure legal?

If you want to entrust your money for investment to someone else, you should first be interested in whether it is a legal program that has all the necessary permissions. Or whether it is an insidious program provided by God knows whom and from where.

So how’s Bitcoin Treasure? You may have noticed that you won’t even find out who its provider is on its official website. It is a completely anonymous program, which is a big red flag.

In fact, Bitcoin Treasure will trade bitcoin for you with contracts for difference, a financial derivative whose trading is regulated. This means that this program needs an authorization from the financial regulator in order to be offered legally. But it has nothing like that, so it’s an illegal investment service.

Bitcoin Treasure is a scam

Not only is Bitcoin Treasure an illegal investment service, it is even a common scam. Not even a new scam, it’s an old hoax that has been robbing people of money for years.

Recycled hoax

Bitcoin Treasure is an exact copy of the Bitcoin Supreme scam we have already reviewed. In our picture you will find a comparison from which everything is clear. However, Bitcoin Treasure has its basics in common with other scams, such as Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Boom.

Unfortunately, this scam is infamous and notorious. Internet discussions are full of people who have already fallen victim to it, there are many complaints. This is clear evidence that this program only robs people of money, it does nothing else.

Unfortunately, new copies with new names are constantly being created and it is almost impossible to cover them all with reviews. But their websites have the same or very similar look, and the offer is always the same: big and labor-free earnings for free thanks to an automated trading program. You can easily recognize them by that.

Bitcoin Treasure scam

Media don’t talk about it

On the Bitcoin Treasure website, you will find a section that gives the impression that various media, such as CNN, Time, the Financial Times, Forbes or the Daily Mail, have published articles about the program. But it’s not true. These media write about bitcoin as such, because it is still the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, but they have never published anything about Bitcoin Treasure.

The reason is simple, Bitcoin Treasure is a scam, and it’s relatively new at the moment. If it ever gets in the papers, it’s because it’s a scam. Serious media will never write anything positive about it.


Pointless projections

Another nonsense that Bitcoin Treasure tries to feed you is the profit calculator, which you can also find on its official website.

You have to enter the initial investment in it and the amount you will risk per trade. Each time you will see a graph with linearly increasing profits. It looks as if Bitcoin Treasure has no losses and is only steadily increasing your account balance. But that is nonsense.

Even the best trading strategies cannot do without losing trades, and the profits are not always the same, because financial markets offer different or no opportunities every day. They are everything but regular and easy to predict.

This is one of the tips for recognizing cryptocurrency fraud. If a trading program that is supposed to trade automatically for you on exchanges promises you regular and equal profits every day, it is a scam. Because something like that is simply not possible.

Fictitious profits

Experience with Bitcoin Treasure

What is the real experience with Bitcoin Treasure? We have already indicated this above, it is very bad. Because it is a program that is distributed under many different names, a lot of people have already tried to trade with it. And everyone is losing money with it.

Personal reviews of Bitcoin Treasure are always bad, simply because it’s a fraudulent application that loses money. If you find a positive review or a positive testimonial, you can be sure it was written by scammers who are behind the program. Unfortunately, this is not unusual and can be found quite often.

An example is the fake reviews from Facebook, which you can find on the Bitcoin Treasure website. They are made up, no one has ever published anything like that. See our next picture.

Fake testimonials

What about celebrities?

For scams such as Bitcoin Treasure, you can also often come across articles that claim that the program is used by famous people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Richard Branson. Such articles will mimic known media.

But they will always be fake. Again written by the people who created this program. You can be sure that Bitcoin Treasure is not and will never be used by any celebrity, because it is a scam that loses money.

How Bitcoin Treasure Really Works

If you would like to try Bitcoin Treasure, because it is free, then we must correct you. They will not let you use the program until you deposit at least 250 euros into the broker’s account, which you will not even be able to choose.

The program will start trading your money straight away and losing it. So it is not free, you will not be able to use it without an investment of 250 euros. And from the first moment you will lose your own money.

Bitcoin Treasure does not currently offer the possibility to test the program in a demo mode, but even if it did, it would not make sense. This scam had already been offered in previous versions with a demo, but it was fake. It used fake prices.

The result of the testing was huge profits, but also completely unrealistic, they would never come in real trading. But this trick has confused many people who have come to believe that the application is really profitable and have entrusted their money to it. Then they were very surprised, and when they realized it was a scam, it was too late.

So it doesn’t make sense to register with Bitcoin Treasure or try it in any way. Believe us it is a scam, and just avoid it.

How Bitcoin Treasure really works

Protect your money

As we mentioned, scams like Bitcoin Treasure are coming a lot with new names, new ones are coming to the internet every day. Therefore, it is impossible to write a review on each of them.

Therefore, it is good to know how to recognize such a scam without having to look for any reviews or testimonials.

It is unpleasant, but money cannot be distributed for free, because it would be against its essence, and it would lose all value. So if someone promises you that their program will be free and automatically make you a lot of money, it’s a scam, there is no other option.

It is important to be careful especially when they ask you to send your money somewhere. At such a moment, think twice about the whole offer. If you don’t send money anywhere, you can’t lose it. Money is not free, not even with cryptocurrencies.

So no matter what modern technology the offer is about, nothing generates free money like a printer. These scams always promise easy and fast profits, but they will first want you to deposit your money. So you can easily recognize them.

If you have already sent money to Bitcoin Treasure or a similar program, try to get it back. First, contact the broker to whom you sent it and want it back. If your application is unsuccessful, contact your payment provider. For example, if you used a payment card, it will be your bank. Explain that you are a victim of fraud and request that the transaction be returned to your account.

Bitcoin Treasure Review – Conclusion

Bitcoin Treasure is a common scam that will do the exact opposite of what it promises. It will lose money and want more. Don’t deposit anything and avoid it!

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated company.

If you decide to switch from a demo account to a real account and invest real money, make sure you understand the risks and that you have a trading strategy in place.

Please share our review to help warn others about the Bitcoin Treasure fraud.


Is Bitcoin Treasure a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Treasure is a scam. This application cannot trade bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies profitably. It only steals your money.

What is your experience with Bitcoin Treasure?

The experience with Bitcoin Treasure is very negative. People with this program lose money because it is a scam that was created this way. You can expect nothing but losses from it.

How to register for Bitcoin Treasure

Registration for Bitcoin Treasure takes place via the form on the official website of this program. It requires personal information from you, such as your name, email address and telephone number. But don't register, it's a scam.

Is it possible to make money with Bitcoin Treasure?

No, with Bitcoin Treasure it is not possible to make any money because it is a loss-making application. The whole program was created as a scam to make money for fraudsters at your expense. That's all.

Bitcoin Treasure

250 EUR



Real results





  • Well-known


  • Losing scam
  • Terrible app
  • Illegal offer
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