Bitcoin Union review – a MONSTER scam [alert!]

Bitcoin Union review

Our review of the Bitcoin Union app provides you with proofs that this trading system is an investment scam that is going to lose you money.

What is Bitcoin Union

Bitcoin Union is an auto-trader. It means that is an automated trading app designed for cryptocurrencies. It will trade digital assets on your behalf on your trading account.

Bitcoin Union is presented as a highly precise trading robot, it allegedly wins 99.4% of all trades. Thanks to this performance it allegedly can earn you 1500 USD per day.

And you don’t need much time to run it, because it is entirely automated. You just have to set it up and switch on. Then profits are supposed to accumulate on your account.

Such a high-performing machine must cost a lot of money, right? Well, this is the strangest thing, you can get access to Bitcoin Union for free. Can you really be making tens of thousands of dollars per month without lifting a finger and for free? Of course not!

Is Bitcoin Union legit?

No, Bitcoin Union is not a legit trading app. In fact, many financial regulators have warned the public against trading apps like Bitcoin Union.

The first reason is that Bitcoin Union is in fact an investment service, since it is supposed to automatically trade on your account. As such it needs an authorization, a license from financial regulators.

But Bitcoin Union is not regulated, it is an anonymous service and you won’t even find who runs it. It always is a very bad idea to trust with your money people who are deliberately hiding their identities.

As a matter of fact, Bitcoin Union is illegal in most countries because it is an unauthorized investment service. It is not legitimate.

Bitcoin Union scam

The complete truth is that Bitcoin Union is a scam. A very ordinary fraud, unfortunately, we have already seen many of the same kind and reviewed them. Here are the proofs.

Copycat scam

Bitcoin Union represents nothing new. In fact, it is a carbon copy of an old scam that keeps being cloned over and over for many years.

In our picture below you will some of examples of the different versions of this scam that are around: Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin SuperStar.

As you can see, they all are the same, they promise miraculous earnings thanks to Bitcoin trading. All these websites have the exact same design and often they use the same videos. It is one fraud with different names.

Bitcoin Union scam

Impossible returns

Bitcoin Union is supposed to be winning 99.4% of trades it takes. This number looks very good, but unfortunately it is also impossible. No cryptocurrency trading system can win 99% of trades, it is just impossible.

Financial markets are not that predictable, they are very volatile and it is impossible to win nearly every trade. Losses are a normal and important part of financial trading.

This also means that Bitcoin Union certainly won’t be earning you 1500 dollars per day. It is absolutely impossible to be earning 1500 dollars per day since day one when you start with a 250 USD deposit.

We know that the idea of multiplying your money every day, every week or every month is very attractive, but in trading such a thing is not possible, at least not on a regular basis.

Fake Bitcoin union testimonials

What is the user experience with Bitcoin Union? Certainly not what is presented on the official website of the program. There you will see testimonials from their users, the only problem is that they are fake.

In fact, these fake testimonials are being used by many of the copies of this scam. As you can see in our picture below, they used stock photos to portray their fictitious users. Earnings, names and other details are just fake. See the proof below.

Fake testimonial

Anonymous and unauthorized

In most countries automated trading systems have to be regulated. In other words, if you want to offer such a trading system to the public, you have to have an authorization from the financial regulator.

The financial regulator will check that your offer is genuine, that you are not lying about the performance etc.

So, is Bitcoin Union regulated? No, it is not. It is an anonymous and unauthorized investment service. People who run it are hiding. The reason is simple, they are scammers, so they don’t want you to know who they really are.

All in all, Bitcoin Union is an illegal software in most countries.

No real contact information

Fake Profits

The official website of Bitcoin Union contains a table with alleged live profit results. In it, you will see earnings of people who are using the system. There are only profits. But everything is fake.

And it is very easy to prove, because there are cryptocurrency pairs in that table that are not traded in the real world, like ETH/LTC (ether/litecoin). All these results are fake, they have nothing to do with what happens in real trading.

These trading results are not real

Fake celebrity endorsements

Scammers have a bad habit of creating series of articles and videos where they claim that their app like Bitcoin Union has been discussed on TV, in shows like the Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank, and that they have been endorsed by a lot of known people.

So, don’t be surprised if you see articles about Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Gordon Ramsay, Martin Lewis or Peter Jones recommending Bitcoin Union. These articles will look like they were published by The New York Times, Mirror or Daily Mail for example, but they all are totally fake.

How Bitcoin Union works

Now that we have established that Bitcoin Union is a scam, let us explain how exactly it works.

The first thing you will have to do is to provide personal details, such as your name and e-mail address. When the registration process is complete, you will get access to the Bitcoin Union trading platform.

Then you might be given the opportunity to test the app in a demo mode. But here comes the catch, the demo is rigged, it is faking trades and generating profits that would not happen in real trading. The software will use fake prices to create the illusion of a profitable system.

People with little or no experience in financial trading will not see through this trick and they will probably think that Bitcoin Union is really profitable. But it is not.

As soon as you let Bitcoin Union trade with real money, you will see that is losing big time. Your money will quickly disappear from your account.

How scammers make money

Maybe you still think that you have nothing to lose in trying Bitcoin Union, because the app is free. But it is not true.

Because when you sign up, they will force you to deposit money with a certain broker. Even if the trading app itself is free, you will be risking your own money in trading with it. So, if it doesn’t work, and we know that it does not work, you will be losing your money since day one. And believe us, you will be losing it very quickly.

And this is also how fraudsters who run Bitcoin Union are making money. They get paid by shady and unregulated brokers to bring them new depositing customers. So, once you sign up with their broker and deposit money, they will get paid an affiliate commission.

This is why they don’t care that their software is losing, they will get paid anyway. In fact, if they knew how to make money in trading, they would just do it and they would not be giving away for free a software and pushing you to deposit with a dubious broker.

Got scammed by Bitcoin Union? Here is what you can try

If you found our Bitcoin Union review too late and you already invested money with this app, you can try to recover it.

Here are the steps:

  • Identify the broker you sent your money to.
  • Log into your account you have with that broker and see how much money is left.
  • Submit a withdrawal request. If money is already missing, contact the broker and say you want a refund.
  • If the broker refuses your request, threaten them with complaints to authorities and with a chargeback on your deposit.
  • If it doesn’t help, see with your bank how you could reverse the deposit transactions. If you made your deposit with a credit card, normally you should be able to ask for a chargeback.
  • Consult the national financial regulator in your country about what you can do with the Bitcoin Union scam.
  • If everything fails, the last step you can usually do is to go to the police and submit an official complaint.

You should also consider what personal details you gave to these scammers. For example, if they have details of your credit card, you should consider getting a new one.

In any case you should try to have your personal information deleted, to get your money back and then stay away from Bitcoin Union as far as possible. Next time use common sense to avoid similar scams, money is not and cannot be free.

Free trading apps that promise substantial earnings are scams. Profitable trading systems cost a fortune, the best investment funds require a big capital and charge important fees. Nobody will make you money for free.

Bitcoin Union review – the conclusion

In this review we have proved that Bitcoin Union is a scam. It is a cloned fraudulent program that is stealing money from people for years. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit crypto and financial trading, you can always try a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to test everything risk free.

Remember that trading is not easy. If you decide to invest real money, be aware of the risks, have a solid strategy and use only money you can afford to lose, because results are never guaranteed in financial markets.

Please share our Bitcoin Union review to help to warn other people.

Frequently Asked Question about Bitcoin Union

Is Bitcoin Union a con?

Yes, Bitcoin Union is a con, a huge scam. It is an old fraudulent and losing trading app with a new name. We know from real users that it is losing money in real cryptocurrency trading.

How do I sign up for Bitcoin Union?

By filling your personal information in the form on the official website. But don’t do it, because Bitcoin Union is a scam that can only lose your money.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Union?

You can’t make any money with Bitcoin Union. Its demo might generate a lot of profit, but they all will be fake. In real trading with real money this software is losing money, we know it from real clients.

Is Bitcoin Union safe?

No, Bitcoin Union is not safe. First of all, it is risky for your money, because it is a losing trading software that will trade your account to zero. Secondly, it is dangerous for your personal information, since if you sign up for it, you will be giving it to professional fraudsters who can abuse it.

Bitcoin Union

250 USD

Trading system


Real results





  • Easy to expose


  • Scam
  • Will lose you money
  • Shady and dubious
Please share this review to help warn other people

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