Bitfreezy review – a SCAM that will freeze your money

This review exposes the BitFreezy investment scam that has a lot of plans to take away your money.

What BitFreezy is about

Bitfreezy reviewBitFreezy is presented as a financial company that is operating in the cryptocurrency markets and also investing in traditional markets. It also works as a CFD broker and offers consulting and asset management.

The main thing about it is the investment program that promises 1.5% daily returns on weekdays. You also can enhance your income by referring other people to the program, you will get 6% on direct referrals and additional percent on lower levels, the structure goes 100 levels deep.

But don’t even consider it because…

Bitfreezy is a scam

Scam investment planLet’s start this Bitfreezy review with basic math. 1.5% daily on weekdays means 30%+ per month. This number alone is screaming scam! With the best investment funds you will be very happy to make 30% in one year, no legitimate company can do that every month.

Now add to that all the revenue they promise you on referrals and you get the certainty that BitFreezy is an investment scam.

Illegal investment service

The company is not regulatedBitfreezy Financials LLC supposedly is a company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is a strong sign that it is not regulated, therefore it cannot offer it services in most countries in the world.

Almost every country requires companies that offer investment services to acquire a valid license, but Bit Freezy obviously has none.

The company claims to have more than 25 years of experience, but it was established only in 2019 as an unregulated investment platform and broker.

How it really works

Bitfreezy is on one hand an unregulated broker that offers no protection to clients, which is a big red flag.

On the other hand, it is also an investment program that probably runs as a Ponzi scheme with 1.5% daily returns. If it is paying anything at all, it means that clients deposits are used for payouts and the system is rotten inside.

Ponzi schemes always end up by running out of money and the same thing will happen to Bitfreezy, your account will be frozen, and all the money lost.


Bitfreezy is a scam investment service and an unregulated broker, stay away from it!

If you are interested in financial trading, always use only regulated brokers. We recommend starting on a demo account to learn everything with virtual money.

Only when you have your strategy ready and when you understand the risks you can start investing real money.



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  • I have tried their no deposit bonus. after I traded with their credit they are not allowing me to withdraw the money. They told me that if I need to withdraw $100 I have to deposit $100. I have tried many time to reach them and resolve this issue on their side. but no one is there to help. However final I got the word from their mouth. If I am unable to deposit money they suggested that I should leave. I have screen shots of that chat If you need I can send those things too. This guys are scamss

    No início era inacreditável, agora é péssima empresa, é furada pois não pagam desde 10/03/20, acreditei na empresa mas infelizmente é desleal e não respondem mais no chat. Acho que faz parte da tão renomada G44 BRASIL que também não está pagando seus sócios como está no contrato.

  • I have invested 1000usd last december and withdrawal done 1483 so far , promise is of 3000 usd total withdrawal , so far there is no issue found in withdrawal , if anybody wants screenshot , contact me on my mail , thx

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