Bitnamix review: A Shocking Scam [Stay Away!]

Bitnamix review

In this review we expose the Bitnamix scam that was designed to steal your cryptocurrency. It is an illegal financial scheme.

What is Bitnamix

Bitnamix is presented as the world’s first decentralized matrix system that can earn you a residual income. Investing with the system allegedly carries zero risk.

Bitnamix is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The promise is that you can “easily” double or triple your bitcoins in a short period of time.

The minimum deposit is 0.0006 bitcoin and you supposedly can earn money even without referring people to the system. But you have to pay a $25 monthly fee in bitcoin.

Can you really get a guaranteed residual income with Bitnamix?

Bitnamix features

Bitnamix scam

The truth is that Bitnamix is a scam. It is a fraudulent pyramidal financial game that is forbidden by the laws. It is an illegal Ponzi scheme that is destined to collapse, it is only a matter of time.

With Bitnamix you can be sure that it will end badly and that the whole system will disappear one day. Sou you really should not want to be part of it. In this review we give you a detailed explanation.

Illegal financial game

Bitnamix is trying to look like a modern financial operation that is using cryptocurrencies to be ahead of the curve. The truth is that using bitcoin makes it even worse, because it makes the organizers of this crime harder to catch.

Bitnamix is in fact on old-fashioned Ponzi scheme. This basically means that it runs no real business, no real economic activity is going on. There is just money being taken from some people and given to others. All this in the hope that more and more people will come and deposit to feed the scheme as long as possible.

But because the number of people and the amount of money in the world are not unlimited, Ponzi schemes like Bitnamix always collapse one day. The only question is when.

And forget about fancy matrixes and cryptocurrencies. The basic principle is the same as with every pyramidal scam out there. It needs you to send money to some people and hope that people who join after you will send you even more money.

Bitnamix is based on the definition of a scam that is prohibited in every country.

Bitnamix scam

No guarantees of income

Based on what we explained above you can now understand that it is impossible to guarantee an income from Bitnamix. Because it relies on new people joining and paying more and more money, you cannot know how long it will continue. In fact, you can be sure that it will stop one day.

Therefore, Bitnamix is lying when it says that it guarantees a residual income. In reality, the only thing it can guarantee is that it is going to collapse, and people will lose money.

Dirty trick

Bitnamix uses one dirty trick. You see, before collapsing, Ponzi scheme tend to stall. The money inflow goes down, the matrix is getting filled very slowly, people are getting paid very slowly if at all.

But Bitnamix requires you to pay a $25 monthly fee, so you will be losing money to the organizers even when things are not moving and you don’t get paid any profits. They will have a good laugh, because they will get paid regularly every month no matter if the members get anything at all.

And if you don’t pay the monthly fee, you will not get paid any potential commission. People will probably pay this fee in the hope that the system gets moving again, but it never will and they will just lose more money.

Bitnamix system

You can’t trust the system

Bitnamix says on its official website that it is fully decentralized, that there is no central admin who would touch your money. It obviously is trying to make it look like that it runs on a smart contract. But Bitcoin has no smart contracts, so it is impossible.

The Bitnamix system obviously is a program that runs separately of the Bitcoin blockchain. And you cannot see into the code of this program, so you cannot know how it was made. It is possible that it is stealing money from people, that it is not respecting the matrix etc.

You just don’t know how it really works and you can’t trust words of the anonymous programmer who put Bitnamix together. Because he put together an illegal system.

You have no way of verifying that the money is flowing through the illegal matrix as it should, you have no insight. So even from this basic aspect Bitnamix brings nothing to the table, it certainly can’t be labeled as safe, secure or legit.

You could get in trouble with law enforcement

Bitnamix is very similar to scams like Lion’s Share and Forsage, both of which also run on cryptocurrencies. They use similar matrixes and also claim to be secure and unique and world’s first, which obviously is not true.

But the important thing is that since they all are illegal pyramidal schemes, regulators have already warned that they can prosecute those who promote them. All these systems like Bitnamix heavily rely on new people joining and they will offer you the most money when you make other people join.

Which can put you in trouble with the law, because you will be promoting and illegal scheme, which is punishable, you could even end up in jail. This is literally what the financial regulators from the Philippines warned the public about.

Don’t think that you can join scams like Bitnamix, promote them and make money. You will not be anonymous, cryptocurrencies transactions are traceable and law enforcement can find you and make you pay for participating in an illegal financial game.

It really is not worth it

If you still want to join Bitnamix in the hope that you will be able to get some money out of it before it runs dry, you should realize that you would become a scammer.

Because no real profits are generated by the system. All it does is that it takes money from newer members and give it to older members. Which means that when it collapses, the newer members will lose money, a lot of money.

Your profit would be the loss of many other people who would become victims of the Bitnamix scam and of you as the scammer who took their money. They would have all the rights to seek a compensation from you.

So, don’t join Bitnamix, don’t send any money to the system, stay away from it.

Bitnamix review – the verdict

Bitnamix is a scam. It is an illegall pyramidal financial game that is sure to collapse. Participating in it could get you in trouble with the law. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit trading with cryptocurrencies, get a free demo with a regulated company and see how it works. You can try everything with virtual money.

Before investing real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a proper strategy.


0.006 BTC





Legal aspect



  • Some transactions are visible


  • Illegal financial game
  • Scam
  • Can put you in trouble
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  • how does it steal your money the $25 fee is not required and the unlevel payment is paid out at $50 automatically and if you down promote you still get paid

  • Yes if you don’t pay your fee, you won’t ever hit the $50 auto pay out. I should have followed mym gut. I was foolish and sent in enough BTC to open five levels and ended up with nothing.

  • Yes it does look very scammy. So far I’ve paid the first $25 monthly fee and paid for 3 positions, and I haven’t made any money, now they’re asking me to pay this months fee, but I feel as though I’ve just thrown money away, and would be just throwing away more money if I continue to pay the monthly fee. Thanks for this review and alert about Bitnamix being a ponzi scheme.

  • Hey there! I simply wish to give you a big thumbs up for your great info you have right here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

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