BitQS Review – Secret Scam! [warning]

BitQS review

This review gives you clear evidence that the BitQS cryptocurrency trading app is a scam. We have a bad experience with it.

We subjected BitQS to a thorough test and analysis. This review presents all the important information: What is BitQS, whether it is a legal program, what are its trading results, what are the testimonials and what real users say about it.

What is BitQS

BitQS is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. This means that it will open and close cryptocurrency trades for you, and it should generate profits while doing it.

According to the official BitQS website, this trading software is capable of earning at least $ 1,100 a day. All you have to do is make a basic deposit of 250 USD and run the program.

This program is said to be 100% secure, working on all devices and you can start with it today without having to learn anything new.

Is BitQS really such a miracle program, can it be trusted? We will answer this question in this review.

Properties and functions

Is BitQS legit?

BitQS BQ is clearly an investment service. You have to deposit your funds to it and BitQS will trade them on the financial markets in order to make a profit. You then supposedly will be paid profits.

Each investment service must be authorized by the regulatory authority in each country in which it is to be offered.

However, BitQS does not have any such permission in any country, it is a completely anonymous and illegal investment service. It is a copy of the BitQT service (more on this in the review), which has already been the subject of a warning issued by the Austrian regulatory authority AMF because it is an unauthorized investment service.

BitQS scam

The whole truth is that BitQS is a scam. It is not a profitable app that could make you money trading cryptocurrencies or anything else. All it can do is lose your own money.

A copy of another scam

As we have already mentioned, BitQS is in fact a mere copy of the BitQT fraud , which first appeared in 2020. So it does not bring anything new.

In our image, you will see that this is exactly the same program that uses the same website. Only the name has changed.

Therefore, there is a lot of experience with this BitQS program and we know from real users that it does not make any money. On the contrary, the money you put into it for trading will be lost because it is a losing program.

BitQS scam

Impossible promises

There is a calculator on the BitQS website that will calculate how much money you supposedly will make with this app. In our example in the picture, you can see that if you put $ 1,000 into the program, you should earn $ 136 in net profit in just one day, which is an appreciation of 13.6 percent.

13.6 percent in a single day means more than 400 percent a month, because cryptocurrencies are also traded on weekends. And this is an impossible return not only in the world of investing.

No legal business in the world can increase your money by 400 percent every month, it is simply impossible. The best investment funds reach tens of percent a year, and does BitQS want to tell you that it can do many times more in just one month?

Just on the basis of this promise of an absurdly high return you can clearly see that BitQS is a scam. If a program could do such a thing, be sure that it would be all over all media and everyone would invest with it.

Impossible stats

Fake trading results

Another fake thing on the BitQS website is the spreadsheet with the alleged live business results of the application. It shows profits in the order of hundreds of dollars.

This table itself contains two pieces of evidence that it is a fraud. The first is that no trading system in the world can make only profits when trading in the financial markets, yet BitQS tries to tell you that it can.

The second piece of evidence is that the table contains trading pairs such as LTC/EOS or ETH/LTC, which are not actually traded by any broker.

BitQS will send you to an unregulated broker, where you will not even be able to trade cryptocurrencies directly, only in the form of derivatives, and the above-mentioned derivatives do not exist.

The conclusion is therefore clear, the BitQS trading results table is false.

Fake results

Fake testimonials and reviews

BitQS displays logos of reputable media such as CNN, the Financial Times, the BBC, Forbes and Bloomberg. Apparently, it is trying to give the impression that these media have published articles about BitQS.

Of course, this is not true, no serious media has ever published anything positive about BitQS, because it is a scam.

Reviews and experiences of users with BitQS, which you can also find on the page of the program, are also fake. You can find the proof in our picture.

The fraudsters used photos of people who have nothing to do with the program. They gave them different names in different languages, and the story and testimonials are always the same, whether it’s BitQS or the previous version of this scam (BitQT)!

In other words, they are absolutely fictional stories that have nothing to do with the actual results of BitQS.

Real BitQS users confirm in the discussions that this program is losing money, it cannot make any profits.

Testimonials and reviews

Admitted fraud

Scammers usually don’t bother with warnings about the real nature of their products, but at the bottom of the BitQS page you can find something important written in small print.

Basically, everything on the program’s site is a fabrication, they admit that you can actually lose all your money with it, and so on.

As if it was okay to publish lies on the whole page and then admit at the bottom in small print that they are lies. No, this is not right, BitQS BQ is a scam.


How BitQS really works

BitQS was created to make money for fraudsters. They need you to send them your money, otherwise they won’t get it.

So they made up a story about a miraculously profitable application that will make you big money on its own. All you have to do is put money in it…

In reality, however, your deposit will go to the account of the company that cooperates with the BitQS fraudsters. They will share money they get from you. The money will quickly disappear from your trading account. You will then only be prompted to deposit more and more money into your account. But don’t do it. Everything you send them will be lost.

And if they happen to offer you a demo BitQS account, don’t even try it, because it will also be fake. Scammers have no problem falsifying the demo version of their application, which will use fictitious prices and generate fictitious profits. In real trading, however, this application loses.

Think of it like this: if these people could really trade cryptocurrencies profitably, they would do it and make money for themselves. If they needed more capital, they would borrow for trading, because the interest rates on loans are significantly lower than the returns that BitQS allegedly achieves.

They certainly wouldn’t try to force your program on you for free with (often unsolicited) advertising.

How to defend yourself

For the vast majority of internet investment scams with cryptocurrencies, you will encounter an offer of impossible profits, usually at least a few tens of percent per month. And it will always be from an anonymous and unregulated company. This way you will know that this is a scam, as in the case of BitQS BQ.

Don’t even register for such scams, as fraudsters could then abuse your personal data.

If you found our BitQS review late and have already deposited the money into the system, try to get it back as soon as possible. First, ask the broker to whom you sent the money for a withdrawal. If you can’t get your deposit back this way, you can try another way.

It all depends on how you sent the money. If it was through a credit card, you can ask your bank to return the transaction stating that you are the victim of fraud. Do the same for other payment intermediaries.

Unfortunately, if you sent money to your account via a cryptocurrency, such transactions are non-refundable.

BitQS Review – Conclusion

BitQS is an investment scam that promises big profits from cryptocurrency trading, but will only bring you losses. Avoid it!

If you want to try trading cryptocurrencies, start with a free demo account with a regulated company. With virtual money, you can test if you can make a profit.

If you then decide to invest real money, make sure you understand the risks well.

Please share our review to help warn others about BitQS fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BitQS a scam?

Yes, BitQS is an investment scam. It lures your money under the promise of high profits, but it always loses you of your deposit. Its results are losing trades.

What is your experience with BitQS?

There are many negative experiences with BitQS. It's just a copy of the BitQT scam, which has already deprived many people of their money. Internet discussions are full of them.

How Much Money Can I Make With BitQS?

With BitQS you can't make any money because it's a scam. The sole purpose of this application is to rob you of your money when you voluntarily transfer it to the account of fraudsters.

How to register for BitQS?

Don't register for BitQS if you don't want to lose money. Don't give them any personal information and be sure not to send them any money, you would definitely lose it.

Please share this review to help warn other people

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  • I registered with bitcoinera site which later directed me to site Ironefx. I paid us$255/
    I noticed loss I closed the account, money $246/ went to my trading account. I requested to withdraw money, but they did not put my money into my bank account. I kept on emailing them, sent letter to refund me and close the account. I received phone call one morning, but a rude lady did not want to refund me.
    Eventually my bank got my money and paid to my credit card account.
    Do not go to these schemes online. It is scam. Do not provide your bank, and personal information on line.

  • Thank you so much for this report. I know, it is scam, but my father wouldn’t believe, if I wouldn’t show him a serious report, that “officially” claims that as scam. Otherwise he would now have invested, just like old stubborn man are, ha ha. I am happy to have this proof. For myself, I didn’t need a proof, as I think, there is no such software, that would / could make you rich automatically and fast. If someone would write that software and it would work, hey, he wouldn’t offer it to others but only use it himself, wouldn’t he?

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