BitQT review – a total scam! [we prove it]

BitQT review

In our review of BitQT, you will find out everything about this investment fraud that is hidden behind cryptocurrencies. The experiences that users have had with it are far from good.

We analyzed BitQT and tested its platform. In this article, you will learn what BitQT is, how it works, what results it has had so far, what users say about it, why it’s a scam here and how it is designed to take money out of your pocket.

What is BitQT

BitQT is a trading app for cryptocurrencies. It works automatically, which means that it opens and closes cryptocurrency deals for you. It is said to be able to generate quite large profits.

The official website of BitQT state the following program features:

  • fully automatic
  • wins 99.4% of trades
  • requires only 20 minutes of work a day
  • earns at least $ 110 a day

And now the most important thing: BitQT is available for free. So, we’re supposed to believe that this free system will earn us thousands of dollars a month, with little to no work.

Is BitQT safe?

No, BitQT is not safe. You may be surprised, but in reality BitQT is not a program at all. In short, it does not exist.

Everything you can read on the BitQT website is a lie. All is pure fiction. You cannot make money with this program.

BitQT scam

BitQT is really a scam, an investment scam that wants to get your money. It relies on lies to sell to the user the idea that it is easy to make money in stock market trading, but BitQT has no real trading software.

We provide the following evidence in our review that BitQT is fraudulent.

A cloned scam

Fraudsters have been a bit sluggish in recent years and they have been just cloning their scams, only changing their names. The websites were the same, so you could easily see that it was the same hoax every time.

At first glance, BitQT differs from the rest, but when you take a closer look, it still is just a copy of a known scam. The respective properties, functions and results of this system are absolutely identical to the scams that we have already reviewed, such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Loophole.

Since the texts on the websites of these systems are more or less identical, it is obvious that we are dealing with the same fraud here.

Unfulfilled promises

On the BitQT website you will find a calculator that calculates how much you can earn with this system. You simply enter the amount of the initial deposit and you can, for example, calculate how much you will earn per month.

In our picture, for example, you can see that with this software, with a deposit of one thousand dollars, more than five thousand jump out in just one month. In other words, BitQT is said to manage to quintuple your money within 30 days.

And that is absolute nonsense. In theory, such a successful month can happen in trading with cryptocurrencies, but this is not something that can be repeated regularly. BitQT promises you that you will multiply your capital this way indefinitely. And that is simply impossible.

BitQT scam

User experience with BitQT

What experiences do users have with BitQT? These experiences are certainly different than what is presented on the official website. On it, you can find stories of people who make money from it, but they are all made up.

You can find the proof on our picture. First, if you switch from the English to the German version of the website, you will find different names below the same faces and stories. Second, all of these photos come from a photo bank. These are faces of people who have nothing to do with BitQT.

The experience of real users with BitQT is very negative. Everyone who has invested their money in this program has lost it. Corresponding discussions are full of such testimonials. People are asking more and more questions about what to do if you want to get your money back.

User experience with BitQT

The fraudulent BitQT app

BitQT uses a very underhanded trick to deceive you. Unfortunately, however, this is a typical trick for today’s scams. It is its trading program and its demo.

After registering for BitQT, you will have access to the trading platform. You will now be able to try out this platform in demo mode, i.e. with virtual money. When you start the demo, the system automatically starts trading.

You will see the profits and the losses, but the profits will far outweigh and the balance in your account will grow rapidly. Based on that, most people will probably conclude that BitQT is a profitable program, but that’s not the truth.

How is this possible? Well, the BitQT app uses a fake demo account that works with fictitious prices. In other words, the demo mode trades are purely imaginary and have nothing to do with what the results would actually look like in real trading.

If you really get convinced and think this is a profitable program, you will probably start trading real money at some point. In such a case, however, you will be amazed at how quickly your money disappears from your trading account, because real trading can of course not be faked.

BitQT platform

Confession of fraud

BitQT is actually not a trading program based on an actual strategy. Rather, this app is just an instrument that should give you the feeling that you can make money quickly. If you have not been convinced by our previous evidence, the following proof will certainly persuade you.

Because it is the fraudsters, i.e. the developers of BitQT themselves, who admit that this is only a fictitious program and that everything is just made up. You just have to look at the bottom of their website. There you will find a complete “confession” – written in small letters.

These guys obviously think it’s okay to tell a bunch of lies first and then admit somewhere with lowercase letters. However, this is by no means okay. BitQT is quite simply a scam.

Terms and conditions

How BitQT Works – The Truth

We already explained in this review that BitQT is using the fake demo mode to convince you that this is a profitable program. Perhaps you still have no idea what the risk is, since the program is free.

In fact, it’s not free. The whole thing works like this: if you want BitQT to trade real money (in the hope that the app will make money for you), you will be directed to a specific broker.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to choose the broker yourself, rather BitQT will push you to send the money to a specific company. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use the system. Typically, this will be an unregulated, fraudulent broker that works with them and gives them a portion of the money that they get from people.

However, we also saw a suspicious collaboration with the otherwise regulated broker EverFX. BitQT will redirect you to unregulated EverFX branches so that they steal from you quietly and you cannot complain in the normal way.

In short, BitQT will make you transfer money to a specific broker, where it then disappears forever. After that, you will always be asked to make further deposits, hearing and all kinds of promises. However, any further payment to BitQT will be lost.

A popular lie is that you have to pay a tax first so that you can withdraw money from the trading account. If this were true, they would deduct the tax from the balance and then send you the remaining amount. Instead, they will continue to try to get as much money as possible from you. But you shouldn’t send them anything under any circumstances, because they will steal everything.


BitQT in the media

Since BitQT is a scam from an infamous fraud family, we also know very well how such systems are propagated.

It starts with fake reviews on a wide variety of websites that pretend to be honest, but in reality are only advertisements paid for by fraudsters.

It then continues with articles that recommend BitQT and give the impression that they have been published by renowned media such as the Mirror or BBC. But if you take a closer look at these articles, you can see that they are factual and have been published at addresses that have nothing in common with real media.

It ends with articles that claim that BitQT was the subject of various TV shows. The fraudsters abuse various channels, a popular lie is that their system has even been discussed in the Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank. But it was not and never will be.

And don’t forget all the fictional articles that claim that programs like BitQT are also recommended by some celebrities, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

To leave no doubt, BitQT has never been recommended or even mentioned by prominent personalities, reputable newspapers or a TV station.

How to get your money back from BitQT

If you’ve already been the victim of the BitQT scam and have lost money with it, you may still not have lost everything. Try the following steps. Maybe you will get your money back.

  1. Check who you sent your money to. It will be a broker with which BitQT has automatically created an account for you.
  2. Log in with this broker and ask for a withdrawal.
  3. If money is missing, contact the broker and request a refund. Explain that you have been the victim of a BitQT scam.
  4. If the broker fails to respond threaten to lodge a complaint with the financial regulators and initiate a chargeback through your bank.
  5. If this doesn’t help, try to have the transaction rolled back. If you have transferred the money by a payment card, ask your bank for a so-called chargeback. Explain how you were cheated. If you sent the money through an intermediary (PayPal, etc.), contact that intermediary with a request for help.

The worst are bank transfers, because they are difficult to reverse. Ask your bank and the recipient bank how they can help you.

Of course, there are also financial regulators that you can contact. On the one hand, financial supervision could help you in the country in which you live, and on the other hand there also is financial supervision in the country in which the broker’s registered office is to which you have transferred the money.

BitQT rating

BitQT is a scam. Its developers have admitted it themselves. We are in no way dealing with a profitable trading program for cryptocurrencies, but only with an instrument designed to take your money. Avoid it!

If you are interested in real trading with cryptocurrencies, you should first try it out on a demo account with a regulated broker with virtual money.

Test and try to trade for a profit. As long as you don’t understand the risks, you shouldn’t invest real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

🎯 Is BitQT a scam?

Yes, BitQT is ascam, a fraudulent trading program that tries to give the impression of being profitable. But his real goal is to pull the money out of your pocket.

🎯 Can you make money with BitQT?

No, this is not possible. Because this is a fraudulent program. Once you start it with the intention of trading real money, it will burn that money as quickly as possible.

🎯 How do I register with BitQT?

Under no circumstances you should register with BitQT. Don't even visit its website. Do not give them your personal data. Avoid it. This is the only way to avoid all risks with BitQT and stay safe.


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Trading system


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  • Scam
  • Stealing money
  • Illegal service
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  • Also beware of scammers called LionsFM

  • This also basically describes Itrader.

  • Are there any honest crypto autotrader or am I wasting my time and money?

  • I was thinking of, because of the media publicity, with the advertisement that I picked up on the Yahoo website that you can make lots of money by using this BitQt system.
    It was Televised, on the Good Morning Britain show, with Piers Morgan with Lorraine Kelly testing the BitQt site Live on air, she placed a deposit, perhaps £200, and she so-called made £40 in the first 3 mins of going live on the site, they all seemed amazed at the profit she made within a few minutes.
    One of the studio colleagues also tried the site out, and he also recorded making an instant profit.
    Why there was a slot on air that morning, promoting the BitQt system, was an older gentleman, saying he was using the system very successfully, make Thousands and Thousands of pounds per month To fund all his grandchildren through universities, plus provide a wealth of funds, so he and his wife can go world traveling with no money worries
    It seems that with Advertising this product like this on National UK Television will potentially increase the likelihood, that lots of people will be scammed out of their hard-earned savings and pension pots, by the brokers who claim to have their best interests at heart , but all the time they will be robbing and fleecing them, till they have no money left in their bank accounts.
    I for one will (not now) embark on a journey on and into the BitQt system after doing some research and reading this TBBOB article I suggest or I hope everyone will get round to reading this article, to avoid losing their life savings through this debunked system.

  • So why they are still there, they should be in jail.

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