BitTradeVest review: You should see it’s a scam

Bit Trade Vest review

This review explains why everybody should know that BitTradeVest is an investment scam that nobody should put their money in.

What is BitTradeVest

BitTradeVest claims to be an investment company that can make you a lot of money. The company does not explain where and how it is investing.

The most important information it gives is that it will generate you a “guaranteed” income. There are three investment plans on offer with daily returns between 4.9 and 8.5% The minimum deposit is 200 USD for the lowest plan and 10,000 USD for the highest plan.

BitTradeVest claims to be based in Estonia and to have more than one million members/clients. Their profits allegedly surpassed 12 million dollars.

But is Bit Trade Vest legit, can you trust it?

BitTradeVest scam

No, BitTradeVest is not legit, it’s a scam that you have to avoid. And everybody should be able to see it even without reading this review.

Look at the plans

We say it in most of our reviews: when evaluating any investment offer, first look at the investment plans, because it is the quickest way to spot scams.

Bit Trade Vest is claiming that they can guarantee you 4.9 to 8.5% daily returns on your investment, which is something impossible for a legit investment company. So you know it’s a scam.

Yes, in this case and many other cases it is this simple to uncover an investment. 5 percent daily or 150 percent monthly is something that only scams offer, that’s just the way it is.

The reason is that nobody is able to predict financial markets so well it that would allow them to generate such big returns on investments.

World’s best investment companies will be extremely happy if they make tens of percent in a year. That is the reality of financial markets.

Investment plans

Fake and illegal company

BitTradeVest says on its website that is based in Estonia. But it is not true. You can check Estonia’s e-Business Register and you will see that there is no company with this name registered in the country.

Which automatically makes BitTradeVest a fake and illegal company. It’s because it obviously also lacks the necessary license to provide investment services.

In Estonia, like in almost every other country in the world, investment and other financial services are regulated. You have to have an authorization from the regulator in order to be able to offer services like Bit Trade Vest. If you don’t, you are breaking the laws.


Fake stats

BitTradeVest claims on its official website that it has more than one million clients and that it has made them more than 12 million dollars in profits in more than three million transactions.

But all these numbers are fake. The domain name of this scam was registered only one year ago and since then this fraudulent investment program did certainly not acquire so many clients. It is just another lie.

The stats are fake

Fake testiominals

And finally the classic one. Scammers often use stock photos to portray their fictitious clients, which is precisely what BitTradeVest did.

As you can see in the picture below, they used stock photos and presented them as testimonies from their clients. Which is another proof of scam.

Fake investors' testimonials

How BitTradeVest works

Scams like Bit Trade Vest tend to start as Ponzi schemes which will make a lot of people fall for their trap. Because Ponzi schemes use money they get on deposits from people to pay the profits of older members.

That might make them look like they are genuine investment projects that really work. But because they need an exponentially growing income flow of deposits, they always collapse in the end.

It does not matter what stage of this doom design BitTradeVest is in, we know for sure it is a scam, so just stay away from it to be safe.

BitTradeVest review – Conclusion

Bit Trade Vest is a simple investment scam made by a fake and illegal company. You have to stay away from it.

For people interested in legit investing, there are regulated brokers that offer free demo accounts. You can try trading with virtual money to see how it works without risking your own money.

If at any time you decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks.


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