Bixinfinance review – A gross scam [WARNING]

Bixinfinance review

This review reveals that Bixinfinance is a big investment scam that is very dangerous for your money.

What is Bixinfinance

On its official website Bixinfinance says that it is a company that is trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

It allegedly uses different strategies to generate high profits that it is sharing with public investors.

There are four investment plans with daily returns between 15 and 18%. The minimum investment is 25 dollars with the basic plan and 10,000 dollars with the highest plan.

Bixinfinance supposedly is based and registered in Hong Kong. Can you trust it with your money?

Bixinfinance scam

The truth is that Bixinfinance is a scam. Money you invest with this company will be lost. You have to stay away from it. Here is why.

Illegal service

Bixinfinance is an investment company, because it is offering investment plans to the general public. They want you to deposit money with them and they promise they will give you back more. This is the definition of investing.

This means that Bixinfinance as a Hong Kong company needs a license from the regulator SFC in Hong Kong in order to be able to operate legally. Do they have it? No!

Bixinfinance is not registered with the SFC, which makes it an illegal investment service. And not only in Hong Kong, because investment services are regulated in almost every country in the world. So Bixinfinance cannot seek customers in any country without breaking the laws.

Moreover, Bixinfinance is lying when they say they have been operating since July 2015, because the company’s website was created only in 2020.

No license

Losing plans

The most revealing about the true nature of Bixinfinance are its investment plans with 15 to 18% daily returns. Because these are absolutely ridiculous. No legitimate business can generate such returns.

As we always say, you can have a good day, week or month in trading, but you will neve be able to repeat the same results every day, week or month. It’s just how the financial markets are, every day is different and it is impossible to have every day in green.

So, when you see an offer with 15% daily returns, you can be absolutely sure that you are facing a scam. It is that simple, when somebody is offering you something impossible, you know it is a fraudulent offer.

Investment plans

How Bixinfinance really works

Given the absurd investment plans and the generous referral program, it’s obvious that Bixinfinace started as a Ponzi scheme. It means that they were taking deposits from people and using that very money for payouts. No trading, investing or any other legit activity in between, just an illegal scheme.

But now we hear that Bixinfinance is not even paying, so it has already collapsed. Because that’s what always happen to Ponzi scheme, their unsustainable model always leads them of the cliff. It is only a matter of time for every program of this kind.

So the only wise thing you can do vis a vis Bixinfinance is to stay away from it as far as possible.

If you already invested money with it, you probably did it with cryptocurrencies, which means that your transactions can’t be reversed. Your only option is to go to the police.

Bixinfinance review – Conclusion

Bixinfinance is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that has already collapsed. Stay away from it, don’t even register, it is a very dangerous program!

If you are interested in legit investing, start on a free demo account with a regulated company.

Use virtual money on the demo to learn and understand how everything works. If you chose to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks.


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