BixoTrade review – A Disgusting Scam [DANGER]

BixoTrade review

This review reveals that Bixo Trade is a big scam full of lies. We explain why you have to avoid it.

What is BixoTrade

BixoTrade is a cryptocurrency platform that allows its users to trade and invest into digital assets.

Its main offer revolves around three investment plans (packages) with up to 2% daily returns on investment. The minimum deposit is 100 USD.

You allegedly can boost your income by referring new investors to the BixoTrade platform, the affiliate income will add 3 to 15% to your income.

BixoTrade supposedly is a globally regulated broker with licenses in the United States, United Kingdom and Hongkong.

What’s not to like about BixoTrade? Well, everything, because everything is a big fat lie.

BixoTrade scam

The truth is that Bixo Trade is a scam. It is already obvious when you look at the investment plans, but there are more tangible proofs. We’ll go through them in this review.

Not regulated, illegal service

BixoTrade claims to be regulated, it evens provides some certificates of incorporation. But you first have to make a very important distinction. A certificate of incorporation means almost nothing. For investments services, what counts is a license from a financial regulator.

Yet, Bixo Trade has no license whatsoever. It is not regulated anywhere in the world, so it is lying about its real status.

It certainly is not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Also, even its simple tax registration in Arkansas has been revoked.

To sum it up, Bixo Trade is not regulated at all, it is an illegal investment service that offers no protection to its customers.

No license

Fake team

It is always nice when a company shows profiles of its employees so that you can see the real people you are dealing with. BixoTrade shows its management team and agents, the only problem is that everything is fake.

Take a look at our picture below and you will se a proof. They stole a photo of a man that has nothing to do with Bixo Trade, gave him another name a presented him as on of the agents of the company. This is pure fraud.

It proves that the team is fake, people you see in the picture on the official website are not working for Bixotrade.

Fake team

And the plans…

As we said at the beginning of this Bixotrade review, the most obvious thing that is giving this program away is the investment plans. Like it or not, 2% per day every day is not achievable in any legit business.

So, when you see a platform offering you a steady 2% daily return on your investment, you can be sure that it is a scam. That’s the way it is.

Sure, it would be nice getting 60% monthly in a passive way, but that would mean that nobody would be working and the economy would collapse.

Cryptocurrencies can generate great returns where you will make even more than 60% in one month, but then the next you will lose a lot. They are very volatile and while you can make money with them, it is absolutely impossible to have a steady return every day and every month.

Ridiculous plans

How BixoTrade works

BixoTrade is a dirty Ponzi scheme. This means that no real investing is happening, they just play an illegal game with money.

They take money from newer users and use it to pay out profits to older users. This, of course, requires an exponentially growing inflow of money, which is unsustainable. This is why Ponzi schemes always fail in the end.

If Bixotrade has not stopped paying yet, it for sure will, it is only a matter of time. It can collapse any time and then people will realize that it is empty, that all money is lost.

If you have invested any money with BixoTrade, we recommend getting it back as soon as possible and staying away from this fraud.

BixoTrade review – Conclusion

Bixo Trade is a scam. It is an illegal investment program that is not licensed at all. The team presented on its website is fake. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, try it with a regulated company on a free demo. You can test your trading skills with virtual money and learn how everything works.

If you choose to invest real money, make sure you understand the risks and have a good strategy.


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  • Cryptocurrencies


  • Lies about regulation
  • Fake team
  • Illegal service
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  • Thanks so much ,,I would also to know about pamafund ,,is it legit??

  • These guys have approached me to invest with BixoTrade but I asked questions about regulations and there was no answer, they said money is traded by robots, and I wondered how and then you are paid with physical cash 5 days a week for 200 days.

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