PITTY SCAM: BlueyeFX review

BluEyeFX review

This review proves that Blueye FX is an investment scam that can’t and won’t earn you any money.

What is BlueyeFX

Blueye FX is an investment company that promises to quickly double your Bitcoins. They ask you to deposit your Bitcoins and they promise to make you up to 155% in just one hour.

It means a 55% net profit in just 60 minutes, which in turn means that you would be able to more than double your money in just two hours.

BlueyeFX is a company registered in the United Kingdom, so is it legit, should you trust it and invest your money?

Blueye FX scam

The unfortunate truth is that Blueye FX is a total scam that will steal your Bitcoins. It is an illegal program that brings nothing good to the table. In this review we explain all the details.

Dissolved company

BlueyeFX is proudly announcing that it is registered in the UK, therefore it supposedly is a legit company.

But when you search for the company with the Companies House, you will notice that the company has been dissolved in May 2022, so it does no longer exist.

Clearly, the website and the investment program is run by a scam entity, not by a real company that you could held accountable if anything goes wrong. Which already did.

Dissolved company

Illegal investment program

Blueye FX is promising to multiply your money, it provides an investment service. Which is an activity that needs to be authorized by the financial regulator in the UK, which is the Financial Conduct Authority.

But BlueyeFX is not even registered as a company, as we have already explained and proved. So it is no surprise that it has never been authorized to provide the kind of services it is offering on its website (see the picture above). Which makes it an illegal investment program.

Fake testimonials

When you are evaluating any service, looking for reviews can be a good way to get one of the elements of the full picture. However, the reviews you will find on BlueyeFX’s website are fake.

These are paid video reviews made with people who have not invested a single cent with this program. So you can’t trust them.

As a matter of fact any positive review of BlueeyeFX is dishonest because this project simply is a scam.

Fake testimonials

Fake team

Another thing on BlueyeFX’s official website that proves that you are facing a scam is the supposed team that is behind the program. Because it obviously is fake too.

As you can see in our picture below, they just took stock photos and claim that these are their people. Which clearly they are not.

The management team is fake

Apocalyptic investment plans

When we review investment scams, we often say that the simple giveaway is most of the times the investment plans themselves.

Because fraudulent investment platforms mostly offer at least several tens of percent monthly ROI, which is something that a legit project just can’t do.

But BlueyeFX is perhaps the most extreme example of this rule, they offer 155% in just one hour, which is beyond ridiculous. It is a proof that it is a scam.

Because there simply is no activity in this world that could generate 155% returns per hour.

This number is so high that even a Ponzi scheme wouldn’t last long with it. Returns displayed by BlueyeFX are a guarantee that it is a scam.

The investment plans scream scam

How BlueyeFX works

Blueye FX is a simple scam: it will take your money and it won’t pay you anything back. So your net result is a loss of your deposit. That’s how it ends.

And because deposits to this program are made in cryptocurrencies, there is no simple way to get your money back. The only thing you can do is file a complaint with the police and hope they will bring these scammers to justice.

BlueyeFX review – Conclusion

BlueyeFX is an absolute investment scam that is just stealing money from people. It will take your Bitcoins and pay you nothing back. That is why you have to stay away from it.

If you want to know more about legit investing, you can try a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t start investing real money until you are sure that you understand the risks and until you have a solid strategy in place.

Top regulated investment platforms

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