Bouvest review – A rich scam [warning!]

Review of Bouvest

This review of Bouvest shows that this investment company is in fact a dangerous scam that is going to end in a bad way.

What is Bouvest

Bouvest says it is an investment firm based in New Zealand with offices in other countries like the United States and United Kingdom. The company claims that it was established in 2016.

Bouvest allegedly is investing in stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and real estate.

It has 4 investment plans with supposedly guaranteed results: Silver, Gold, Premium and Diamond.

Weekly returns start at 8% and go up to 28%. Minimum deposits start at 300 USD and go up to 50,000 USD with the highest plan.

The question is, is Bouvest a legitimate investment firm that you can trust with your money?

About Bouvest

Bouvest is a scam

Bouvest is not a legit company, it is a scam. You should not invest any money with it because it would be an almost certain lost. Here are the proofs.

Illegal service

Bouvest claims to be an international company with headquarters in New Zealand. The problem we did not find any trace of the company in financial registers across the world.

Take a look at our picture and you will see that Bouvest certainly is not registered as a financial service provide in New Zealand.

This means that Bouvest is breaking the laws of New Zealand, it is an illegal investment service. It can’t offer its services in most countries in the world. Most countries require investment services to have a license and Bouvest doesn’t have any.

We sincerely doubt that Bouvest has any real offices in any country.

No registration

Fake team

On the official Bouvest’s website you will find a short presentation of the team that is running the company. But it is not real, it is completely fake.

For example, the supposed manager Sandra Ebersbach – take a look at our picture and you will that it is just a stock photo, not a photo of a real employee.

There is no real team of professionals behind Bouvest, because it is a scam and everything about is fake.

Fake team

Fake testimonials

Fraudsters from Bouvest have used the same dirty trick with stock photos when publishing testimonials of their supposed satisfied clients.

As you can see in our picture, these people are not Bouvest users, they are just models from stock photos. All the success stories are fake, Bouvest scammers made them up.

Fake testimony

Absurd plans

Bouvest investment plans are also very revealing. Up to 28% weekly means up to 112% monthly, which is totally absurd.

It should be basic economic knowledge that in the real world it is impossible for an investment company to double your money every month. Quite frankly, it has to be impossible. Otherwise almost everybody could stop working and live thanks to passive investing.

The reality is that no legit business can achieve this kind of profits, it is just impossible. Which means that you can be sure that any investment offer with 100% monthly returns is a scam, especially when these returns are supposedly guaranteed.

It is impossible to guranatee any kind of returns when investing in financial markets.

Investment plans

How Bouvest works

Bouvest is a scam, that is a sure thing. It does not mean that it can’t be paying anything. If it is operating as a Ponzi scheme, it can use new deposits to pay old profits. It of course is an unsustainable scheme that has to crash, the only thing we don’t know is when.

But Bouvest also can be a simple scam that is not paying at all. Either way it would be very unwise to invest any money with this program. You definitely should stay away from it to protect your money.

Bouvest review – the conclusion

Bouvest is an unlicensed investment service and an obvious investment scam. Don’t put any money it, stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, get a free demo account with a regulated company. First use virtual money to test everything and see how it works.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and prepare a solid strategy.


300 USD



Investment plans


Real results



  • Fancy website


  • Scam
  • Going to disappear
  • Illegal scheme
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