BRUTAL SCAM: Cash Forex Group review

This Cash FX Group (CFxG) review proves that this investment scheme is a pure scam.

What Cash FX Group is about

Cash Forex Group scamThe Cash Forex Group is run by a company named CFxG which allegedly was founded by a team of experts in all sorts of areas, mainly education in the financial trading field and network marketing.

These experts and their automated trading system will supposedly help you to make lots of money. In trading only you can allegedly make 15% weekly on your investments. Then there are referral programs and multi-level structures that can boost your income even more. Is that true?

Cash Forex Group scam

Cash FX Group scamLet’s start this Cash Forex Group review by stating the obvious, this scheme is a total scam, you just have to look at the numbers.

When they promise you 15%+ weekly, it means 60%+ monthly, which is totally ridiculous in the real world. It means more than 28100% per year (compounded monthly), so you would need only $3,559 dollars to become a millionaire within year. And this is plain impossible.

No legitimate business can make you a steady 15% weekly, no financial markets are that predictable and that easy to trade. It might seem simple to you, but it really is this straightforward, a program promising 15% weekly must be a scam, there is no other way, the Cash FX Group is a scam.

But there is more to go through in this review.

Not regulated

Cash FX Group testimonialThe Cash Forex Group claims to have partners that are regulated by the following institutions: FAC – Financial Conduct Authority of London, DFSA – Financial Services Authority in Dubai, FSCA – Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa and FSA – the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles.

The FAC does not even exist, while the others (DFSA, FSCA and FSA) have not issued any license whatsoever to Cash Forex Group. And it is CashFX Group that needs to be regulated because it is offering investment services (as confirmed by the FCA, see below).

The reality is that it has no license whatsoever, so it cannot offer investment services legally in most countries.

This is also why they want you to deposit cryptocurrencies, they want to stay as anonymous as possible, so that they can run away with your money

Regulatory warnings

Not long after we published our analysis, the Financial Conduct Authority (financial regulator in Great Britain) came up with its own warning.

The regulator said that CashFX is providing investment services without the necessary authorization and advised the public to stay away from it. This is a very serious argument.

Later Cash Forex Group made it also to the blacklists of regulators in Australia, Canada, Norway, Panama, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal and the Bahamas, the ASIC, BCSC, FCAA, MSC, Finanstilsynet, SCB, AMF, FMA, SEC, FSCA, CBI, BDP and SMV issued warnings against this program.

Notice that even the regulator in Panama, where CashFX Group claims to be based, published a warning against the company!

It would be very unwise to deposit money with an unregulated and basically anonymous entity, because it would not be protected in any way. No matter where the money ends up, this program is promising you impossible returns on investments, which in itself confirms that something is wrong.

How it works

Let’s finish this Cash Forex Group review by explaining the basic principle of this investment program. It is a Ponzi scheme that does no real economic activity. It just collects money from people and might pay out some profits, but the latest clients’ deposits will be used for that.

This will have an inevitable outcome, the system will sooner or later crumble. It is just a matter of time when there will be not enough deposits to cover withdrawals and the inevitable end will follow.

Cash FX Group review conclusion

The Cash Forex Group is a brutal scam that is going to collapse. It is not regulated, stay away from it!

If you want to trade financial markets, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to practice and gain an understanding of the risks of trading with real money before you can actually invest real money.

Top regulated investment platforms

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 71-78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • My friend just called me. We talked a bit and he let it slip that he was hoping CashFX “would pay up” which was quite interesting because that same friend has for a year or two been calling me dumb for not believing in CashFX.

    He is (or was as it now turns out to be) a great supporter for CashFX and has sold packages to more than 250 people now. I’ve told him numerous times that he was working with Ponzi scammers and have from the start been pointing him to this website to make him see the light but he has always insisted CashFX would make him rich. Now he just confessed they haven’t paid him a single Euro yet. But he is still hoping for some Phase 2 thing that will set everything right for him and his clients. He’s still confident (though a lot less confident than before) that his partner will become “excecutive” and that he himself will become a “manager” for CashFX.

    Meanwhile I’m holding my breath for all the hate he will get from the people he signed up. Friends, family, neighbours, business partners… he convinced them all to buy a CashFX package from him.

    Sigh… people, please get your head out of your arse. CashFX will pluck you to the bone and destroy your life by destroying friendships. Don’t buy into this scam!

    • The good people of faith who believe in CashFX repel your negativity upon our faith, Amen. We give praise to the taxi drivers and ponzifarians who trade our tithings on non-existent trading platforms, Amen. Thou shalt enjoy the promise of having a pretend debit card from which thou can withdraweth thine pretend earnings on high, Amen. Forsakers be gone. As I walk through the shadow of the valley of Ponz, I’m reminded of the story of Job who gave all of his money to coke-sniffing disciples parading around in a fake office building in Panama, Amen.

      Loserinthians 24:7

  • Just right now in Puerto Rico a man was scammed after investing in cryptocurrencies
    He lost $4,400. The investigation was referred to the Property Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC) of Aibonito.

  • Hi guys, does anyone know the latest with the Cash FX ponzi? Has it collapsed yet, as I know there’s been no payments since January??

    • I think you answered your own question, since there have been no payments for months…

      • I also think its a scam they promise payments and they never pay on time but they promise payments soonest, now they have bears and bulls as a vitual bank account that says they are working 24 hours but it is not true they do not respond to emails send to them. Cash FX service desk they take weeks to respond to the support requests and the responds are vague no straight answers as to when will you get paid, they just respond they will never give you timelines on the respond.

    • Hi Dave, the latest is CFX hasn’t collapsed. Leaders I have spoken to say everyone owed money will be paid and ‘Phase 2’ will be very exciting… whatever that might be.
      Will everyone be paid? According to James “100% no”… according to me “90% no”.

      • At this point I think everyone knows that it is a Ponzi scheme. So what can you expect from a Ponzi? A restart? Sure. A transformation into a legit business? Nope. So if anybody is going to get paid, you know it will be just another house of cards waiting for a collapse.

      • I also think its a scam they promise payments and they never pay on time but they promise payments soonest, now they have bears and bulls as a vitual bank account that says they are working 24 hours but it is not true they do not respond to emails send to them. Cash FX service desk they take weeks to respond to the support requests and the responds are vague no straight answers as to when will you get paid, they just respond they will never give you timelines on the respond.

  • At the end of the Cloud Token scam Luigi Bruni started publicly arguing with Ronald Ai and Faith Sloane.

    Now at the end of CashFx, Luigi Bruni has turned on fellow scammer Justin Halladay!

  • Cfx is NOT a scam!!!! Me and my friends get payments every fu*king time BUTT ther is a app calld cfx and THAT is a scam!! Fore CFX DO NOT HAVE A APP!! so if you dount have get any payment,then you have done somthing wrong

    • You can mostly divide the members of Cashfx into two groups, those who have realized that the payments have stopped and those who try to hide this.
      Getting a weekly settlement computer-screen profits cannot be defined as a payout.
      Who knows, it may be the fictitious profit you are given. One of the people I know who has invested the most in this, has not received money since last year.
      Ask your friends to show you their account history for the last six months.
      Has nothing to do with any fake app.

    • You’re full of crap! No one has gotten paid in months. I DID get some withdrawal money 2 years ago. Buy its been 8 months with nothing. The debit card we waited months for came out and tanked. It’s useless. I’m owed $70K and can’t get anyone to talk to me about it. If it’s legit someone would have come out and said SOMETHING

  • PONZI SCAM!! I haven’t been paid since March and many in my team haven’t been paid since October. I am no longer recruiting and have warned my downline. Every management call is full of lies.

  • When you thought you had seen it all:
    From a Cashfx revival meeting.
    Now it’s all about helping others and it’s all almost tearful.
    Without a doubt, this surpasses most religious congregations:

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