BRUTAL SCAM: Cash Forex Group review

This Cash FX Group (CFxG) review proves that this investment scheme is a pure scam.

What Cash FX Group is about

Cash Forex Group scamThe Cash Forex Group is run by a company named CFxG which allegedly was founded by a team of experts in all sorts of areas, mainly education in the financial trading field and network marketing.

These experts and their automated trading system will supposedly help you to make lots of money. In trading only you can allegedly make 15% weekly on your investments. Then there are referral programs and multi-level structures that can boost your income even more. Is that true?

Cash Forex Group scam

Cash FX Group scamLet’s start this Cash Forex Group review by stating the obvious, this scheme is a total scam, you just have to look at the numbers.

When they promise you 15%+ weekly, it means 60%+ monthly, which is totally ridiculous in the real world. It means more than 28100% per year (compounded monthly), so you would need only $3,559 dollars to become a millionaire within year. And this is plain impossible.

No legitimate business can make you a steady 15% weekly, no financial markets are that predictable and that easy to trade. It might seem simple to you, but it really is this straightforward, a program promising 15% weekly must be a scam, there is no other way, the Cash FX Group is a scam.

But there is more to go through in this review.

Not regulated

Cash FX Group testimonialThe Cash Forex Group claims to have partners that are regulated by the following institutions: FAC – Financial Conduct Authority of London, DFSA – Financial Services Authority in Dubai, FSCA – Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa and FSA – the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles.

The FAC does not even exist, while the others (DFSA, FSCA and FSA) have not issued any license whatsoever to Cash Forex Group. And it is CashFX Group that needs to be regulated because it is offering investment services (as confirmed by the FCA, see below).

The reality is that it has no license whatsoever, so it cannot offer investment services legally in most countries.

This is also why they want you to deposit cryptocurrencies, they want to stay as anonymous as possible, so that they can run away with your money

Regulatory warnings

Not long after we published our analysis, the Financial Conduct Authority (financial regulator in Great Britain) came up with its own warning.

The regulator said that CashFX is providing investment services without the necessary authorization and advised the public to stay away from it. This is a very serious argument.

Later Cash Forex Group made it also to the blacklists of regulators in Australia, Canada, Norway, Panama, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal and the Bahamas, the ASIC, BCSC, FCAA, MSC, Finanstilsynet, SCB, AMF, FMA, SEC, FSCA, CBI, BDP and SMV issued warnings against this program.

Notice that even the regulator in Panama, where CashFX Group claims to be based, published a warning against the company!

It would be very unwise to deposit money with an unregulated and basically anonymous entity, because it would not be protected in any way. No matter where the money ends up, this program is promising you impossible returns on investments, which in itself confirms that something is wrong.

How it works

Let’s finish this Cash Forex Group review by explaining the basic principle of this investment program. It is a Ponzi scheme that does no real economic activity. It just collects money from people and might pay out some profits, but the latest clients’ deposits will be used for that.

This will have an inevitable outcome, the system will sooner or later crumble. It is just a matter of time when there will be not enough deposits to cover withdrawals and the inevitable end will follow.

Cash FX Group review conclusion

The Cash Forex Group is a brutal scam that is going to collapse. It is not regulated, stay away from it!

If you want to trade financial markets, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to practice and gain an understanding of the risks of trading with real money before you can actually invest real money.

Cash Forex Group

300 USD








  • None


  • Scam
  • Ponzi scheme
  • Not regulated
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Comments 2,070

  • Ridiculous reply.

    Returns are actually around 10% weekly first of all.

    Second you need to educate yourself before you write a review. I’ve made tons of money in forex and am now on this system as well.

    Made 10.08% this week in a return.

    If it was 10% every week that would be a 520% return a year not 5600%. You need to learn where to put your decimals.

    You will not make a million off $18,000.

    Next time use a calculator my friend.

    Here is a hint…don’t invest in it. Morons like you don’t deserve to make this kind of money.

    Go invest at a bank at a 3% return on a 3 year GIC.

    • You haven’t made crap, you just promote your own business.

      And before talking about decimals, please learn what is the compounding effect, then take 40% per month and do your math for one year. This will save you from ridiculing yourself again.

      Anybody who is considering this investment program, you don’t have to trust our review, but please contact the financial regulator in your country and ask them about Cash Forex Group to get a confirmation of what we say.

      • Great answer. I am with CashFX for months now, and every Saturday we get our profit payouts on time. I will recommend them to anyone. Every industry has risks, but life is a risk. There is no gaurantee that you will still be alive tomorrow.

        • True, if anybody wants to risk their money in a scam, they can.

          • James Pinion you really are an idiot! You have not done any proper research before posting your ridiculous review! Your uneducated opinion is that it’s a scam and you are obviously digging your heels in despite the numerous replies proving it is not. It is not a Ponzi because CFX are Forex Trading and paying out daily profits from their wins. So here is an offer for you to put your money where your mouth is! You chose a level to come in to CFX in my team and if you do not double your money before CFX “disappears” I will double your money myself!

            So then James Badopinion are you going to put your money where your mouth is?

            If so please contact me [email protected]

            I can’t wait for your reply!

          • You first insult me and then you want me to give you my money?

            “Your uneducated opinion is that it’s a scam and you are obviously digging your heels in despite the numerous replies proving it is not.” – please point me to those “numerous replies”, because I don’t see any of this kind.

            “It is not a Ponzi because CFX are Forex Trading and paying out daily profits from their wins.” – it would be easy to prove, show me audited Forex account statements and I will believe.

            “are you going to put your money where your mouth is?” That’s exactly what I am doing. I am saying that CashFX Group is a scam, therefore I am putting my money elsewhere.

          • You are an epic scumbag…. I’d pay the profits I’ve been making to be in a ring with a pathetic loser like you….

          • Wow, I think nobody has ever destroyed me like you just did 😀 😀 😀

          • Cash FX is a scam. James Pinion is warning all of us. If you don’t believe, then at least your are warned. Some people who are enjoying it right now are in the denial stage. Once this is over, you will all realize that James is correct.
            Thanks for your honest review James.
            And please, do not argue with ignorant people. It is not worth your time and emotion.
            God bless!

          • LOL it’s been running over a year where is the scam? Your review at best is biased. This is the worse review I have ever read and is BS. I speak fro using it for over a year now and have made lots of BTC and ROI’d after 5 months so scam it is not. Risk sure everything in crypto is a risk but to lie about cashFX and say it’s a scam and you will loose your $ is 100% wrong. I’m winning so far and I guess James Pinion never invested so of course he made $hit lmao

          • A Ponzi scam can run for years and still be a scam.

          • It’s really amazing how we tend to see thing. Once it’s not regulated by a certain body it is not good or legel you make rum it’s illegal, but they make it and sell you its good you gamble it’s illegal but once it’s again regulated by them it’s good the bush doctor is an illegal practitioner but a doctor once regulated by the body it’s good. The banks and the govements are the biggest scam and Ponzi scheme there is shape just like a pyramid and they take all the money from the people at the bottom and you don’t even have a choice and after five years they crash desolve or change and we are left with nothing James you are right if they want to play lotto with there money it’s there hard earn money it’s there right and you have the right to your opinion life is a risk and we all have to know the risk that we can afford and this is my opinion. NOT A CFX PARTICIPANT!

          • So what people are missing is firstly the FCA on the cashfx site is the cayman Islands monetary organisation.
            Now I have some money invested and done quite a lot of due diligence before joining. I managed to talk to Pablo Milan COO of Everfx on the phone, he assured me personally that trading was taking place for Cashfx.
            What are your thoughts ?

          • My thougths is that I don’t believe you. I personally contacted EverFX several times and they always declined to comment about CashFX Group. Also, since EverFX is regulated in the EU, there is no way they can legally accept pooled money from CashFX Group. Anybody trading on behalf of somebody else has to be a licensed investment advisor, which CashFX Group is not, so a regulated broker like EverFX can’t accept CashFX Group as a client that trades with money deposited by its members.

            Show me a statement signed by EverFX saying that CashFX Group invests money of its members with EverFX. Then I will send it to the CySEC regulator and EverFX will lose their license for breaking the Cyprus investment law. But that’s not gonna happen, because CashFX Group is just a Ponzi scheme that is not doing any real trading, so no regulated broker will ever admit any official relationship with it.

          • Would u like Pablo Milans direct email, then u can converse yourself ?

            Really unproffesional to call me a liar though, and also quite rude.

          • I am still waiting for that written statement. I saw the video with Pablo Milan, who by the way is not COO of the company, and he refused to give any details about what exactly is CashFX Group doing with EverFX.

          • You Know, i agree with James Pinion. But i think if you want to play it on the safe side (my friend told me this), then you can begin with the 300 dollar minimun entry amount and then when you got your weekly returns and it passes the 300 dollar entry what you did , you withdraw your 300 dollar and then from that moment you are not playing with your own money anymore. Let me know if this fair what i have said here. I want to know your opnion. Thanks

          • Hi James, Have you been scammed by cash fx. I am very intrigued to find out your story.

            I am with Cash fx for almost 6 months and every Saturday I have received those trading gains between 5-6% per week. This is money I could withdraw once it’s 100$ and above. I started with 300$ package and now upgraded to 2000 with money I received from Cashfx. I can confidently recommend this company.

            I would be happy for you to share your experience with cash fx.
            Thank you

          • I don’t participate in scams. Scams can pay for some time, but they collapse in the end, always.

          • Hi James. I read your comments. I need a favour. Can you please give me a list of those that are regulated ? I mean ones that do the same thing cashFx does but regulated and trusted

          • Hi Dan, there is no such list, I’m sorry.

          • My buddy went to their office in Panama. They are satisfied with them. We all also trade. They don’t guarantee 15% a week, they can at that, and it has been earning about 1-1.2% a day. That is really not much. Have you traded? The earnings are very real. I doubled my personal forex account in a week using my delta system. That is a 100% gain.

            The profits in global forex are real and you need to trade forex to understand why they are real if you can actually trade profitably which is not a science but a discipline.

            We have buddies making 7 figure returns a week. Forex is a 5.3 trillion dollar market a day!

            You are labeling something a scam without actually having the knowledge of trading, you are just assuming because regular people are not aware of the money the banks make and are conditioned to think we are only worth very little or nothing.

          • I have been trading for 15 years, so I know very well what is possible and what is not. What you are saying is total BS, I am sorry. Do you really think that anybody will believe that you can double your money in a week with your system? And still be here shilling CFX? Come on…

          • It’s not a scam,why do you put people off,so they come to your site,they can start with 300 dollars if they lose that it’s not a big deal,so better try than be scared because of reviews like yours,

          • Poor old James Pinion. I think his mum must have made a mistake in the spelling of his birth surname on the certificate. It was Minion! Seriously, James lost his plot. John Minion joined YMMSS late and never got paid out. I withdrew almost USD200000 Kim Inman paid directly into my bank account, Kim Inman was paying out 41% monthly and compounded. But I had over USD600000 frozen when the money ran out. Obviously, Kim Inman meant well and payouts were made. Unfortunately, the payout went beyond the pale and it became unavailable for payout. In the end, the money ran out. James Minion had his wires crossed. This cash fx interest shown in your back office cannot be compounded. You have to withdraw the money, less a 20 % fee and then invest according to the level payments chart. So, John, I thought you had Foglight eyes, yet you are able to see. But if you are a US Citizen then you have cause to complain. CashFX does not allow US citizen to join this CashFX team. Anyway, the Indiana business bureau is unable to trace Kim’s whereabouts. Or were they happy with Kim’s business. .

          • Whatever you are taking, you should stop.

          • Yes I totally agree. This article is complete horse sh*t. You have not got a clue what you are reporting. This is all misinformation. Go and do some proper research you moron.

          • Thank you for your valuable opinion.

          • Look at how much you’ve missed out on since your blog.
            Look how much the company has grown.
            None of your sauce states it’s a scam like the actual PS they’re just warning you because of course government doesn’t want the every day man making profits. Why do you think they’re crippling the economy? More people are waking up globally to the PS that is life. Yes, life is a PS if you haven’t figured it out.

            Back to the point – you haven’t even gotten a pack to unlock the features of the website.

            None of what you said about it is true.

            You can see trades.
            They’re in beta for COPY TRADING so saying you know anything about their losses is rubbish.

            If you really wanted a solid opinion, you’d get a small pack and investigate more.

            But you don’t and you probably get money for the traffick on this site.



          • You lost me at “because of course government doesn’t want the every day man making profits”

          • Great review. unfortunately, people get get greedy and choose to ignore basic economics when “investing” in these scams.


          • I think this site is fun. . . Mr O-PINION. . . . man is he something to write home about.
            Has anyone asked what hospital he works at.
            Neurosurgeons are not good bean counters my friend once said.
            So please be nice to this smart arse, he does not know any better.
            Just put your thinking cap on . . . . . this idiot could save himself from the obvious pain that he is suffering put 300 nick up give it a whirl. . .just like say on the pokies. . . . . but by golly if he gets a return will that give him a headache.

          • At least someone is having fun, while people involved in this scam aren’t getting paid.

          • I have been with cash forex group for a year. so sorry , if you want to advertise your own business just do it quietly and do not start by saying that another business is a scam . sorry can not follow your business.

            Go do some research first.

          • You make no sense, but whatever.

          • Lol talking rubbish mate I see and know many ppl who are making big money on it and I am also making passive income

          • Yeah, some people manage to make money in Ponzi schemes before they collapse, this is not news.

          • Another CFX that is a SCAM is GLOBAL CFX TRADING
            I was scammed to transferred bitcoin to their system. Brett Hankinson and David Huang are both part of this group.
            DO NOT TRANSFER MONEY to this scammers.
            All the links to their social media accounts are not working
            Contact number is not in service
            Daily profit of 10% is just trick to deposit more but you cannot withdraw your money
            They will led you to believe that they are depositing the money but will ask to pay them so that they can with you money

          • I’ve had a $300 investment in CashFX since February. It has been returning 10% give or take each week as I was promised. (not compaounding)

            However I’ve been waiting 4 weeks for a withdrawal request.

            They show classic signs of being an MLM scam and ponzi scheme:

            It’s difficult and awkward to withdraw your investment (with a 20% withdrawal fee!)
            You can grow your money faster through referring than the return on your cash investment.
            They’ve been blacklisted in a lot of countries.
            They have their distributers brainwashed so much beyond their awareness that they verbally attack anyone who labels Cash FX as a ponzi scheme.

            I knew what I was getting into – and so long as they keep recruiting to give them cash I will eventually get my withdrawal. However, those of you pretending to validate this business as anything other than an MLM scheme have your heads up your arse.

          • lol

          • I’ve joined CashFX a year ago and am seeming returns since day 4. The daily % is between 0.40% and 1.2%. not always 1% per day. Of course the withdrawal cost is 20% but no broker fees. It may not be regulated but i get my money. in 2007 economic crash most banks where regulated where everyone list their money and had to bail out the banks.

          • I think it’s too late for this fairy tale.

          • Hello James, I went through your article about CFX being a con or scam as you said. ‘it’s a Ponzi scheme that does no real economic activity. It just collects money from people and might pay out some profits, but the latest clients’ deposits will be used for that” Don’t you think gambling companies should be removed off the face of the earth. Lying to people about how much money you would make if you placed a bet on a winning sports team or horse or dog but in the end, you lose your money. Or how lottery companies are taking money from people giving false hopes about winning millions. Or cigarette/alcohol companies that advertise their beverages, offering great premium taste but in reality, they’re destroying the human organ system by Intoxicating people through buying their products. Why not ban these companies or remove po*nography that’s are ruining relationships and mental health for some individuals. Well, you could say they add value to the world economy by creating jobs, entertainment and leisure by selling false hopes into people’s lives. What are your thoughts on the listed things above? Aren’t they scamming people too?

          • I am exposing investment scams, that’s what I do. Something else being wrong doesn’t mean an investment scam like CFX is right or that it has the right to be wrong.

          • There’s a company called CFX Lyfestyle here in Chicago they are supposed to be based in Texas , their ceo is Mauricio Chavez you can google him and you will get an llc company name how is this possible , why isn’t the government arresting this people , they have an academy that supposedly teaches people how to invest but they attract more people by recruiting and giving you bonuses , I have a lot pf family members investing in this scam but I know they will eventually run away with peoples money , is this the same as cash fx?

          • CFX Lifestyle say they are a partner of CFX, so yes, it is a scam. When you see a scam, report it to authorities. The more people report and complain about scams to authorities, the more likely it is they will be taken down.

          • it,s NOT a scam

          • It is.

          • Get your facts right first James before dissing something that many FCA members are a part of……….sounds a bit like sour grapes to me mate…. We are all entitled to our own opinion but give it based on facts not what you personally think. I have been with CFX now a very long time and guess what all you have said about them is FALSE. Have a nice day though

          • What? People are testifying here that they are not getting paid by CFX and more than a dozen of financial regulators have warned against CFX. These are facts, not opinions. You are late to the CFX party, it has ended, now prosecution is coming up.

        • Hello ezilanna please I need to know more about cash fx kindly reply me on my email address [email protected] …warm regards

          • Hi did you get a reply?

          • sent you a mail. check pls

          • Hi James,
            I agree I am an armature trader and I trade aggressively. I own an account with hotforex. I made my first deposit of $110 and just within 24 hours I raised my money to $365 without the use any automated system. That’s about 250% profit in 1 day, for an armature trader. So I don’t argue about the 15% profit promised by this group. However, on the regulations aspect this argument I think you are right. Because they are all seem to be silent here. You’re are also right when you said that a ponzi scheme can pay for years, and then disappear with people’s money. Keep up your good review. Thank you

          • 250% in a day is pure luck. You will never be able to replicate that every day. That is the nature of financial trading, you will have big profits, small profits, big losses and small losses, everything. The key is risk management and staying above zero. And believe me, that is very difficult. And it is absolutely impossible to make 1% every single day.

        • Hi Ezilanna, if possible can you please send me more info how the weekly profits work and what the minimum investment amount is. Thank you

          [email protected]

        • Let’s wait for a year..this is the typical time they begin to come with payment excuses and ect. Shortly after that they will magically dissapear

          • It is a year already been in from the beginning and been paid every week like clockwork right up until today.. On top of the they have a 20 year business plan just FYI… Don’t be mad you didn’t join sooner just get started and stop being haters!!

          • Exactly correct Stefan.
            And they will soon be asked, “what happened to your investment”?.
            I got “scammed”.
            Well. You did not listen to James.

          • Yes-agree wholeheartedly with James Pinnion.i “invested” in somethings similar a few years ago-a blue Trading for one-that promised excellent returns and then did the magic disappearing act after about 9months with my money.
            And another called Goobets(daft name -should have been a warning in itself!)
            Which later changed it’s name to something else which I can’t remember now-but yet again promises of this return and that return and even a float on the stock market!!!
            They were gone in about 6months…..
            This will be the same or I’m a Dutchman!!!
            People in early will probably be ok as they will be able to “get out” and won’t lose their base stake-but I would be withdrawing every penny I had in this now if I had one of the bigger contracts!
            You have been warned people-nothing in life is ever this easy believe me-I speak with the scars of experience

          • Hello Stefan,

            Just to let you know that cash fx celebrated its first anniversary on the Thursday 19th November, 2020.

          • You are right.

          • Been going over a year still going strong

          • Stefan
            May 23, 2020 at 4:38 am
            ‘Let’s wait for a year..this is the typical time they begin to come with payment excuses and ect. Shortly after that they will magically dissapear’

            Stefan. Your forecast has proven correct! Many people on CFX media pages are complaining of waiting months for their money. I believe i’m late to the mlm party, so not confident i’ll get my $300 back. (that’s ok, i am prepared for it). From research of similar programs John kinnear and Luigi were running and went belly up/main man dissapeared with the money in 2019 (‘Cloud trading’?), that the current delay tactic of partnering with mastercard to speed payments (it’s still electronic so just pay people now. lol) is the final hurrah before the ship sinks and the main men dissapear into the foggy mist. If u got in around 2020, u probably got ur money back, but getting in now is too late. Alexa shows site traffic has fallen dramatically this year. Tread carefully friends. Jim, thanks for raising this.

        • Try to make a withdrawal. I’m still waiting for my money I can’t wait to get out. They only give people false hope.

          • No one has not been paid, that is NO ONE ….. in fact you CANNOT compound or upgrade your CFX account unless you withdraw (get paid) …. CFX are NOT regulated…. because they use a Regulated broker (everfx) to trade…so that info is also incorrect…and judging by the actual members comments….I’d say, members are happy….. long may that continue. HOWEVER, you should never put in more than you are prepared to lose (In ANYTHING). But do proper research, ask members, don’t rely on people that play safe and stay poor. Do your own due diligence. (ps MOST sites that call every business out as a scam…have their own links…..promoting guess what ? ….tip. SCAMS ! Beware.

          • Sarah I have just made a withdrawal of over $2000, it tells you it can take up to 72 hours.

          • Hello Sarah is there an email I can reach you on to help you out with your withdrawal?

          • Sarah, that’s a lie!
            You can withdraw anytime all your money from your “Balance”.
            I requested several withdrawals and I got it the next calendar day.
            Maybe you don’t know how to copy & paste your wallet address and you sent it to a wrong wallet. 🙂

          • Really. Never missed a payment.
            It’s 20th July and I have just withdrawal
            $3700 within less than 24hrs arriving into my account.

          • Congrats on your scam ride.

          • Everyone else is able to pull their money out so it sounds like maybe you are the scammer!

          • Payouts always works!
            You are the Sarah! Go back to you low paid company and stop telling lies!

          • Nope can’t agree with you? I made a withdrawal a few weeks ago it was there within 24hrs? NO problems? I don’t understand people saying this is a scam? The scammers are your banks! they play the forex every day and make millions then give you a pittance? Our banks are now not giving interest at all? Maybe your in the WRONG business? there are quite a few that aren’t good but CFX is VERY good! WHO is your upline??? THEY should be looking after you???

          • Banks are not making millions in Forex trading. Also, CashFX Group is not trading Forex, it’s a Ponzi scheme.

          • Hi Sarah. I have been making g withdrawals for the last 7 months and I have just completely withdrawn my investment last weekend and I got my money and have always got it every Saturday. The reason i withdrew my total investment is because I’m about to upgrade to a much bigger larger package with them. My sister has been with them from the beginning without any issues. I invested on her advice. Completely happy so far. ✌️

          • If you’re still waiting you’ve did it wrong I’ve made several withdrawals with no problem.

          • Sarah have you gotten your weekly payments. I was just introduced to cashfx and trying to find out if they are real.


          • 3000% in a year? Yeah, sure that can’t be scam…

          • Hi were you with CashFX?

          • Really Sarah so when did you join up?

          • Hi Sarah. Did you end up getting your payout?

          • Hey Sarah, did you get your payout with CFX?

          • I cannot get access to my account. I do not get a reply to my many emails I sent them on their web page. They tell me frequently what I earned, but I can’t get to either my account or to the money.

        • hello Ezilanna, can i get more details about cashfx? contact me through [email protected].

          • Instead of reacting negatively, Can anybody from cfx explain

          • CFX isn’t selling securities
            CFX isn’t providing financial advice
            CFX never claims to be regulated
            CFX has regulated partners

            Ever FX have all the correct licenses in all Countries and it it is Ever FX that is the broker so it makes sense why Cash FX would not really need to be regulated as a financial institute as even tho they trade for us with Ever FX we are not selling a financial package as such we are promoting a training program, regardless that we also can make money from CFX trading etc

            In 15 months CFX have never missed a payment 80,000 people in over 200 countries are all earning daily on autopilot and getting paid every Saturday!

          • You are wrong, CFX is providing investment services without a license, this is why it has been blacklisted.

          • Well this is great. I will wait and watch for 10 years and if it proves to be real I will invest $100,000. No rush as with these returns can make a lot of money very quickly. Retire in 15 years. I will just sit back and observed or now.

        • Hi Ezilanna,

          I am interested in Cashfx . But, a bit sceptical.Could you please help me out bh giving some information how it works ? Thank you.

          • Hi Som
            I have been in Cashfx since mid April this year
            Like any investment there is risk
            I can honestly say that Cashfx has paid my weekly dividends on time on a weekly basis

          • With CashFX the risk is 100%, it is only a question of time before it collapses.

          • Hi Som,

            Did you get a reply yet?

          • Som,
            Contact me on [email protected] and I’ll help you.

          • You will enroll him under you in this scam structure?

          • Don’t bother cashfx and everfx are both scams the broker is not regulated anywhere. i have friends who are with them and I have given up explaining how they are being scammed, even though they are withdrawing a bit of money to keep them in the scam.

          • you can email me i will help you or chat me on whatsapp

            [email protected] and +2348037297236

          • EverFX, the broker soon to come on board with CashFX has horrific reviews on TrustPilot and a whole lot of them! Very wary of these scheme.

          • Hello Som Gurungjee, I can explain it to you if you like (malai email garnu hos na). Thank you

          • We blow $400 in a weekend with nothing to show for it. Decided to check out the hype and see if it is too good to be true by throwing in the minimum investment. In the first month my account is up 10%….signed up my husband and up another $45. Its $400 to check it out…why not…I call it a pretty low risk to take. Not sure yet how much more I will put in since I am just figuring it all out but Im just saying, this guy writing the review has a reason for deterring people, he is probably an investment company or broker so of course he would want to steer people away from such an amazing return on money. I am not a huge risk taker but my curiosity got the better of me and I am pretty happy with my first month of gains 🙂

          • These “genuine” and “honest” comments always make me laugh: Yeah, I really am not biased, I am just curious, but CFX is the greatest thing on earth and this reviewer is the worst on earth. 😀 😀 😀

          • You could attend the meeting on zoom.

        • In every emotional reaction experienced, the reaction is a perfect mirror. Meaning the advise I have given is actually for me. So 52 weeks at compounding 10% is more than 520% but the author may not know that the profit is paid out weekly not compounded. And Just bc you made 10.08% this week doesn’t make it a legitimate company. Ask Bernie madoff investors. They were wealthy intelligent highly connected people. Many probably blinded by greed. Hurling insults actually weakens your argument. If it’s such a good company and it’s a MLM why are you not using proof and facts and kindness to outweigh the authors remarks. Lastly. If you have made tons of money in forex, why are you still so angry? No one suffers your anger more than yourself. Maybe defending something you are internally sceptical about, but emotionally attached to, blinded by greed maybe, is causing cognitive dissonance. Doesn’t matter how much $ we make, if it costs us our peace it’s too expensive. I wish you inner peace.

          • Could not agree more! Well stated!

          • Very wise reply.

            It is a total scam… anyone with some intelligence will understand that the cash flow they are making is creating a temporary lifestyle. It’s a Ponzi scheme, and when the investments plateau, it will be taken off. Money is paid out to suck in naive greedy people. Think about it… if you get that amount of growth, then they wouldn’t need people’s money!

          • Wow. This is the best reply ever.

          • Excellent response. Bernie Madoff scammed people for over 40 years. The greatest Ponzi scheme in history. Then he got caught and his son committed suicide. Like another member mentioned, if they are so good with making money, why do they need yours. That would be the biggest secret in the world. They are paying off old investors with new investors money. Its as simple as that. And you may get lucky and pull out some, but in the end it will crash and burn and you will be left holding the bag. The company will change its name and start all over again. But if you have money to burn and want to have some fun, then put in $300.00 or $500.00 and the moment you can, take it out and play with their money. That’s the best way to do it.

          • Great response.
            I’ve noticed the marked rudeness of some cashfx investors – it doesn’t give the company a good name.
            My concern is that the paper profits (for some) will not be withdrawn before funds disappear or Leaders exit the group.
            It’s already happened to me with another scheme.

        • I need to know more about cfx

          • Hi Karen, I invested in cfx 2 months ago. No complaints, every Saturday my commission goes into my account. A far better interest than ANY savings account. I haven`t really started building my business properly yet, but one of my best friends John, and another guy, who i know for 20+ years introduced me and my wife and i can honestly say i trust them with my life. They are in daily touch with the leaders of this organisation who are flying. They have been in Network Marketing for more years than they can think of, and without a doubt this business is THE BUSINESS. I would be very happy to share all the information with you in order for you to make your own decision. I have read all these comments, but can only go on my personal experiences. You can have all the help that is possibly needed to build a business that will give you financial freedom – Look forward to hearing from you. My email address is [email protected]

          • Hello Karen,
            Please contact me on more information with respect to cashfx.

            Mrs. Pinnock
            +234 803 234 3395


          • Are you on board now or still need help?

          • To be honest. I hung back. Even though my friend is the top guy in the uk and has made over £1m. I just can’t get behind what has all the hallmarks of a ponzi. However, I am told that copy trading is now being beta tested and thus would mean everyone keeps their own funds in their own account. If this happens, I will change my views. In the meantime, I’m happy to put you in touch with the big cheese if you like.

          • Did u join?

        • Hi Ezilanna, if possible can you please send me more info how the weekly profits work and what the minimum investment amount is. Also what penalties to be paid when with drawing original investment and how long contract to be signed for non penalties.

          Would love to hear more



          [email protected]

        • It’s not regulated and you have to pay them in Bitcoin. C’mon guys. It’s a scam.

        • I see this was done in April 2020.Are you still getting your weekly pay ? And my next question is say you were on the 100K pack on just 5% per week you will be getting approx.$3500 where do you think that money will come from if no one recruits new people ? They pay the older members from what they get from newer members . The Money will eventually run out . So i hope you always get your initial start up back and you don’t really loose anything. I dont think i would be happy to put in 30k 50k 100k a lot to loose.

          • I am still receiving my daily payment at CFX.

          • So EverFX are not CashFx’s broker and never have bee … this information was removed from the CashFX English & International pages in December and the only people saying that EverFX is the broker are other CashFX investors.

            I sincerely hope for everyone, that this isn’t a scam and CashFX are that perpetual money making machine that everyone believes them to be.

            Like the old saying goes, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … its probably a duck.

            CashFX looks like a scam, sounds like a scam and fails to adequately defend itself like a scam ….

        • Dear Ezilanna,

          Can you please contact me?

          I am interested in CFX, and I am interested first hand to learn about it.

          My gmail is [email protected]

          Thank you very much.

        • Try taking your money out dip sh*t.

          • You know, no one that gets scammed by a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme thinks they are being scammed by it. That’s why you need to be careful. This is definitely a pyramid scheme. The best FX traders are right 50% of the time at best, do you really think that this company is capable of creating state of the art proprietary software to arbitrage capital FX markets? Perhaps it’s their open door policy that got you? Try looking up the company on Google Maps, you won’t even find the building they say they’re in. If it’s too good to be true, it is. Get out now and stop screwing your friends and family up. RUN!!!

        • Great reply! I’m with Cfx as well and I’m getting my US$1500/Week net on my US$50000 investment start up.
          If they think it’s a scam… good for them. Let them Keep sleeping while millions of dollars are being made. A real man doesn’t rely on financial regulator

          • A real man refuses to make money in scams.

          • I’m curious. When you put $50k in and start receiving $1500 per week, can you still withdraw your initial investment out after a few weeks or is there a minimum term? What I mean is are you sure you are not just receiving part of your own investment back?

        • I agree 100 %. Their Copy Trading returns prove their legitimacy,

        • The reason you got your ‘profit’ payouts is because the value of the bitcoin you deposited was going up along with the deposits of new entrants to the scheme. Now bitcoin has gone down the Ponzi scheme will soon run out of new customers to finance the ‘profit’ and the payouts will falter, at which time people will start to withdraw money and it will rapidly collapse. The bitcoin deposits you have made will disappear without trace. You have been warned. The payment of profits at the earlier stages just served to give the participants confidence to invest to a higher level and recruit their friends and family. Make no mistake when this collapses there will be ruined lives and probably even suicides; the scammers have encouraged investors to cash in their pensions and invest their life savings. It is an evil and brutal scam, just as the review says.

          • This is so SAD. That’s a sure sign of a scam when they encourage vulnerable people to cash in their pensions and invest their life savings.

            They are using Bitcoin because 1) transactions are irreversible and 2) untraceable. I hope people don’t get burned too badly.

        • You and anyone investing in this is an idiot! This is a hybrid Ponzi on top of it all. you people are really dumb. Why do you think when bitcoin prices crashed they could pay people? They use your money to pay others their money to pay you. Why do we care you ask? Because you losers will the first ones crying that the law forces of the world should be spending out tax dollars to go chase these thieves and to help you get your money back. Not to mention there are people out here who will say if someone had only told me. This is not for you stupid people who keep giving these thieves there money this is to warn the people your referring before they get involved. Lets all meet back here again in 1 year so we can rub in your faces how much money they stole from you. Please make us a promise that when they finally run away with your money you wont cry or beg local officials for help. Remember and accept your words that any investment is risky and dont cry to us or anyone for that matter

          • They are using Bitcoin. There is no way to reverse a Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain.

          • I’m not saying this is or isn’t a scam. But if you don’t know that investors make money by shorting an asset when the value of it goes down, then you don’t know much about trading.

        • Hi there, don’t you have issues wit payout now? It takes weeks 5,6 even 7 sometimes, it is not regularly can not blame BTC any more as last year this time BTC was around 10k then jumped to 65k then dropped below 30kthan jump back to above 50k now around 40k to 50k so why pay out are delayed

        • I didn’t trust this whole bullshit story but because of the person recommended it i joined at the lowest level. I was bullied by his up line when i started to question where my “investment” is going after i received the 200% return. My payouts are always delayed. I am currently again waiting a month for my payout which i requested 26 days ago.

        • payouts? im waiting for over of a. month of my payout and they do not respond on any is a true scam.

        • Still getting paid Ezilanna? It is a Dying Ponzi – Great post James- your words are coming true. Payment delays out to 10 weeks. Payment processor excuses and they have just been hacked. In its death throes. All the CFX heroes here have egg on their faces. Well done James for sticking to your guns!

        • Aaah but are you encouraged to withdraw that money? no! why because they don’t intend to pay out. How do I know this, its called I do my due diligence and I research the company which brought me to here and many other sites like this over the past 20 years. I also research my friends and family who are in it and I listen intently to their answers and so far its not showing me results that gives me confidence to invest.

          In the past years I’ve seen so many scams and the next scam is always better or cunning then the last, that I became disillusioned about the internet. I returned after a five year break to feeling refreshed to see a more transparent market then what I was accustomed however the scams are still there I see just in another form in the Crypto form.

          People are devoting their lives to supporting this group to get to the top why? because they are great savers and they like everyone else and want to get to the top. Sadly they will find out once they get to the top (if they make it to the top and we know from life experience not many make it to the top).

          The top level is $100,000 to buy into by the way if you want to cut corners lol who can afford that really? and who is willing to risk that much money only millionnaires who might be the only ones to get paid out and yet thats a big if????

          I’ve looked right into it and each time I look for a friend or cousin to try to advise them I still see it for what it is. Honestly they are very clever at brainwashing people. Most people are very intelligent people I know but out of need through the pandemic more are becoming desperate.

          This scam has been operating for years I know this because I’ve been online for 20 years and I’ve seen it before, only its newest victim that I know believes, that its only been operating for the past 2 years. That tells me its shut down at one point why because it crashed or they shut it down to take everyones money or the authorities got wind of it and it shut down for a while and what happened to everyones money then? I’m sure you can guess.

          There are too many anomalies in this scam to consider investing? No way to identify and they say that yes you can’t identify the source of of bitcoin or crypto but as it says in this article we should be able to find out who the owner is? Whats all the secrecy for if this is a transparent, company that operates with an honest code of ethics and integrity?

          I revert to an old saying we all know and which I revived online many years ago “if something is too good to be true (and this scam is ringing too good to be true in many ways) then it usually is that too good to be true!”

          Goodluck and becareful you are too intelligent to get scammed, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        • Yeah, just wait until you try to withdraw all your money, you’ll never see it again.

        • Can you help me with some issues I have with my account ?

        • How did you do? Did you make millions?

        • I have to admit, I am invested into cashfx and I can 100% say it is a Ponzi scheme. I will not invite people to lose their money here. I have been invested for almost 1 year now and I have made my money back and now will play along with their “money” they seem to making, no loss here but I can definitely say it is a Ponzi scheme, anyone who says it isn’t is lying to themselves because they’ve invested to much money and they want it to be real, I feel bad for them. I’ll stay invested til it fails

        • Well said, CFX all the way. Payday every week, Awesome company. 3 years this July and going strong.

        • Ive been locked out of my account for 3 months now after loosing my phone and I am unable to access my 2FA they requested I change my password every 3 months and now I am unable to do that after putting 15k in I now have no access to my funds and they have failed every attempt to contact them, a real company would answer emails.

      • James, please reread the website, their broker is licenses it never says cashfx is licensed. Everfx is the broker they trade with in Forex. Their MT4 are in the back office as well showing with everfx.

        • Please understand that CashFX Group needs a license too, it is the law, but it doesn’t have any, this is why the FCA has warned against it:

          • Incorrect. CashFX is simply the marketing and educational platform. They do not hold any of the funds. All funds are traded through EverFX which is their licensed broker.
            CashFX does not need a license for something they aren’t doing.

            That’s like saying I need a Real Estate License, but I’m a Dentist.

            Likely a competitor submitted to the FCA that CashFX is a broker when they aren’t.

            They issue a warning first and then they investigate after.

            Again there is no law saying a dentist would need a license to be a real estate broker just like a Marketing company that holds non of the funds needs a brokers license.

            You’ve got to get your facts straight man.

          • You don’t know the laws and you are trying to make up things that would help you. But the reality is that a service that is taking money from people and promising them returns thanks to trading/investing, is an investment service. And every investment service needs a license, otherwise it is illegal. Because CashFX Group lacks the mandatory license, it is an illegal investment service, and this is why it is on the blacklist of the Financial Conduct Authority.

            You suggesting that FCA did not do their research and blacklists companies just because a competitor says something, is ridiculous. It is the financial regulator in the UK, they know best what are the requirements and laws in this industry.

            So yeah, nice try, but no.

          • This scam believer has no ide of what CFX and EverFX is about. Really.

            How can someone claim that EverFX is not legit??? They are one of the MAIN sponsor of one of the biggest football clubs in the world, Sevilla FC. I dont really think EverFX would take part in CFX if it was a fake scam. Why would they destroy their reputation on a scam?? And if so, what would the big club, Sevilla has to say if EverFX suddenly was involved in such a thing. EverFX is legit, and so are CFX.

            Pays every saturday between 18:00-20:00 Norwegian time, the withdrawl takes up to 48h before they reach my Wirex account, who is a e-Wallet.

          • Prove that EverFX is endorsing CashFX Group in any shape or form.

          • I get paid every week, is that proof enough?

          • No, really not. Ponzi schemes do pay for some time, but then they always collapse.

          • Is this not confirmation/proof EverFX are endorsing CashFX James?

          • You have to understand that CashFX Group is an affiliate of EverFX. Anybody can become an affiliate of EverFX. You just sign up and send them new customers, you get paid commissions. If you send them a lot of customers, they might come to your event and say you are a good affiliate. But EverFX never endorsed and cannot endorse the scam business CashFX Group is running. In fact, it could get them in trouble with regulators, if regulators learn that EverFX is accepting clients sent by CashFX Group.

          • You have mis-interpreted the law, Cashfx does not do the trading but EVERFX. Everfx is the BROKER and duly registered / licensed in the UK and authorized to conduct financial services on behalf of Cashfx. Cashfx is registered in Panama. This is business, in international business if you want to conduct business in a country where your company is not registered or domiciled you can partner with a company in that country to transact on your behalf and of course the partnering company will get a cut in the profits. This is perfectly legal and is done in the oil and gas industry in which I belong.

          • You say that the Financial Conduct Authority has mis-interpreted the law? I see the entertainment must go on 😀
            By the way, it is CashFX Group that is offering investment plans and is supposed to do the trading. It does not matter which platform it uses for trading. CashFX makes the promise, CashFX is doing the business with you, CashFX is asking money from you, it is CashFX that needs to be regulated. Which it is not, and this is why it is blacklisted by the FCA.

          • James just replying to a post i read about a dentist and real estate license. Let me put a senario to you as an unbiased person. If i wanted to use a trader to make money for me i set up and account, fund it and he will use my money to trade with. HE is LICENCED not ME so i guess he gives me back a % less a fee as well. In CFX case they take my money give me a return of up to 10% a week no Gaurantees might only be 5% some weeks but never the less they receive money from their trader and pass on to us the members so they are not Licensed Traders but a registered Business ( MLM / NETWORK MARKETING ). As long as people want to risk their money that is there right. You are entitled to believe CFX is a scam or ponzi but when it is all said and done Passively one can deposit minimum $300 have it earn till it reaches $600 less a 20% withdrawl fee leaving a balance of $480 $180 profit so better than a bank for sure even if it took a year so be it. I would like to think most people are sensible and KNOW the RISKS with these Plans. If not this company where would you risk your money for a return Thank you Roy

          • It all depends on where the money comes from. CashFX Group is not making profits in trading, it is just playing an illegal financial game based on a Ponzi scheme.

          • James…. you are one stupid sh*t….
            when you dont have the facts, just stop talking.

          • Oh, man, you’ve just destroyed me! I think I am going to delete my website…

          • Why does it matter if this regulated or not when the government and the banks are not regulated. Most of the times, their policies benefit their shareholders, not the general public. So why would the average Joe care about whether cfx cash is regulated or not?

          • Why is it still active?? Are there any lawsuits against them? You know who is a total Ponzi scam, amway. They are still active and there are no lawsuits against them because they pay millions to the government, to keep them quiet about their practices.

          • James can you show your credentials or I’ll just go back to listening to Robert kiyosaki who is a guru in this realm.

          • Posting weird things here under different nicknames won’t resolve your mental state, I’m sorry.

        • Fact- CashFX is promoted by people who were also in CloudToken. Cloud Token is a scam
          Fact- Faith Sloane one is one of the heavy promoters of CashFX . As part of her settlement with the FTC, she is not to participate in schemes like these, yet here she is with CashFX, violating her settlement agreement. Justin Halliday and Luigi Bruni (who both were in CloudToken along with Faith before they took the money and ran) flog CashFX, they too are known scammers
          Fact- A legit investment firm would earn ballpark 6-10% PER YEAR on your investment, not PER MONTH
          Fact- For those offering advice or to join them and not using an official cashfx email, you are not licensed brokers, you cannot rightfully give investment advice, YOU are likely breaking the law
          Fact- those who sing the praises of a scam company such as CashFX are likely either scammers themselves or desperate to make their investment back
          Fact- you’d likely be better off joining an MLM versus joining CashFX. At least you have products you can sell or use.

          • If you think the best ROI is 6-10% a year you really need to educate yourself. And CashFX is a MLM btw, the best company I have ever worked with.

          • Fact- A legit investment firm would earn ballpark 6-10% PER YEAR on your investment, not PER MONTH
            Fact not true: it depends on what you are dealing or trading with and environment/country. For example if you are into property business you can exceed 6-10% profit for a sale especially if you buy a house cheap or below the market value, do it up and resell. Also if you trade for yourself, there is no limit to profit of money you can make. Profits in trading is directly proportional to your investment, the larger the investment, the larger the profit My brother invested like 1K in a trade and came out with £3,500 in 1 – 2 days so what are we saying?. In trading excess of 6-10% a week is very possible.

          • In financial trading (Forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies etc.) you can make one or a few trades with big profits. But you will never, I repeat NEVER, be able to make a consistent daily return. And you will never be able to do a consistent monthly return. Returns change massively in time, because markets keep changing. You can make 30% in one month, but you will never make 6 months in row with 30%. NEVER, it is impossible.

          • I’m not in cloud token

        • Bullshit.
          I contacted Ever FX and even opened a trading account with them, o only for them to return my funds after saying they have never worked with Cash FX or traded for them

      • We will try to find and locate your whereabouts once we know where you are we will provide a sopena for you and we will file charges against your false blog im relly finding you your IP will show soon….

        Please removed your add this is my reminder to you…We remind you when your blog make sure you can answer the management of cashfx and the investors because i will invite them…hope this will be fare to the investors and this will serve lesson for you …Im giving you 30days to configure yourself

        • Sure 😀 😀 😀 Looking forward to it! The FCA will be joining me against you in your fictitious lawsuit 😀 😀 😀

          • Listen buddy you are a very negative person, go do something meaningful with your life, no one cares about your opinion

          • Warning people against scams is very meaningful in my book. If you don’t care about my opinion, then why are you on my website?

          • 11.12.2019 the FCA issued first warning about CashFX. Almost 10 month later the FCA says
            “We believe this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself from scammers.”
            10 months and the FCA “believes” CashFX provides services without authorisation? Who is the scammer here? Do they have proof? Is FCA working at all to check the facts, or do they just try to scam stupid people to believe in some nonsense FCA believes to be true? RIDICULOUS. And btw CashFX pays up to 15% a week, not as you wrongly claim in your post full of lies “at least 15% a week”. But facts does not seem to be important to you. Or FCA.

          • I am sorry for you because you will lose money when CashFX crashes.


            Pablo Milan of Everfx stating their links with Cashfx yet a few of your posts suggest otherwise.

          • Yeah, that CashFX is just one of the many affiliates of EverFX sending them new depositors and getting paid for that. But they don’t say that CashFX is trading with their members’ money and making profits.

          • Spot on James!

            I got into CFX through a friend without looking much into it ( 300 the smallest pack) then after a couple of weeks I looked into it and realised that it’s a scam.

            I told my friend and now he has blocked me he ‘ chooses to believe’ ( laughable!!)

            They are selling a dream to desperate people.

            It has more red flags than China.

            The members defence is that they haven’t missed a payment

            That’s how Ponzi schemes work!!!

            Btw: if ask for your initial investment back
            You’ll get 56% back only.

        • Oh my Interpol-BP, no one at the office very good with English?

        • @Interpol-BP, I’m shocked that your spelling is so bad in particular, you don’t know how to spell subpoena!

          Your desperation is showing 🙂

          Check out the definition of regulated activities as stated by the FCA.

          If you are still confused, why don’t challenge the FCA as to why they apply these rules and fine or ban organisations who fall foul

        • If you’re making threats of litigation then at least learn to spell man. It’s like being sent hate mail written in crayon .

        • I recognise your spelling Interpol-BP. You are that Nigerian bloke who keeps trying to give me 2 billion dollars aren’t you?

        • Dear Mr. Interpol-BP.

          Pls use a spell & grammar checker 🙂

          LT Grammar checker is something you can add to your web browser.

      • Financial conduct authority FCA UK
        has issues a warning about cash forex as this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without their authorisation. And it is banned in USA. How easily they scam innocent peoples

        Click on the link below for details.

      • Hi James, firstly I think you certainly made some valid points and you are right about the inherent risks etc. I don’t agree with everything you stated to be honest but I’m not going to resort to insults or anything like that.

        I do want to put out a challenge though. I joined CFX last week and I decided to use myself as a guinea pig by making a video outlining my journey with CFX. I have made my first video and I will be reporting on my progress on a weekly basis, whether good or bad.

        So if it’s a scam, I will admit I’ve been an idiot and warn others about joining. On the other hand, if I do manage to make money including recovering my investment, I will report about that as well.

        Rather than throwing words around in this blog, let my progress speak for itself.

        You can follow my step for step progress at

        *** link deleted by admin ***

        • I’m not interested in any CashFX Group promo. It doesn’t matter if it pays or not, because Ponzi schemes are paying, they can last even for years, but in the end they always collapse because they are scams without any real foundation.

          • Why do you think CashFX is a Ponzi scheme, James? The returns are solely based on the trading results on the Forex platform, and you are able to see the trades live for yourself in CFX back office. Ponzi Scheme is truly a scheme where there are not products and the “income” is only based on new investors’ investments, which then will go to older investors. This is not one of them. I get that it is very difficult to separate legal or illegal companies, especially when it has to do with the direct marketing business, but luckily with CashFX, you do not need new investors, to earn money, you can buy a trade package and grow your portfolio with that one purchase, and upgrade your package later on, solely by yourself. If you are afraid of losing your investment, you can just go ahead and withdraw your initial purchase, once you have reached it, that way you would never “lose” anything. Of course, if you do refer new people with CashFX, you will earn 15%, from your new traders’ purchases and upgrades. I hope this made sense, and I do want to say, it is important that we have whistleblowers when it comes to illegal Network Marketing, but not everything is illegal, just because it seems similar.

          • Because they are not making the money in trading.

          • James, I do not think Cashfx is a PONZI. What you need to realize is that there are EAs that are performing very well and in the region of Cashfx’s EA performance for months, and without fail. I am a blogger and have some of these featured on our our blog

            I personally have one of these EAs with my account at IC Markets, and have never had a problem. Equally, I have an account with Cashfx, and can see the similarities in their operations. I think the secret of their success lies with their EA, just like mine and few other high performing EAs on the market.

          • No, there are no EAs that make 20%+ per month (at least not in the public space for a few hundreds or thousands bucks), I am sorry. I am a trader, so I know it. Should that be possible, you would not be selling them on your blog for a few bucks. Such systems would generate millionaires in a few months, they would not cost one thousand bucks.

          • Hi, if cashfx is actually an affiliate, getting fund/ people to signup on Everfx ,so when people sign up and register with their cash on Everfx, so where does cashfx get the money they pay out every Saturday from?

          • I am currently a member with cashfx and yes they are paying out every time and every withdraw request I made was released to me immediatly to 3 days but the as of april 2021 I have been waiting close to 2 months to get my withdraw and at first the reason given seemed legit until they proved to be lies and I am currently been waiting over a month and still have my withdraw pending and now the excuses have worn thin and when cashfx finally releases my withdraw request, I am seriously thinking about pulling out because I know how to program various payment systems and it does not take months and months to repair or fix a payment system that cashfx claims they working night and day to fix a payment system that started to fail due to the large amount of people joining.
            I used to think anyone bashing cashfx was an idiot but I no longer think that way. I have made good profit with cashfx but now I am not trusting them anymore cause they proved to be untrustworthy so I am pulling out before I end up losing. Those people who are members with cashfx and decide to not see the red flags that something is not right deserve to lose their money just for being an idiot.

        • What was the link? And why was it deleted by admin?

        • Why the admin eraase the link?
          Wonder about the admin?

          i been with cash fx for 11 months, no problem at all.
          It seem that James having a problem himself……James , you maybe have been scam before but up to now, all ok with cash fx.
          I can send some graph about cash fx, the percentage that they are paying every day, weeks and month.

          Why dont you put back the link, you were scare of the true that cash fx

          And if anyone need help or would like more information about cash fx, please feel free to contact me at *****

      • 15% a week is 780% a year (15×52)
        Simple maths mate.
        They don’t even promise 15% a week.
        it is between 5 and 13%
        I have been getting at least 5% a week
        You can’t argue with experience.

        • Even 20% a month means a Ponzi scheme.

          • The most experienced of traders are not getting those figures – might be trading a bit but the volatility of this market – March to April had many platforms suspended apart from bitcoin – even bit coin was rocked for a while. Spain seems to be a boiler house for these companies – question is when will it run out of juice?

          • Buddy if you don’t like it don’t invest pretty fu*king simple

          • And when it’s a scam you warn others against it. Yes, very simple.

      • This entire website is a scam on its own. FALSE information with ZERO foundation. Cash FX have paid me EVERY week on time every time. The most transparent trading group I have EVER seen. Don’t trust these idiots that post this absolute crap. Its the real deal period.

      • FCA, FSA UK REF Number:763771.Cyprus Securities and exchange commission licenses number:301/16. Spain reg number:4256 Also Licensed in. The Netherlands FI Sweden KNF Poland. EEA Cross boarders licence holders. So Stick that right up ye.

        • I never said EverFX was not licensed. I am saying that CashFX Group is not licensed while it is required by the law:

          • Sorry James who could take you Seriously after that response ..?

            CashFx is a part of EverFx it does not need UK FCA approval independently of EverFx as EverFx is the actual Broker.. Not sure what is so hard to understand about that..

            It seems the only thing you have is to repeatedly copy and paste an FCA warning that means nothing …

            A simple analogy would be a learner driver and his instructor. The instructor could take control over the car if the learner driver did something wrong. The learner does not have an actual license but operates the vehicle under the watchful eye of his/her instructor…

            I hope that childish explanation can finally get thru to you…

            Why would a respected company allow Scammers in James … Really ?

          • You guys make me laugh with your spins about laws and regulation. CashFX Group is not part of EverFX.
            EverFX is run by a company called Intercertus which has only 2 websites: and (see: Everything else is unauthorized.

            And you saying that the British financial regulator does not know how to do their work, that they don’t know the laws and have flagged CashFX Group by mistake, then you surely expect me to believe the BS served by anonymous guys like you in this discussion. Do you realize how comical and absurd you sound?

          • Cashfx is not a broker and does not require a license. Everfx is the broker and executes the trades.

          • I am a bit tired of explaining everything again and again, so why don’t you ask the FCA why it is saying that CashFX needs a license and why they blacklisted them? You will hear what I have been saying here.

      • James, I feel really sorry for you, but cudos to you, having the strength to put up with all those blindfolded people.
        Logic: If this really was a true possibility to make this kind of money, does any of you really think there would be a single broker still working and why?
        This terrifies me. It’s like fundamental religious people.
        Of course it’s a Ponzi. What else could it be? Yes you will get paid as long more people are signing up. When that stops your payments will to.

        “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

        • Thank you and don’t worry, I am used to this kind of discussion whit scammers and people blindfolded by scams, it has no negative effect on me.

      • This “Review” Has been great for getting people to Join.

        I use it together with the Correct Information about CashFx and how to minimise risk with with any investment. I actually start my meetings by putting this “review” up on the screen/Monitor. It makes it easier to ease peoples (Natural) fears.

        I started on $300 Pack and waited until I accrued it back before starting again with the profits. (Yes its that simple) and that’s what 90% of people do, but how would the author know that ?

        I think I read someone say CashFx will Last 6 months .
        I think I read someone say CashFx will Last 1 year.

        Its amusing that the Company Has Just finished Building its Headquarters.
        Its amusing the company is getting PHASE 2 of its Goals started as we speak. Does the Author know what phase 2 is ? I suspect he doesn’t care either.
        Its amusing how the owners parade their Children homes and dogs around on their videos or zoom chats to perfect strangers they want to scam.
        Its amusing the names attached to CashFx (including EverFx) are well respected individuals with individual success. Who Is JAMES Pinion ?

        There is simply no telling the author of such a thread over and over that he talks without knowing anything about CahFx as clearly he is promoting his own agenda business and affiliates. (Just click any of his links)

        Finally If you are terrified of loosing $300 dollars (because that is all you would ever need to INVEST in CashFx before getting it BACK !) …Stay away… CashFx is not for you… Simply go on a night out and blow it on something fun instead.

        Listen To JAMES.

        • At least your amused. But keep in my mind that law enforcement can come after your for promoting an illegal investment scheme.

          • hi, james. I would like to know if you have any idea on the time span that this kind of investment will collapse.

          • Only people who run CashFX Group have this insight. I don’t know. Ponzi schemes can last anywhere between days and years, so difficult to tell.

      • If you wanna do a report maybe you should do one on Olsson Capital now there is a scam trader go to trustpilot and see all the people who have been ripped off by this so called trader that is unregulated and still trading thats where you should put your energy mate CFX if its a scam then how come no-one has dropped out why because they are making money if you get back 200% of your input then you are quids in so you are not then risking your own money the trader cfx uses is an award winning trader who sponsor Sevilla in the spanish league do you not think they would know what they are doing 80,000 people cant all be wrong, many are experienced people from trading and banking backgrounds they have done their due diligence you haven’t rant over.

      • Hi James, early today someone introduced me to this scheme, it all sounded wonderful because I have nil experience in trading. I went online, listened to one of their webinar videos. But i feel its just too good to be true. Besides I hate MLM. I like too research which led me to your Blog. Thank you for your informative article. I wont be investing in cashfx. I prefer to stick with crypto currencies.

      • James you are incorrect. Who paid you to write this?

        • You don’t know how much I wish I was paid for this public service I am doing, which is warning people against scams…

          • All these CashFX subscribers must also be Trump supporters.

            I have never known such a delusional group of gullible people who believe in something even when the truth is staring them in the face.

            The sun orbits the earth which is the centre of the universe.

            Trump will still be president after 20th January 2021. The voting fraud will be proven.

            Covid 19 is a conspiracy and harmless. Just a hoax.

            CashFX is a legitimate trading opportunity. And not a lousy pyramid scheme.

            Guys, please make an appointment to get your heads examined.

          • I think some people desperately want to make money in this, so they will make up all sorts of reasons why it can’t be a scam. Unfortunately, reality will hit them hard sooner or later.

      • This is a Scam, pure and simple. If you can afford to lose your money then go ahead and invest

      • I have been with cashfx since july 2020 and started with just $300 and today i am on a $2000 contract and withdrawn $1490 into my coinbase and all this was done with just 1 single payment of $300

      • In cash f2f invested a thousand made it back and still making a profit u most be a banker

      • CashFX is not a broker. You clearly do NOT know what you are talking about. Let people learn the truth instead of lying to them to push your own agenda. CFX does NOT need to be registered, does not SELL financial products and does NOT compound. I withdraw weekly and have made REAL profits. Shame on you for lying to people. You know the truth. I hope karma tracks you down!! Anyone reading this that wants the truth, please contact me on [email protected]
        This business and this company is REAL AND TRANSPARENT.

        • CashFX does not need a license? Tell that to the Financial Conduct Authority:
          And don’t worry, karma and I are very good friends.

        • Angie as someone who is trading in primary and secondary markets I can assure you James is on the button… not here to bash dreams but the structure is not in keeping with the regulated management of 3rd party funds. They are unregulated and that brings a level of risk that is akin to companies who dont see this as a long term financial business. Sure you are getting paid but that is dependent on number. When the investors stop so do the funds as there is no product here.

        • I am currently a member of cashfx for over 2 years now and I have decided to pull out because there are too many red flags and I am now believing they are a scam. If you want to be blind to any of this then you will soon see the truth. CASHFX IS A SCAM. I am just glad I made a profit and realized what cashfx is before its too late. Well I hope its not too late since I am still waiting for my pending withdraws for over a month now.

      • James, Around how many years do you think you will be defending your article against people (mostly disagree) who’ve simply made their minds up about CashFX? There may be some truth to your article, but it’s not reaching the masses because you don’t have all the information to make a solid argument. Oh yeah, you lost credibility when you posted that link at the end.

      • James… it’s perfectly clear to me that you know not of which you speak… It’s easy to pick out because your reference to “compounding effect” in Forex investing is totally irrelevant… (as well as commodities and stocks). It is illegal in most jurisdictions to automatically re-invest profits (like interest bearing investments such as savings accounts, term deposits and GIC’s).
        CFX works in contract amounts and reports it’s returns to it’s members in both simple interest based on simple arithmetic and in US dollars earned… with access to withdraw ones earnings at any time (minimum $100US)… and many do weekly or more.
        It’s now been a year since you wrote your “review”… the membership for CFX cleared 100k earlier this year… success stories and stories of gratitude are circulated daily… by the people who are actually members, not the company.
        There hasn’t been 1 person that lost a cent in this program in over a year…
        CFX is as transparent as any company … one just has to look under the hood to see.

      • I have to laugh at all the Ponzi scammers getting butt hurt over your review. They don’t want anyone pointing out the fact that they’re ripping their friends and family off and about to lose their money and credibility. I bet they all loved USI TECH too until it collapsed! These idiots all know it’s a scam but they can’t admit it or they’d prove they’re the scumbags making money off innocent people.
        Regulatory authorities in the UK, Norway, South Africa and the US have all posted warnings yet these idiots will still deny it
        Just a small sample of the reasons why this is a scam….

        Cash FX Warnings

      • Yall are hilarious feeding into James Non-Pinion. He us a Bear Member in CashFX under an Annonymous Name…….lmao

      • Where are you all getting this misinformation that CashFx compounds your investment capital? Clearly you all haven’t bothered to read their contract offer.

        They are contracting to pay their investors returns based on the company’s daily trading results (which are not fixed), and up until when 200% of the initial investment capital is achieved…then the contract expires.

      • How is it a scam I invested 300$ and ive already withdrawn that back and am fully profitable with no investors other than 2 family members , please can you tell me how is this possible either way I haven’t lost anything and ultimately don’t have more investors.

      • James Pinion, I’m in the “Not sure what to believe” stage. As a guy who lives off a passive income of 6.5%, and is very happy with it, a friend of mine joined this, and showed me what’s happening on their login portal. You get a daily report of the results from the “trading pool”, and over the last 6 months, every single day has a .5%-1.5% gain, without a single day, not even one showing a loss. I told them “This is impossible, something is wrong”. Their answer was “Cash FX does lose trades, but they commit to so many each day, and they always win more than they lose, resulting in that positive outcome every day”.
        There are 2 other huge red flags to start
        1. 70% of what you invest gets traded, the other 30% goes for MLM payouts and cuts to the business.
        2. There is a 20%, yes 20% withdrawal fee

        The other red flag is having to enter and exit with Bitcoin, as it’s obviously very hard to trace.

        While my BS radar is at max level, I’m trying to wrap my head around the Ponzi scheme you are referring to. Some very visible people would be risking life in prison if this truly is a Ponzi scheme. Since most people enter this with a very small amount of money, would taking their money to make false gains for higher dollar investors actually work? Wouldn’t this have already fallen on its face?

        I guess my bug question is this: Could it be possible that the “scam” is 30% being taken off the top, and 20% being taken off the back end? Is there any chance at all they really are this good at Forex trading?

      • You are one stupid fu*k
        None of what you are saying is correct!
        I guess James Pinion is afraid of CashFX and that they will drain his own network to a minimum

      • I completely disagree with your obvious attempt to sway people into your obvious plug for another product with . Let’s see your losses and proof that you were part of CFX. Or at least come forward with someone that can produce some losses or a court case to support your “opinion”.

        The company has 100% retention and has not lost a dollar in 19 months.

        Pays without fail and has 170,000 very satisfied clients.

        Are you going to double down without any evidence or is your “nom de plume” just a play on an opinion Mr. Pinion.

        So put your money where your mouth is and let’s see your actual identity. Or are you scared of legal recourse for public slander?

        Let’s see the proof!

        • 1) I never said I was part of CFX or that I lost money with it.
          2) Whether a program is paying or not is not proof of anything. In fact, Ponzi scams pay for some time before they collapse. That’s their nature.
          3) I regularly am receiving threats of all kinds from scammers that I expose, so no, I won’t reveal my complete identity, I am not crazy.
          4) 7 different financial regulators have warned against CFX (links are in the review). So no, I am not wrong.

          • Nothing ventured nothing gained, I got in Dec.20/20 and in the first month I made $200, and you think this is a scam, the real scam artists are the politicians and bankers, the government places a bond on your birth certificate and then sells and resells that bond into the banking system and then the banks loan you back that money that they made off of your bond and charges you interest on your monies, now thats fraud!!

      • Your a complete moron that has ZERO idea of what is actually happening. The FCA is NOT a government body and therefore CFX DOES NOT need to be registered with them you muppet. FCA is an independent financial body paid BY ITS MEMBERS.

        You need to get your facts right you clown.

        • So you are saying that the FCA and 8 other financial regulators in other countries are wrong with their warnings, that they don’t know the laws in their countries while you do?

      • James – it’s 2021 now. Thanks so much for this article and explanation of Cashfx- it truly is a scam/Ponzi scheme. They give an illusion of being a legitimate company- but it’s not. Why are they allowed to continue to operate and do this to persons?

      • this is in fact a scam! I can attest to that. I joined this forum and each time i request my money, I am charged a ridiculous percentage and then it takes months to get the money. If i had this money in a saving account I would make more than what I am by investing through Cashfx, They take your money lie to you that they are investing but use your money to pay others and then use other people money to pay you.

        I was added to a whatapp group, and when i asked about why there is a delay, the Admin of the app messages me privately to delete my question and when I didn’t removed me from the group because of fear of being exposed to the new people they bring on.’

        If you have any family members or friends please advise them to stay clear this group because it is a pronzi scheme

      • Its not compounded with CFX. Payments made weekly, currently 5%. There is insufficient new members for it to be a ponzi (based on definition of ponzi)

        Yes there is some commercial risk, but thats the nature of forex.

        It would be advised to have a balanced analysis and not a heap of biased negativity.

        • In the review you will find links to warnings against CFX from 14 different national financial regulators. So please, spare me your bs about biased negativity.

      • You should be careful with what you write about CashFX
        They might just sue you for defamation and claim damages from you.
        Making statements against the company that you can’t prove is a risky business.
        It’s about time that thay made an example of a few people like you that are making statements that they can’t prove.
        Then you might mind your own business

        • I already said it, bring it on, I look forward to seeing scammers in court! But you know what always happens in reality? Scammers do not sue people because they would expose themselves.
          But thanks for the joke, a company blacklisted by more than a dozen financial regulators, including their home one in Panama, suing me for defamation 😀 😀 😀 😀


      • hello James,

        Anyone who has ever traded forex will know those figures are not realistic.
        u will be lucky to make 5 -10 % a month in forex. u have done ur bit by warning pple. chill

      • I actually read this ‘review’or should I say one person’s opinion with a little smile on my face. All the numbers aren’t ever right so that is where I knew it is going to be ‘great’ review to read.

        I was VERY skeptical of CFX… I sat there thinking ‘sounds too good to be true’, ‘its a pyramid scheme’… and so on. However, because of the person I am, I wanted to find out what it is really about… I paid these €300 in and thought ‘okay make me money now’, when the first saturday came and I have actually made more profit than I’ve ever made in my bank, my thoughts were ‘holy shit!!’, but obviously after first week you cannot trust everything, so I educated myself where the money come from, how is it dofferent from a Ponzi scheme, who the CEO and owner of the company are, how long it has been running and more. Now every Saturday became so exciting as I wake up and think ‘how much money did I make this week doing NOTHING!!’

        NO regrets on my part and believe me if I read your review I would thing ‘sounds so right’, would I put my money into it anyway?? Yeah, most likely as I don’t write anything off before I check it out for myself!! I also don’t make reviews of something I haven’t tried… I wouldn’t write a fast food review without eating it!! Why would I write a review about CFX if I havent been in it? That is just silly. If you can prove me all you said in your review is true then… I will apologise, but for now you are talking rubbish!!

        • LOL, say what? This comment section is full of people testifying that they have not been paid by CFX for months. That Ponzi is already down, I really don’t what you are trying to do here.

      • this thing is a scam, the people arguing with you are probably the people running the scam

      • I will never trust a regulated body ever again. Never believe government’s because they are the actors for the big regulators. Of course you say it’s a scam, big finance will be set to lose their stranglehold on the we the people.
        CFX can’t be controlled because of our preferred currency called crypto currency. We the people are waking up to you.

    • I got as far as the figures and switched off then. If you’re going to write a negative review then at least try and make it look like you have some idea what you are talking about eh?

      • Bless you James trying to help out.

        A friend put money in this scam, and I showed him it’s creators, their history, the links to awful digital coins, the super dooper membership tiers etc lol.. He was very embarrassed once he realised it was just a Ponzi scam.

        • hi Nick
          Sounds like you may have helped your friend save losing his money.
          i’m not in cashfx at all but i have considered it so seeking more info on who is behind this business etc. would you please post the details you have .
          I don’t know for sure if it is a scam or not but it would help me and others if you could post what you gave your friend thanks
          If i believe its a scam then i will run away but i need more info.

          Regardless i don’t agree with all the attacks on James . Surely we can be civil even in our disagreements. If we disagree thats fine but abuse serves no purpose.

          • Is CashFX Group a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

            The first big clue that it is NOT is the people who are behind this opportunity and that they have been friends for years – so we have Huascar Lopez who knows Ron Pope the owner of Conversion Pros, a very well respected businessman in his own right, highly successful and already very wealthy. If you are already into NetWork Marketing you will most likely have heard of Conversion Pros and that’s Ron Pope’s company.

            There is no way he would jeopardize his reputation and his business at this point in his career and life for a ponzi scheme or scam.

            Ron Pope is friends with Justin Halladay and Justin is one of the big names behind CashFX, he is not corporate, he is an affiliate like the rest of us, he was called in by Ron who was already helping Huascar develop the back office, and then we have John Kinnear, (also an affiliate and business partner ), who partnered with Justin. John Kinnear is a brilliant marketing officer in his own right and helped thousands upon thousands of network marketers achieve their financial goals.

            Justin has a knack of picking winners and immediately jumped in with a $30K contract (trading package) and within 7 weeks had reached the $100K contract. So all these men trust each other and they are all friends. Ron did his due diligence on the company and has done business with Huascar for 8 years and that before CASHFX came along. Justin was one of the first to thoroughly exam this business before becoming involved.

            This type of history, of who we are partnering with, tells us a lot, about the friendships and the trust amongst these men – but only you can decide if it means anything to you.

            Also the company is a registered company in Panama.

            CASHFX put 100% of the members trading profits back into the MLM structure that’s then paid out to members as bonuses, they do not make their profits from these trades and when you look at the unique structure of the company you can see that it is self-sustainable and does not need ‘new money’ from recruiting more people in order to pay out the commissions – that would be a ponzi scheme wouldn’t it ?

          • Friends registered in Panama. Yeah, really some serious business…

          • Najma Khan you just name dropped a bunch of well known prolific scammers!!
            Here’s a list I prepared earlier with a few more ‘companies’ and scammers, some you already mentioned!
            All scams and scammers.

            Exp asset
            CT passive
            Bitclub network
            My passive trades
            One coin
            Mirror trading
            Crowd 1
            Continental Miners Bot
            Torque Bot
            Passive expert
            Up2give/primegate global
            7K Metals
            Digital Epiphany Limited
            Watford LLC

            Lucienne Bruce
            Justin Halliday aka justin James
            Faith Sloan
            Hazel Moore
            Jase Drummond
            Keith Lambert
            Steve Lawson
            Jenny Natalie/Jenny Natalie Russell
            Adriano scicolone
            Simon Stepsys
            Kevin Michael Muldoon
            Shaun Grundlingh
            Luigi Bruno
            Michael Colucci
            Chase Swift
            Og Dockman
            Gary Hayward Maslin
            Verlek Kotze
            Cheri Marks and Clynton Marks
            Manny Sep
            Vitaliy Dubinin
            Vladislav Stefanov
            Bill Antonio aka Bill Rajos aka wolverine
            Sean Logan
            Pauhla Merghl
            Crypto Analyser
            Andrew Mayne aka Derek Mayne
            Brendon Parker
            Belinda Jameson
            Alan Leak
            Scott Daley
            Sally Owen

          • dont join cashfx. it was only an opportunity for those who got in early. I am currently a member now for over 2 years and I am pulling out because all the symptoms of a ponzi scheme collapse have already started. If you join now you will regret it. you will lose your investment. cashfx is having a hard time paying out the money and its only getting worse. The red flags have come to prove real and I have decided to stop being in denial because the excuses cashfx is giving have proved to be lies.

        • Nick… you are full of “compost” … you know no such thing happened… period

    • Good answer. Don’t know what he’s talking about.

      • You’re lack of basic knowledge doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

        • I am absolutely shocked that you were even allowed to publish such garbage. The lack of knowledge math should be enough to throw this article away.

          I Have started with $1000 since April 2nd. I have gained $620 since, utilizing the great platform.

          If you look at what Banks are giving for their ‘Legitimate’ GIC return. You will know that they have been ripping of clients for DECADES!

        • Dude, shut your blow hole….. There is literally NO BUSINESS IN THE WORLD that could survive the way they payout if they were a scam. I’ve been in since January and took my initial investment out and have been profiting with house money since. You might have been taken seriously if you didn’t include a link to another site…..

        • Your lack of intelligence does

    • I invested $1000 on 4 January 2020 in CashFX. On 4 April my $1000 had grown by another $1008. I have withdrawn on 5 occasions since investing, a total of $860. They pay into our wallets every Saturday, without fail. Payments can be drawn immediately to reflect in our banking accounts within 3 days. We can run companies down without testing the waters ourselves. It is like the criticisms heard from the pavilions running the referees and players down, when they themselves never played the game. It is sad that many people won’t let the sun shine on others.

      • Yeah, Ponzi schemes do pay for some time, then they collapse and money disappear. CashFX Group is an illegal investment scheme as confirmed by the FCA:

        • Not for much longer, wheels are in motion!!!! Most transparent company I have had the pleasure of being involved in.

        • But all that says is they aren’t licensed in the UK. It doesn’t give any other details. Members could have signed up in the UK knowing it wasn’t licensed and that isn’t CashFX doing something wrong. They make it pretty clear when you sign up that there are certain countries where you cannot sign up.

          • Ask the national financial regulator in any country about CashFX Group and you will get the same answer: it’s an illegal investment service.

        • Can you JAMES or someone show me the word ILLEGAL in the FCAs Warning Below ?


          Cash FX Group
          Warnings First published: 11/12/2019 Last updated: 02/09/2020
          We believe this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm and how to protect yourself from scammers.

          Almost all firms and individuals offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK have to be authorised by us.

          However, some firms act without our authorisation and some knowingly run investment scams.

          This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information we hold, we believe it is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation.

          Cash FX Group

          • If a firm is providing financial services without the necessary authorization, it is breaking the law, therefore the service is illegal.

      • Clyde Langley plsss pin me in my email to learn me more on the cashfx thing kk plss
        [email protected]

      • I am invested in CashFX and they don’t guarantee 15% they say UP to 15% best I’ve seen was 10% and in the back office you can see the trade They are in. Banks give less then 1% so I will take my chances with Cash FX

        • Typical scam speach.

          • Typical loser response

          • Man, you’ve totally destroyed me, I think I will close my website down and give up everything 😀 😀 😀

          • You should shut your site down…’re a clown…..

          • Great argument 😀

          • By the way, I know exactly where this is going, because I have seen thousands of scams of this kind come and go.

            Sooner or later CashFX Group will stop paying, because the Ponzi scheme it is running will collapse. The people who are running it will either disappear with the remaining money and say nothing, or they will blame the collapse on a consipiracy of regulators, banks and me, who warned against CashFX Group all the way.

          • You don’t insult people while trying to help. I think all you do here is helping people not to be a victim.

          • Ron,

            Sadly you will only find out if its a scam when there are insufficient new investors to keep paying the (alleged) trading profits and upline referral/commission bonuses. That’s how ponzi schemes work.

            Unfortunately it will be too late to warn others at this stage.

            You don’t “close the door after the horse has bolted” as they say.

        • After going through reviews Seems I am gonna take my chances with cashfx

      • Who in that organization has been able to draw out more than 5k?

        • Those in the top package are earning approx $3.5k per week on a 5% weekly profit. Depends on the weekly result.

        • I’ve been I cashfx for just about a year from the beginning, never missed at payday I’ve pulled out more then I’ve put in and I’m very happy with my returns.

          I make 2000$+ extra per month cause of cashfx And while you’re busy calling the company a scam I will happily be getting paid tomorrow from the company and forget that I even comment on your post.

        • My up line has withdrawn over 70,000 and I’m not there yet but I have withdrawn about 4000

        • I don’t know you James but I love you already. Thanks for your knowledgeable and honest review. Of course these people commenting are at the top of this pyramid and are making money off of others and that is why they are trying so hard to debunk you. I appreciate you. I am here bcuz a coworker of mine keeps trying to get me to put my money into this mess so I figured I would do the research 1st. Anyway, kudos to you and keep up the good work.

    • Y r sure that y r right?? If you take your winnings every week, you’re right. If not….. Please recalculate.

    • Even on your calculation of 10% return a week. From £18k you become a millionaire. Keeping the monies in the account and not drawing down nets £2.5million in 52 weeks. You’d better use a calculator!

    • well said, and going on from this comment 8 months on, and in the middle of a pandemic with global markets in a spin, Cashfx is still pushing out 6-7% weekly. thousands of users world wide, returns are genuine and so is the MLM payouts, totally sustainable, company makes money, we make money, and it is not reliant on more people joining.

      • “and it is not reliant on more people joining” – that absolutely is not true.

        • Hi James, does any one else got scam or just you ?
          There is now over 100, 000 members, , they are getting pay every saturday
          It seem that you have a prejudice again cash fx, you need to get a life….

          Anyone others than James whom claim a scam with cash fx?
          Cashfx is not the trader, therefore no licence require.
          The maximum payout is 15% per week, average at 6% per week lately
          Payment every saturday
          The office is located in Panama (proof available)

          I think that James is having a serious problem with life, nothing to do with life.
          Come on, waste you time of arguing that is a scam with no proof when they done exactly what they mention at their website.

          Please free to contact me if could help you with onformation about cash fx.
          Aslo check their website

        • Unfortunately society has become so greedy and selfish, to the detriment of our fellow man/woman.

          Sooner or later lots and lots of people will lose money in this scam, just like they did with Mirror Trading International, Bitcoin Global and other similar ponzies.

          Current Cashfx members are just a few steps further up the ladder from being that investor who loses money.

          When (not if) Cashfx goes bust, you and I both know all the devout Cashfx disciples will be bleeting it’s not Cashfx’s fault, it was your fault for writing a review calling them a scam.

          I applaud you for taking the time to write your blog and for the replies you provide.

    • Lollll you can’t even do maths. 520% would be if you made it in one go, if you made it weekly then it would be concurrent so 10% on the new number and 10% on the new number etc etc, giving you 100% return in just weeks! You need to stop scamming people! This is very dangerous!

    • ACTUALLY… perhaps you should use a calculator. Or spreadsheet. Or anything that will help you understand this. IF you invest $802.44 and receive 15% on it the first week that’s $922.80 total. If you leave that alone and get another 15% the second week you would have $1,061.22. Leave that invested, and so on, in 52 weeks (that’s one year) you would have $1,000,000.00
      SOOO even less than the author’s $18,000 estimate would be needed, but as stated that is not likely in the real world. Even at your reduced estimate of 10% weekly, the initial investment needed to have $1,000,000.00 in one year would be $7,744.14 – still less than the $18,000 mentioned.
      SO no…. if it was 10% weekly it would NOT be 520%. Now WHO is the MORON?

      • The money earnt isnt automatically reinvested and traded.
        So if you have a $1k investment, and make $400 on top, only the $1k is invested. When you hit $2k you can if you want to, buy into the $2k package.
        Hope that make sense.

    • Hi guys,

      I’m in CFX and don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but what I do know is I invested, now I can’t get logged in, can’t close my account, can’t get my money out, and can’t get a respose.

      Lot’s of can’ts…ant sugestions CFX investor, or other.

      (Only helpful comments please no crap)

      • what cfx address did you sign up to because there are scammers around who are copying the exact website that cfx has….
        cashfxgroupz is one of them with a z on the end..anothe rone is oakminers they are all being taken to court
        this james guy on here is a right moron everybody has proved him wrong and he is still in denial….
        i shall explain why it is not a ponzi because they trade on the forex market which has 5 trillion a day go through it & also the company dont rely on ppl joining in order for them to make money because the bot that they use is 90% successful and they have been doing this for years before sharing it with us..
        they do their own trades in the morning for the company then ours seperately
        james will still deny this as he just loves the sound of his own voice

        • You think that when you keep repeating the same lies they become the truth?

          • your boring me now with the same link over and over again have a look and see what date that was issued ..they were still gettin the licenses together at that point
            how come in september today there is no renewed warnings tell me that? because your a jealous individual who loves spreading hatrid on the internet thats why nobody wants to join your course where you train them up to sell amazin products etc etc

          • CashFX Group have no license whatsoever. If I am boring you, then leave my website.

          • they dont need a license you idiot all of us have said that on here because they are not selling any products..the trading goes through everfx who are fully licensed so please dont post that warning link again because that will really show your just here to wind ppl up
            if cfx were doing the trades themselves and everfx had no involvement with them then yes they should be licensed but thats not the case as it all runs through everfx how many times do we have to say your just too stubborn to know your wrong and wont go back on your word

          • I will repeat this:
            OK, so one side we have the national financial regulator in the UK (FCA) that says that CashFX runs a business that requires an authorization and that it is not authorized. The role of the FCA literally is to do these things, they are the authority appointed by the government to judge these things.

            On the other hand we have anonymous talkers on the internet who say the FCA is wrong, yet CashFX was not able to overturn the FCA’s decisions and make them delete the warning.

            As always, it’s up to everyone to make up their own mind.

          • just because they have a warning does not mean its a scam all that means is its not licensed in the uk thats it
            so many ppl are brainwashed into thinking warnings mean scams ..biggest scam of the lot are our own banks and governments who love drilling into you that you have to have a 9-5 job while paying high taxes..then at the end of it what pension do you get? hardly anything
            on cfx ppl get more in a month than some ppl get in a whole year workign a dead end job its changing lives it would actually benefit you if you stepped out of your bubble and tried it its only £240 thats it….anyone can afford to lose that amount and in 4 years time you will have 100k you cant lose

          • has any one visited this link at all. im also a member of cfx.. tis link got me thinkng

        • Oakminers is NOT being taken to court by anybody

          show me one piece of proof…and I don’t mean some crap copied and pasted from CashFX’s website

          It’s a ponzi

          you will get paid for a while, think it’s great and then, in accordance with their rules, HAVE to leave OR upgrade your package…which means investing more.

          And thats where they get the extra funds each month. Sooner or later the bubble bursts.

          If its possible to make 10-15% a week, turning 18k into $1 Million in a year……why isn’t Musk the main investor ?

      • Did you check with your sponsor, he is the one that should contact support and check this, it will take 24 to 48 hrs to get a answer, sometime the same day.

    • Lots of sheep to be sheared here including a master mathematician like you. You can’t withdraw all your money so it would compound you retard

    • As being EX victim of this SCAM please stay away. Myself and friends lost £10000, £20000 and £40000. Getting Letters every month from police. Imagine is there anything which gives you 300% annual back.
      This SCAM name was CWM before. Just my community lost £50 million.
      Good luck everyone.

    • Hey can I get some information on this please

    • i’m looking at this with an open mind but do find myself stumped when i see there would appear to be a warning from the fca saying that cashfx is not authorised by the fca. can you enlighten me on that please? thank you.

    • Love your comment

    • Oh thank goodness you said what I was thinking? What a twat!!!! 🙂 We are doing very well with about 6-7% a week at the moment but I believe come November it will rise? Better than our lousy banks offering 0% interest! Greedy bastards! they are doing the same thing with you money!!!! I’m in Sydney Aust 🙂

    • Before making a decision about the contents of this website, just a few things to consider:
      1. The phrase Brutal Scam is a Google-grabbing title guaranteed to bring traffic to the website, and the more comments there are, longer it will last, especially as CashFx grows.
      2. There is a link to ‘free demo account’ on which the author will probably receive commissions if anyone moves from a demo to a funded account.
      3. The FSA ceased to exist in 2013. One of its successors, the FCA is, and I quote ‘The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the UK Government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. … Like its predecessor the FSA, the FCA is structured as a company limited by guarantee.’

      • You can try to discredit me as much as you want, I don’t care, because it won’t the change the truth about CashFX Group.

        • Ha ha, I totally get why you stand your ground cause I perfectly know when your right about something and everybody bashing you down will eventually see how right you were in the end. I am currently a cashfx member now for over 2 years and I see the red flags and those red flags have now proven true and I am pulling out before its too late. I am lucky to have joined early on and reaped benefits but anyone joining now will regret it.

      • And?? How does any of that disprove CashFX, CFX, and so on isn’t a complete scam? Coming from a fellow Aussie you need to wake up and do some more research!

    • So, have you actually been able to withdraw your profit, or are you pressured into reinvesting with exorbitant costs? Even paying for ‘education’ which helps you to rope more people in.

      From what I have read, people who try to withdraw the ‘profit’ that they have or even their original stake end up getting locked out of the system.

      No-one has offered any proof at all that the ‘profits’ come from trading. The only way that people can even hope not to lose everything is to fool more naive investors into joining, hence the spamming of any review websites with falsehoods.

      It’s a Ponzi scheme, pure and simple.

      The quickness of it’s proponents to use personal attacks tells you enough about the sort of person in this scheme.

      This company is immoral.

      • Quaker’s comment that this scam is immoral hits the nail on the head: this is a pyramid scheme, and relies on members to recruit their friends, family, neighbours into the scheme to funnel cash up the pyramid to those who were in at the start. I signed up with a referral link ( I have NOT, and will not, hand over any money though) and was bombarded by emails from ‘Huascar Lopez’, pushing the referral angle hard. The Forex trading, which I don’t believe for a second is actually happening, is barely mentioned.
        This scheme will eventually stop recruiting new members fast enough to pay out, and will instantly vanish without trace, along with any assets, which by the way are paid into the scheme in untraceable crypto currency. The founders and initial big, professional scammers/recruiters will be wealthier, those down the line will be left without a penny they ‘invested’. Recruiting friends, family – anyone, into this is a disgusting thing to do, anyone participating in such a scheme, once they have been made aware it, should be deeply ashamed.
        If you would like to hear first hand the destruction these schemes can wreak, I would recommend a podcast called ‘The Missing Crypto Queen’ it’s about One Coin, another Pyramid scam based on a non-existant product.

      • Where is the love button to push when you need it!! Well said! Thank you for pointing this out. Unfortunately the Ponzi pimps don’t or won’t see the truth though. Like you say, immoral!!

    • Where do you get 10% weekly from? The last 2 weeks it’s been just under 6% and before that just over 6%. Now anyone that says 15% needs new eyes and possibly a new brain!

      • There is no need to be pedantic about the figures. 1.5%, 25%, 25,000% – it doesnt really matter.

        It is a scam.

    • Fake Fake Fake

    • the 5600% is because your investment would be compounded by the extra earnings every week

      you sound like a fun guy to have at a party

      • And you sound like a dumb twat. With a name like Dave Scamspotter who can’t even spot this blindingly obvious scam!! Best laugh I’ve had in a long time!

    • Hi, i have friends that did invest here. And i could see that they did take out everything they earned. Did also join myself this month, and im also glad i did!

    • Where did you get your information from? CashFX will pay up to a Maximum of 15% per week, with typical earnings between 5-8% real world, which you can monitor at the end of every day. No where does CashFX state the earnings are compounded. The earnings are paid to you every Saturday and there is no option to reinvest your weekly returns for compounded earnings. Clearly you have no knowledge of this company, yet you label it a scam. Oh, but wait, you have a link at the bottom of your review page to a site that offers trading in financial markets. I didn’t click on your link or look at the related site, so I don’t have any comments regarding what you are offering. One thing is clear though – your review of CashFX is incorrect and incomplete. I believe that makes the basis of this site a scam.

    • lol… moron, 52 weeks x 10% =520% well done Einstein, problem is no-one in the investment industry calculates simple interest.

      $18,000 compounding at 10% for a 52 period (week/month/year… it’s irrelevant) will return $2,556,772.78.

      You haven’t made tons of money in Forex, if you did you would not only know that this is a scam, but also how fkn stupid you just made yourself look.

    • A fool and their money are easily parted. Someone with no grasp of basic financial concepts are drawn into schemes where you can make 10-15% weekly, a ridiculous amount. Also if you have zero concept of compound interest you would think 10% per week equals 520% per year, $18,000 at a 10% return on investment compounded weekly would be $3,093,695 after one year.

      • Where are you all getting this misinformation that CashFx compounds your investment capital? Clearly you all haven’t bothered to read and understand their contract offer.
        They are contracting to pay their investors returns based on the company’s daily trading results, and up till when 200% of the investment capital is achieved.

    • Really you idiot ..Funny thing is lets see how you
      feel when and if you take out your thousands you
      put in and have to pay 20 % withdrawal fee on your money stupe
      AND no one mentions that DO THEY hahahahaha

      • The scam is set up to dissuade people from withdrawing and removing from the process.

        20% fee to withdraw any profit

        30% fee of your investment if you wish to cancel your membership.

    • Absulatly correct said friends

    • Nonsense review!
      Moreover, reviews are not made to inform the public. They are made by competitors and only have the aim to generate them money as negative or bad reviews generate more clicks which results in more money for the person writing a scam review. I only have good experience with the company.

      WELL ????

    • great response.

    • You do not understand compound interest. 10% weekly is not 520% annually. Do you have any idea about investments?

    • LOL. You don’t understand compound interest my friend. If you were getting 10% a week compound for a year, the return would be over 14,000%. Google compound interest calculator and put the numbers in yourself. This scam relies on morons like you that don’t understand math.

    • Bravo, i am new to cfx but very happy with my returns!!!

    • After long study and analysis, my conclusion about CasFX is that it is a very good option to earn extra passively. The company is apparently unregulated and it is not clear how it will be maintained in the long term. But as long as it works and you have a few dollars to invest, it pays off. What I don’t recommend is investing large sums of money and trying to make a living from it. Although you can live on this, the risk of losing everything is great. I recommend trying it with a small investment of 300 to 1000 dollars, wait until this money is recovered and then see how far you can grow.
      Here is my link to register: ******

    • I could not agree with you more. whoever wrote that review is a total gobsh*te..

    • Been with Cashfx now for a long time never had a problem averaging 4% per week happy to show people my withdrawals and bitcoin. Sounds like you are just a little bitter. Happy fo you to contact me if you have been burnt and we can try to find out what happened. Very happy with my success they are open about the fees if you do the maths I have averaged 4% per week after all fees.

    • I like your comment mate

    • CFX is real not a scam at all get your fact straight.
      You people just don’t understand it or don’t want to do you can push your own crap or keep whining cry me a river as they say
      300 000 members worldwide all getting paid oh its capped at 15% per week.
      never under 5% so far.
      your setting for the crumbs in life, IF your not in this.

      • when you request a withdraw how long does it stay pending? After march 2021 can you say you get your withdraw immediately? Soon you will be eating your words. Dont bash me I am a cashfx member now for over 2 years and im pulling out cause I now see the scam crumbling. You should take a really hard look into whats not right and figure out why without believing cashfx lies they spew.

    • Lol… 10% where did you learn how to count??

      It’s been a steady 1% to 5% a week.

      And if you haven’t noticed, nobody has been paid since may….

      I to trade Forex, Have my Own Academy, 230 Students, plus I fund them for free.

      With CFX, You’ll never get rich, just the guys who bring you in will. 200% in 2 years is ridiculous when you and I both no the returns from manual trading and even our A.I System we have under development promises higher returns upto 30% a month risk 1.5% every trade.

      Reading your response and how you cut people down because you in an MLM…. Grow a pair… the failure rate in MLMs is higher then the failure rate in forex.

      Make sure you know business.

      I’ll twist things into perspective if you want.

      Support what you want, but you’ll be losing at the end.

    • I guess you haven’t heard of the compounding interest. lol

    • sorry to piss on your firework but you clearly don’t understand how compound interest works. 10% per week is not 520% per year simply because each week you are adding a further 10%, which compounded up over a year…. you do the maths. Oh. I have done it for you. $2,556,772.78 which uses the initial $18,000 compounded at 10% per week for 1 year.

    • Try compounding, idiot!

      Then the review’s figures add up and cannot ever happen.

    • Old I know but you’ve embarrassed yourself there.

      You’ve completely failed to see that a 10% capital return would compound. Therefore $18,000 a year would make well over $1million dollars if you had 10% return a week!

      I think it’s you that should educate yourself and use a calculator.

    • To those having a dig at the poster of this review, a pyramid or Ponzi scheme is one where the “growth” in a company is fed by those at the bottom, if you are in one and getting “profits” then they are fed by new “investors”, if you aren’t in one, stop recruiting, because you will be sharing company profits.

    • This is a scam no doubt. What fuels your return is money from new recruitment. There is no trading in this company. They are not able to show me even a single trade confirmation . They don’t even know what it is. So when recruitment stops, the whole thing will collapse like house of cards. Takes maybe another 2-3 years when the scammers have pulled out enough money and any balances on those ‘wallet accounts’ will be gone. Monopoly money like I call it

    • Have you heard of compounding interests?
      I am sure you have never worked as an FX trader at all if you don’t know how to calculate compounding interests. Try again mister. Do interest capitalization on a daily basis. See what you get then

    • So many new inexperienced players here
      100% a scam
      So easy to see if you have experience and intelligence
      Clear ponzi, will continue to pay until the balance of input exceeds output and the owners will run
      Experienced playing here would get it, get there investment back ASAP, then withdraw 50% per week until it fails.
      Newbies will get gready, aim too high and miss the rug pull
      Happened a 1000 times before and will happen a 1000 times again
      I’m not going to follow this and argue with idiots. Time will show you the truth

    • Please be wary of the many scam investment websites everywhere , i got scammed by a well articulated investment website . The whole plan they sell to you will sound so smooth and straightforward there will be no room for you to doubt it. I came to understand that cryptocurrency mining/ investment is a good one if you are in touch with the right investment team. I invested $15,000 which was in a series of payments in one of these websites. Crazy thing is that i monitored the profit and it was looking really transparent as I had a dashboard to monitor my investment but i got locked when i was about to withdraw and this gave room to more payments which they claim we’re taxes and were going to be added to what i will be receiving. I went searching online for a s…

    • I too in it and a broke man only making 800usd a month cashfx have been a blessing

    • The comments here are so entertaining.. some have aged like milk.

    • In the end you will find out that this guy was right all the time. Because cash fx group is one of the best ponzi scheme I have seen. In the end you are the moron.

    • Lol. You’re not making money in FOREX. You’re giving a stranger your money, and in return they’re showing you a website that states the figure you gave with a % increase applied each day. You don’t know if they still have your money or whether it’s being invested (it isn’t). Until you withdraw that money and it hits your account, it holds as much value as you giving me £20 and me writing you a receipt. The receipt is worthless until I give your money back (which is why banks and investment companies are regulated, to guarantee they’re handling your money in a way that means they can give it back – are CFX regulated? NOPE).

      The 20% withdrawal fee is why your money is still invested, because if you withdrew your money every week, your %10 ‘profit’ minus their 20% fee would leave you 10% worse off – wake up!

    • No reputable investment vehicle can guarantee positive returns, let alone 200% or more per year nor does a reputable investment house rely so heavily on clients recruiting others. It’s clearly a pyramid scheme. Even in pyramid schemes some investors (the early investors) will earn returns. The people that come later to the game are the ones left holding the bag. This is a complete scam. Just because you were ignorant enough to fall for it doesn’t make people that were smart enough to avoid it somehow less intelligent.

    • As a member of CFX I have faith in the company. Can ypu please tell me if you have been successful in doing regular withdrawals, giving you are regular income. That’s if you are at this stage ? And are making enough to do this.

      Kind regards Julie

    • He said compounded interest bro , compounded means rolling over without withdrawal,

      2. I checked FCA Uk website ? Do you know who FCA is ? Kindly check.. you are making money now, yes agreed.. a lot will suffer for it later when it crumbles

    • Try withdrawing your “generated commission” you fu*king tit. I cannot wait till your all crying and your family is plunged in to fu*king Madness because you dragged other people into this Ponzi scheme!

    • Hi. Please refrain from making such rude remarks, when you yourself are not able to use a calculator. 10% weekly is not 520% a year. Interest also carries interest, as is taught in every first-year finance course. The formula is (1,1^52) – 1, which would give over 14 thousand %… also, this kind of investment is next to impossible in the financial markets, and is obviously a scam, visible for anyone educated in this area. Please speak to experts about this.

    • How are your withdrawals going now?
      Currently 11 weeks behind in this scam.

    • 520% in a year…hmmm….. and you believe this? Well, I just happen to have a heap of pyrite for you. $999 per Oz.
      This would be a much smarter investment.

    • You need to understand the idea of. Compound interest before you stand up for this scam. It’s basic maths.

      I imagine that now you know this was a scam as you would have lost your money.

  • Cash Forex Group (Cash FX) is now also on the scam list of the Financial Conduct Authority:

    • Cashfx is not a bank or financial institution and so does not need the FCA regulation. Get that straight

      • Sure, you know better than the FCA what needs a license and what doesn’t:

        • As a note, I thought FCA was only UK, and CFX is NOT UK

          • It is CashFX Group who claimed they were regulated in the UK, see the third picture in the review.

        • If the FCA have anything to say, then let them talk to EVERFX. If cashfx is illegal as you say, then the FCA has the right to close down EVERFX as EVERFX is conducting illegal activities according to you. If the FCA can’t, then cashfx is doing nothing wrong and you need to really look inwards and hold your peace.

      • If you give me money to invest in a financial product or service on your behalf, irrespective of where I invest it, then I need to be FCA authorised.

        If you give money to Cashfx to invest in a financial product or service on your behalf, irrespective of who or where Cashfx invest it, they need to be FCA authorised.

        If Cashfx choose to invest the money you have given to them in a financial product or service that is provided by a thirdd party (such as Everfx), then that third party needs to be FCA authorised

        If you give money to Cashfx, who then give your money to Everfx, both Cashfx and Everfx need to be FCA authorised.

        This is a matter of fact and law – simple to understand for all I hope.

      • wrong. It has to be authorised in the country it is marketing to. The FCA in the UK DFCA in Dubai, SFA in the USA etc. Trust me, as a regulated broker that is the reality. CFX are well known over here as a pure ponzi and as a result have muiltiple warnings across multiple countries for that very reason.

      • What?? They need those licenses to market and promote their products. They need those licenses to do asset management on behalf of other peoples money. Is that hard to understand for you?

    • Important information about the FCA:
      ‘The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, but operates independently of the UK Government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. … Like its predecessor the FSA, the FCA is structured as a company limited by guarantee.’

  • Why should anyone believe a review that don’t take the time to get the facts correct?

    There never was and is not a “promise” of 15% weekly, that is the weekly cap, plus your math is horrendous, you can’t take into consideration the compounding effect, because you don’t know what percentage an individual will compound at, if at all.

    Just admit, you’re trying to put down Cash FX to promote your own program/product, the “Free Trading Demo”, that’s pitiful.

    Just in case your interested in truth, these agencies do exist…

    FCA –
    DSFA –
    FSCA –
    FSA –

    Are you brutally stupid or just a hater who have no regards for truth?

    • Yes, EXACTLY, thank you for the Financial Conduct Authority link, people interested in the truth should really read the FCA’s warning against Cash FX Group:
      … which confirms our finding about Cash Forex Group being an unauthorized investment service that is breaking the laws.

      So who is “brutally stupid” now?

      • Nice comments… Do you know of any legit platform??

      • If you choose to write something you should at the very least research it. EverFX is the brokerage that trades for Cash FX. They are compliant with the FCA and many others.
        They have made every payout on time every time. The owners are on their website
        The site has the Bios, the Corporate office, (which is a whole floor in a federal building that they bought in Panama, not rented) Google the address. See the Pictures. Its all there for anyone to see. The trades are shown in the back office live and on and on. It is compliant and transparent.
        Funny how you say this company is a scam and you are promoting another. laughable

        • I don’t care about what anonymous people say on the internet. I care about what financial regulators say and the Financial Conduct Authority says CashFX Group is an illegal investment service:

          • Check EverFX and see if they are regulated, that is the trading brokerage of CashFX. . Then print a rebuttal to your uneducated comments. Did you vet the company, did you meet the owners, did you do anything but post your own uneducated comments,

          • Our review is not about EverFX or any other broker in the world. Our review is about CashFX Group, which is an illegal investment service, as confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority:

          • Market Makers and Financial Institutions do not want retailers to profit from online forex trading, they constantly manipulate the price movements on different pairs hitting the stop losses of retailers every now and then. Stop discouraging people.

          • This is a BS narrative told by scammers who want our money. They always tell how bad others are and how they will save you. Nothing new under the sun.

        • Hi guys,

          I’m in CFX and don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but what I do know is I invested, now I can’t get logged in, can’t close my account, can’t get my money out, and can’t get a respose.

          Lot’s of can’ts…any sugestions CFX member, or others.

          (Only helpful comments please no crap)

          • just seek the attention of your sponsor, or yor referal hes going to help you logon into your acc again

          • I am in Cashfx. If you are having all these CAN’T issues which I have NEVER once experienced, then all you have to do is speak to the person who introduced you to the group and it will be sorted out for you.
            Also I want to add that I DON’T BELIEVE YOU ARE MAKING A GENUINE COMMENT! What you are saying simply DOES NOT RING TRUE.

        • No they haven’t

          earlier this year they missed a monthly payment by 2 weeks. They cited ‘covid reasons’ but truth was, they were waiting for fresh money to come in so they could pay out

        • I have been a cashfx member for over 2 years and i think its funny that you believe everything you see on the cashfx site they show. Have you even did research into proving everything on the cashfx site is actually true? If you did then you would be eating your words. I think its funny how anyone can look at something and just believe it without doing due diligence. laughable. what a fool to claim what a scammer site says is true. It would be nice if cashfx was legit cause i made profits. Im just glad im not an idiot and can see what I thought was a good thing is really not cause I looked into the whole cashfx thing and found they are a scam. Im pulling out and hope its not too late cause my withdraws are still pending after a month of waiting. I saw the red flags to the point its no longer deniable.

      • How much were you paid to waste your time destroying other people’s business. Have time for your own business. I just join now. If I loose money here, it’s none of your business. You’re nothing but a hater. Busy bodies

        • If only I was getting paid for exposing investment scams, that would be so great… And you are right, I don’t give a damn if you lose money with CashFX Group.

          Our reviews and warnings are meant to help people to avoid scams. But people who don’t want to be helped will lose money with scams, we can’t do anything about that. It won’t change a thing for us if people believe us or not.

          We always say, don’t trust anonymous people on the internet, not even us, trust financial regulators:

          It applies to all our reviews, verify our findings about scams with your financial regulator in your country.

          • Amigo, uno de los fundadores, es amigo mio, conozco a ambos, y sus familias, si fueran estafadores, ni siquiera en la pagina hubieran puesto sus caras, y ademas, han sido transparentes, y yo estoy dentro, y sigo sus live, y ellos dan la cara y hablan sobre la empresa, un estafador haría eso? si se roban el dinero, pueden ser demandados por mucha gente, por que se dieron a conocer entonces cual es el punto de estafar en este caso?, infórmate mejor, antes de querer, hablar mal de una empresa, sin ni siquiera estar dentro para saberlo..

          • Google Translator says you are just another CashFX Group shill…

          • Thank you James, I have just managed to calm my confused mind .
            I will not invest my hard earned currency with anyone who is a suspect of a scam. Your evidence backup is very convincing and I can only be grateful for your time and hard effort

      • The last line of your comment made me laugh so much.

    • You clearly cant read. They dont mention the FCA, they said FAC. Not only that but the UK FCA has a warning on them because they ARE NOT part of the FCA.

      Read it and WEEP

    • FYI, FCA does NOT equal FAC! (But, it’s close enough to confuse the uneducated.) Above is the link to the FCA warning. When this warning comes off their website, then maybe this company has gone legit. But if it looks like a dog, probably a DOG!

    • I agree, not a scam. I have family and friends in this exchange. They are not guaranteed anything but have a turnover rate of “up to 15% a week” key words!!! And it’s not free. You invest a certain amount of any money on any trading stock. Just saying y’all agrue like a bunch of children. The best part is you been refer people and they give you money for that. This is worth more than. A lot of the stocks going on.

      • Hi guys,

        I’m in CFX and don’t know if it’s a scam or not, but what I do know is I invested, now I can’t get logged in, can’t close my account, can’t get my money out, and can’t get a respose.

        Lot’s of can’ts…any sugestions Seth, or others.

        (Only helpful comments please no crap)

        • Dont act like the other MLM companys members. Convince a person that CFX is the best and no scam. All who is in Cashfx and “Can logg in to ours account” see that even if we dont recruit anyone you make money. daily income from 2 dollar to 3000 dollar / day, depends wich package you own from monday – friday. Ponzi scam need new peoples money to carry the company and pay all the lines. CFX doesnt build on companys like Herbalife-Amway -Tuperware. When people living on just recruit friends and family, and throw their products and convince people to join them. James if the UK fca took down the warning , would you consider that its still a scam?

          • Given how it is structured, yes.

          • James, CFX talking about having a limit on the joining side to maximum 200.000 people at the first step. Wich will consider that it has it limits connected with EverFx broker. Everfx is going to get the regulation from FCA not becuse they need it , cuz of the security for the members, wich means that if “CFX” going to shut down, the CFX money would be secured , like an
            insurance. Tell me one pyramid scheme that thought about that?

            The sad thing about this is, that with alot of shit going around, people will start losing faith in honest companies.

            Have a great day mr!

          • Because you think the money will stay in EverFX accounts? There is nothing, everything is used for payouts in the Ponzi scheme. Once CashFX Group collapses, people will find out there is no money anywhere.

    • Profits at CashFX are never compounded but always calculated on your initial investment weekly. Rates vary weekly but averaging between 5.5 to 6.5% per week which is reasonable and achievable. If one is trading for himself with only £400 not being greedy and scalping the market you can make £40 daily amounting to £200 per week. Just proving my point that the returns st cashfx are feasible against what confused James has been saying.

      • No, 5.5% to 6.5% weekly is not reasonable nor achievable for any investment company. I am saying this as an experienced trader and any experienced and honest trader will confirm this. The world’s best hedge fund does 66% per year (, so forget about an uknown and unregulated company (CashFX) doing that in 2 months and 2 weeks. Also, when someone claims their profits are every week between 5.5 and 6.5%, I know that they are scammers, because in financial markets it is absolutely impossible to achieve this kind of weekly consistency.

  • Please be informed that the CashFX group has claimed that its main broker is registered at the FCA, DSFA, FSCA and FSA and not that the CashFX group itself is registered. So it is not strange that the FCA states that CashFX group is not registered.

    I can’t make you believe that they are really trading, but I know they do! Over time I have had various direct contacts with co-founders and traders.
    I also did the math to convince myself that all MLM commissions can be paid out of the value of the Academy package (30% of package value) and out of the 20% withdrawal fee, so that the money in the trading pool will not be touched.
    Further I confirm the observation of “Cfx investor” that the average trading results, over the 20 weeks I am in, have been around 10% per week.
    Note that after the initial purchase of a package no further out of pocket funds are required, as you can use (part of) the withdrawn earnings to upgrade or reinvest.

    With trading results from the trading pool you can earn a passive income of 2x the value of the purchased package, after which your contract is ended. As you withdraw a 20% withdrawal fee is applied, so you will cash out 160% (200% minus 20% of 200%). This is a 60% gain.
    With MLM activities you can earn up to an other 2x the value of the purchased package.
    When you add the passive and the MLM income together you would be able to reach earnings up to 4x the value of your package.

    I am proud to have joined this group

    • 1) Fact: CashFX group is on the blacklist of the Financial Conduct Authority
      2) Fact: CashFX group is a Ponzi scheme (scam)

      Now, if people want to risk their own money with this scam in the hope that they will squeeze some money out of it before it collapses, it is up to them. But they have to realize that their profit will be somebody else’s loss, because this is how scams like CashFX Group work.

      • Both of your FACTS are incorrect….

        CFX provide an academy to learn to trade. They use regulated brokers to trade money.

        It is possible and common to join and earn without recruiting or selling….Unlike a ponzi, which require that you recruit to fund bonuses. …. The trading money in CFX is traded….never used for bonuses or commissions.

        Call it a scam if it makes you excited…..but do get the criteria correct or you just embarrace yourself….side note ….you first called it a scam in November 2019……. we are still here and still getting paid every single Saturday 😉 …. so far……so good.

    • EverFX only has a EEA regulation for now. But in matter of short time, when the copy trade launches, FCA regulation will be needed.

      Same regulation with SEC in the US:)

      CFX is a legacy company.

    • Hi, my name is Nathaniel, I have been a member since October 2019 and CASHFX has never failed me. I get paid Every Saturday, CASH has changed my LIFE

      I am truly proud to have joined this group as well

  • I have previously responded to the above comments re Cashfx and up until this very second, the gentleman hasn’t responded to me. The right thing to do is to remove this article as it is misleading the public.
    Firstly, if u receive 40% a month, that totals to 560% and not 5600% as u have stated.

    In terms of regulation, Cashfx doesn’t have to be regulated as they are not trading. Everfx is the company that’s trading in their behalf and they are regulated with the various financial authorities worldwide.

    It seems as tho you are clueless on the Cashfx product, yet you comment so that you can lure people in your direction with the platform that you are marketing.

    Cashfx have registered brokers, they are busy with KYC, you can view live trades, they have delivered on every promise. It’s disturbing when we have reviews from scumbags that don’t understand the product and the system but are quick to comment negatively.

    I demand a response from the person that labelled Cashfx a Ponzi scheme and challenge him to a one on one anywhere in the world. I did mention this before as well but never heard from him

    • 1) Cashfx has to be regulated and it is not, this why the Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning about it:
      2) I don’t know how you do your math to come to 560% based on 40% per month. Because 40 x 12 = 480. But you obviously haven’t heard about the compounding effect, which is how we came to 5600% per year.

      Cash Forex Group is a scam. I firmly stand by this conclusion.

      • James, you really need to research how Cash Forex works before making claims like 5600% or even 560%, both of which are completely wrong.
        They DO NOT allow direct reinvesting or compounding until you withdraw enough to upgrade to the next package. A $500 package will trade $350 for you. The next package will cost $1000 and trades $700. They also impose withdrawal fees and cap the ROI. There is no requirement to bring in new investor under you.

      • There is no compound effect you are talking about….there is a fee in and a fee out and you have to stay the course to double. Not sure what you are talking about. I have been doing it for 3 months and got awesome results. No plans on joining any scam you are running. When the market gets trash by a competitor you know something is up with anyone who slams it. If it was a ponzi scheme prove it or it can be considered slander.

        • Adding more lies to the pile won’t solve the problems of CashFX Group. I am not running anything other than a website that is warning against scams. I am no competitor to scams like CashFX Group. Our review can be “considered slander”? So go ahead, complain to authorities or we can even go to court, I am very much looking forward to it!
          The Financial Conduct Authority will be joining me against you

        • I can prove its a ponzi scheme but in order to do that you have to decide not to be an idiot. Where slander is concerned just wait and see. The cookie is crumbling. Im a current cashfx member now for over 2 years and Im pulling out now because I see the scam and even though i made good profit, the red flags cant fool me especially when the lies have been exposed. My upline can call me negative all they want but in the end at least im not the idiot and soon i will be hearing apologies or be accused of creating it because I said it but thats just idiots remaining to be idiots.

      • There’s no compounding effect because the earnings don’t get reinvested. You have to do it by putting the money back manually. That’s achieved by buying a investment package.
        The weekly settlements are not going back in to the trading pool if you don’t manually do it. Your earning’s are converted into bitcoin when you withdraw the funds. After the money are deposited into your Wirex account you can easily convert to Euro or another currency. When you withdraw funds the are a fee (20%) on the money you withdraw from your account.
        Only your initial investment are a member of the trading pool and generating earnings. If you want to re invest your earnings, then you have to buy additional investments rights I the trading pool.
        Ponzi or not, I don’t know.
        But it has the potential to be legit.

    • I’ll have a straitener with you

      where and when


  • It’s a scam. give it 3-4 months (from this date) and it will collapse! Like every single other ones did!

  • WOW James! Your compounding equation is amazing! How can I get in with your company?

  • James Pinion.

    There are no “facts” stated anywhere saying this is a scam as its not.

    The company is properly regulated and so are the brokers they are using.

    All the trades are visible in the back office as well.

    All the correct information is listed on their website at

    Nowhere does it say a guaranteed 15% return a week.

    And you can make a 40% return a week many different ways that are legal so I’m not sure what you are talking about.

    Anyways. You should maybe look at the we site. Do a bit of research before putting up a false review or more so slandering a company with no factual context.

    This is a multi million dollar company. Everyone involved including the brokers are on the website.

    Looks like you’re bashing a company to promote your own system.

    • The company is properly regulated? It is not! The Financial Conduct Authority confirmed that CashFXgroup is not regulated and put it on the blacklist:

      • This has been the most amazing opportunity with an incredible corporate team. Very reassuring to have EverFX as a registered broker to CashFX. Also Ron Pope who owns The Conversion Pros supplies all of the tech and marketing for the company. Very impressive!

        The payouts since Sept have ranged between 6-10% weekly. My experience has been nothing but positive. Haters can hate but those in the program will enjoy long term success with CashFX!

        • Thank you for you sales pitch. But no, CashFX Group won’t last, it is a Ponzi scheme that is doomed to fail.

          • James, no matter how much you try help people from getting scammed, there are those who only learn the hard way by getting scammed! Most of these ponzi schemes do pay and earn money for the ‘early birds’, but sooner or later they will collapse and late entrants will cry! Let the nay sayers enjoy for now, but time will catch up with them. My advice with these schemes, is if you must invest, do so early, get your money back then you can RISK you gains, coz as James says, it will eventually collapse!

    • It is a scam brother, and i am the witness invested money but till now nothing obtained rather than a burden of fees everyday, you pay then tomorror another fee comes.. Absolutely scam dont lie people

      • Dastan, I dont think you have invested in CashFX as there are no fees anywhere to pay anywhere other than when you invest and then withdraw so you might be confused with another platform?

      • This is rubbish I have been in Cashfx from March and would love to know what daily fees you are talking about?

      • You are talking rubbish Bro. Has someone paid you to say this! You sure you are in CashFx?!?!????

    • This is multi – million dollar company? What does that even mean. YEs they have millions of gullible people’s money

      How on earth do you think they are making these returns.

      If this was real would not every Investment bank be doing the same?

      This is a scam and the FCA has said no to invest in this.

      So many of CFX’s puppets on here defending the scheme.

      • John, multi-million dollar company means they are trading in millions of dollars! They make these returns by trading Forex! Every investment Bank is doing the same but maybe not as well as CFX are! The post from the FCA is a standard one they put out on new companies that they have not investigated. CFX’s broker EverFX is in the process of becoming FCA & SEC regulated. From a ver happy CFC puppet!

        • You are lying. The FCA warns against companies they have investigated and found guilty of breaking the laws. The FCA has found out that services provided by CashFX Group require a license and that CashFX Group has no license whatsoever. This is why it has been blacklisted.

          • Wrong again James! CashFX do NOT need to be licenced in any country as they are an E-Learning Company that trades Forex for its members. The broker is the one that needs to be licenced and regulated as EverFX are. Please get your facts straight before you make rash statements.

          • You basically are trying to convince me that the Financial Conduct Authority doesn’t know the laws, that they are wrong and that an anonymous Ian D is right. LOL 😀 😀 😀

    • wow at least you wont have to wait much longer to see how feeble you are. you must be someone who in the end finds out how wrong you are all the time. Whats that like? you should learn to stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Hi james,
    Please what’s your take on Tradera?
    They just spring up and they are making false claims exactly like cashfx.
    Please help with the review.
    Thier website is
    Thier office address is the same with another shipping company.

    They have no one you can reach ?.
    Find thier CFO on LinkedIn and he has no link to no one else.

  • Hi James, So I’ve invested with cfx and have until now, (due to financial difficulties) been able to withdraw exactly 100% of my principal investment amount from interest earned. I am still earning interest despite me having withdrawn all the funds. I rate cfx the best trading solution for anybody looking for short term high interest return trading solutions. Thank CFX, You’re the best!!!

    • Yeah, your comment looks very authentic. You really think we are stupid, don’t you?

      • You just can’t help yourself with these comments! Why dont you listen in on one of their calls at 7pm one evening on and then come back with your findings?

  • Exactly …. if You write review at least know what You r writing about.
    Sorry to disappoint You but I invested 5 k in the system and as we speak I took out from the system already more than 6k … so how is that scam if I made money with the system… ehh

    • 1) There is no way to verify that what you are saying is true. You can as well be the scammer who runs CashFX Group.
      2) Even if what you said is true, it doesn’t mean that CashFX is not a scam. Ponzi scams often run for some time before collapsing. Bernie Madoff managed to run his Ponzi scheme for years before it imploded and he went to jail, google it.

    • Empty vessels make the greatest noise, if you wrestle with a pig, we know what happens and the taste of the pudding is in the eating.# CashFX #Forex #* let’s make it rain. Ciao

    • you will soon see and you should consider yourself lucky that you arent the one who ends up losing cause I am lucky i made profit before I realized the cashfx scam. but if you are that person that keeps putting all your rewards back into upgrading your packages then you will end up being the scammed if you dont open your eyes and wake up to reality.

  • James Pinion is marketing his scam at the expense of Cashfxgroup, bad timing James.
    If you can’t beat us JOIN***US, BECAUSE We(Cashfxgroup) are simply and legally the best in the Forex Trading Market*****

  • HI James,

    I really can understand that you rely on the message of the FCA. Where else can you put your trust if there was no entity where you can build on? The FCA got, from the start of CFX, a message asking if CFX was legit. Now…here comes the thing. The FCA does their own research of course and noticed that CFX was not trading or had no license. So their conclusion was at the end very legit to make. But….with the start of CFX as the company who is partnering with EverFX as the brokerage company from the beginning the FCA did not further investigate how they are working/partnering together. If you want I can sent you the video how the owner of broker EverFX is amazed how the founder of CashFX Huascar Lopez and his team was taking this to a higher level. This happened on stage at the opening event in Panama. We all know that the FCA warns for scams, and for now the only way we can prove we are not a scam is by showing that we are company ‘here to stay’ with real products, real traders, real tradings (to be seen on webTV), real licenses. The only thing I hope for that you will be open to have a call with one of the founders of CashFX and get on the call with him and listen what he can show you so you get to know how CashFX is working and what they have in the Pipe-line (copy trading f.e.). If you want, I can try to ask Huascar (who is already multi millionair before he started with this…his mission is to create lots of wealth for a lot families world wide) for a call so you can hear his story from first hand. Let me know if you are open to this offer.

  • You are an idiot, FCA or any other financial regulator do not license companies they license brokers. You promote your own plan and that is where your motivation is.. Focus on your own failing business and let ethical, transparent companies like CashFX do their honest work for their members. Hope you don’t join this program.

    • So, I am an idiot because the FCA blacklisted CashFX Group? Nice thinking…

      Why don’t you contact the FCA and why don’t you explain to them how CashFX Group is great and that it should not be blacklisted? Why don’t you have CashFX Group removed from the blacklist?

      I think we all know the answers…

    • if they are so honest then how come withdraws remain pending for so long? And dont be the idiot parrot and repeat the lies cashfx spews

  • Its the usual everything is a scam scenario — so that he can promote his own trading platform.
    I wouldnt bother with this man or his reports

  • Hello,
    Please can you do this review again and compare it to what CFX was when they just started? all i know is CashFX Group has been the best of my 10months so far, i invested $300, i have withdrawn more that $300 and presently i am in the $2000 academy package.The economy crisis(Coronavirus) is not even affect this program, we still getting commission daily. And ofcourse there is no entity that stays for ever…

    • I really am getting tired of you CashFX Group members coming here to promote your scam.

      • I agree with you James. they probably arent just regular members but the actual people running cashfx cause I couldnt care less about all those calling cashfx a scam when I was pro cashfx. Only the people who run the site have everything to care about. Why would it matter so much to just a regular member who seems to be happy reaping the profits.

  • James, please what do you have to say about dilfunds. Their website is

    • I can’t even access the website, because my Internet Security software is blocking it as fraudulent. I guess it answers your question.

  • i am member of cashfx and i have just learned that its a scam. I am on my 104th day from the time of my finding. I do not remember if i can withdraw all my principal back. anyone who knows? thanks a bunch

    • Yes Maria, you can withdraw your money. Just log into the back office and follow the links there 🙂
      PS: its not a scam

    • Hey Maria I also am a member. How did u find it was a scam. I have a friend that showed me what to look for as he has his own trading company and he was approached by them months ago. He asked them questions they could not answer. Upon looking at there website discovered red flags all over the place. I have the minimum investment along with my wife so no harm really done yet. Just wondering your experience

  • Here is a link to the everts documentation that show its a legal broker:

    EverFX is the broker that CashFX uses.

    And your review of this company is not correct!

  • Im a member of CashFX and ive been making tons of money.. you should invest too ..i can send you a referal

  • Cashfx does not compound. You obviously not know anything about CFX

    • Compounding is not about the program, it is about the possibility for the user. What will stop me from reinvesting the profits?

  • I have a question for anyone who cares to address it: If the return on this strategy is so good, why would the promoters need my money or yours? Why wouldn’t they just keep the golden goose to themselves and maybe a few friends? To give you a counter-example, Renaissance Tech cashed out all of their outside investors from their main fund 6 or 7 years ago.

  • Its a real shame that those who are making money think that CashFX is not a scam because they are making money. That is how any scam worth its salt reels people in. They pay you at first! Then, when you tell all your friends and relatives that they just gotta get in, at all costs, CashFX will eventually perform the old disappearing act – better known as an “Exit” scam. BitConnect duped $2.4 Billion out of innocent people, exactly this way, before those involved would finally believe it was a scam after 2 years running. Before that, they would not listen to anyone who said otherwise. This no different. CashFX has new clothes, but its the same scam.

  • Such an obvious scam. I can’t believe people fall for this crap… and then even try to justify it somehow. Funny thing, once this scheme collapses, none of these idiots will own up to it and admit they got scammed. They always find someone to blame.

  • Just having an look through comments on this lazy Sunday morning after my wife’s best friend and brother in law both tried to convince me of this great opportunity to make money, I said I’ll look into it.
    Is it a scam? both yes and no…

    Can you make money? Certainly

    Is it rigged to fail? Most assuredly

    Those arguing it’s not a scam, we understand (wink – wink), just as long as you dont actually believe that . get in and out without being one of those suckers carrying the can at the end.

    It’s been very well put together I must say and one of the best ponzi schemes iv seen to date (well done guys I’ll probably get in on the next one early).

    However my delema is always with those that actually believe this is all on the up and up and because of the returns made so far, go off and remortgage their house, “reconvert” all the members of their church or empty there savings accounts to invest at the tail end of a pyramid scheme.

    They are usually the ones jumping off buildings and interrupting our sleep patterns as we ponder with God at night if it was really our fault for convincing them to join.

    Blood money …. hmmmm

    So for anybody $$ eyed enough to think this is a secure investment, please think again. Go back to basics of investing. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Most importantly NEVER INVEST WHAT YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE.

  • CashFX is not the one trading the money. They are simply the marketing platform so they don’t need the license. The brokers they use are fully licensed. In this case EverFX is the broker and fully licensed. You need to do more research dude.
    Love how this report claims CFX is a scam when it’s a 100% legit. We know everyone involved. Our brokers have the proper licensing. And then at the bottom of the review they pitch their own shitty products 😉 Clickbait at it’s finest.

  • When we talk about forex and forex automation (Expert Advisors), the first question is where is your money located? Is it on your Everfx brokers account, or it is on CFX account? Second thing, do you have mt4 and you actually see the trades they do? Third, is there any myfxbooks to see the performance?

    • Fourth: Is the automated trading system provided by a regulated entity? If not, it is an illegal investment service:

      • I do not understand why you always post the same website, that is annoying mate, wether its a scam or not.
        The other guys are right, the broker is registered so why should cfx be registered if they are not the broker? please do not post the same website to proof, i have seen what fca writes…
        so the real question is: is it a scam or not, regardless of fca as they have to say what they said because it is the truth and probably a few people asked whether it is legit or not. scam: they do not trade an cash out what others pay in fees no scam: they trade and indeed make a profit of 1% daily (thats the current value, i have seen it)

        So please anyone proof why it is the one or the other with proper DD otherwise stfu all

        • I won’t explain all over again. But if any program is paying 1% per day, it is a scam, there just is no other possibility. Because there is no way to make a steady daily income in financial markets, any experienced trader will confirm this to you. It is because of the nature and unpredictability of the markets.

          And the point of the FCA is that CashFX Group is an illegal investment service. This point remains valid, no matter what you think or conclude about CashFX Group.

  • Well alot of people have failed to understand this model of business, if making money was that easy then everyone would be rich. this type of companies are complete Scam and everyone should stay away from them. If you live in the UK / USA and this business is not regulated then you are at risk. Alot of people will tell you that they are getting paid but how long will this payment last? again trading forex or commodities is very risky you should only risk the money you can afford. Never put all your eggs in one basket. anything in PANAMA area is NO Go Zone, Again Stay away from forex / Crypto Scam games Dont say we did not warm you

  • Can somebody please explain to me how a cashfxgroup member is protected when it’s the brokers they hired that are regulated but not the company itself. How would the members of the actual cashfxgroup be protected?

  • How long time has CashFx in the market? I have not found when did they start this Group?

    I saw the comments, but there are no evidence that probe it will be a scam

  • James Pinion .. I have read through your review , you are obviously very right in the wrong direction. Cashfx has been a blessing for somany months to alot of families , and not one day have they failed to make a pay out .. am shamed that you have gone this far to write so much negative about the company you completely know nothing about .. I have a question for you ? Who has be witched you ? You are so ignorant and ill informed about CashFX . Grow up , you lack knowledge.


    • Scam shilling.

      • July 2021 we still here. Upward we go CFX!! Many people have lost jobs and income to support their families due to covid. CFX has enabled members to get those shillings to feed their families. Scam or not, we are building legacies.

        To anyone who wants proof in South Africa, hit me up on ***** ☺️

    • Good for you. You would be stating the opposite if you were the one who joins later. grab a brain and do some research. how long are your withdraws pending? A month? 2 months? If you dont see that as red flag then you will always be an idiot

  • @James Pinion, you are a absolutely right about cash fx. They are not regulated. Cash fx is a ponzi scheme and if u invest with them you do so so at your own peril…

  • There is no compounding.. you completely fudged your numbers because you’re not part of cashfx.. Why is 40% impossible in a business period?

    • Why it is impossible to survive a jump from the 10th floor?

      • You never explained why 40% is impossible. It is possible, if you’re a good enough trader to make a lot more than 10% per week. Especially trading on leverage.
        Why would you say it’s not possible and equate it with jumping out a 10 story window? Anyways you should take this article down because there’s some statements you made that are completely false and you don’t have confirmation that it’s a scam. Why do you still have this article up?

        • I know it because I have been trading financial markets for 14 years.

          I know it because the best hedge funds managers in the world will barely make 40% in a year ( So please stop your BS about a bunch of anonymous guys who have been the subject of a scam warning of a financial regulator ( having a 12x better performance than world’s top traders who have billions in their portfolios.

          • I’ll give you examples of people that can make 100’s of percent in a few hours, and that are long-term, consistently profitable. I’ll give you the YouTube channels of two people. They do LIVE trades + upload their trade history, and they’re not selling anything. It all depends how you trade and what risk management style you use. When people MAKE it with high-leverage trading, they make it BIG. Maybe you’ve never been exposed to this, but it’s a real thing.

          • Oh, I know this style of trading very well. Excessive use of leverage, some quick and big gains, but it always ends with blown up accounts. Because this is the thing, you can have hundreds of percent in a few hours, but I guarantee you that you can’t repeat this over and over and that you can have this only with a risk to reward ratio that is equal to suicide in the long term. Martingale is just one example of strategies that can do such things but always end in tears.

          • James you are simply an idiot, have Bn wasting my energy going through ur trash, so you want me to unfollow cashfx and follow ur trash demo promotion?
            CashFx is in partnership with everfx who is thier brokers, Ehhhh,

          • I don’t care about what you do or don’t.

  • This article just made me want to invest more because now I got both sides of the argument and it seems like it stands up to scrutiny.

  • I guess you trying to make money as an affiliate with Offer of your free demo accounts on your website with various brokers And then we get called from these same brokers so we can fund with Real money weather we know how to trade or not. That’s how you rely on making money, to get people to eventually fund from there demo accounts to real accounts and Then you get commissions weather traders win or lose. You indirectly scam people into reading your articles so they can eventually fund there accounts to trade. You are a scammer, no different from scams out there same breed of character. You need to look in the mirror to see the scam. You also will use your website to create a mailing list which you can use later or even sell. You play with minds of people just like how satan would.

    • Wow, you are getting really desperate…

      Let’s get this straight: we warn against scams that offer free money for doing nothing, ridiculous and impossible returns etc. Just like CashFX Group.

      Because we used to get a lot of questions from people who read our reviews about how they should approach trading, what is the best system etc., we explain in our articles that trading is risky and that if they still are interested in trading, they should start on a demo with a regulated broker and build their own strategy. We do not promise any earnings, unlike scams like CashFX Group, and we warn about the risks, unlike scams like CashFX Group.

      If our readers get a free demo account with any of the regulated brokers we list, we don’t get a single cent. Only if they open a real account, deposit and start to trade, we MIGHT get paid a commission. But we don’t say “open a real account and deposit”, even though it would make us money, we say “if you are interested in trading, see on a demo what would your results look like and then decide”, which makes us zero dollars. Only if people decide with their own free will that they want to try real trading, we might get paid something.

      I believe it is only fair. Like I said, we don’t promise any earnings, we don’t push anybody to deposit, we warn about the risks, we say be careful with your money. We do the exact opposite of the scams we warn against. With this approach and our reviews and warnings we have helped a lot of people to avoid scams, we helped them not to lose money. We get a lot of feedback and thanks. We also helped a few people deal with shady brokers and get some of their lost money back thanks to complaints to regulators.

      We do all this for free. I know you won’t believe it, because scammers will never believe that somebody could do something to help others without being paid upfront, but that is the reality.

      When in the end we get paid some cash thanks to a few people trading with real money with one of our listed regulated brokers, it only helps us to cover the substantial costs of running a website, researching and reviewing scams. I repeat, in my eyes it is only fair.

      Let’s not forget that CashFX Group has been the subject of a scam warning of the Financial Conduct Authority:

      If one day any financial regulator warns against our website, we will take it down immediately. But it will never happen, because we warn against investment scams, we warn about risks associated with trading and we suggest regulated brokers only. We comply with all the rules and regulations.

      One last point: Hell no, we don’t collect e-mail addresses, we don’t build e-mail lists and we certainly do not sell any information about people who visit our website. Stop lying!

  • Hi. It seems to myself that people will do whatever they will do with their own money. The Cashfx model isn’t regulated by any of the associations etc., you mentioned because of a simple fact…their main business is licensed in Panama and therefore regulated by their laws.
    Just like banks do for tax purposes. Operations internationally by way of the internet are not regulated by those groups you mentioned unless they set up a physical business office.
    I contacted the groups you mentioned and asked.
    Mostly their insights are that the country’s you mentioned especially the country housing Dubai (a city).is regulated under a different law. Your facts may be correct but they are askew.
    If your article was actually meant for the good of the investor it would probably be better if you didn’t steer people to invest in some other company.
    That’s called professional ethics. It exists in Life Insurance and Financial services internationally. Plus diversity in a person’s portfolio is normal. With different risks and motivational factors. So if like I have experienced myself by testing the systems working find that $300, $500, as a test works for them that isn’t that large of a risk.
    Also people who have a limited amount to invest may just simply want to learn the ropes.

    So there are pros and cons in your article. So far I’ve doubled my initial small amount. And it has done so during a very crappy time period Covid. My findings were roughly 5% a week. So still better than the bank rate.

    • Please, stop your BS. It does not matter where the company is located, what matters is where it is offering and providing its services. You want to offer your investment/financial services in the US? You need a license from US regulators. You want to offer your services in the UK? You need a license valid in the UK and recognized by the FCA. This applies to all countries with a solid financial regulation. And this is why CashFX Group is on the blacklist of the FCA, because it is behaving illegally and targeting UK residents.

      Also, I am not steering people to invest anywhere else, stop lying.

      Last but not least, scammers like to argue that it is better to make more than in a bank. Yes, it is, but getting a better return with a scam for a few weeks or months and then losing everything obviously is not better.

    • 25 financial regulators says it is a scam. Even Panama issued a unregistered securities warning.It is not just usa and uk who have issue with cashfx. over 2 dozen country’s regulatory commissions also issued warnings. You say Panama has its own laws and is regulated by their laws. horseshit! again, panama has issued a warning. i saw this movie before. get out While You Can!! stop justifying your greed with turkey gobbledy gook.

  • Have to say reading this there are a lot of stupid people commenting
    I’m not in trading and it took a few seconds to work out this is a ponzy scheme.
    saw the same with Banner adds a few years ago and many more since .
    When the retards dry up so will your money
    good article by the way James Pinion but you need to learn you can’t argue with stupid

  • Click Bait….

    • Yeah, we need to attract attention to our real review, so that people don’t go and read the fake reviews that are out there. Scammers publish their own fake reviews of their products, this is a real mine field.

      • You and this website is a Click Bait….Fake review…You are only looking for attention to this website and i must admit you have succceeded. But what you write is totally wrong. EverFX is the broker and they have the licenses needed. I think you should proof that this company is fake, not just put out on the internet so much rubbish.

  • In general there is a simple rule – if it looks too good to be true – then it is fake, so consider the following:

    FX trading is a fools game and you are just as well going to a Casino, but I don’t want to stop anybody having fun.

    The Financial Conduct Authority requires certain activities to be regulated, and FX trading is one. Thus CashFX is not authorised and should not promote their services in the UK and the FCA warning is right.

    This company is based in Panama – yes that country know for its strong legal and moral leadership in the world of finance … NOT

    In summary Thank You James for trying to protect people. My experience is that the authorities will not care until people lose their money and by then it is too late. The problem is magic beans are too easy to sell to people who want to believe that getting rich is easy and solve all their problems and you can’t change that.

  • Bad grammer. Horrendous with figures.
    Hey James, maybe you should leave the reviews to someone else??
    And keep the hands washed✌

  • So far I have pulled out all of my money, and just been moving there’s around and have not only doubled my money, but when I pulled my initial investment out I doubled it again. Some scam, I’ve cashed out way more then I have put in. Dont be so closed minded. Just because something sounds fishy doesnt mean it is.

  • I love free speech, even when the person who wrote this webpage is not informed on the topic of CashFX and its members.
    I have been involved since late September, and I have made great returns weekly, which by the way are the same percentage as all the CFX members.
    If the page owner has had NO first-hand experience, I don’t understand how he can claim to be a source of knowledge?
    I’m sure he can tell you all about childbirth as well, but what does he really know?

    • The Financial Conduct Authority has CashFX Group on its blacklist, so I obviously am right:

      • Just not authorized by them. Does not mean it is a scam. Coming up on 1 year in biz.

        • The company is breaking the laws in the UK. How likely is it an honest company?
          Anyway, it is a scam because it is a Ponzi scheme.

        • Wow it’s amazing how everything is a scam when people decide to break free from a system that has kept you broke and poor all because someone sitting behind a desk and calls themselves the FCA or whatever the hell its called says you are not authorized then you a scammer well the banks are authorized scammers do a review on all banks they have a Legal right to rip you off , sad everyone has a right to break free from the system.

    • why is javier, one of the people who run cashfx a taxi driver? If someone is so knowlegable in trading and making money then why is he making his real living driving a taxi? If i was scamming people and knew it couldnt last forever I sure wouldnt quit my current job even if I was a taxi driver. How about you? dont you agree?

  • Your review. You have written BIG LIES in bullet. Who are lying? You say for instance that there is no institution called FSA and FSCA. Is there not? You also say that this is a scam. Who lies? Can you prove anything of what you are writing? You are just a click bait, looking for bringing people to your website. You are unserious!

    • I stand corrected. The FAC does not exist, this is true.
      While the others have not issued any license to CashFX Group whatsoever:

      So the conclusion is still valid, CashFX Group is lying big time about its regulatory status.

      • Hi James

        I’ve read all the comments in this thread with great interest (excuse pun).

        A close relative is constantly badgering me to join cfx. She has even bought me the $300 starter pack to demonstrate that you can make money without even having to introduce any family or friends.

        I have a considerable friend/client base, many of whom are high net worth individuals (which is why I guess she is so desperate to get me involved).

        I’ve tried to explain that the first thing my friends and clients will do is google cfx reviews as a starting point, before even considering making an investment.

        I’ve also stressed that my professional reputation would be severely damaged by the horrendous scam reviews that cfx receive but this doesn’t seem to sink in – it’s like she’s been brainwashed.

        I’m just about to receive a large sum of cash from my house sale. Do you think that I should risk say, £10k, just to prove a point?

        I’d be willing to lose the money because I value the relationship I have with my sister and it’s got to the point that I’m considering breaking all ties with her due to the constant onslaught about cfx.

        I hope this makes sense – it’s not a review.

        I just want people to know how this can effect families too!

        • Hi Paul, I wouldn’t put anything in CFX. The problem with Ponzi schemes like CFX is that they can run for years, so a lot of people will believe they are legit. But the inevitable crash always comes in the end, we just don’t know when.

          • Thanks James. My sister is such a clever person which is why I’m struggling to believe she’s so into this. She even claims that her sponsor/mentor has visited the new offices in Panama. I find this hard to believe given the fact that air travel has been restricted due to the nasty bug that’s circulating the planet.

  • Because of the comments on this article, l am joining CashFX!

    I am in Zimbabwe

    • You have been warned, do what you want.

      • James Pinion, thank you so much for your review. I joined CashFX for like 7 weeks ago and it works like a charm for me. However when talking to others, they sometimes refers to this kind of sites saying -ohh no, it’s a scam and so on and so forth…Today I decided to write down some answers to these comments I got and I been talking to other people that has also joined CashFX about it.
        One of those questions I wanted to give a answer to, is that link you been posting like a million times, link to FCA.

        So, your article have actually speared me a lot of work. All the answers about CashFX is actually here, in the comments here. Awesome job James, I should probably withdraw some money from CashFX and pay you!

        Thanks to you and all the fine people here to help me!

    • dont cry when you end up robbed of your investment

  • James:

    Would you consider IML or I Markets Live a scam as well?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Whether it’s a scam or not I can with absolute certainty say that it’s impossible to make those kinds of consistent profits on a weekly basis. Even institutional investors don’t make that kind of profit on a consistent basis and even if they have some very profitable weeks there will always also be weeks where they take a loss. Based on the fact that some weeks sees profits over 10% that can only be done with an extremely aggressive trading strategy and such a strategy will inevitably also lead to large losses sometimes.

    I am absolutely sure that this is either a full or partial Ponzi but if we say that it is a legitimate investment program people need to understand that such profits carry an extreme risk.

  • Please advise the entire concept – Looks lucrative

  • This is my final comment on this Scampage. How serious are you? If people take a good look they will see on the top on your right side there is a link to a broker……That`s why you are very happy to have all these clicks into your website….How on earth you can take write all this negative stuff on the 12 th of August 2019 (Under 1 month after CFX started), and not cancelled it afterwards…. after all the proof that over 33000 people have experienced…It`s incredible. You have so many lies in your review. Where does it stand that they say people will make 15% per week only from trading? What they say is actually max. 15% per week. You lie and lie and lie. I don`t think even Donald Trump lies as much as you!

    • Sure, this is a conspiracy with the FCA 😀 😀 😀

      • You just doesn`t comment on my points do you!!!! Why you have link to a broker on the top right side of this scamside. Why you lie about what CFX says/have said. I am starting to feel sorry for you, this will hunt you in the next months and years. Totally Unserious lies, just for earning some income as a clickbait…..

        • Because having links to regulated brokers on our website makes us a scam? So, sites like, are scams because they have links to regulated brokers? Which planet are you from?

        • You are so blinded, they are not trading, payment is in bitcoin ffs haha. I do get it though, scammers are smart and prey on dreamers like you. Imagine being like ‘I have joined a company recently’ to a friend, friend goes home and types in company to find it has FCA warning. WOW smart!! Remember some people enjoy scamming and it is full of those mlm ponzi pimps in your programme, and the rest people who have no idea about forex, but since they got paid for a year it works lol, yeh right!! That just tells me why youre so easy to fool

  • Man, you are not from planet Earth…I didn`t say this site is a scam because you have link/links to other brokers. You have problems with reading, and you have problems with answering questions. I think i hit the soft spot…When you attack a company, using a lot of lies to get clicks on your webiste making adverts for other broker/brokers than the regulated broker that CashFX uses…Well how can anyone take you serious. Your agenda is making money to try to bring other one`s down, making lies. You have still not answered my question regarding the 15% per week. I call it a scam site because of all your lies. To bring in other sites, what`s the point? You lost it her, just totally lost it. And thankfully a lot of people read this. I wish you well in the future, but i will advise you to stop lying.

    • I discussed all the things you are talking about several times in this comment section, I won’t do it a hundred times. There are screenshots in our review, there are explanations in our review and in my comments. You can call me whatever you want, I couldn’t care less, this review is not going anywhere, because it is true. Now, if people decide to risk their money with a scam, that’s their choice.

      • I run an FCA regulated company and would have to support James Pinion’s review. It is most likely a scam. I conclude this because:
        1. The product is unnecessarily complex. If funds are held in a CFX account, you have to ask why? They are holding client money and they don’t need to. Such trading doesn’t need payout programmes etc if you have your own account linked to their traders using a PAMM or LAMM etc. That would be more transparent, with an account in your name, at a regulated broker that you can see and withdraw at any time, after they have taken their fees. There is no need to deposit to CFX. Commercially it makes better sense to make it transparent and beyond such allegations – unless there is something to hide.
        2. The responses defending the company here make me laugh. No-one defends a company like that in such numbers in such quick succession. No-one. Unless they have an interest in it. And why might that be? Either these responses are made by the company itself, or the investors know it is a pyramid scheme and know they need new investments to make their returns – which is shameless behaviour by the way. They are probably all from the same IP address or masked IPs.
        3. Regulation would absolutely be required to operate this product in UK and US. And there is a reason for that.
        I could go on, but the longer the comment the less likely it will be read.

        • Having looked at the site, it appears I can only register if I have been referred by someone. Again, unnecessarily complex. This suggests I have to slot in behind the referrer in the pyramid. In otherwords, my investment gives my referrer his payout. And no-doubt after some initial small payouts (to get me excited), I would need to refer my friends and family to invest so I can make their money mine. Come one people. This is hideous.

          • Anon you could not be more wrong! Register under me and I will give you back my 15% bonus for you joining to prove CashFX is awesome – *****

          • This shows the true nature of the CashFX Group Ponzi scam. You need new people to deposit to make it stay alive. But new deposits will dry out sooner or later and then CashFX Group will monumentally collapse, it is inevitable.

        • You are right in what you say… I also made a point previous to James about the forex market and how I am and my buddies are traders and how the profits are real. Bottom line it has only been around for a year… Saying that they have developed a real business model with the investment opportunity. So they are not using PAMM or MAMM accounts.

          I hope they are around for years as everyone is super happy and everyone has to withdrawal their money to upgrade using profits. That is a plus by the way.

          I like the fact they actually take your money and pay you 2x contract value. That solidifies the strength in their capital to trade and return profits as they grow their trading pool.

          If I am at $100,000 I renew at $100,000 it goes to the trading pool. I don’t get to keep that and they Pay me back 2x contract value. That creates a strengthening business model.

          So all in all I like their model and they have designed it in a way to create future strength.

          Bottom line. Start small and only risk what you can afford. $300 USD is not risking the house. Look at casinos my aunt lost her house and all her savings in Vegas. So all in all who is the scams.

  • Ian D, so you give my money back to me. And the company now has to make 15% just to get me back to break even, and they guarantee pay outs every week? And the best institutional FX funds target maybe 20% per annum. And you are investing in a complex MLM scheme based in Panama that isn’t regulated. And you think this is legit? As mentioned, I work in this industry so I do know what I am talking about. I just hope you and your colleagues don’t stitch up too many of your unsuspecting friends and family.

  • So James, is it not about time you swallowed your pride, did some proper due diligence and remove your original post which is totally incorrect and replace it with a true overview? My offer still stands – if you buy a plan with CashFX and they scam you before you double your moey I will personally cover it! Happy to have that drawn up in a legal document too! So what do you say now?

    • My conclusion is confirmed by the FCA:
      And no, I won’t participate in a scam. Because even if you manage to earn money in a scam, it will be somebody else’s loss. In scams like CashFX Group profits are paid by losses of those who came later.

      • Truly you do not understand what cashfx is all about. You said profits are paid by loses of those who came later???? like really??? which loses?? everyone in Cashfx is a winner. We have true real human traders and a true real office H/Q. So tell me, how are profits paid by loses as everyone is a winner. The trading rate achieved in a trade is spread across the various packages eg. $300, $500, $1k, 2k, erc so who are the losers?????

  • Hi James,

    Clearly you have an agenda for a clickbait page and promote your own deal. Your info is inaccurate and the company is broadcasting trades in real time with full transparency.

    What I can tell you is that the company is spending a tremendous amount of money on legal fees in order for CFX to be compliant with regulatory bodies in the US. They will reopen American registrations at that point. One thing you have to ask yourself is, if this was a ponzi and the company was just trying to grab as much money as they could before disappearing, why would they proactively close the doors to US registrations and pay lawyers to seek compliance? There is an incredible amount of capital being spent on new payment processors, new EA and expanding the offerings within the ecosystem. The company has very little overhead and only needs to generate 10% monthly to remain profitable. If you know anything about forex then you should know that a trader with experience (let alone an entire team combined with AI software) can produce those results daily.

    I’m currently clearing 10k usd a month with CFX and every single person on my team earns an income. Your vitriolic post with the sole intention of drawing attention to your own program will not age well. If you would like to see my back office with confirmed withdrawls, I’ll gladly show you. If you would like to place a bet held in escrow of 5k whether CFX is still around by the end of the year, I will gladly do that as well. Cheers.

    • CashFX Group is not allowing US registrations because they don’t want to go to jail. US authorities can prosecute anybody in the world, so scammers are affraid of them. Stories about CashFX Group being licensed in the US in the future are just fairy tales. I can guarantee you that they will never get any license.

      And please stop your BS about my own agenda or program, I don’t have any. Unlike you I am not trying to convince people to deposit anywhere and I am not promising any revenue or profits at all.

      And I don’t care about how much you earn with a scam, it doesn’t change anything for me and it certainly cannot change my opinion.

    • He is right in what he is saying!

      You should reconsider calling something a scam with a more transparent approach or a potential warning and looking at the positives. You point out zero positives when there are some very concrete positives.

      Another one being they have an open door policy and are very transparent.

    • Cashfx’s self declared “Master Trader” is a taxi driver, not some super AI computer bot !!

  • Cashfxgroup is the best legacy and transparent company. I am a customer with them since January and it has not failed in their duties. It is not a scam as a business must start somewhere and we are here to grow it.

  • Thanks for the good job of reviewing the company legality. Please with your experience, is there any company in the world that can pay 5% return monthly with all documentation and legal papers.

  • The only scam is the author of this article. There are absolutely no promises of guaranteed returns, payouts are weekly and they do pay out every single week. Their broker has full european regulations and currently going through the process with the FCA as the UK wont be part of the EU soon. Then the author losing any remaining credibility by trying to recruit you onto another platform which he’d earn from you.

    • Repeating lies won’t change the truth. I am not recruiting anybody for anything and CashFX Group is on the FCA’s blacklist:

    • Are you folks on drugs!!!?? Why are you calling a guy a “scam” when he’s just shedding light on what he believes to be a Ponzi scheme – which it HAS TO BE!!!

      Do any or all of you “investors” in this RIDICULOUS return shambles believe that these guys generate the profit that they TELL YOU they generate through trading!!!???? Are you high on hopium or are you choosing to believe that story to make yourselves feel better about taking part in A SCAM!!!???

      I will repeat what many have said in comments already – if ANYONE ON THIS PLANET was making such returns that you are “seeing” on your accounts from ACTUAL TRADING ACTIVITY – they would be the RICHEST PEOPLE on the entire planet within a YEAR!!! A single YEAR!!! Let that sink in.

      So WHY do you tell yourselves lies that they generate any of the money they pay you from actual trades!!??? They’d be making millions trading for real fund managers with such expertise. Unfortunately their expertise will run out once new recruits dry up – and then it’ll be those poor folks that got in too far down the pyramid chain that will lose everything they have – while you EVANGELISTS who sprout nonsense about this being legit and anything BUT A PONZI SCHEME – will choose to turn a blind eye to the mess you helped create by your support of this scam along the way. If you get your money out what do you care, right!!?? Well I hope all of you clear idiots, can live with your “profits” that you got directly from other poor idiots who joined this charade too late and lost everything.

      I wouldn’t support such immoral behaviour in any way let alone defend it in light of LOGICAL REAL WORLD arguments that this site and many other real investors and traders have told you in these comments!!!!!

      U should all be ASHAMED of yourselves and your own greed and stupidity to believe that even 5% a week is possible!!!!

  • Cryptocurrency is very hard to trace when it is gone so upon reading that, I know it’s a scam.

  • Wow. I cannot believe that so many commenting do not understand that in a pyramid scheme (which this is), when investors run out, (which they eventually will) those at the bottom (Last to join) will lose the most. Think of a pyramid’s shape/structure, the many sit at the bottom, not the few. All of you making profits might be higher, may not suffer losses. BUT, it will be your friends, your family who DO! And it will upon your conscience to live with whatever suffering befalls them. And your profits will never compensate all those whom lose because you encouraged them to join so as to help you rise up the pyramid on their backs.

    • Everyone is making weekly returns. Even a Ponzi scheme can’t support that. They pay you returns from Forex trading and offer a business MLM model, yes, but the money for trading profits are coming from Forex Trading.

      Most people do not understand trading and global currency markets and how leverage works in a. MT4 trading account. You can start with $100 in your own trading account and turn that in thousands within a year if you know how to trade and posses the talent for that. Most people don’t because human nature is inpatient, undisciplined, OCD, greedy, emotional and just like life, those traits will burn you in trading.

      Why do you think so many people are living so mentally ill, why so many people experience such bad outcomes in life, consequences and other are successful in life.

      It’s those must haves in trading that are also required in life to experience successful outcomes.

      • It’s the opposite, Ponzi schemes can make weekly or even daily returns while real trading can’t because of how real markets work.

  • This is 100% a ponzi scheme, I’ve just come off a webinar run by CashFX and thought it was laughable.

    The response from people on this website is laughable too – clearly you’re either bought into the scam and can’t see the wood from the trees or these are just fake accounts made up by people from CashFX.

    If you have a modicum of common sense, run as far away as you can from this company. Their claims are absolutely outrageous.

  • JAMES – You can’t even read 🙂 🙂 : “We believe” this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation.

    No, CFX is NOT providing financial services in UK. They ARE an education company.

    FCA are writing this about ALL company they don’t have a relation to.


    • It is a common phrase for all investment/financial services that are blacklisted by the FCA. The FCA first investigates the business, and they blacklist it only when they know the company is doing something wrong.

      If you are so sure about CashFX, why don’t you ask the FCA to remove it from the blacklist? Make FCA delete CashFX Group from its blacklist, and then we can talk.

      And CashFX Group being an education company? Big fat lie. They promise returns on investments, so they provide an investment service.

  • THE PURPOSE OF JAMES POST HERE – IS to earn money for himself !!!

    My Good — He say this above : “If you want to trade financial markets, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.”

    And if you klick, he got an affiliate link – below, which, if you sign up, he will get money.
    It’s ‘tbbob’ in the link, that’s him….. PLEASE, do you OWN research instead of reading his bullshit. This company can change you life forever…

  • so….i’ve just been chatting to a mate who has invested with CashFX…he showed me his earnings…he did the initial buy-in of $300…and since mid April 2020 has had a return of $234…CashFX started June 2019…it usually takes 2 to 3 years for a Ponzi Scheme to crash [an uneducated guess based on info from MSM reports of similar schemes]…if it is a scheme, then it’s best to get in at the beginning…the thing that is usually the downfall is [1] when there aren’t enough new investors to fund profit return payouts….and there are plenty of incentives to encourage members to bring new ones on board, [2] the “managers’ of the scheme start spending on lavish lifestyles etc etc blah blah blah….truth is, if you want to make high returns/profit/money, ponzi schemes are the best high risk way to do it for early birds…whether it is or isn’t a ponzi scheme, I don’t give a shit…I’m in…oh, and James – thanks for the well-intentioned warning but no-one is interested in your opinion and clearly less than 1% agree with it…for $300, it’s low risk, high returns stuff, and if you just plow your returns back into the pool you move up a level….so it’s not like you have to keep paying in….the person that goes all in with $100k is most at risk but also gets huge returns….for as long as it may last….the trick is to know when to get out….ponzi schemes are cool….long live the ponzi scheme [ps – I’m not calling Cfx a ponzi scheme but let’s be honest, it fits the description – but still, the early bird gets the big fat juicy riggly worm]

    • If you are fine with the fact that when it blows up, a lot of people will lose money (the newest investors) and your profits will be their losses, then I am sorry for you. Basically you don’t care that somebody else has to get scammed for you to make money.

      • James.

        Well done for pointing this out.

        Keep fighting the fight.

        It’s so disheartening that the ‘arguments’ against you are just ad hominem.

        It’s clear as day that this is a Ponzi scheme, and those that continue to spread it are immoral.

      • James, I honestly think you have misjudged CashFx. No one who invests needs to bring a single person in. Have you ever considered that they just might actually be doing the trades? How can you be so sure they aren’t? You have no proof of this one way or another really. If you are a seasoned trader and have been for 15 years, by now you should be a highly profitable one and know that large daily returns are possible in this $5.3T/day market. Those who say it is not possible to make enough through pooled trades clearly know little of the forex market.

        The MLM opportunity is quite separate from the trading activity and no one is obligated to build a network.
        CFX does not promise 15% a week, but caps any week at 15%. Since I joined I have made 5-6% weekly gains.
        I have been paid weekly and have always been able to make my withdrawals.

        The trades are paid as a flat percentage to all packages, so no one gets paid at a higher rate than anyone else. The packages have the bonus commissions built in so they get paid per sign up and do not depend on more sign ups.

        I really dislike the unnecessary insults by some posters. James is convinced he is right and entitled to his opinion. However, I think CFX has a sound business model and will be around fair a long time. The only way it won’t is if they truly aren’t trading. The evidence points to the trades being done.

        • You are wrong on so many levels. I never said it is impossible to be profitable in Forex trading. I said that it is impossible to make around 1% every day like CFX is claiming and I stand by that. If anybody has to prove anything, it is CFX. They have to prove they are making profits in trading, which they never did. Their alleged parner EverFX is denying any connection to them, their copy trading is losing money,they never published any audited trading results, at least 6 different financial regulators have warned against CFX, including the one in Panama where CFX is located, etc. And you still are trying to convince people that CFX is legit?

  • James you need help clearly!! or as others have suggested have shady motives!!

    People tend to introduce those they cherish to this business: – family, close friends & associates. I can feel the nature of investors that reply to your outrageous claims; I don’t the profit makers are not lying, I am very sure most would support any new investor they introduced that lost out if Cash FX collapsed before they benefited – The huge majority of people don’t want to lose respect of those they care for.

    I only joined last week, having literally seen the amazing profits of those who advised me.

    Anyone being discouraged by James; check out out the Cash FX Group on Trustpilot *

    • What you want or believe is not necessarily the truth. Time will show the truth, CashFX Group will collapse. And I don’t give a damn about Trustpilot reviews. CashFX Group is a Ponzi scheme that is paying now, so yes, people can be happy, but they are riding a scam wave. As Buffett says: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

      • Dear Mr. James Pinion,

        Sir if you are making blog with respect to CASHFX GROUP for what is your blog for? almost all of us joing the company for 1 yr this 9th has never been having an issue and of ever our money will be gone we already have too much return of investments. We wish the you will delete this post since this is not part of your business and you are not also part of our business transactions. We have high respect to all including you… If Cash FX lose your money then you have that full right to blog whatsoever you want… Please stop spreading lies about CFX we are earning heavy and live trading thru everfx which is the registered forex trader are doing the works for CFX. WE ARE HAPPY INVESTOR HERE WE HAVE NO ISSUE….

        • Oh, you are so wrong, I made it my mission to warn people against scams and I have no intention of stopping.

        • Then why are you not replying to a simple support mail since three weeks? My iphone broke, had to replace it and can’t log in to my backoffice anymore since there is no way of re-program the google authenticator to my cashfx backoffice.
          Shows a bit who you really are and what you really care about right? 😉

      • I’m making a research about this website but reading all of your blogs is kind of getting me confused, I want to ask you a question(have you invested on that website before?

    • Tony millions believed the one coin scam and they made 16 billion, it doesnt matter of hype, that ‘everyones’ been paid and its been 1 year lol. You are just proving to me why it is so easy for you to get scammed. Ponzis can last for years and then collapse. Just be a man and come back here and admit you were wrong. Btw in the one coin scheme, there was a video of someone calling it a scam and the ‘cult’ promoter responding in agression, 2 years later she was on the BBC crying she had lost everything and 250k of her friends money. BEWARE FOOL

  • CASH FOREX GROUP IS NOT A SCAM…. Im Investor for almost a year we have no issue…please respect our investments and please dont make unnecessary blogs that will not benefit anyone…our earnings is enough for us…better than the stupid banks time deposit…way too far…Risk in our money has no issue….For you who dont have money stop making silly blog….mind your own…

    • I can’t respect investments in scam schemes.

      • Their 33k members now in CASHFX and going 1 yr already and so far we dont have issue. Your stupid blog wont help us you dont own even a trading company as I. In addition to this you dont even experienced it so why warned us?. For what? non of your business…

        • The funny thing is how much you people from CashFX care about my article… Should CashFX really be earning money through Forex trading, you wouldn’t care about my article, because it would not impact your earnings. But because CashFX is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that needs new deposits from members in order to be able to pay out profits, your really are frustrated with my article, because it stops some new victims from coming and depositing. Your reactions in this comment section prove the true nature of CashFX.

          A profitable trader doesn’t care about what other people say, because he will make money anyway. Somebody who runs a Ponzi scheme cares about what other people say, because it might impact or even ruin his entire business, when new deposits stop coming in.

          • Here lies the truth. The sheer number of responses here are mind blowing. If it’s not a scam, then no cashfx members would need to comment here. Their astonishing call to arms to argue that it’s not a scam, makes a better case of it being a scam than anything else. You can say my business is a scam, and I wouldn’t care, because I work for my money. However, if I was scamming, and needed new patsies to fall for my scam, you damn right I’d have everyone attack your article. So yes, cashfx is quite obviously a scam. Thanks for your review. Also, if it wasn’t a scam, they would certainly have cleared things up with the fca by now. But alas, it is a scam.

          • Exactly. They make money only thanks to new members and their deposits. This is why they are attacking me so much. Were they making money in Forex trading as they say, they wouldn’t care about this review.

  • Cash FX Group does not talk about UK approvals we dont mind those approvals your talking…we are earning much…

  • I’ve lost a really good friend over cfx because they are so blinkered about this and didnt respect my decision not to invest …but they’re all so blinkered …same with bitconnect investors spouting the same bs …where are they now??those returns are not sustainable no way ….wen this goes under some may have profited …but far more will lose …but fk them right ??

    • Hi Charlie. I’m in the same boat mate. My sister’s relentless persistence has made me anxious about speaking to her let alone paying her a visit. It really hurts because she has been so kind supporting me while I recovered from a major stroke last November. Cfx destroys lives!

  • But you expect us to register and keep throwing money away on trading platforms you are affiliated with. You are a scammer and only interested in your personal gains.

    • I don’t expect you to do anything, I don’t promise anything, I just warn against scams. And I have news for you, you can’t throw money away on a demo account. And you cannot throw away money in trading if you are not interested in trading. Read what I write.

  • James Pinion, as a Chartered Financial Planner, who has come across this CFX scam being punted to financially illiterate people via Facebook. I would just like to applaud your efforts in trying to stop innocent people from losing their money to these scammers.

    In this period of low interest rates it’s easy to see why people would look to try to improve on the returns offered by keeping money in a bank.

    Whilst holding money on deposit in a bank won’t currently earn you much of a return, your deposit would ordinarily be protected by a guarantee scheme in the relevant jurisdiction, so you can’t lose your money.

    Here in the UK the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will protect a deposit held with any bank that holds a UK banking license by up to £85k. A similar scheme also operates for banks in other EU countries.

    As CFX is a blatant scam, and has all the hallmarks of such, there is no protection from the FSCS and there is a very real risk of a 100% loss of any money ‘invested’. The only people who will make money from this are the people who dreamt up this scam.

    Like many of these financial scams, by suggesting you can make fantastic returns, they seek to exploit people’s vulnerabilities, greed, desperation, or just a lack of financial wherewithal. They also try to fool people into thinking the scam is approved by robust regulatory bodies by using initials like FCA, which is clearly being used to hoodwink people into thinking that this is somehow approved by the UK financial services regulator. Likewise the FSA was the precursor to the FCA, and again they use those initials as they know it will still ring a bell with some people in the UK.

    As James has been valiantly pointing out, don’t touch this with a bargepole. IT IS A SCAM.

    Most people are best off sticking with a deposit account at the bank. If you really want to take some investment risk then take advice from a suitably qualified and regulated adviser. Many will give you a free initial meeting and speak to a few to get an idea of how they might be able to help you and what their charging structure is like.

  • came here for the comments, was not dissapointed

  • I think James Pinion works for a Bank, or maybe someone in Government that is trying to stop this kind of activity. Lets face it, do the ordinary High St Banks want high returns paid on small investments to ordinary working class individuals, which is obviously happening inside CFX? I think not.

    I personally feel this guy is a government mole, trying to frighten people away from such investments, so that they can take your money and pay you 0.5%.

    Think outside the box people. Have a good day all 😉

    • Well, it really is better to get 0.5% in a bank than to lose everything in a scam, let me tell you that.

      The rest of your post? I really am lauging, because I have reviewed hundreds of scams and scammers just keep repeating the same things about me. But all the scams I review disappear in the end, while I continue with my reviews, because I have not been proven wrong one single time…

  • Thanks James, I spent an hour on the CFX presentation and then an hour reading through these comments, on the one hand we seem to have an experienced well thought out argument, backed by the lack of FCA regulation saying this is a scam, and then, in great detail explaining why it is a scam, then on the other hand we have a bunch of “investors” who know full well that their profits will come at the expense of other peoples losses, and sadly one or two revelling in that fact! Who are arguing why it is such a great scheme and that you should not be putting off the vital new blood that will keep the scheme running and the contributors above earning for a while!…….In the words of Dragon’s Den….Thank you, but I won’t be investing today, therefore I’m out!

  • I registered since 7th on Academy Pack but since then i have not seen any money or my balances on my dash board.

    • Hi Godwin, your initial contract does not start paying out for 72 Hours so sit tight and you will see this appear in your back office, have a look under trading pool and it will appear there. Good Luck Dominic

  • I have been with cashFX since Feb 2020, I have done a lot of Due diligence (as Much as possible) the only thing I have not yet done yet is actually flown out to there HQ (because of lockdown) But have been on the corporate calls, met and spoken with the owners (on Zoom) And as sceptical as I was even called the FCA, I am an Fca registered MD from the UK, So I wanted to hear this direct from them, I wont go into detail on the call to the FCA but lets say I was happy enough to buy in to CashFX and very happy that I did, since then I go on all of the calls and listen intently to all words spoken, and Cannot see in any way that this is a scam, most scam last 6-8 months. Why would a multi regulated broker who is directly involved with CshFX recommend them publicly if they knew it was a scam ? and they would know, I suppose time would tell and as cautious that I am, I have had all of my initial investment back and more, I would recommend any newbies to do the same, put in a little take your profit and play with the houses money as it were good luck to you all.

    • Did you forget that you already tried this BS here once? There is no regulated company in the world that would recommend CashFX Group.

  • Yes lion share

  • Hi James,

    I’ve also been approached because I have a lot of connections in the US. Would you mind providing a little more detail about the difference between the US prosecution powers as opposed to that of the UK?

    The way I see it I have two options, join a company like this one or learn how to trade myself. But the last thing I need is some time in an American prison. Then there’s the time it will take to learn.

    I’m completely new to crypto and to forex. What would be your best recommendation to take someone wet behind the ears such as me and get to say 4/5 figures? I don’t mind speculating somewhat.


  • Hi James, is it possible that you could have a look into
    Is it possible that you could let me know if this Company is Legit?

  • Prove that EverFX is endorsing CashFX Group in any shape or form. <<

    JAMES PINION the imbecile, did u not see their launch video ? EverFX was with them on STAGE lol idiot

  • Hi James, me again website as follow:

  • James Pinion has taken the time to explain how he thinks that this investment program is a scam, yet, advocates of CashFX have been very abusive and in some cases, threatening harm. This is almost cult-like behaviour.

    I’m presently listening to a CashFX pitch on Zoom and to be honest, I don’t understand a word of how the different levels work, or what my money will be doing to earn such beautiful returns. This is not for me. If I’m going to be loosing my money, I’ll like to be able to explain how I lost it.

    To those not in agreement with James Pinion, leave the rhetoric behind and bring facts across to convince us why we should invest in CashFX. Your threats make me believe I’m dealing with thugs, who, seeing a potential mark not falling for the smoke and mirrors, are ready to resort to violence to get their money.

    FYI, this pitch I’m presently on, is mostly full of Nigerians (I’m one as well) and the atmosphere sounds real ‘churchy’. One investor is speaking of the ‘holy spirit’ leading him to CashFX and all sorts of alarm bells are ringing. I guess if the main attendees were from another demographic, phraseology particular to them would pepper the pitch.

    Besides the high pressure sales to ‘jump right in right away’, a high ranking member is actually encouraging people to borrow money to invest in this scheme. Wow… When even on the streets, the advice is to only bet with money that you can afford to lose.

    Sorry, this looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, walks like a scam. I’d be a complete idiot to think it would be anything other than a scam.

    • Hi Andre. I’ve been reading through all these comments for a couple of hours now. Some of the comments (from both sides) are not really necessary. Some people just love an argument unfortunately.

      It is a shame that the Nigerian Zoom calls have put you off as I had nothing but support and good information from some long-term friends before I decided to invest. Neither of them pressured me, they just answered all of my questions. And believe me, I asked a LOT of questions ! They also told me to do lots of research and only buy a package if and when I was fully comfortable with everything.

      The main issue I have with this article and the author’s comments are that he tries to suggest that people will “lose everything” like they have to invest their life savings or something! The packages are done in such a way that you only need to purchase the absolute lowest one in order to get started. You NEVER have to put ONE MORE penny/cent into the company.

      Also, the insinuation in this article and comments is that you HAVE to get friends and family to join too in order to make money. You absolutely DO NOT need to do this and can still make money.

      I did soooo much research and due diligence before signing up. No investment is without risk. But my final thought was that for the sake of $300 then I am more than happy to take that chance. CFX only ever risk 3-5% of your trading pack value on any given day (currently reduced to about 1% during the pandemic to lower risk even further during these times)

      Also, a Ponzi scheme relies on more people putting money in at the bottom in order to feed the levels. CFX is 100% sustainable even if nobody else ever joined.

      I realise i have written a long message here so I will stop now. More than happy to answer any more of your questions though if you have any, with absolutely zero pressure to join. ([email protected] or whatsapp +44 7794223423)

  • My questions to James opinion and anyone that can answer it correctly without bias
    1.Is Everfx is a broker?
    2. Is Everfx is a broker to cashfx?
    3. Is Everfx real?
    4. Is Everfx a sponsor of Sevilla football club
    5.Have you been to panama city to confirmed if they are truly trading before this writeup?

    God bless you all

  • Hi James and others

    Why does it take such an enormous writing before anybody comes to the basic principles of how the CFX-system works (and if it can/could work)?

    All stop throwing mud and stick to the facts (besides all legal requirements):
    Who is able to execute a mathematical test to check the feasibility of their program? 30% costs off 1x contract value on buying, 20% costs on 2x contract value on selling (all used for all kinds of bonuses) and inform all participants and stakeholders about the outcome?

    CFX says the system is self supporting/maintaining also without newcomers. This should be able to be demonstrated.

    Thank you.

  • Hi James. Can you please explain. To me what arbitrage trading is? Thank you.

    • Hi, it takes advantage of price differences between different exchanges/brokers. If the same asset is priced differently on two exchanges, you can buy it for the lower price on one exchange and sell for a higher price on the other exchange. You can do that with assets you really own, like with cryptocurrencies, you transfer them between exchanges. With contracts for difference (CFDs) on Forex, commodities or stocks you can’t do it this way, because you can’t transfer the asset between brokers.

      Some brokers, however, can misprice some assets, so when comparing the price with other brokers you might see that the price of a given asset is wrong with one broker and take advantage of that, but it is not real arbitrage.

      One last thing, arbitrage trading is dominated by robots and is increasingly harder to impossible for ordinary traders.

      • Thanks James. So if the trade bot buys at a lower rate to sell at a higher rate (on another exchange) this trasaction happens instantly …. so does this not translate into a profit 99% of the time otherwise the arbitrage wont happen ?

        • Normally you have to move the asset form an exchange to another, which takes time. The price can change in the meantime, the liquidity can change… There are many variables and arbitrage trading certainly is not that easy.

    • Can you go to Google and just type in “What is arbitrage trading” it would the less time and give you a better answer than asking on here.

      If you can’t do that then you will not be able to understand what arbitrage trading even is…and you really shouldn’t invest in anything on the Internet if basic Google skills is lacking.

      I could give you links to genuine companies and making real money, but that would be pointless to someone who can’t Google something in this day and age, my 5 year old can do this from a $10 smartphone.

  • Hi James, could you please have a look into the following Forex Company

  • Condemning one to promote another, is that a genuine review?

    • On one side you have a program that promises profits based on a scam scheme. On the other side you have me saying: If you are interested in legit trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

      If you can’t see the difference, I have nothing to add.

      • Hi james,
        I known its a punzi but i wonder why FCA uk doesn’t take action againset it.

        • Somebody would have to prove that PWM is solliciting UK residents.

        • It is obvious that if FCA had the legal background to take action against CFX,
          I suppose that the lawyers with CFX have done much investigation around this
          issue and that they are on a safe ground.

  • This is not the first time but Mr Roy Maurice has several times conned people. BLGM, Global B**L Sh*T and few other in the past. People lost a lot of money because of the scammer Roy Maurice.

    He will pay you at first but what will happen later is another story. So beware!

    • The only value this Ponzi scheme CashFX seems to offer is this priceless and most entertaining comment thread.

  • Here’s the link that you’re looking for. Everfx attending the grand launching of cash fx. See it for yourself!

    • Show that to the CySEC and you will see a shi*storm. A regulated broker cooperating with a Ponzi scheme?
      But honestly, I doubt it still the case, because I sent a question about CashFX to EverFX and they did not even reply.

  • James. I have read every single comment on here, You keep beating around the bush with regards to Everfx, saying you are awaiting a reply from them before you have proof they are working with CFX. But you have been told multiple times that there is a video inference with CFX and Everfx both there. But you seem to not directly answer this question, Do you think Everfx would reply to your little email, they are a massive broker and dont have time for you. Look at the facts, dont reply with your link to the fca website like you do every comment.

    I got refereed to CFX by a close friend of mine who has been scammed numerous times, it took a lot of convincing considering his bad experiences in the past. His Daughter lives 10 minute drive from Panama, he told her nothing about the company but to drive to their ‘Office’ and find out everything she can, She confirmed without prior research their office is 100% legit, everything my friend already knew she told him, it all matched together. Thy have an open door policy and she was able to walk in and see the trades live. they have recently purchased the top floor of this office and spent over 2 million on renovations ready for their years anniversary.

    Appreciate what your doing as there is a lot of scams out there but i can confirm first hand this is not the case with CFX, you have been proven wrong countless times, couple people i do not know personally but my friend knows one of them has just been rewarded with a Brand new Porsche for their work and success in this , as it is not just for trading but you can build your own business around them, (pyramid) Which are totally legit and legal, Take every day for example, Cadbury’s chocolate, you first have the Manufacture, they make the most, goes down the Pyrimd, to wholesaler, supplier, shops, consumer etc etc .

    Just like anything YES this can crumble, not every business model is fool proof and failures do accure, but once you have made your investment back, ( minumum earning project 7 months) this is on 1% daily 5 days a week totally 5% a week) however as many have stated you make more then 5% weekly, so relisitc turnaround is 2/3 months you make your money back and you loose nothing if the company crumbles,

    You are correct if someone joins at the back end before they crumble that person will loose out, its exactly the same if someone invests in anything at the wrong time and they will loose their investment, only a small percentage of people doing this will loose their money as the majority have already earned their initial investment come 2/3 months.

    Just to clarify i am not saying this will crumble, just looking at all avenues

    • I won’t repeat everything over and over again, I will just wait for CashFX Group to collapse.

    • In the video that was streamed 31 October 2020 (YouTube title – THE NEW CFX SOCIAL MOVEMENT – YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS FROM HOME), they say that the office has not yet opened and is not yet operational. They give the excuse that the Port in Panama was closed due to Covid (not true) and that the materials have been held up. So, it can’t be true that someone walked in to the office and saw the trades live etc.

      • Right?!? And to say that he was invited by a friend who’s been scammed numerous times is hilarious. Then to say his friends daughter was told to go to an office with no explanation, and check it out… would she be able to see trading happening or even know what that looks like? The response would be more like “ it was an office where they were working on computers” it’s sad that anyone would invest in anything that was referred to them by someone who is constantly getting scammed. Ridiculous!!

  • Hi James , I downloaded a quidax app and I invested in, which I bought the Bitcoin and the etherium.pls if this is a scam, tell me to get my money out. Thank you

  • Pls is the quidax app a scam? Because I invested in it, I bought Bitcoin and etherium.thank you

    • I am sorry but I don’t know. It is not an investment program promising outrageous return, it’s basically an exchange and I don’t know who runs it and how honest these people are.

  • Our trades are not done automatically – they are traded by experienced licensed Brokers from a reputable company called Everfx. We can watch the trades live – total transparency. I purchased a $300 Trading Contract – and have already made that investment back so now am using my bonuses to increase to higher price Trading Packages. I love it!

  • Perhaps someone can tell me where Huascar Lopez accrued his cryptocurrencty millions?
    I am understand it was from other ponzi type schemes and not legitimate trading.
    So are your funds are safe because they are traded by EverFX?
    No they are not, you are not a client of theirs, CashFX is the client so you have no security.
    CashFX is a very cleverly disguised Ponzi,so far as I can see.
    You Deposit $300 value or more in Bitcoin, which is untraceable. This now has to be converted to USD which reduces the amount available due to commission charges to trade FX, surely it would make more sense to actually trade cryptos or take USD in the first place.
    Now you get paid out in USD every week on $210 at about 5% , which takes several months to recoup your $300 and even longer the promised $600 when another transaction fee is paid by CashFX and bear in mind in that period BTC/USD rate will have either gone up or down so you could get more than you invested or you could get less. But more importantly it could cost CashFX more or less too.
    So what do they do, they charge you a 20% withdrawal fee and encourage you to invest in a larger package.
    If you got say 5% on a legitimate investment in most instances you could withdraw 105%, but with CashFX you can withdraw only when the amount has reached $100 and all you get back is actually $60. This is so they can keep hold of as much money as possible. Yes I lnow its supposed to fund the unilevel, but who knows how much actually goes there?
    The only time it may be profitable is if you manage to persuade some other sucker to invest which will speed up your payout.
    Has anyone ever seen actual live trades in WebTV? All I saw was Japanese Candlestick charts with 2 meaningless lines and some fairly ficticious trades opened and trade figures. There is no evidence of proper trading so far as I can see.
    All of the above leads me to the conclusion that the early adopters will make money at the expense of those joining later. By this time the serial ponzi scammers will be off with their ill gotten gains to join the next “golden opportunity”.
    Sorry to hear all you good people stating “I have been paid, so it must be legit” as I have heard that too many times before.
    It will fail, you have been warned, just depends how much you value your reputatiom if you decide to promote it to others.
    If you just want to join and risk your own money, of course that is your decision to make.
    I made my decision and joined, but now regret it, maybe I will get my money back, maybe I won’t. Time will tell if it lasts long enough. In the meantime I will continue with my own FX and crypto trading and be able to sleep soundly.

    • Once you hit 200% return on the passive trading side you have to reinvest in another contract to keep earning. So if you replaced your current package you would only actually make 100% then 20% fee for withdrawal so you actual return is 80% every 12-16 months based on past results. 80% sounds more realistic than 200%.

    • Hiya Brian. I’ve just read your comment and saw it was from August. What is the latest? Do you have an update at all ?

  • Before anyone comments if you withdraw $100 you actually get $80 not $60 as star#ted due to my typo!

  • So much rubbish and lies in this article. CFX never claim to be regulated, they partner with a highly regulated broker. Never have claimed 15+ per week. No real trading? Their are webcams showing the traders and the positions they take up. Soon, there will mirror trading as well. so another blatant lie

    and then try to send you to their platform.

    So unethical.

  • James, james james, smh…. this is exactly why people like you dont make it in this life… why are you are so focused on other persons business. I have skimmed through the hundreds of comments here and seen you tossing to and fro with people that just wanna do what they wanna do and be happy. Do you find joy in making others unhappy. If you spent this much time focusing on your own money game you could be on a yatch somewhere watching the world come to and end. Bro just enjoy your life and leave people to live in peace and make mistakes on their own accord. My lord died to save the world and still people reject him so what you think will be the outcome of your countless hours saving the world one scam at a time. I just had to laugh. Smh.

    • I am perfectly happy with what I am doing, helping others to avoid scams makes me feel good. You really don’t have to worry about me.

  • Hi James,

    At first I was surprised you wrote this and I didn’t know why.

    I looked and see you’re promoting your own business in the end! Classic move. “This is a scam, but here sign up with me.” Lmao!

    I signed up 2 weeks ago with only $500 down. My profit is already at $45!!

    My friend increased her investments by $700 in 6 months without even trying. Another friend has been doing this for over a year and makes $1000 a week profit! Yes she can withdraw $1000 a week if she wanted to and I’m sure she does.

    I’m brand new at this but I have a hard time believing it’s a scam.

    Try watching the training videos. They explain everything.

    But ya, shame on you for saying a company is a scam to get customers of your own! Bad karma coming your way.

    • The only problem is, I don’t run any program, so I can’t have any customers, I am not promoting anything. Time will prove me right about CashFX Group.

  • James Pinion
    You should take this site of yours down.
    You are promoting yourself and you obviously don’t have a clue about what your talking about.
    I think your just jealous and trying to make a name for yourself, when in actual fact your making a FOOL OF YOURSELF. Here’s a quote to REMEMBER, some people will kick a gold nugget and think it’s a rock, even if it’s shiny gold staring them in the face.!

  • To all cash FX investors … Every one is entitled to their opinion and we are entitled to ours. If James gets off by trolling because he has no life, let him be. He obviously has some serious issues and we should all show him some empathy and wish him well.

  • You are obviously full of jealous of your competitor. You can’t compete with CFX Group so came up with some stupid statements making your company loosing huge time. Do you ever think people who are your potential customers are stupids.????? Wrong move bro! I feel for you brother. You will lose a big time or if you are already losing most of your customers.

    Best suggestion for you is if you want to be in this business; develop a better strategy that CFX have not picked up and promote it. Let investors decide between you and CFX.. Don’t ever go barking on CFX. Be humbled and ashamed and start something better. Always think that your customers are smarter than yourself.

    …………all the best…………….from Papua New Guinea.

    • Would you be kind enough to remember me what kind of business I am running that is competing with CashFX Group? Because I can’t remember any.

  • dear all as a retired account manager in the hedge fund industry working for one of the biggest hedge fund administrators Citco i can tell you that the performances made by Cfx are just not realistic figures. Having said this invested a small amount of 500$ in CFX with the assumption that if its a scam the loss of the 500$ wont affect my personal life.
    One thing i noticed since being a member of CFX for almost 2 months now they never ever recorded a negative performance. I mean even in a perfect world that would be like a fiction movie. As mentioned ponzi schemes can last for years and i mean a lot of years. we cant forget how one single man Bernie Maddoff crushed the financial world back in 2008 after scamming its investors for over more then 2 decades. As the Cfx group is relatively new the payouts will be of no issue so far. However at one point it will crash and if by that time you didnt redeemed your investment you will be one of the thousands of people that have lost their money due to a scam

  • Absolutely hilarious that John thinks that if it’s been running for a year then it can’t be a Ponzi scheme. I’m guessing he’s never heard of Bernie Madoff.

    This scam bears a lot of resemblance to the one coin scam with its various educational packages.

    Just a matter of time till it all falls apart.

  • Cash FX is on the warning list of companies to avoid at all costs by the FCA Financial Conduct Authority.

    I think that speaks for itself.

  • Not a scam persay, but wait until you want to withdraw, then the small print hits you. To start with 20% going to CFX, that’s a real bummer

  • Usi tech was a ponzi scheme that ran for years. James has pointed out the unregulated nature of this business. Don’t shoot the messenger, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yes you can make money but as soon as recruitments stop, the money stops.

    -extract mining
    -cloud mining
    -usi tech
    -social profimatic
    -mind capital

    Just a few to list out of the 1000s of ponzis that we’re out there. Cash fx is no different

  • As we can see from all the comments there are a shit ton of investers in cash fx. That is the only reason it is still running. Because it has attracted so many people. But note this! It’s August 2020.. people are reporting 6 to 7% payouts per week now. It’s starting to tail off. It might last the rest of this year. It might last only a week. There is no way of knowing.
    USI tech and Bitconnect were exactly the same scam as this one. Exactly the same. They lasted about 2 years.
    All these people making good profits right now.. yes it’s working. Of course it working other wise no one would invest! The fact that it’s been working for over a year and you are getting payouts doesn’t prove ANYTHING other than the fact that there are probably millions of people investing in this scam. Like the hedge fund manager said I’m comments above, he saw no losses in any trades. That is impossible. If any company tells you they can get all trades right they are lying. It’s impossible. It’s like saying I can pick every horse that’s going to win a race every day for a year just because I know all the details about those horses and have an algorithm and a “system”.
    It’s total bullshit.
    I told all my friends USI tech was a scam.. and bekfee that Bitconnect. Same tiered system and MLM. This one is the same.. just slicker software to make it look legit.
    The creators of this scam spent no doubt a few hundred thousand setting this up to make it look good.
    They will walk away with over a billion I’d say from this one.
    Like I said I warned my friends about USI-TECH and Bitconnect.
    I was abused and mocked by my friends who said the same stuff people are saying.. here.. oh it can’t be a scam because I’m getting paid blah blah..
    Well I say it is a scam BECAUSE you are getting paid! That’s how the scam works.
    I’ve had friends ask me if they can “borrow” Bitcoin from me to invest more in cashFX. Because they maxed out their own funds already in bitcoin.. I said no it’s a scam.
    All my friends who abused me for trying to warn them about USI-TECH and Bitconnect all ended up losing their money. Some lost big time.
    It cost some people their marriage and relationships with family and friends who they had convinced to join.
    The damage is huge. All you people commenting and saying you are so confident this is legit you are more than happy to invite everyone you can find into this.. just remember. When this all falls over (I’d say before the end of this year maybe sooner) you are going to have a LOT of angry confused friends and family calling you up and asking for an explanation. And what are you going to tell them?
    Stop been so frigging arrogant that you think this is legit just because you’ve made a few grand and you are letting the dollar signs blind you to what you are promoting. This is exactly how it went with USI-TECH and Bitconnect and the dozens of other Ponzi schemes.
    This is just a really big one. Well funded and promoted. But as others have said.. if you look into the people who are running this you will see they are con men. Pure and simple.

    • con men lol huascar lopez cashed in on 90 million with his investment in 2017 he is a multimillionaire they are expanding the company..what company expands when they are going bust?how much has james paid you to write this? they wont go bust because they trade on the forex market which is going nowhere..and they use a bit which is built in house by them and always come back with a % win over 1% ……the reason its 6-7 now is because of covid the forex market is not as volotile as it was march previous but theres still money to be made…once covid goes away normal service will resume

  • Hi James
    tnx for the site and your work. ti can be hard going at times.
    James are you aware of world markets AI trading business.?
    its a scam i think as makes 20 %plus pmth so impossible i would think
    any views
    keep on going please

    • Hi, yes, even the national financial regulator of New Zealand thinks World Markets is a scam, see my review.

    • This is just another HYIP there have been thousands before and there will be thousands more. It isn’t a question of is it a scam the question is when will they scam you. They all end the same way trust me
      I I have put money in most of them including CFX.

  • hi does anyone tell me how i get in touch with the support of cash fx because i can not get to my dasboard and each time it says that an email been sent to me but i have nothing i have contact them many times but in vain

    • Hello!
      Nekem is ugyanez a problémám, nem jön semmi e-mail tőlük…..
      A support nem válaszol.
      Lehet az outlook blokkolja a cashfx leveleket.

      Nálad van valami fejlemény?

  • Thank you James for your work, I appreciate it.
    I am in fx since 2007 and really annoyed from these low-cost fraudelent entities that lure people in old-fashioned primitive Ponzi schemes.

    Guys, please, just take a look at those people there (I don t expect you to read terms and conditions, I know for a person without legal education, it s exhausting). There are some Hispanic guys, where Huascar has just a marketing history and the second one even worse. To cover this, they hide Hispanic group behind two English-looking profiles of some ROn Pope and Jamie Beck (no profile anywhere, standard fake profile of persons who do not exist).

    Guys, just simply use simple instinct, how does it look. Would you really give money to Panama based investment scheme with ridiculous promises? Why do you think they chose Panama???

    Btw, their initial payment method is BTC. Why do you think it is like that? Simply no KYC, they don t need to check you, noone has opened account for them as banks are aware of the risks related to Ponzi.

    I understand missing experience in the industry, but please, think first.

    • i gotta be honest you are stupid..ron pope does not exist? he is the main guy behind the conversion pros he appears on all video calls you can even check him out on youtube so how do you answer that one then that he dont exist when everyones seen and heard him?

      plus the fact that ppl are winning btc and not even putting their own money into it and still withdrawing 88k oh sure its deffo a scam isnt it yeah course it is
      ive got no time for ppl who do lazy research that ron pope one has blown my mind type his name on youtube its the first vid that comes up on a videocall lol

  • I have been told

    1. They work with a Multi-Regulated Broker EverFX
    ⚽⚽Sponsor of Sevilla soccer club in Spain ⚽⚽
    GROUP LICENSES: ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd. is authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), with license number 301/16. EEA Cross-borders Registration: FCA, UK ref. no. 763771 | CNMV (Spain) reg. 4256 | AFM Netherlands | FI Sweden | KNF Poland
    ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), with license number 1444866. The card transactions are processed by its subsidiary entity, Digital Age Solutions Limited, which is wholly owned by ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited and located at Antheon 2, Kato Polemidia, 4151 Limassol, Cyprus with registration no. HE 388419.
    Fiscus Capital Seychelles Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Seychelles (FSA), with license number SD036. The card transactions are processed by its subsidiary entity, GAAM Digital Progressus Ltd, which is located in Antheon 2, Monovoliko 4, Kato Polemidia, 4151 Limassol, Cyprus and with registration no. HE403613
    ✅ 2. They work with The Conversion Pro, led by Ron Pope. Who built many large national and international companies over the last 20 years. Ron Pope is a well known business man as the founder of The Conversion Pros. The Conversion Pros is a legit and compliant USA based affiliate company. He is very successful in his career.
    The Conversion Pros, Inc.
    701 S Carson St, Ste 200
    Carson City, NV 89701

  • I haven’t invested as after being asked by a friend to take a look at it, my first thought was Ponzi scheme. That could be the pessimist in me though!

    So many have invested and so many have chosen not too. This is not a reason to attack someone who feels that it is his duty to ‘warn’ people. If he turns out to be wrong, then brag about your success and if he is right, apologise publicly like you have scolded him.

    At the end of the day, everyone is allowed an opinion, just don’t get personal, it doesn’t look good to potential investors reading the comments after the article.

    • cfx dont need to be licensed because all they are doing is coming up with the complan..the trades get executed through everfx who are regulated
      please do sign up its the best thing youll ever do dont listen to idiots on here its changing ppls lives especially poor ppl there was a story the other day of a mexican woman who when she had her first 2 days trading on the $300 contract she recieved around $8 she was that over the moon she took her kids out for a treat which she has never ever done before
      this is what this company is all about and then you have idiots slating the company promoting their own scam product while ruining it for everyone..there are also scam sites currently which cfx are aware of who are copying the layout of the real website tricking pp into sending bitcoin..they are currently goin through the courts to sort ppl out

      and to answer a question above about why its banned in the usa is because its nothing to do with beind dodgy its because usa laws are stupid and dont promote any form of in the uk its a kind of hobby lol

      want to know more just let me know

      • I will repeat this:
        OK, so one side we have the national financial regulator in the UK (FCA) that says that CashFX runs a business that requires an authorization and that it is not authorized. The role of the FCA literally is to do these things, they are the authority appointed by the government to judge these things.

        On the other hand we have anonymous talkers on the internet who say the FCA is wrong, yet CashFX was not able to overturn the FCA’s decisions and make them delete the warning.

        As always, it’s up to everyone to make up their own mind.

        And I will add this:

        Do you realize that when you are begging people to join while bashing my review you give away the true nature of the CashFX Group scam? Because should CashFX be earning money in trading, they wouldn’t give a damn about people signing up and reviews on the internet, because their income would come from trading. But because you are so desperate for my review to disappear and for new people to join and invest, you show that CashFX relies on new deposits coming into the system, not on trading. So yeah, thank you for confirming that it is a Ponzi scam.

        • Cash Forex Group scam
          When they promise you 15%+ weekly, it means 60%+ monthly, which is totally ridiculous in the real world.

          As you like to talk about proof ….Kindly provide for your readers where Cashfx has promised this 15%. ?


          Not regulated

          A 12 year old could also have found this information

          This is not rocket Science : CashFx Operates through a broker like every other trading platform out there..CashFX is a Partner of ExerFX.. (Yes its that simple)

          The Broker used here is EVERFX
          EVERFX Group Licenses are held with ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd. and is authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), with license number 301/16.

          EEA Cross-borders Registration:

          FCA, UK ref. no. 763771

          CNMV (Spain) reg. 4256

          AFM Netherlands

          FI Sweden

          KNF Poland

          This is also why they want you to deposit cryptocurrencies, they want to stay as anonymous as possible, so that they can run away with your money ?

          A scammer does not discriminate against any form of currency. It would make no difference if CashFx were trying to scam you and used USD or GBP or EURO to take your money…

          To Use any REGULATED Crypto App or Crypto wallet You must send a copy of your Passport or Driving license or Forms of ID to be verified before they open an account.

          Bitcoin in this case must be Exchanged to the currency of your choice and transferred from your App or Wallet to Your Bank Account in order for you to spend it…or spend it within the app should you have that function …So Hardly Anonymous

          Bitcoin is simply a universal currency preferred by millions of people and makes sense as CashFx Operates around the world…

          Regulatory warning

          The above broker information renders this section null and void…
          How it works

          This information is easily found thru numerous CashFx members videos explaining exactly how it works. If you signup There is a Full Downloadable PDF file with all this information. (Which is what the youtubers use to explain it in their videos..)
          Cash FX Group review conclusion

          The Cash Forex Group is a brutal scam that is going to collapse. It is not regulated, stay away from it!
          If you want to trade financial markets, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.
          You have to practice and gain an understanding of the risks of trading with real money before you can actually invest real money.

          You can Trade yourself or have brokers do it for you James, this is nothing new.

          The Forex Market operates 24hours a day five days a week. CashFx Traders and Technology Operates….. 24 hours a day 5 days a week..

          The only conclusion is :

          1. There is nothing to conclude from this “Review”
          2. This was not a review.
          3. You have a promo link directing people to a website at the bottom of this “review” that pays you every time someone clicks on it..


          I think people are smart enough to read this and see where the real scam is.

          You can find Brokers anywhere who have services offering to trade on your behalf. This is nothing new… CashFx simply do it better.

          If you want to trade 24 hours a day 5 days a week on your own …Good Luck with that.

          There is no link for you to click under my response…

          • In this discussion I already debunked everything you said, you are just repeating the same things as other CashFX Group members. I will only repeat this, CashFX Group is an investment service that is required by the law to have a license. This is why the FCA warned against it:

            You can say what you want about it, but what litterally counts is the conclusion of a financial regulator, and not the opinion of CashFX Group members.

  • Maybe start a thread about BBInvestmentTrade. Now that’s a scam.

  • James, you REALLY don’t get it, do you?