BullishFX Options review – this is a scam, alert!

Review of BullishFX Options

Thanks to our review you will understand that BullishFXoptions is a scam broker and fraudulent investment program that you’d better stay away from.

What is Bullish FX Options

Its official website states that BullishFX Options is a Forex, CFD and binary options broker that allows trading in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

BullishFXoptions also is an investment program with four investments plans. Weekly returns range between 15% and 30%, while the minimum deposit is 500 USD.

But is Bullish FX Options legit, is it a safe investment service?

BullishFXoptions scam

Unfortunately, BullishFXoptions is a scam. Its website is full of lies and forged documents. It is an extremely risky program that you should avoid in order not to lose money. Here are the proofs.

Forged license, illegal service

BullishFX Options shows on its website a license from the IFSC, which is the national financial regulator in Belize.

On the other hand, BullishFX Options say they are located in the United Kingdom. Do you see the problem? Belize’s regulator cannot grant a license to a company in the UK. Moreover, if you look closely at the license, you will see it is a clear forgery. You can see that the original name and dates have been erased in a not very clever way that left some marks.

Since BullishFXoptions claim they are based in the United Kingdom, what they need is a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. But they don’t have it.

To sum it up, Bulllish FX Options are displaying a forged license, in reality it is an unauthorized and illegal investment service.


Fake testimonials

On the Bullishfxoptions’ official website you will find a section called “Investors testimonials”. There you will find stories of people who claim to be earning money with this company. Unfortunately, all these reviews are fake.

It’s a classic trick used by scammers, they made up some success stories and paired them with stock photos. Our picture below contains a proof, you can clearly see that the supposed client is in fact a model from a free stock photo.

Forged testimonials

Fake partners

BullishFX Options claim they are trusted by renowned companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Yahoo. But again, this is not true.

Those companies have nothing in common with BullishFXoptions and will never have, because it is a scam. The broker has no right to place logos of these companies on its website.


Let’s address the plans

Perhaps the most important thing about BullishFX Options is their investment plans. This is what will interest most people, because they allegedly can bring you a passive income.

But they won’t because it all is just fraud. Bullish FX Options promise 60 to 120% returns on investment per month, which is absurd and impossible. There is no way for a legit company to double your money every month, no investment firm in the world is that successful.

The investment plans alone reveal that BullishFXoptions is a scam, because they are impossible to fulfill. This program is like most scams, you can see the true nature just by looking at the numbers from the investment plans.

The investment plans

How BullishFxOptions really work

BullishFXOptions is not a real broker or investment company. They do no real trading or investing, it’s just a scam. If the program was ever paying at all, it was based on a Ponzi scheme.

Schemes like this just recycle money they get on deposits, they take money from newer members and give it to older members. Which always end up in tears when not enough new money is coming into the system.

Either way, BullishFX Options is a scam that is sure to collapse totally, the only thing we don’t know, is when will that happen. People will lose money in this scheme, don’t be one of them.

BullishFXoptions review – the conclusion

BullishFX Options is an unauthorized investment service and a scam with a forged license. Investing money with this program equals to throwing money out of the window, stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, start on a free demo account with a regulated company. Use virtual money to test everything and see what results you are able to get.

If you decide to invest real money, make sure you understand the risks and that you have a proper strategy.

BullishFX Options

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  • Clumsy


  • Total scam
  • Illegal service
  • Sure to fail
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