Canaan Investments review – an obvious scam, beware!

Review of Canaan Investments

In this review of Canaan Investments we address this scam that is ready to take money from your pocket.

What is Canaan Investments

The official website says that Canaan Investments is an investment firm that is focused on trading with currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold, indices and bonds.

The company says that it is a financial institution with a long history. It offers four investment plans: Investor, Partner, VIP and Large Business.

The basic plan requires a minimum $100 deposit and offers a 7% weekly return. The highest plan has a $10,000 minimum deposit and offers a 9% weekly return on investment.

Is Canaan Investments a legit opportunity to make money? No, it is not, and we explain this in our review.

Canaan Investments scam

There are several proofs showing that Canaan Investments is a dirty scam that is very risky and dangerous. Here are some of them.

Brand new scam

Canaan Investments claims to be a “financial institution with a long history”. The question is, can you call 4 days “a long history”? It is not really a question, is it?

Because the fact is that Canaan Investments is only four days old! So, this is the first obvious lie by Canaan Investments, it is not an established company, it is brand new with no track record.

Fake history

Fake stats

We have already established that Canaan Investments is only four days old. Now let’s have a look at the statistics they display on their website.

They say they have “215+ client’s feedback” and more importantly that they have won 8 + awards. Do you think that a company that is four days old could have won 8 awards? Certainly not.

So, the stats provided by Canaan Investments are just another lie.


Illegal service

You might think that a UK registration gives Canaan Investments at least some credibility. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Because it is just a registration for tax purposes that says nothing about the legitimacy of the company.

Any investment firm in the UK has to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. An authorization from this financial regulator is what gives a company credibility.

But as you can see and verify by yourself, Canaan Investments is not authorized by the FCA. There was a company of this name authorized by the FCA as an appointed representative, but it is no longer authorized. Moreover, it a was a completely different company with a different address that has nothing to do with the scam we are reviewing here.

To sum it up, Canaan Investments is an illegal investment service that is breaking the laws of the United Kingdom and every other country it is seeking customers in.

No License

Revealing plans

Now let’s address the investment plans. Up to 9% weekly returns, which means about 40% per month. Which is a very high number. World’s best investment firms will do 40% per year, not per month.

So, you can be sure that when an unauthorized investment service offers 40% per month, it is a scam. There is no way for a legit company to do 9% every week, it is just impossible due to the nature of the financial markets.

Sometimes all you really need to judge an investment offer is to look at the numbers they promise…

Investment plans

Fake testimonials

The last proof about Canaan Investments being a scam that we will provide in this review is the testimonials on the official website of the program. Because they are fake.

Just take a look at our picture. The photo of the alleged user Phillip MacIntyre is in reality a stock photo. It does not represent a real user, the review is fake.

But it was to be expected, since Canaan Investments is only four days old, including one weekend, so they really can’t have any real users’ testimonials yet.


How Canaan Investments works

We know that Canaan Investments is a scam, we just don’t know of what kind. Because there are basically two possibilities.

It might be a simple scam that is just taking money from people and making it disappear.

Or it can be a Ponzi scheme, that will be paying users for some time, just to attract more investors. Money from the latest deposits will be used for payouts, that’s how Ponzi schemes work and that’s why the always collapse in the end.

We have to draw your attention to the fact that Canaan Investments accepts deposits only in cryptocurrencies, and these transactions are irreversible. So, forget about getting any money back when this thing crashes, there will be no way. Which is one of many reasons not to participate in this scheme.

Canaan Investments review – the conclusion

Canaan Investments is an illegal investment service and a scam that is going to collapse, the only question is when. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try it with a regulated company on a free demo account. You will get virtual money to test everything and see the results you can get.

If you later decide to invest real money, please be sure to understand the risks and have a strategy.

Canaan Investments

100 USD





Real returns



  • Some data


  • Scam
  • Illegal scheme
  • Is goint to crash
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Comments 8

  • You did not invest with the company and you are just calling it a scam off your gut feeling. A “site” like yours should do better. I don’t blame Tim Berners-Lee. Everybody with a blog thinks they’re private investigators.

  • I have been investing with Canaan Investments for more than 3 years without issues. Why don’t you try investing with the company and find out for yourself. The company just recently renewed its licence which is why the license is new. Better to have concrete info than run a smear campaign without facts. Take this post down.

    • 1) Canaan Investments has no license to provide investment service. Just a brand new tax registration which does not say anything about the legitimacy. Such a registration does not get renewed and the date of registration never changes.
      2) Isn’t that funny that you Gerald Lowry post a comment from the same address as Stacy Karlsson just 4 minutes ago 😀 😀 😀

  • Very obvious this is a paid post aimed at discrediting a company that is already doing very well. Also very fishy that you are promoting companies you’re affiliated with under this post. The affiliate referral for those companies must be quite juicy. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Oh, yeah, very juicy, if you get a FREE demo from one of the REGULATED companies we list on our website, I will go from a multi millionaire to a billionare. But still bored, so I will continue to write reviews.

  • You haven’t even invested in the company and you are calling it a scam. What authority do you have to decide what is a scam and what is not? If everybody were to make a blog post about whatever feelings they have about whatever company, the internet would be riddled with nonsense like this. Next time, because you puff out your chest to call a company a scam, do yourself the courtesy of trying out their service first. And for your information, I identify as a 2-year investor of Canaan and I have never had any issues.

    • I don’t need to jump out of the window to know that I would die. The review is full of proofs that Canaan Investments is a scam.

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