CashExit review – Stay away, here is why

Review of CashExit

This review explains why you should not invest any money with the brokerage firm CashExit. It is extremely risky.

What is CashExit

CashExit is a broker that will let its clients to trade more than 50 assets. It also offers deposit bonuses and loans. The company says there is a return on investment up to 89%, which would suggest that one of the tradable instruments is options.

Cash Exit does not give any address, so it is unclear where the broker is based. But it shows a certificate that is supposed to prove that it is regulated by the Commission for Control and Regulation of Financial Markets (CCRFM).

Can you trust Cash Exit, is it a legit broker?


Stay away from CashExit

CashExit is not a legit broker, it is a very suspicious company, so you should stay away from it. We would go as far in our as saying that it very probably is a scam. Here is why.

Totally anonymous

CashExit as a company does not say where it is located. Which always is a huge red flag. Financial and investment companies are required by the laws to disclose their address to the public, among other things.

But you need just common sense to see that something is wrong when a company that wants your deposit is hiding behind the wall of the internet anonymity. You should never trust with your money companies that are anonymous.

Contact information

Illegal service

CashExit is offering investment services that are regulated in most countries. It means that it has a license valid in every country it wants to have customers in.

But as we have already established, CashExit is anonymous, it does not even say where it is located. So, it is not regulated anywhere, which means that it is an illegal investment service.

Deposits with Cash Exit therefore are not insured or protected in any other way.

Fake certificate

Cash Exit is trying to convince you about its legitimacy with a certificate issued by the Commission for Control and Regulation of Financial Markets (CCRFM). The problem is that this commission does not seem to even exist, the certificate is fake.

What is certain is that the CCRFM is not a national financial regulator in any country, so the certificate does not change a thing for CashExit, it remains an unauthorized and illegal investment service.

Fake certificate

Why you have to avoid CashExit

CashExit is an anonymous investment service and deposits are not protected with this company. This means that money can disappear and nobody will be able to help you.

In fact, this is what we commonly see, people losing money with shady companies which owners are hiding God knows where. The risk of losing money with an unregulated company is way, way higher than with a regulated one.

CashExit review – conclusion

CashExit is an unlicensed investment company with a fake certificate. We recommend staying away from it.

If you want to trade financial markets, do it with a regulated company and always start by learning on a demo account.

Also, when investing real money, remember that trading is risky. Use only money that you can afford to lose.


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  • Anonymous
  • Illegal service
  • Fake license
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