CloudStock Options review – a dirty scam you want to avoid

CloudStock Options review

In this review we address the Cloudstock Options investment scam that was designed to collapse.

What is CloudStock Options

CloudStock Options is an investment program. It claims to be a regulated binary options broker, but in reality, it offers investment plans for a passive income.

There are three plans with weekly returns from 110% to 278%. Returns depend on the deposit, the minimum is 100 USD for the lowest plan and 1,000 USD for the most rewarding plan.

And that’s it, you are supposed to just deposit money with CloudStock Options and wait for the profits. But don’t do it.

Is CloudStock Options legit?

CloudStock Options claims to be regulated by the CySec, which is the national financial regulator in Cyprus. But it is not true.

CloudStock Options is an anonymous and unregulated investment service, it has no license from the CySec nor any other financial regulator in the world.

Which makes it an illegal investment service, because most countries require investment services to get licenses before they start even offering their products. It means that deposits with this broker are not protected in any way and nobody knows where to money goes.

No license from the CySec

CloudStock Options scam

The complete truth is that CloudStock Options is a scam. It is a dirty money game that is destined to collapse and make all the money disappear.

278% returns in one week are absurd and impossible in any legit business. Only scams like Ponzi schemes promise returns this high.

The most dangerous thing about scams like CloudStock Options is that they often pay in their first days, weeks or sometimes even months. This leads people to believe that they are legitimate investment services, but it never is the case.

How does Cloudstock Options exactly work? It only uses deposits to pay out the profits. As you can probably imagine, this means that it needs more and more deposits coming in to satisfy the withdrawal requests.

The longer it exists, the faster its end approaches. A total collapse is inevitable with scams like this one. And it can happen any time, users never know.

CloudStock Options scam

Stay away

There are three main reasons to stay away from CloudStock Options. The first one is that it is an illegal investment services which offers no protection to your money.

The second one is that since it is a Ponzi scheme, it is doomed to collapse, you just don’t know when. It can happen right after you make your first deposit.

And finally, the third reason to stay way from CloudStock Option is that even if you manage to pull some profits out of it, it will be money from some other users that got scammed and lost.

Because Ponzi schemes don’t do any real activity, they don’t generate any profits, they just take money from some people and give to others. They promise everybody will make money, but that is impossible with these scams, a lot people have to lose for a few people to earn.

Cloudstock Options review – the conclusion

CloudStock Options is a scam. It is not regulated, it is a Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse. Stay away from it.

If you want to try legit investing, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker. Learn with virtual money and see how you can do.

If you decide to trade with real money, be sure to understand the risks and to know what you are doing.

CloudStock Options

100 USD








  • Simple


  • Pure scam
  • Lying about regulation
  • Illegal financial scheme
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