Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading review – A Monster SCAM [Alert]

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading review

Read this review to understand that Fidelity Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is not a legit investment platform. It is a a fraud that is going to collapse.

What is Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is an online investment platform that supposedly is financed by Fidelity International. They also claim that it is a joint project between Coinbase and Fidelity.

The main function of the Coinhub platform is automatic trading based on artificial intelligence (AI) and quantitative methods.

While Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading has plans for cryptocurrency mining, the metaverse, games and even its own FUB token, the main offer currently is USDT “pledging” which generates profits.

All they ask you to do is to deposit your tethers (USDT) in their wallets which is supposed to generate you substantial returns. Users report 25%+ returns per month.

But can you trust Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading, is it really a legit project of Fidelity International?

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading scam

Our researched showed that Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is in reality a monster scam based on a Ponzi scheme. It has nothing to do with Fidelity International, Coinbase or any other reputable company. In this review we provide all the details.

Not owned by Fidelity International

Coinhub claims on its website that it is fully owned by Fidelity Funds, which should give it a fair amount of credibility. Because Fidelity International is big investment company that has more than 800 billion USD in assets under management.

The problem is that it is not true. Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading at has nothing in common with Fidelity International.

In reality it is a new scam that is abusing the identity of Fidelity. This fraudulent website was created in April 2022, it is only two months old. See our picture below.

Not owned by Fidelity

No Coinbase partnership

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading says on its official website that the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is a partner of the project. It is not. You can contact Coinbase and see for yourself.

By the way, the name Coinhub is officially used by a cryptocurrency wallet that has nothing in common with the Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading scam either.

This fraud obviously abuses several established names in the crypto industry to create confusion and look legit. It is a dirty trick that some might find difficult to see through.

Coinbase is not a partner

Fake team

Another thing that Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading took without authorization is the profiles of its alleged team. People they show on their website do not work for this scam project!

Let’s take the alleged founder and CEO Robert Cortright as an example. A brief look at his LinkedIn page reveals that he has nothing to do with Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading. He is the founder and CEO of DriveWealth which is a totally different company not connected to the Coinhub scam in any way.

And the same story applies to all people that are displayed on Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading’s official website as part of the team – they are not at all part of the team.

No connection to Fidelity

Never risk-free

Coinhub says that its platform will trade digital assets (cryptocurrencies) risk-free for you. However, there is no such thing. Crypto trading is never risk-free. In fact, it always is very risky.

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is just throwing fancy blockchain terms at you hoping that they will impress you and make you believe that there are technologies that can make trading risk-free. There are not.

Anybody who says that they will make you money in crypto trading risk-free, is simply a scammer. That’s just the way it is.

Quantitative risks

FUB token

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is planning to throw their own FUB token in their fraudulent mix. It is the favorite tool of scammers.

You see, in the past Ponzi scams paid in their early phases their users with real money. Nowadays Ponzis like to create their own token and give it an arbitrary price. The token is not traded on any real exchange, so scammers can dictate the price.

So they will pay you your profits in their token saying that it has value. But when the whole thing collapses, you will realize that you hold a worthless FUB token that you can’t sell anywhere. It’s a way of scamming you even more.

Unbelievable returns

And finally, let’s address what caught our attention the most when analyzing Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading. People are reporting that they are being paid about 25% monthly, while they can see their first earnings within 12 hours.

This screams scam on all fronts. First of all, in trading you can never have steady returns every day, let alone multiple times a day. It is just not possible because markets don’t behave the same all the time.

Secondly, 25% is something that no legit company can achieve in a month. Just look at the recent collapses of Celsius and Luna, these multi-billion projects were not able to sustain 20% per year.

25% per month is something that you will see with Ponzi schemes only. You might not like it, but it is a fact. The sooner you accept it, the more scams you will be able to avoid.


Not regulated and illegal

There is no doubt that Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading provides investment services. They want you to deposit money with them and they promise that they will grow your account thanks to trading.

As such, the project needs approval from financial regulators in every country it is present and is seeking customers in, so at least the US, UK, Japan and Singapore.

But Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is not authorized anywhere. You can check for example with UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. You can also check with your national financial regulator in your country.

How Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading really works

We have already touched the subject, now let’s go into more details. Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is a Ponzi scheme.

As we have already explained, it is not owned by Fidelity, Coinbase is not a partner, it has no professional team behind it, it has no sophisticated trading technology. In fact, it is not doing any profitable crypto trading at all.

What Coinhub is doing is taking money on deposits and redistributing it on payments to older members. A classic and illegal financial pyramid that by definition has to collapse.

Ponzi schemes pay their members in the early stages because when the project is new, members are coming quickly and they deposit money. But these illegal pyramids need an exponentially growing stream of incoming money, which can’t happen, so they always end up in a total crash.
It is only a question of time, Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is going to collapse.

Similar scams that pretend to be making money thanks to quantitative trading include AI Tiger and RoyalQ Bot.

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading review – Conclusion

Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading is a Ponzi scam that is not connected to Fidelity, Coinbase or any other reputable entity. It runs an illegal financial pyramid with unsustainable rewards. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto investing, you can try it on a free demo on a regulated platform.

Remember that crypto trading/investing is always risky, you have to understand that before using any real money.

Please share this review to help inform other people.

Comments 10

  • Absolutely not accurate, currently pulling thousands out of this platform as we speak, just another person trying to scare others out of an amazing platform with spectacular profit, also, the only companies that have anything to do with checking out the wallet and platform are, coinbase, coinhub, and metamask. Why would you call Binance? It’s like calling Mc Donald’s and complaining about Taco Bells food. Makes no sense.

  • Thank you TBBOB! This is definitely a Ponzi scam.

    I thought it was when I invested only a few hundred in it back in April. My plan was to make my profit quick pull my principle out and ride this out profiting on my profit as long as I can.

    Due to the High returns May 5th I decided to double down and I invested $12K. Over the next 4 weeks with compounding interest it generated $6K. I had split my pledges into a 90 day for 5K and a 30 Day for 7K. The 7K came out as scheduled on June 5th so I took my 6K of my profit out and reinvested the left over 1k for another 90 day pledge. I have let it go for another 4 weeks with the 5.5K I had already invested plus the 6K Profit and now it has generated by last Friday June24th another supposed 6K profit.

    On Friday I was going to add an additional $10K. However fees were high so I waited. Thank the Crypto gods that I did. I had a call into my team leader and he told me that he had tried to pull out S1.3K at 1AM the evening before and was unable to. Additionally, there was a message on Telegram that they were suspending all withdrawals for 72 hours.

    They were blaming Binance saying that Binance had frozen withdrawals due to the fallout from the 3 arrows issue. This is easily verifiable. And, there has been no issue with Binance freezing any withdrawals this week.

    I had not previously been on the Telegram bulletin board for this. So, I started to ask questions on the board. Why this wasn’t in the news? if Binance had suspended withdrawal it should be in the news. Right? I wrote a post saying that I was no longer going to share this or put any money in it until we can withdraw.

    Then they announced that it was more complicated than they said but because of NDA’s with Binance they were unable to explain it completely. LOL right? But, we should all keep investing and jump on the FUB coin game. Told us that this would be resolved before July 15th when FUB coin is released. And they doubled down on the Binance excuse.

    To which I replied that the problem wasn’t with Binance but with the lie about Binance. They responded with more lies and said they were doing there best to fix the problem and now they are partnering with Citibank to fix this issue?!?!!?

    Also, the last sentence of that post said, “if I wasn’t confident with Coinhub then I was welcome to leave the message board.” As soon as I had read the message board I called my team leader. I asked if he had seen my message and the response. He had. During my conversation with him I decided to I wanted to screen shot these conversations. I got done with my call and went back on telegram only to find that my invite to that board was gone. I had been kicked off. Called my team leader back and he verified that my posts were also delete.


    But, if you still want to invest in this then just send me your money and I will definitely send you back half. I promise.

    I will update my post if anything changes.

  • I do not not know what to do now. I am hoping this is not a scam because I have almost my whole life savings locked in there, ( I know very dumb of myself to put myself in that situation ) but now I need help if anyone has any ideas or any ways I can retrieve the money I have currently locked in their please let me know, my life is truly on the verge of being over.

    • start pulling it out as you get to 100 USDT. try to pull it out before 15 JUL. That’s when the worthless FUB token “goes live.” Don’t reinvest ANY money in the new upcoming “promotion.” Get it out, as much as you can before the liquidity goes BYE BYE

  • Hello James, I hope you are doing fine.

    I had a relative of mine approaching me with this platform few weeks ago.

    Now let me tell you that I have been trading since 2017/18 on Binance and have had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars still learning. I am not pro trader at all I just know most of the famous exchange platform and basics of it.

    I had forwarded the platform to 2.3 friends for suggestions and due diligence who have been trading and involved in crypto since back in the days 6.7 years ago when it was used for illegal activities such as drugs etc…

    The most experienced one who happen to be my close friend said that this will go down as easy as it gives returns.

    I make quite good money on my own so I literally wanted to try it out and see what the hell is going on in it. I just thro a $100 and checked everyday, a dollar give or take profit. I am like ok cool, like they promised.

    Not enough risk, I tried more money have deposited about $xk . Everyday since, between $10 to $15 give or take with $1k in pledge, as they promised.

    Like you said in the article, nothing of what they mentioning adds up in their website. Metamask, Binance, Coinbase none of these multi mil or bil companies said anything about this coinhub fidelity and they use words like “NDA” – “Confidentiality” – “Big announcement on the way” as the cover up of their unannounced partnerships with big companies so no one is allowed to talk about it due to again, big words “Legal compliance” of the public and partnerships.

    They are reaching out to more and more people. I have almost was close to convince 2 of my really really good friends with: “If you have money to thro away for high rewards I have an opportunity for you” but gave up at the end cuz it just doesn’t feel right.

    There happened to be a Zoom conference few days ago with team leaders. There is this lady who’s part of the team of coinhub-fidelity and did most of the talking. It is an hour zoom call, I want you to watch it and discuss something with you.

    This team might be ruining lives already.

    • The thing with NDAs is that all parties involved respect them because they signed them. So when Coinhub publicly says it is owned by Fidelity and Fidelity says that it is not true, I know who to believe.

    • There is no doubt this is just another stupid Ponzi scheme .

  • Answer me this, 2 months ago me and my entire family called Fidelity Investments in the USA and verified that they did in fact purchase Coinhub in April of 2021.

    I have been sending ppl to Fidelity Investments to verify this for months; just recently Fidelity removed this info from the “back office”, this means that regular customer service ppl for Fidelity no longer have access to confirm this info.


    Just recently an article came out that Fidelity was being questions for announcing that they may start trading ppls 401k on the crypto market, once this got out, they took the ability to for their “retail team”, to pass any crypto info to the general public; this is according to their legal and compliance department.

    This in no way is a scam, there are much bigger players in all of this with many NDA’s signed, this will all go public Oct 10th 2022.

    The writter of this article can’t find what he wants, news flash, this has not even been made public yet, when the FUB coin becomes available for purchase on July 15th then what?

    The FUB coin is already on the Singapore exchange worth 0.16 today this is before the release; we are’nt “purchasing” FUB token prior to it’s release, we are getting it for free; now, tell me, why would they give it for free if they were trying to scam you, also, why would Coinbase exchange return my money from the Fidelity Node?

    If it were a scam, wouldn’t Coinbase Exchange flag it as a scam?!?

    Also, when you add a link at the end of an article, directing ppl to another platform, you have just completely discredited yourself.

    • OMG, you’re such a liar!

      I asked Fidelity about Coinhub and they confirmed to me that they have nothing to do with it. The screenshot of the Fidelity statement is in the review.

      The same applies to Coinbase, it has nothing in common with Coinhub.

      I strongly encourage everybody with doubts to contact Fidelity and Coinbase directly to verify, don’t blindly trust what anonymous people say on the internet, including me.

      Also, the FUB coin is traded on the Singapore exchange? What exchange is that? Post a link!

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