TERRIBLE SCAM: Continental Crypto review

Continental Crypto review

This review proves that Continental Crypto is an investment scam that is very dangerous for your money.

What is Continental Crypto

Its official website says that Continental Crypto is a company that is trading cryptocurrencies with high profits. The proposition is that you deposit money with the company and let them grow it thanks to trading.

According to statistics that can be viewed on its website, Continental Crypto is achieving about 20% monthly returns on investment. The so-called AI Managed Account supposedly will grow your capital on autopilot. The minimum deposit is 1000 USD.

Continental Crypto allegedly is a company based in the USA that won numerous awards and has renowned financial partners, so you can trust it. But is it true, is Continental Crypto legit?

Continental Crypto scam

The truth is that Continental Crypto is a terrible scam. And it is very easy to prove. In this review we explain the main points.

Recycled scam

The first look at Continental Crypto quickly reveals that this scam is just a copy of the World Markets scam. As you can see in our picture below, the website design and content are the same.

Fraudsters did not even bother to change names, so you will find Peter Noel with the same fake story on both websites. Everything is exactly the same.

World Markets is a scam that has already collapsed. Some people didn’t want to believe us when we published a warning against it but time proved us right.

So, Continental Crypto is just a carbon copy of a crashed investment scam. This fact alone means that Continental Crypto is a scam.

Continental Crypto scam

Fake stats

Continental Crypto claims to be founded in 2003 and on its website, you will find trading stats for the last four years.

The problem is that Continental Crypto started only in February 2021. This means that all the numbers are completely fake.

The stats were certainly not audited or verified in any way. Which is something you should always want when you are dealing with an investment offer. All these pictures with fake stat were just copied from the previous version of this fraud.

Fake trading stats

Fake company

Continental Crypto is supposed to be trustworthy because it is a US company. But it is not. It is not located in the United States.

You can check any US register you want, and you won’t find Continental Crypto anywhere. The real owners are hiding somewhere because they are scamming people. They won’t reveal their real identities and location to the public.

The company

Illegal investment service

In the US and most other countries Continental Crypto is considered to be an investment service. Because it is taking deposits from the public and promising returns based on financial trading.

As such Continental Crypto needs licenses in every country that it is targeting with its services. But it is not licensed anywhere, it is an illegal investment service that provides no protection for customers.

Not regulated

Fake awards and partners

The Continental Crypto website is full of awards that the service allegedly won and full of partners that it allegedly is cooperating with. But everything is fake.

Continental Crypto has not won a single award and it is not partnered with any reputable company. Because it simply is a scam.

This scam has no right whatsoever to use the logos of companies and awards you can see on its website. You can contact any company that is mentioned on Continental’s Crypto website and you will see that they know nothing about it.

Also, as we have explained, Continental Crypto was created in February 2021, so it certainly could not win any awards in the past years.

Fake awards

And finally…

We know that if you open financial charts with stocks, Forex or whatever, with hindsight it is easy to say that if you bought at a certain date, today you would have made that much money. So making 20%+ per month might seem like perfectly doable. But in reality it is extremely difficult to impossible.

A legit investing company that is doing proper risk management just can’t average 20% monthly. A legit investment fund will be considered very good if it makes 20% in a year.

We’re saying all this because high returns are most of the time the most obvious giveaway of a scam. Tens of percent per month are always a huge red flag that should make you either dismiss an offer or conduct a very deep research combined with a consultation with your national financial regulator or other professionals.

How Continental Crypto works

Fraudulent programs like Continental Crypto often start as Ponzi schemes, which means that in their first weeks or months they are paying. But they use deposits of newer members to pay profits of older members.

It means they generate no real revenue, they just conduct an illegal financial pyramid that is doomed to fail.

So it can be misleading, because some people will argue that if a program is paying, it can’t be a scam. But that is not true, and it is what makes Ponzi schemes so dangerous. A lot of people put their money in, when they see profits, they reinvest them and then the house of cards collapses and they are left empty-handed.

This is why it is so important to stay away from these scams, you never know when the collapse can come, it can happen very quickly and you can lose everything you put into them.

Unfortunately, scams like Continental Crypto often have generous affiliate programs, so you will see a lot of people promoting them and persuading you to join and deposit. But don’t let them drag into it, if you don’t want to lose money.

Continental Crypto review – Conclusion

Continental Crypto is an exact copy of an already failed investment scam. You have to stay away from it because it is certain to collapse, it is only a matter of time.

If you are interested in legit financial trading, we recommend starting on a free demo with a regulated company. You will get virtual money to try everything.

Should you later decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a proper plan.

Please share our review to help to warn other people against the Continental Crypto scam.

Continental Crypto

1000 USD

Company legitimacy




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  • Copied scam
  • Illegal service
  • Very dangerous
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