Copy Soros review – 5 reasons why it’s a scam!

Copy Soros review

We tested Copy Soros and in our review, we present proofs that it is a typical investment scam. You have to avoid it in order not to lose money.

Our review provides the findings of our analysis of Copy Soros – what this system really is, how it works, how it plans to scam you, how to stay safe and how to recover your money if you already got scammed.

What is Copy Soros

Copy Soros is a platform that provides trading signals for different assets, for example, stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. This trading software allegedly generates profitable signals that will make you money.

The advertised key features of Copy Soros are:

  • reliable trading signals
  • platform available for desktop and mobile
  • experienced traders behind the signals
  • $100 – $500 in daily profits
  • up to 92,6% accuracy

The platform is not connected in any shape or form to the famous investor George Soros, it just uses his trading career and approach as an inspiration.

They claim that the system can make you more than 1000 USD per week, so the question is, how much the Copy Soros App costs? Nothing. Because you allegedly can get it for free as a member of the final beta testers group. The spots are supposedly limited to 500.

How to register for Copy Soros

To register for Copy Soros you have to use the form on its official website. You will fill-in your name, e-mail address, phone number, and password. Once confirmed, an account will be created for you.

Then you will get access to the platform with its dashboard. You will be able to see the latest news from financial markets. But in order to see the trading signals, you will have to connect to a selected broker, which means depositing at least 250 USD with it. Only then the Copy Soros App will be fully activated and you will be able to start using it.

Is Copy Soros legit?

Unfortunately, no, Copy Soros is not legit. It is not a real profitable trading system, it cannot make you any money.

In fact, Copy Soros is not even safe, it is right our dangerous for your money. Signing up for this app will put your money at great risk that you will not be able to control.

Copy Soros scam

Our analysis and testing have shown that Copy Soros is a scam, which therefore is the verdict of our review.

This trading system will never make you any money because it was designed to make you lose. The claim about the beta testing group is a big lie, spots will never be limited, Copy Soros will always be free because it’s a scam.

It was released by a group of infamous scammers who keep releasing new fraudulent programs every few months. The latest ones were FX Robotix and BLW Trading Academy. Every time they claim this is the one that will make you money, but each time it turns out that it is just another scam.

When there are too many real reviews pointing out that their latest system is a fraud, they just go on and release a new one with a new name. They have been proceeding this way for years.

In our Copy Soros review, we provide five tangible reasons why it is a scam that you should stay away from.

1. Paid actor

The only information about Copy Soros on its official website is provided in the form of a video. There is an anonymous guy speaking and explaining why you should trust him and the system that was created by his team.

He clearly says “we”, which implies that he is part of the team that created this trading signals system that you are supposed to rely upon with your money.

But here is the problem, the guy in the video is a paid actor. In fact, anybody can hire this guy for just a few dollars on Fiverr. He can be your spokesperson too. So, he tries to make you believe he is the face of Copy Soros, but he is not, he is an actor, the real owners remains anonymous and hidden. The video is very misleading.

This is a paid actor

2. Deposit with an unregulated broker

There is no review of a financial or investment system without mentioning the legal aspect. Copy Soros will provide you with trading signals for assets that are regulated. The question is how much automated can trading become on this platform, this will determine whether it is a service that needs a license, see for example this article.

In our opinion Copy Soros as a trading signals service is borderline in terms of breaking the law. If you are considering using it, be sure to first consult your national financial regulator to see about this legal aspect.

What is certain though, is that Copy Soros will send you to an unregulated and illegal broker, which in itself makes the service very shady. As you can see, they push their users to deposit at least 250 USD with the unregulated broker Marketrip.

Marketrip is totally anonymous and unlicensed, it is an illegal broker in most countries. Your money would be almost certainly lost with this company just because of this fact. You would not benefit from any protection at all.

Since Copy Soros is pushing people to a dubious and illegal broker, it makes it very dubious too.

Push to deposit with a scam broker

3. Agree to non-existing terms

The shady nature of Copy Soros is confirmed during the sign-up process. As you can see in our picture, they require you to agree to the terms and conditions that don’t even exist.

There is no document under their link, there is no terms and conditions at all, the disclaimer is non-existent too. They created these empty links just to make it look like they have everything covered, but in reality, there is nothing under the surface, which confirms that Copy Soros is a scam.

The Terms and Conditions don't exist

4. No support

What happens if something goes wrong with Copy Soros? You will contact their support, right? You can try, but it is another empty link, their support does not exist.

Again, you will see a link to a support page, so you will assume that it exists. But no, it doesn’t exist, there will be nobody to help you. Which is perfectly normal for programs that are scams. They don’t want to help you, they just want your money.

Support is fake

5. No real team, no real system

As we have demonstrated, Copy Soros is pretty shallow, there is no real substance to it. There is no real team of experienced traders behind it, there is no real profitable system of trading signals.

They have made everything up, they tell you a fake story, a fairy tale about easy money, but money is never easy in trading.

Should they know how to trade profitably, they would do it, they would be rich and they would not bother with begging you to join their system.

How the Copy Soros app works – the truth

The Copy Soros app works this way: it will push you to deposit with a shady broker and all these scammers will share your money. They won’t earn you anything, they will make you lose everything you send them.

This whole Copy Soros project is designed to make money to scammers. If they could ask you straight away to send them your money because they just want it, they would do it. But nobody would send it to them.

So instead, they made up this story about profitable trading signals that will earn you money. And they are free, so you seemingly have nothing to lose.

But here is the catch, in order to get the signals, you have to send your money to a scam broker that will steal it.

This is how Copy Soros works, everything is just a big fat lie to convince you to send them what you have.

No deposit, no signals

How to protect your money

To protect your money against Copy Soros and similar programs, you have to do these things:

  • realize that money is not and cannot be free
  • profitable trading systems are not free, because this would equal to free money
  • systems promising easy passive money for free are scams
  • don’t send any money to Copy Soros and similar systems, this way you cannot lose it
  • don’t give them remote access to your computer
  • don’t install any software they request
  • don’t even sign up for these programs, you don’t want fraudsters to have your personal information

There is this old old saying: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This saying very much applies to investing and trading financial markets, don’t forget it.

Got scammed by Copy Soros, what should you do?

If you got scammed by Copy Soros, we are very sorry, but here is what you can do:

  1. Pressure the broker you sent your money to to give you a refund.
  2. Say you will complain to authorities and reverse the deposit transaction if they don’t comply.
  3. If the broker refuses your request, go ahead and try to reverse your deposit transaction.
  4. If you used a credit card, ask your bank to do a chargeback on that transaction.
  5. If you used another payment provider, ask that company to do a chargeback.
  6. In case of bank-wires, it is the most difficult, ask your bank for help.
  7. When submitting your requests, don’t forget to explain that you got scammed by an unauthorized broker.

With Copy Soros you are dealing with scammers, so it probably won’t be easy, but it is worth trying to recover your money. Just be sure not to fall into traps of recovery rooms.

Also, if you sent you credit card details to those scammers, it is worth blocking this card and getting a new one.

And finally, if they have your personal documents, you have to assess the risk of identity abuse. Contact the financial regulator in your country and ask them for advice on this matter.

Copy Soros review – our verdict

Our review provides you with reasons why not to trade with Copy Soros. This trading system obviously is a scam that is cooperating with shady brokers. We strongly recommend staying away from it.

There are no shortcuts to profitable trading, it is a skill you have to acquire. You can start learning on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Please be sure to understand the risks and to prepare a good trading strategy before eventually investing real money.

Scammers who run the Copy Soros scam release their own fake reviews, beware! Please help us to warn other people by sharing our real review.

Frequently asked questions

Is Copy Soros safe?

No, Copy Soros is not safe. It is an investment scam that will send you to an anonymous and unregulated broker. You will then be pushed to give them your money.

Can I make money with Copy Soros?

No, you cannot make any money with Copy Soros, because it is not a profitable trading signals system. It is just a tool to take money away from you, nothing more.

Is Copy Soros a scam?

Yes, Copy Soros is a scam. It was designed by a group of infamous scammers who keep flooding the market with their fraudulent trading programs that lose money to ordinary people.

Copy Soros

250 USD

Trading signals


The team





  • Makes you think twice


  • Scam
  • Cannot make money
  • Sends you to shady brokers
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Comments 11

  • Blw Trading owner Christian is a fraud. He created Fx Masterbot, Fx Robotix, and many scams. I lost $2300 by following his recommendations over and over again.

    • Exactly. Now they also have the Andrew’s Trading Channel, which I expect will promoting scams soon.

      • The whole review is full of Assumptions with no single evidence that it’s a “scam”
        Instead of all that crap why don’t you tell the people the truth or if it’s really a “scam” why don’t you post a screenshot of your sessions with it or any thing that really proves that it is a fraud.
        It’s simply an algorithm of a specific strategy that shows the signal of the asset with the condition that applies to the strategy, it might win or lose, and if you know some basics you can choose the good assets and trade it.

  • Never read such a bad review…
    full of assumptions.. even though its bad but where are your full test results to back up you claims

    • I don’t need to jump out of the window to know that I would die. And I don’t need to invest and lose money with every new program that is released by a well-known group of scammers to know that everything they put out is a scam. But you don’t have to trust me, in fact I don’t care if you trust me. I strongly encourage everybody to check Copy Soros with their national financial regulator to get the confirmation of what we say. Our review is an honest warning but it doesn’t change anything for us if people trust us or not.

  • I have had some bad experiences with Copy Soros. The sad story of mine is that I joined the program after having watched a few videos on Youtube on how the system works and after I joined I were assigned a broker which I wasn’t able to deal with, so I tried to contact them and request another one, but they have never gotten back to me.

  • How do the bloggers, like Andrew and Paul ( manage to show their superb results and how they get easy withdrawals which are shown online? I have joined various recommended and demonstrated auto trading schemes on their sites but have never had the platforms linked to the Autotrader and I have never been able to get my investment back. When I email the bloggers through whom I joined, and who probably received a generous commission for recruiting, they do not respond to my complaint and try to influence the scamming platforms to return money. How do the bloggers get results but not I, even when I follow the exact recommended way of joining and am always quick to verify my account? Does anyone know and work with a reliable Autotrader and a regulated broker. If so will they please reveal it?

  • So any recommended one at all?

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