COTP review – Ugly scam, beware

COTP review

This review addresses the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform (COTPS) scam that promises you up to 100% monthly returns on investment.

What is COTP

COTPS (COTP) or Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is an online platform that supposedly will earn you a passive income.

The platform is specialized in over-the-counter trading and arbitrage trading. Daily returns on investment are advertised as high as 3.6%.

COTP says that all digital assets held in the app are FDIC insured up to 250,000 USD per customer. Also, the company is registered in Colorado and as a MSB with FinCEN.

But is COTPS legit, can you trust it with your money?

COTP scam

Be it COTPS or COTP or Crypto OTC Trading Platform, it is all one giant scam. You should not invest any money with it. In this review we explain the details.

A more recent version of this arbitrage fraud is AI Tiger.

Fake team

Let’s start with the obvious thing. COTP uses two domains: and Both are interlinked. shows pictures of the team that supposedly is running the entire operation, but everything is fake.

The pictures are stock photos and not photos of actual people working at COTP. The guy in the video is very probably a paid actor.

Showing fake picture and saying that these people are the management of the company is a proof of scam.

Fake COTP team

No FDIC insured

The Cryptos OTC Trading Platform claims on its official website that all digital tokens held within its app are FDIC insured up to 250,000 USD per person.

But it is not true. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides deposit insurance to regulated companies only, and COTP is not regulated. Which brings us to another point.

No FDIC insurance

Not regulated and illegal

COTP is registered in Colorado, so it is a US company. Since it is clearly providing investment services, it has to be regulated, but it is not. So it is breaking the laws and it is an illegal investment service.

Don’t get fooled by the FinCEN registration of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform Limited. the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is not a regulator that oversees investment services and securities offerings.

The FinCEN clearly states that the inclusion of a business on its website is not a certification of legitimacy.

You see, anybody can register with the FinCEN, you fill in a form online and that’s it. The FinCEN won’t check if you are a real business that is authorized to provide the services you provide.

COTP is an unauthorized and illegal investment service.

COTP is not regulated

Fake office, fake history

The official registered address of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is 6547 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It is where the office of this company that supposedly employs more than 100 people should be.

But when you check the address, you will see that it is a rented mailbox.

Also, COTPS claims that it officially launched its platform in 2019 and that one year later, in 2020, it already had more than 100,000 registered users.

But that is an obvious lie. Because the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform as a company was registered in October 2021 and the domain was also registered in October 2021. See our picture below for a proof.

There is also the domain name that is older, but in the past it was owned by some other business and Cryptos OTC Trading Platform acquired it some time at the end of 2021. Here you can see that in June 2021 the domain was still for sale.

To sum this up, COTPS is lying about its history, it did not launch in 2019, it did not have more than 100,000 registered users in 2020, because it launched only in October 2021.

COTPS history

Faking partnerships

COTPS is trying to make you believe that it is a big institutional player in cryptocurrency trading. On its official website it shows you logos of renowned institutions Signature Bank, Dukascopy and Swissquote and suggests they are partners for crypto liquidity.

We reached out to all three and asked them about any partnership with Cryptos OTC Trading Platform. Unfortunately only Dukascopy replied, but the answer is well worth it.

Because Dukascopy confirmed that they don’t have any relationship with COTPS whatsoever. It means that Cryptos OTC Trading Platform has no right to use the Dukascopy logo on their website like they do.

Not a partner

And the returns…

Frankly, we understood that COTP is a scam within just a few minutes after discovering it. How is that possible? Simply because the daily returns promised by this platform are something impossible for a legit investment/trading program.

Up to 3.6% daily means more than 100% per month. Yes, it is possible to have a lucky month in crypto trading and double your money. But you certainly won’t be able to do that every month.

Even less consistency is possible on a daily basis. Yet we see people showing that they consistently make around 3% daily with COTPS. Which is ridiculous.

So how is that possible, could COTPS be even paying?

Insane and fake returns

COTP Safe Miner – desperate fraud

As predicted, COTP collapsed and stopped paying. It was a Ponzi scheme and as such it could not end in any other way.

However, immediately after its collapse a desperate attempt to steal more money from the victims emerged, it is called COTP Safe Miner.

COTP Safe Miner does not even have a proper website with a presentation that would use lies to make you believe that it is generating profits in trading or any other legit activity.

Instead, it just wants you to connect your cryptocurrency wallet and deposit USDT. While it promises the same ridiculous rewards as the original scam, 3.3% daily.

Don’t fall for it, COTP Safe Miner is just another scam that is aimed at COTP victims. It is a new Ponzi scheme that is automated in the blockchain, which makes sure that it is going to collapse rather quickly. You have to stay away from it.

COTP Safe Miner

How COTPS really works

COTPS is a scam, there is no doubt about it. However, it might be currently paying its members thanks to being a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme just takes money from new members and gives it to older members. No real trading or investing is going on behind the scenes, just an illegal pyramid game.

So don’t be fooled, if you are getting paid by COTP, it still is a scam that will collapse. It is only a matter of time. Another example of the same fake arbitrage scam is Swapnex.

COTPS review – Conclusion

COTP(S) – The Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is an illegal investment service and a scam. You have to stay away from it!

For crypto trading we recommend staying with regulated companies. You can try them on a free demo and virtual money.

Before investing real money you have to be sure that you understand the risks and that you have a sound strategy, including money management.

Please share this review to help inform other people.

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  • Two other fraudulent sites are MetafiYielders and SkyDwellers. Both are happy to take money but never give a withdrawal. Beware!!

  • Hmm! Short of words.

  • James, COTP appears to be making a comeback in the form of a crypto trading platform that goes by the name of HEAL.Estate you can go to their site yourself to see, there’s no founders info, no contact info, no location info and when I clicked on the dashboard button. The dashboard flashed for a half of second that looked identical to COTP’s platform. Keep doing what you are doing to make people aware of scammers and con artist. Much appreciated.

  • Cotp is not reachable and i lose my all money plz any one can tel me what happened

  • James, you (and the early fall of COTPS) saved my money. A huge thank you. I don’t feel well about Meta Bounty Hunters either, pure intuition since I know nothing about crypto. Any hints?

  • James you were right, Iam here to apologize thanks got I got my investment back but I know some people who lose more than 1M dlrs

    • How did you get your money back? My husband and I invested and we lost a lot of money. This is the first time we get involve in something like this and we thought it was legit. Thank you!

    • How did you get your money back? My husband and I invested and we lost a lot of money. This is the first time we get involve in something like this and we thought it was legit. Thank you! After reading this article I realized that in fact it was a scam.

    • How you can got your investment back? You should share the info with us… could you please let us know??

    • I think he’s saying that he had reached a full return on investment via withdrawals before the ponzi collapsed / they pulled the rug.

  • Is there any recourse of action and how we get our money bacK?

  • Someone needs to contact the local FBI where the headquarters is located. It used to be a minimum of $25,000 before the FBI would get involved and I am not sure what the number is now. Has to be where the main office is located so FBI has jurisdiction. Those guys need to go to prison

    • Do we have an idea of where these people are located? I’ve only just come across this article after investing and have lost a lot of money.

  • same..thanks for doing what you do

  • So here we are, time proved me right again. I got attacked so much here because of my review that was right from the start. Where are all the COTPS supporters that attacked me? Will you apologize to people who joined because of your false arguments and lost money? Anyway, I am happy that I was able to save money to at least some of the people who read this review, that is why I am doing it. I don’t mind the attacks on me, over the years I got immune.

    • It feels so good to be right.

      • Not that much when I know that lots of people lost lots of money in this. That is why I never do my victory lap, I am just angry with people who were defending the scam.

        • Hi John,

          Any recommendatiin on what to do now?

          Any idea if I have any recourse I can take, or should I just assume it’s gone and move on…?

        • You’re a better man than me James. My conscience is clear. I warned everyone I knew to steer clear and I’ve been doing the rounds on forums like this and twitter to get people to take their money out. If they didn’t then that’s on them and their own greed unfortunately.

  • Got to know about your website a little too late and now you cannot withdraw from cotps again . If I have seen this earlier I wouldn’t have invested at all. They now have a new message that says they have been hacked and it will take 3 to 5 weeks to fix. This is the end of the road although I lost some money as I only joined 3 weeks ago.

  • You said you’ve been doing arbitrage for years? How might one go about getting into other arbitrage opportunities that similar but arent scams? im lucky i only put in $50 to test it so i didnt lose much. Still I am interesting in learning how I can make money with crypto.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think anybody will be doing arbitrage trading for you. Profitable arbitrage opportunities are not so common and those who find them trade them for themselves and keep the profit. There is no reason to teach this to somebody else or even share the profit with them. I’m sorry but that’s how it is.

  • Anyone w want some entertainment?

    Watch these sheep drinking the KoolAid concerning COTPS:

  • Regardless if people are making money, its a ponzi scheme. That’s how ponzi schemes work – use other people’s money to pay other people their returns. I only put in $500 and doubled it less than a month, but there’s so many red flags with the site lol. Glad I took out $500 to break even because now there is an issue with the sms for withdrawing funds. I think this is it lol

    • Yea, I was planning to do the same.

      Double, then pull out, then play w/house $$$, but stalled with the sms issue.

      They have a message on their site now (strangely it’s in Spanish, but I translated to English…):
      “Due to some issues with Binance, a number of processes cannot be executed normally. The SMS channel will be restored to normal at 00:00 hours on the 22nd. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”

  • I knew it was a scam, but I put $$$ in anyways, and now looks like withdrawal is locked.

    And idea if I have any recourse I can take, or should I just assume it’s gone and move on…?

    • You knew it was a scam but put $$$ in anyway? I’m speechless!

      • Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to differentiate real world events from Cartoon experiences. lol

      • Yea, I was planning to do the same.

        Double, then pull out, then play w/house $$$, but stalled with the sms issue.

        They have a message on their site now (strangely it’s in Spanish, but I translated to English…):
        “Due to some issues with Binance, a number of processes cannot be executed normally. The SMS channel will be restored to normal at 00:00 hours on the 22nd. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”

    • I put money and lost it as well. Any idea how to get money back?

  • James, I’ve been a Police Officer for 19 years and my ‘Spidey Senses’ tingled within one minute of looking at documentation sent to me for “checking” by a friend.

    From what I looked at for myself, before I even looked at this page and the points you raised, I was 100% convinced COTPS was either a MLM scam or Ponzi scheme. People are making money right now, but that clock is ticking.

    You have defended your article well, in my humble opinion. However, in my job (as I see here also) you can tell people the truth until you’re blue in the face, but as the old saying goes, “There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you. I know I won’t convince everybody, but even if this review saves money only to a few people, it is worth it.

      • On behalf of everyone who reads your article and decides to put their hard-earned cash into something that isn’t a scam, thank you for what you are trying to do and for being an example of honor and integrity in a corrupt world.

        • Thank you.

          • At James Pinion, please keep up the great work. You have a big fan in me. Keep exposing these scams.

          • I got referred to this “cotp business” by a colleague and kept getting the odd feeling it wasn’t all it was glorified to be. That feeling led me to this site and it only took two comments from James Pinion to convince me that my suspicions were valid. I had to immediately withdraw all my funds only a day after putting them in. lo and behold, 2 days after, Cotps withdrawal system stopped working and with all the drama that’s going on, they may never return. Thank you James, from me and the few others that listened, you saved us a sh*t ton of money. <3

          • You’re welcome, that’s why I’m doing it.

          • I know you’ll never hear from them again, but I hope all those people in the comments above defending this nonsense come back on here and apologize to you. COTP is as dead as bernie madoff

  • Shout out to James for trying to bash some sense and logic into these dummies pumping away at a ponzi whose only argument is deerp, it’s paying.
    You morons have failed to articulate a single valid point to any of Jame’s arguments, which are air tight
    keep shillin guys, you will all get rekt in the end

  • Please can we talk on WhatsApp ? ********

  • So if you give the bank $1 million dollars and they pay you 3% a year return, what do they make from your $1 million?
    A bank is a business like any other. If everyone didn’t pay their mortgages, banks would collapse. Banks are set up the exact same way, only rich get richer. Also, every business no matter what it is, is timed to die at some point. So regardless, put your money on red or black. In the end, you are just raking a little but back from what the banks can not regulate and its stealing from them. My heart bleeds for the banks profits…
    I’m making my money off it, got it all back and am now making decent money from it. Nygaard is a massive company, only to fall cause the owner was a bad person. Everything is eventual, just don’t be the last person every time.

    • Except for the fact that banks do a legit business, they serve a purpose, they help the economy run, while COTPS is just a Ponzi scheme that is going to destroy lives.

      • Banks are the largest fraudulent business around! They choose who they lend to. You honestly think someone who can afford $2500 a month rent on top of all other bills can not afford a $800 month mortgage? They set the standards, they set interest rates. Only when something happens that is global they have no recourse. I had over $110,000 in RRSP’s. When the markets crashed, so did my money. No warnings, no emergency stops, the banks just though up their hands and said, oh well. Meanwhile, they lend out my money and made millions off it. Again, banks will be trying to shut down crypto, but in the end, banks will be forced to play or go away.
        Remember banks selling paper notes for gold reserves? Who won there? Not the people who sold gold to get bank notes. People don’t hold real wealth anyone, just debt. So do I feel bad, not the slightest. Have I done my research, you betcha.
        If you can say this is a ponzi scheme, the banks run on the same platforms with your money. So the banks are the biggest scams of them all. Please stop defending what you do not understand because no graph or crystal ball exists. But, everything will end, they always do. We invented money to control the masses and to buy shiny things. Prove me wrong.
        And this is not a personal attack, I am a facts person, and unfortunately everything is fake news until time tells in the end. Happy investing everyone!!!

        • A bank takes your money on a deposit and lends it to somebody who can for example get a mortgage and buy a house. This is a legit business that benefits both parties. In most countries it is regulated and deposits are insured. Not to mention that a bank facilitates transactions, automates your payments etc. Makes your life easier.
          COTPS does nothing real, it just plays a financial pyramid and people have to hope they are not in the lowest level when it collapses. No real business, no real values, nothing.

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