COTP review – Ugly scam, beware

COTP review

This review addresses the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform (COTPS) scam that promises you up to 100% monthly returns on investment.

What is COTP

COTPS (COTP) or Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is an online platform that supposedly will earn you a passive income.

The platform is specialized in over-the-counter trading and arbitrage trading. Daily returns on investment are advertised as high as 3.6%.

COTP says that all digital assets held in the app are FDIC insured up to 250,000 USD per customer. Also, the company is registered in Colorado and as a MSB with FinCEN.

But is COTPS legit, can you trust it with your money?

COTP scam

Be it COTPS or COTP or Crypto OTC Trading Platform, it is all one giant scam. You should not invest any money with it. In this review we explain the details.

A more recent version of this arbitrage fraud is AI Tiger.

Fake team

Let’s start with the obvious thing. COTP uses two domains: and Both are interlinked. shows pictures of the team that supposedly is running the entire operation, but everything is fake.

The pictures are stock photos and not photos of actual people working at COTP. The guy in the video is very probably a paid actor.

Showing fake picture and saying that these people are the management of the company is a proof of scam.

Fake COTP team

No FDIC insured

The Cryptos OTC Trading Platform claims on its official website that all digital tokens held within its app are FDIC insured up to 250,000 USD per person.

But it is not true. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation provides deposit insurance to regulated companies only, and COTP is not regulated. Which brings us to another point.

No FDIC insurance

Not regulated and illegal

COTP is registered in Colorado, so it is a US company. Since it is clearly providing investment services, it has to be regulated, but it is not. So it is breaking the laws and it is an illegal investment service.

Don’t get fooled by the FinCEN registration of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform Limited. the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is not a regulator that oversees investment services and securities offerings.

The FinCEN clearly states that the inclusion of a business on its website is not a certification of legitimacy.

You see, anybody can register with the FinCEN, you fill in a form online and that’s it. The FinCEN won’t check if you are a real business that is authorized to provide the services you provide.

COTP is an unauthorized and illegal investment service. Another scam abusing the FinCEN registration is Neumann Wallet.

COTP is not regulated

Fake office, fake history

The official registered address of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is 6547 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. It is where the office of this company that supposedly employs more than 100 people should be.

But when you check the address, you will see that it is a rented mailbox.

Also, COTPS claims that it officially launched its platform in 2019 and that one year later, in 2020, it already had more than 100,000 registered users.

But that is an obvious lie. Because the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform as a company was registered in October 2021 and the domain was also registered in October 2021. See our picture below for a proof.

There is also the domain name that is older, but in the past it was owned by some other business and Cryptos OTC Trading Platform acquired it some time at the end of 2021. Here you can see that in June 2021 the domain was still for sale.

To sum this up, COTPS is lying about its history, it did not launch in 2019, it did not have more than 100,000 registered users in 2020, because it launched only in October 2021.

COTPS history

Faking partnerships

COTPS is trying to make you believe that it is a big institutional player in cryptocurrency trading. On its official website it shows you logos of renowned institutions Signature Bank, Dukascopy and Swissquote and suggests they are partners for crypto liquidity.

We reached out to all three and asked them about any partnership with Cryptos OTC Trading Platform. Unfortunately only Dukascopy replied, but the answer is well worth it.

Because Dukascopy confirmed that they don’t have any relationship with COTPS whatsoever. It means that Cryptos OTC Trading Platform has no right to use the Dukascopy logo on their website like they do.

Not a partner

And the returns…

Frankly, we understood that COTP is a scam within just a few minutes after discovering it. How is that possible? Simply because the daily returns promised by this platform are something impossible for a legit investment/trading program.

Up to 3.6% daily means more than 100% per month. Yes, it is possible to have a lucky month in crypto trading and double your money. But you certainly won’t be able to do that every month.

Even less consistency is possible on a daily basis. Yet we see people showing that they consistently make around 3% daily with COTPS. Which is ridiculous.

So how is that possible, could COTPS be even paying?

Insane and fake returns

COTP Safe Miner – desperate fraud

As predicted, COTP collapsed and stopped paying. It was a Ponzi scheme and as such it could not end in any other way.

However, immediately after its collapse a desperate attempt to steal more money from the victims emerged, it is called COTP Safe Miner.

COTP Safe Miner does not even have a proper website with a presentation that would use lies to make you believe that it is generating profits in trading or any other legit activity.

Instead, it just wants you to connect your cryptocurrency wallet and deposit USDT. While it promises the same ridiculous rewards as the original scam, 3.3% daily.

Don’t fall for it, COTP Safe Miner is just another scam that is aimed at COTP victims. It is a new Ponzi scheme that is automated in the blockchain, which makes sure that it is going to collapse rather quickly. You have to stay away from it.

COTP Safe Miner

How COTPS really works

COTPS is a scam, there is no doubt about it. However, it might be currently paying its members thanks to being a Ponzi scheme.

A Ponzi scheme just takes money from new members and gives it to older members. No real trading or investing is going on behind the scenes, just an illegal pyramid game.

So don’t be fooled, if you are getting paid by COTP, it still is a scam that will collapse. It is only a matter of time. Another example of the same fake arbitrage scam is Swapnex.

COTPS review – Conclusion

COTP(S) – The Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is an illegal investment service and a scam. You have to stay away from it!

For crypto trading we recommend staying with regulated companies. You can try them on a free demo and virtual money.

Before investing real money you have to be sure that you understand the risks and that you have a sound strategy, including money management.


BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 77-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply. eToro USA LCC does not offer CFDs, only real Crypto assets available.

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  • You state over and over that this is a scam with very little substantiation. “These are stock photos …”. And “he’s probably a paid actor…” is NOT proof. And that was your lead point. You fail in my book.

    • So I prove that the COTP website is full of lies, yet it is a fail in your book and you still consider COTP trustworthy. OK, you do you, I mean I am not here to persuade everybody, I just present facts and conclusions based on those facts. Everybody has to make up their own mind.

      • Do you know how to recover money from them if loss??

        • It all depends on how you deposit money.

          • Thanks to both sides for their honest opinion about COTPS. My question is why can”t you purchase the USDT from the COTPS platform and trade but always have to buy from a different platform. Secondly I remember when AMC and GAMESTOP was hot and there was all this talk about it crashing by people on WALLSTREET just because MAINSTREET was making money. This eventually slowed down the stock value but it didn’t crash as predicted. I think cotps will slow down due to all this talk about scam not because it’s a scam but because people are saying it’s a scam thereby scaring people from trading.

          • COTP can’t make 3% daily in arbitrage trading for everybody who cares to sign up, period. That’s pure physics dictated by the lack of liquidity on crypto markets.

          • I guess the 789 i took out today was fake also off my 200 deposit daily

          • It is as real as money people were withdrawing from Bitconnect, Bernie Madoff and other Ponzi schemes before they collapsed.

          • I have doubled my money a few times in short spaces of time. Never been Scammed, easy to withdraw and deposit. I’ve never gone in with too much however as I’m always dubious. Interesting read but other than them not being officially registered and regulated I don’t feel scammed.

          • It doesn’t change the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse.

          • Shouldn’t it be possible to examine the blockchain ledger and verify arbitrage transactions? Wouldn’t this go a long way towards proving or disproving legitimacy? Has anyone done this? COTPS is definitely paying out currently. If it sustains over the long-term, it will shake up things big time. It is really simple to setup and automate.

          • People here keep telling different things about COTPS. They started by saying that COTPS transactions can be verified on the ledger, then they said COTPS is trading over-the-counter, then they said COTPS is trading on Binance P2P, then they said COTPS is trading on the black market, then they showed me a screenshot from Swapnex. They obviously don’t have a clue about what COTPS is really doing.

            The truth is that should regular arbitrage trading be happening, they would be able to show on the ledger the movement of cryptocurrencies between exchanges. They could post all their crypto wallets addresses for everybody to verify. But then again, they could post wallets that belong to somebody else. But then we could ask them to do some specific transactions to prove the ownership. But then it would be forensic work to make sense of all the transactions. But then again, we don’t need it, because I caught COTPS lying several times and I know absolutely for sure that it is not possible to make 3% daily in arbitrages and scale that up for everybody who signs up.

          • Definitely a scam ! I want to know how to recover money if you went via Kraken ? Also as of 5/23/22, I received a message on the website, saying they got hacked. That it would take 3 to 5 weeks for recovery. Crossing my fingers on this one had money in there too like a lot of the people on this chat. But I am not counting on that money, it looks pretty shady to me.

          • It’s a scam that has collapsed. Since you made your deposit with cryptocurrencies, there is no way to get it back. Unless authorities manage to prosecute those responsible.

        • Pls what is wrong with COTP in Nigeria it has not being paying it’s members recently.

      • Tbh.. I’ve two close friends and relatives pulling out 1k – 5k a day… not a scam at all.

        • Putting money into a Ponzi scheme is never a good idea.

          • Put in $50 and see what it does before you badmouth COTPS. In early 2000s when i bought cheap Crypto just because it was new. People said the same thing now they are broke and I’m chillin

          • No, thanks, I don’t want to be making money in a scam.

          • You’re getting good traffic for this blog, which is likely the point from your perspective, and I’m not saying that all your info is in error, but do you even know what arbitrage is? I haven’t “invested” anything on this platform. I’m doing crypto arbitrage. And while the stock photos might be fake, the returns are very real. It’s not an MLM. It’s called referral marketing. There’s a difference. If you don’t know the difference, you should take the time to learn. And I don’t get anything from the people I refer. I only make a small percentage of their PROFIT. If they don’t make anything, I don’t make anything. Anything you decide to use for arbitrage can be withdrawn within less than 2 and a half hours if you decide you no longer want to make money that way. With all the traffic you’re getting for this blog, you could have been making serious bank just by referring others to a crypto arbitrage platform. You don’t make money from their money. You only make money from their profit.

          • Yes, I know what arbitrage is. Just this week I made money on arbitraging Luna before exhchanges stopped deposits and withdrawals when the blockchain was shut down by validators. I have been arbitraging for years.

            This is why I know absolutely for sure that you can’t make 3% daily in arbitrages.

          • You sound uneducated. From the looks of it a lot of ppl are getting payed. Do you even understand what arbitrage is or are you just going to keep saying ponzu scheme?

          • The reality is that people are not getting paid.

          • I’ve been in these schemes before. I’ve tracked down their addresses, got the BBB involved, contacted my elected officials and still these people show up. They base their profits on using new money to pay older deposits until they can’t. They also realize the greed in people will ultimately force them to keep their money in their accounts to ‘compound’ and then when deposits reach a certain unsustainable level they close the site and you’ll find the model elsewhere. It’s simple math…definitely fits the definition of a Ponzi. Some will get their money, most will lose it all…I’ve known platforms which get the early depositors in, pay them well and then they wait to get the big deposits from them. People dump in their 401Ks, take out loans…I’ve seen it all.

            Know your limits and what you can lose. Take profits early (they are NOT 3 years old) to your initial deposit so that you are playing with the house’s money. Remember, you are being paid from other people’s deposits. It’s a fact.

            Get to even, then get out. I bet they will be closed at the year mark, if not before.

            Been there, done that. Enticing but still a scam. You may not get burned but those behind you will. Stay in long enough, they’ll get your money, too.

          • No, thank you, I don’t want my profits to be based on somebody else being scammed. Because you have to realize that a lot of people enter these programs believing they are legit.

      • The stock market is full of lies. Stocks are being hyped up over tweets. Companies worth nothing trade for millions. Remember Nikola? Game stop. What stops them from robbing people with stocks that are backed by air? Only invest what you can afford to lose.

      • Do you know COTP has opened an office in CHILE

        • It does not matter at all.

          • So can you pls give me a range when you think they will collapse so that I will advise myself and friends

          • It is impossible to predict. But with more than 3% daily I would expect rather sooner than later. Or at least they will start cutting the rewards, which will be a sign of things going down.

          • why it dont matter to you? is you job only to look for a legit flatform and claim that it is a scam? if cotp ia a scam, then what is legit for you?

          • It does not matter because scams can have offices, it doesn’t prove anything. Also, I would ask why an office in Chile while they are bragging with their registration in the US where their address is a rented mailbox?
            And I’m sorry, I am not an investment advisor, I am not here to advise people about where to invest.
            Besides, people looking at COTPS expect at least 1% daily returns on their investments and there is no legit program that can deliver this.

          • Hey so can you share your knowledge on which platform is legit that we can leverage compound daily high percentage interest…please share info

          • There are none with daily high percentage interest.

      • Sir i believe you i know its a scam but should i invest in it and play with only the interest that i made from COTP cause sir making money isn’t easy and i am losing my capital in a few days as an investment in a business so i am 19 and trying hard to earn money anywhere i can and can you tell me where i should invest money in for safe returns sir my gmail is ************ please message me sir i need more of your advice cause being young i make lots of mistake and i want to minimize it if i can thankyou for your advice on this topic

        • Everybody should stay away from COTP. And I am sorry, I can’t advise on where to invest.
          People seek investments with 1% or more daily returns, but I have never seen any legit opportunity with that kind of returns.

          • Hi iam from India iam rectnly join this iam not understand this company real or feke 12 hrs work given 3$ for day 100$ deposit India people more invisment this company i tink more 4 months running this

          • You are very willing to “advise” people to stay away from what you “think” is a ponzi scheme, yet you have never tried it to see if it actually works have you? There is one true and simple fact here, and that is, anyone can take their hard earned money and invest it, spend it frivolously, gamble it, etc.. In the case of COPT it is no different, it is all about risk vs reward. Whatever amount that person chooses to “risk” it will be at risk for approx 22 days at which point that amount will double. They can then choose to withdraw their original investment and play on the house money with ZERO RISK!!! Now, please explain to me as to how (other than the original 22 days) there is any risk at all and only the upside of make a profit? No matter what anytime you take your money and invest it in ANYTHING there is an element of risk. If you really want to limit your possible losses in COPT, then take the 3.3% profits out daily thus mitigating your losses on a daily basis for 22 days, because after that it is a ZERO opportunity. My advice is that you shouldn’t rant on about how this is a ponzi scheme if you yourself have not tried it to see if it actually works.

          • 1) I know for a fact that COTPS is a scam.
            2) I don’t need to jump under a bus to see what happens and only then be “entitled” to write a review about it.
            3) I never said Ponzi schemes were not paying.
            4) The whole problem is that a lot of people don’t mind making money in scams. Your zero risk theory after 22 days is money coming from a scam that is going to destroy a lot of lives and families.

          • Look im with cotps about a week ago i was able to withdraw now that im making alot of money my verification code doesn’t work i am unable to Withdrawl money

          • I have been saying it is a scam since the beginning.

      • You failed by calling it a Ponzi scheme. By its official definition it is not a Ponzi. Prove that 3% can’t be obtained. Show the actual physics you claim verifies this.

      • COTPs is a poor lying cheap scam.
        Weldon and thank for this reviews.

      • I wished I goggle about the company before investing. I didn’t see the red flags now I know company is a scam. Platform just collapsed on May 22nd at midnight. I believe I lost my investment 🙁 Is there a way to go after the company and recover my money?

      • You were 100% correct with your DD.. thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. this article stopped me from investing with them..
        I warned my friends that were currently in it, they doubled down and lost an initial investment of nearly $10kusd..

        Thank you again.

      • Now in May 2022 after proof that cotps is a lie and a proud what do you have to say to this fellow who was simply warning poor consumer with their hard earned monies

        • What do I have to say? I tried to warn as many people as possible against COTPS. Now I feel sorry for people who lost money in this and and angry with people who defended or even promoted this scam.

    • Thanks to both sides here …
      I have someone I trust and experienced using this program …
      The jury is still out … I can afford to lose $500 and at the very least, it is worth watching …
      But I would have liked Mr Pinion to elaborate on why it cannot work rather than dismissing it without substantiation.

      • To say that you will make people 3% daily in trading is like saying you will make survive people who jump from the 20th floor. It is plain impossible.

        Now scammers take advantage of the fact that people don’t know what is possible and impossible in trading.

        That is why I always encourage people to contact their financial regulators and licensed investment advisors or reputable traders with proven track record and ask them about these offers. Don’t just trust me, verify with different sources.

        Also, use common sense! Imagine that it would really be possible to double your money every month in this passive way with COTP. Half of the world would stop working, they would just be living off of profits made by COTP.

        • In my understanding, the up to 3% is a combination a compound 0.3% per transaction 12 times during the day.

          Am I the only one understanding that?

          • I don’t think it matters.

          • Yes you are very correct. You earn 0.25% every 2 hours. Or anytime you place trades so you can’t really get 3% unless you keep coming back every 2 hours or 12 times a day. how over long you can.

          • That’s my own understanding too. I think that those who outrightly condemn this platform should take a look at it closely first. Just thinking. I am not defending the potentials of the COTP platform anyway

          • The only way this could work is that a lot of trades are done rapidly. It’s 0.3% for each trade and then multiply that by 11 cycles per day and that’s how you get 3.3%. Typically, there are five trades per cycle so about 55 per day if you automate so it runs 24/7 and you get the maximum of 11 cycles.

            Is 0.3% delta reasonable with this system? I do not know the answer to that. Not my area.

          • You are perfectly right

          • Are u saying I should trust cotp?

        • James I am very surprised by your way of thinking. So you are wondering why cotps will not make all the money for themselves but rather share the news with the public ( you think they are not Good Samaritan ) LOL. I think it’s possible because cotps doesn’t have all that cash but if they get everyone onboard to use their own money then they can pay them the 0.3% rate while they make say 2% or more on a trade. It’s like using peoples money to trade at a higher rate and paying them a little bit of the profits. If you have one million people investing an average of $1000 into cotps that’s 1 billion of liquidity for cotps to trade with at 2% and pay them 0.3%. I am with Riley on this it’s possible but in the long ran with people like James saying it’s a scam copts will slow down because of all the noise just like with AMC & GAMESTOP / Robinhood saga.

          • Sure, you can get a loan from a bank for 3% per year, but you will rather take a loan from people to pay them 3% daily.

            If COTP was really able to make 3% daily, VC investors would be begging them to take their billions.

          • Your own view is similar to MMM ponzi platform that promises 30% ROI monthly it will definitely crash due to online rumour and fear of loosing money to the system. Even the govts will be advocating against such platform that makes people lazy

          • Hi all we in Nigeria got scammed with a platform like this.every thing they said about their offices abroad,partners like IFC, etc all proved to be lies….I lost $8000 .
            Some one also told me about cotp to his time I must do my research….on the contrary to pinion when they wanted to crash they increased the rewards and it looked sweet within. A week we started noticing withdrawal issues but deposits were ok. Glitches every hour the next thing we were told their money from abroad $2b was held my the payment company, the next things it was obvious no withdrawals. They told us to go crash gate at the payment company as I text millions have lost the hard earned money that runs in to billions of naira. Really cotp operates the same as the crashed 86 fb which is proven to us was a Ponzi scheme…untill I see proved of legitimacy I won’t invest much on cotp….I’m yet to recover from the recent scam….I’m owing people and I hope this does not lead me to prison….I really need a legit base to Invest online ..let’s be careful with our money folks…one love Mohammed sanusi Bah

        • Mr man, you have lost totally, do you k ow the kind of pains and stress you go through before you can make 3% of your Capital daily by trading every 2 hours?
          So don’t just think is easy to come by. Many people can’t afford to burning all night oil just to trade, some will even forget it. And not every body can trade on COTP platform. So don’t say whole world will be after it if it is possible to double your dollar in a month.
          Only real gees and neggas who believe in long-term investments and sacrifice can make it through COTP.
          Once again, you have no points in your allegations. K) da!!

          • Defending a scam won’t do you any good, trust me.

          • Good one bro

          • You’re right bro. Scam or Not Scam life is all about risk man

          • Why is that under most of the scams that I reviewed people keep using this false argument about life risks?
            Investing in a scam is not about risks.
            Investing in stocks of legit companies is about risks.

          • i guess you have money copts. It’s obviously a ponzi scheme… there is not enough money/digital assets available in the world for this to be viable… copts is claiming they earn way more money trading your money while they give you a fraction 3-3.5%/daily.

            QuadrigaX was another ponzi scheme and yes plenty of people made money but when they got exposed a lot of people lost money. All i can say is, its like gambling only gamble what you can afford to lose… Try and pull out your initial investment asap and then role the dice…

            Good luck!

        • Lol yea it’s def not impossible

          • You know, when COTPS collapses like a house of cards, which always happens with Ponzi schemes, I will be proven right, but I still will be sad because of people who lost money in it and because of people like you who defended it and promoted to others.

        • My brother is doing it. Made back his investment and it’s pullin out 1k a day and his friend 5k… not a scam…

        • Everything in life is a scam, just invest what you can afford to lose and still be smiling ☺.

          • I agree with you dear. Life itself is a scam because, if one could just drop dead suddenly then there is nothing permanent in life. People do other conventional businesses and still loose a lot of money. So, I will suggest that if you have the lion mind to do a thing you do it and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

          • Life is unpredictable, so why not scam others, is what you are saying.

        • Maybe they would if for some reason they didn’t think everything was a “scam”?

          Pinion, Bro, you sound immature and uninitiated, in all fairness. Your commentary contains NO personal experience but is rather just a projection of your own fears and speculation. This website allows you to make very little from each transaction (about 0.03%) but added together after about 12 transactions you will end up making about 3%. This is Crypto Arbitrage, and Yes, it is possible, and people do it every day. The “Ponzi” scheme you mention is just a typical Referral opportunity that is available with many businesses that want to get new customers. No big whoop!

          But please, by all means, keep scaring people away and let them give in to their basest fears and keep them away from this website and these opportunities. It will mean more space for me!

          • Yes, you can make money in arbitraging cryptocurrencies. No, you can’t make 12 transactions each day with a 0.03% profit and repeat that every day.
            It’s like saying that you can make a daily 1% on Tesla or whatever stocks.

          • Thanks Steven for your submission.. The goal is to double my investment and withdraw as much as I can….

          • Just checking in today to see if you still feel the same way, Steven. I don’t think the collapse of COTPS is because of James’ review, it’s because it was a scam.

        • Maybe that’s where it’s heading. Also, you have no actual proof it’s a “Ponzi” scheme. Great returns do not classify it as a Ponzi.

          • Actually, great returns to prove a Ponzi. 3% daily is not possible in any legit business. Trust me, I am the first who would like to make 3% daily in a passive way, but it is not possible.
            3% daily is 242% monthly with compounding and 4,848,200% in a year. Does it look realistic to you?

          • You Sir will be proven right in the end, they are paying, all ponzi scams do in beginning its the people that come at the end that will lose so at least you are here warning people if they want to roll the dice let them!!!

        • Are you saying that no business can afford an investor to double his capital every month?

        • Very true! It’s unsustainable, even starting with 9 dollars we would all have more money than Elon Musk in 2 years!
          If the arb trades are somehow legit then it could be real, I think it all hinges on that…I’ve looked for info on the trades but there’s just a long reference number which leads nowhere
          Im in it with a small amount for the curiosity, but do know people who have withdrawn their money

        • I did in just 22 days…

        • You may be correct. Wish I would have gotten in at the beginning. I would have been one of those who made off with the money

      • How is all going for you now, 3 weeks later?

      • It’s clear he’s an idiot. He simply says it can’t work. No real education on the matter or research. I’m in the same boat. My dad said he pulled the money out snd put it right back in because it was soo easy. I threw in a couple 100 bucks. What’s the worst that csn happen. I lose 200. Best case it works and I’m a millionaire. I’ll take my chances haha. Some bozo wrote a 20 Page article saying it’s a scam and hasn’t even tried it. Get a life bud. If you were making money in real life you wouldn’t be here writing with soo much “proof” then when people ask you where to invest you say I don’t give advice . Hahaa you sound stupid bro.

    • You are right. They just blabber and made a review without really checking. COTPS is not a scam. I am earning and lots of people making big bucks every day. Too bad this guy making a review is not part of it. His LOSS.

      • Cotps is si Real. Those saying its scam just want to discourage others. Its bin existing for close to 3 years and its still paying. I believe it has Come to stay. They are even making money more than d investors.

        • Sure, COTPS started in October 2021, but you have been making money with them for 3 years 😀

          • Look up it has been opened in 2019.

          • Nice try. Unfortunately for you, there is this thing called Web Archive that takes regular screenshots of websites.

            And the history of is pretty clear, from 2006 to 2021 it was a completely different business and presumably different owner.
            In June 2021, after the previous business stopped using it, the domain was still empty and for sale.

            November 2021 is the first time that Web Archive registers as the current trading business.

          • Lies.. I on my soul have family taking out 1k a day.. why are you lying?

          • Can you specify what exactly am I lying about?

          • I wish I could post pictures so I can show you my results and my weekly withdrawals. I made my initial investment back four months ago and I just been riding on profits ever since then I make about 3K day with a 87k account and I withdraw 15k a week and let the rest compound.
            If you can catch all 12 transactions a day it’ll average about 3.5% daily. But nobody catches 12 transactions 10 or 11 transactions a day is more realistic so that’s about 3% daily. Which when you tell somebody that it’s very hard to believe so I definitely understand I didn’t believe it either until I tried it for myself.

          • So you are proud to be making money in a Ponzi scam?

          • You don’t know what ure saying

          • Hard to argue with such a powerful statement.

          • LOL so you give a link to who is website which clearly states has been registered since 2019, which goes against your argument, so then you start talking about web archive and how it was different just to try and get out of the hole you’ve dug yourself into. Cool story bro.

          • You are mixing up two domains: which was registered in 2021, and, which in reality was first registered in 2006 or even earlier.
            The thing is that changed owners at least once, back in 2021 it was for sale. Web archive takes screenshots of websites in time and it clearly proves that was acquired by Cryptos OTC Trading Platform only in autumn 2021.
            Everything is explained in the review, just have a look at it.

          • My friend say what u know, what is ur problem??? Cotp started since 2015 they upgraded 2021 till 2028 before it will be upgraded again.

          • Show me a proof that they started in 2015.

        • How long u been here I registered today is it good company

          • I hear both sides but i been in it for about a month and a half made my money back and taking my profits on a daily use my referral link if interested ****** and email me if you need help setting up automatic script

          • Never seen so many people proud to be making money in a scam like here with COTPS.

        • For real this has been in existence and am just getting to know

        • How were you able to verify that they have been around for 3 years . I’m thinking about putting some money in .

          • They have not been around for 3 years and I can prove it.

          • I heard a lady lamenting over not taking action when her Friend introduced COTPs to her in 2019. Right now, her friend is riding in jeep she bought with the money she made from COTPs In late 2019. Imagine till today, she would be among the millionaires of today .

            You’re basically talking out of fear of loosing money, Probably from experience. But that’s life, it changed some people’s life in the space of one month.

            This review is just gonna make everything better as it’ll give room to people not to overcrowd the platform. Obviously on the other hand, you’re actually scaring people out of fortune….

          • Stop spreading the lie about COTPS being around since 2019. It started around October 2021.

        • You said it has been in existence for 3 years

    • My biggest concern about all these reviewers that will cut down other platforms is that at the end of all the long talk, they will recommend their own favourite, The above reviewer, in concluding stated and I quote “For crypto trading we recommend staying with regulated companies. You can try them on a free demo and virtual money.” My question is what make you thinks that the one you are recommending cannot fail? Does regulation alone immune any platform from failing?

      • It is all about probabilities. Regulated platforms are not immune to a fail, but the likelihood of a regulated platform failing is magnitudes lower than with an unregulated one. Plus, in a lot of countries deposits with regulated companies are insured, meaning that if they fail, you will get your money back from an insurance fund that is backed by the government. Which will never happen with an unregulated platform.

        • As far as I am concern, one of the biggest scam in history is insurance that you just mentioned, unfortunately governments all over the world are involved in this.

          • That is you problem, but the fact is that these state backed insurance funds have saved a lot of money to a lot of people.

          • 1) He was, no opportunities like this are available today.
            2) It was not scalable to the point that he could trade it for anybody who cares to sign up and give him their money.
            3) Strange that he did not offer it for free to the public like COTP, isn’t it?

            Also, Warren Buffet became a billionaire trading stocks. Now how many Buffets have a website that promise to make people billionaires while the only condition is to deposit money with them?

          • So what will you say about that Bankman scammer now?

        • Your definition of a Ponzi scheme worries me. If you don’t trade on COTPs you have no commissions. I do escrow, that is buying BTC and USDT from different people at different rates and selling at higher rates sometimes making 5% instantly. The buyers on COTP are registered on most exchanges as P2P traders. Do some more research sir;

        • What is the guarantee here in Libya?
          When I buy a digital currency from Pines, for example? There are literally no guarantees, I lost 400 in the Paynes platform
          And this platform. I think logically. No person can give you a lot of money for a long period of time. This matter will end in a matter of months, I think, and will not last for a year.
          But with this matter, I invested because I want to compensate for my loss in the Binance platform, which you can not earn money from unless you deposit large amounts of money.

        • Thanks for your effort , like I always tell my peers, this cotps is too good to be true, nevertheless, we can not shot ourself of been a partaker of it’s promising profit, everyone should just be cautious and invest what you will not lament later. Know when to take profit and leave, there’s end to all thing, scam or no scam!

        • How would I find a good regulated forex trading bot company or crpto bot . I’m fairly teck O illiterate also. But I will have money in my wallet soon . Bitcoin that I want to invest in a good solid bot company that can help people like me . Do you have any suggestions .

        • To me, you seem to be an intelligent person, and it appears you have done elaborate research which a person overwhelmed by the money he is making in the COPTS scheme may never bother himself to make until the whole thing crashes up on him. You have done your best in the light of the truth you have uncovered. It left for each person as individual to take a decision. Thanks.

    • That’s right!!! They don’t want us to know about Cyprio while they are destroying the US currently here – but no one wants to talk about that and how the United States is a corporation that has been stealing money from the people for centuries!!! You failed!

    • Be careful everyone
      There are a lot of these platforms now
      I recently fell victim to one and lost quite a lot just as I was about to withdraw
      If you are participating be prepared to lose it really is a gamble
      And if it is ponzi then you could be taking money off other people and food off their table
      The get in and get out before it crashes mentality can be destructive to others

    • You read my mind bro

    • How long have you worked for COTP for?

    • Of course this is a scam. It’s a Ponzi scheme and will pay out for as long as it can. So many factors make it an obvious scam, but let’s just look at the maths. Say like Andrew, you’re in a position to be able to deposit $100k, and let’s say the daily interest is 3%, and you’re brave enough to leave it all in for just 1 year and let it compound for 365 days. Do you know how much you’d have in 1 year? The answer is $4,848,172,452.75. If you think that’s feasible, remotely possible, within the realms of reality…..if you think you can sit back and become a billionaire, then you do you.

      I use it, I’ve pulled my initial deposit out, but it is a scam, people will lose, there will be tears or worse. Be careful. And I say it again, this is 100% a scam. It’s not an opinion, it’s a matter of mathematical fact and certainty.

    • How are you enjoying the failure of the company in accommodating withdrawals? It is the beginning of the end if not the end. Please invest sometime in reading how do ponzi schemes end everytime.
      Read about USDT and arbitrage. How can you always sell on profit while the currencies go up and down. Who are those clients who want to buy USDT at higher prices 24/7? Why doesn’t it happen with other currencies (crypto or traditional) as well?

    • now it should be clear it “was” a scam. game over.

    • Been reading different posts. We have lost some $$ joining with some crypto trading. LIfe is fun if you venture on any thing you prefer. Money is easily earned and easily lost depending on how you spend. I have worked all my life as a nurse educator, tried to learn and got insurance, investment license, real estate license and now trying to regain my insurance license. My point is nothing ventured nothing gained. I try to study and get licenses to be able to understand more than make negative comments not based on facts. Life is too short to be negative. When I was 36 years old, I started a college of nursing first as a principal then a dean. Some of my nursing mentors told me that I am too young to administer a new nursing school and new hospital when the owner fired the previous director. I left the facility due to some differences with the policies of my boss. I learned a lot about perseverance, humility and patience. I do not have lots of money but I feel blessed because I have mentored young people to be good citizens and honest professionals. Let us all help one another through prayers and stop our negativity. WE appreciate good reviews but the best skill is to learn ourselves the knots and bolts in investing our hard earned money. Let us learn to pray for one another to succeed with our ventures. May God enlighten us and be kind with one another. YOur reviews are appreciated, positive or even negative, but let’s dwell more on the positives.
      Negativity ruins young people who aspire to become community leaders. May God bless us all.

    • How are you doing??? ‍♂️

    • Refund available

  • “It’s a scam because I say it is!”

    All of the red flags you point out are accurate, I’ll give you that. big red flags, and if you put your money into it, you run a very high risk of losing it. However, you never even address how the service works, or what it invests in.
    From what I’ve seen, yes they have a referral program, but it earns money by purchasing USDT for a low price on exchange A, and then transfers it to exchange B and sells it for a higher price. Which is possible as the USDT price does fluctuate a little bit. With the amount of liquidity in USDT (Over 50 Billion dollars), it is very possible to earn over 3% increase every day but only for a period of time. Millions could be made before it becomes too big to continue.

    I would advise anyone trying the platform to be extremely cautious if they try to use the platform.

    • No, you certainly can’t make 3% daily in crypto trading, let alone arbitrage trading USDT. What you are saying is not true.

      • You clearly never did crypto arbitrage trading, it’s extremely profitable if you have a AI Bot software to find opportunities and quickly profit from them not to mention the platform seems to be doing OTC (over the counter) which makes this even more possible since the profit can 100% be made with ease, as someone who has done arbitrage trading I can tell you it’s extremely lucrative but time consuming, there’s platforms I’ve used that have provided a one stop shop which have been great and cotp is just another one of those platforms, it’s the fact that people have created a third party script to automate the process that makes this a game changer. The most I’ve made is 3.3% using the script, manually you couldn’t possibly hit 3.6% a day at all most you could do is 1-1.5% in the crypto exchange arbitrage space that’s extremely small, we typically like to go for 1-2% sometimes even 5% profit per arbitrage opportunity. While I do agree that there’s some red flags in like the photos and FDIC which is clearly BS (which have been taken down as of now btw if you havent checked) the way they’re making money is infact a legitimate profitable system and is the closest thing to a money printer in crypto, how sustainable will it be? No clue

        • Quite the contrary, I have done a lot of arbitrage trading in crypto. So I know very well that it has its limitations. The main problem is liquidity. When arbitrage opportunities arise, they often are pretty small, the limit is the liquidity at given prices. Robots have been eliminating arbitrage opportunities very quickly, they have been doing it for years. So please don’t BS me with “it is time consuming and a script will mean a revolution”. This crypto trading space is a field where very big and very rich players play with the best software tools.

          Yes, sometimes you can find arbitrage opportunities and trade them on your own, but they will always be limited to a few hundreds or thousands dollars. Arbitrage trading is not scalable due to liquidity issues, so you can never offer it as revenue opportunity to masses like COTP does. And arbitrage opportunities are pretty much random, certainly not the same every day.

          When you see a different price between exchanges for the same asset, most of the times it will be because one of the exchanges suspended withdrawals or deposits of this asset or fiat or something that will prevent you from closing the arbitrage circle. Believe me, I’ve been there a lot of times. Genuine arbitrage opportunities are immediately erased by robots and are pretty small.

        • Please, how can I benefit from the script you’re using on cotps?

        • I would like to find out about some of the other otc platforms please

        • You said that, you have been on other platform and COTP is one of them, pls which other platform that’s like COTP and the promising profit is amazing like COTPS. I will like to join also. Thanks.

        • Hello, can suggest other similar platforms you use for arbitrage Trading?

        • Please can you tell me more about the Script that automates the trade?
          Please this is my number

      • You’re an idiot. Stay poor.

        • Thank you for caring.

        • Come on. If that opportunity exists – why would those setting up the website bother with “clients” money. Answering calls day and night . stressing themselves? Why not just invest it themselves , with their own, friends, relatives funds and make a killing. Hell sell it to Elon Musk and voila! Untold riches.

      • Lmao bro I’m yet to invest and the only reason is because of the stock photos which I’m also thinking they did it for security reasons. But it’s very possible to make more than 3% daily on crypto trading. I’m a trader myself and I know people who make up to 5-10% daily trading different assets on the market

        • Thank you for the joke.

          • Hi James. I almost choked laughing after reading this comment lol. clearly this particular page of yours is doing well in terms of SEO since i typed “COTPS bot review” and this was the first result! i got to know about it from this youtube channel here and his webpage is also shady as he has uploaded a screen recording of the COTPS bot explanation and put it on his page. hence why i found it to be sketchy. and for all these fools that are defending it, my best guess is that they typed the same keyword in google to get here and probably invested money into it and dont want to be the ones dangling at the bottom. people that defend this type of bs deserve to lose every penny haha. thanks for doing this review! cheers!

        • Oh yes. I make 3.6% daily because am always on alert to trade.My least trade is 3.3%.
          This is real money making platform and if you join and double your capital, I will advise you to take it out and continue trading with your profit. Even if it collapses, you are still good to go. Thanks

          • Make me laugh: COTPS wants you to click to make the trades as if their platform could not do it for you? They want you to click to get the impression that you are doing something and that trading is actually happening?

      • It seems you haven’t trade crypto before, when i started there was a method i use and i get more than 3% per transaction and i can trade up to five times a day

        • That’s the thing, what was possible in the early days no longer possible now as the market have become way more effective.

          • 1.COTPS selling only USDT which is a stable coin
            2. Everybody need a stable coin to get into the crypto market correct.
            3. Is COPTS selling worldwide which means they will need more capital to meet customers demand.

            Using a manual system selling my USDT In Ghana I make about $60 per trade with a $1000 USDT
            Now will it be possible to use an AI systems to sell to others customers who may need Udst when using millions of people capital and pay them 0.3% per trade
            Not forgetting that manually within my country I make $60 on USDT 1000.

            What is your response JAMES THANKS.

          • My response is still the same, COTPS can’t make 3% daily to everybody who cares to sign up. It is a scam. See the proofs in the review.

      • Yes you can, and you’re unable to prove that you can’t. You just don’t like the fact people are disproving your “theories” because you can’t back them up with facts.

        • Oh, so when I say that I can jump out of a plane without a parachute and survive, it is up to you to prove that I can’t do that?
          In reality it would be up to me to prove that I can do it by doing it.

          I have been asking for proofs about arbitrage windows that allow 3% daily on a massive scale since I published this review, but so far nobody was able to prove their existence. Still waiting.

      • Can you please let’s discuss on WhatsApp, I will like to indulge in your experience in legitimate online trading business. ******

    • I know somone whose been in COTPS since 2019 and pulled out 21 million dollars! My sponsor deposited 9k and is now 100k. People loose money in stocks but no one calls that a scam! In ANY investment ONLY invest what you arent afraid to loose PERIOD! Another thing to note is that Cotps has registered their domain for 7 years doesn’t expire until 2028 So they obviously plan to have some longevity in this business!

  • Problem everywhere.
    What is the point doing something you know might crash ,like in a twinkling of an eye. Naso EDAI crash.

    Dem dey call you risk-taker you dey happy. Not this kind of risk. Risk-taking is not about doing everything that looks appealing.

    It’s better to invest in betting than all this investment platform. Atleast it’s legal ,also if you lose you knw y you lose.

    COTP will eventually end in tears and sorrow. I don talk my own oo

    • Bro
      Take the risk and join the billionaire
      I have been doing it and I have received my capital
      Am still doing cuz am making it for now
      Nothing last forever so if it’s crash I didn’t lose anything

    • I agree with you it look like NOW2TRADE platform investors can’t withdraw their money any More with excuse that Russia hack there website doing the fight

    • I lost money with hyped up stocks backed by hype in my early days. No one called these companies scammers. We just all sucked it up.

  • So you definitely missed the part where I said AI BOT which is what I’ve used and what cotp is using to get these opportunities you’re also not considering the different forms of arbitrage such as spatial arbitrage, arbitrage with exchanges in different regions which allows for profit due to difference in currency, easily the most profitable, we’re not just doing exchange arbitrage in the same region, so please learn to read and do research before just speaking out your ass

    • I’m sure you’re well aware of the name Sam Bankman-fried who made $1,000,000 a day in profit doing spatial arbitrage so buying bitcoin in US and selling it in Korea. He was making 10% returns in a day, he’s now the owner of FTX and one of the richest person in crypto. While we’re not going for 10% in a single trade this shows how insanely profitable spatial arbitrage is

      • Yes, read about his story, read his explanation how liquidity is limited in arbitrage trading. He could never do that for the public and offer the same daily returns to anyone who cares to join and deposit.

        • Mr Man, you are making it look like wealth is for a certain reserved class… what’s your insistence with the public… do you have a problem if everybody is comfortable with their earning?

        • Hi bro, the main fact here is, never risk anything you can’t afford to lose but, actually I would like to know if this platform is doing real trading, I went and pasted the transaction orders, on, Bscscan and polygonscan and it didn’t find anything, that’s a red flag for me also, don’t get me wrong I have money in it but I’m not a fool this is just an experiment, the fact that the CEO of the company is false, it is a red flag, but I also understand that if you have family you would want to remain in the anonymity, however I don’t like that neither, besides if your offering a good product why are you so afraid to show yourself. Also the math on this thing it’s as you say absolutely ridiculous, if this system is this good why on earth they would share it for free? And also the way how the transactions works, there’s no data, just some random numbers that doesn’t make any sense i would like to see the exchenges, and see if those are real transactions otherwise it is totally a scam, we don’t even see whats the comission for transaction they charge which by the way they say its free, something that i dont like neither, i really think that the app is paying but god knows for how long, I don’t care that much for the identity of the team, bitcoin’s creator is still unknown and it when from .003 to 69000 if im not mistaken however it’s totally difrent, only thing I care is how the system works, and this one doesn’t have a clear explanation on how this is even possible, my mind is rejecting it.

        • Even if it is not a scam. $100 becomes a trillion plus in 2 years. How would anyone take that money out?

      • Hi Riley

        I read about Sam and agree with you. I have manually checked prices of Crypto on different exchanges and yes it is definitely possible. I agree it can be time consuming as I work a full time job. Is there anyway you could assist me by pointing me in the right direction of how I could get this Arbitrage done in the best simplest way. I don’t even mind a 2% daily.

      • Can I learn this spartial abitrade from you

      • Turns out that Bankman-Fried is a scammer that lost billions that belonged to FTX customers.

    • There are two kinds of arbitrage opportunities in crypto trading:
      1) you buy at one exchange for a lower price and you sell for a higher price at another exchange
      2) within one exchange you use triangular arbitrage across multiple assets

      I’ve done both extensively and I know it very well. This is also why I know very well that arbitrage trading is not scalable because of the lack of liquidity. You can’t base a trading robot for masses on this, it is just impossible.

      Arbitrage opportunities are limited by shallow liquidity and are quickly eliminated by bots.

      Either you are being lied to or you are knowingly lying about this. It is just impossible to make 3% daily on a regular basis in a public arbitrage trading program. Period.

  • So if you think 0.3% per arbitrage trade is unrealistic then you really don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m not saying this is 100% legit but the way they’re making money is more than proven to be possible, there’s plenty of platforms that show arbitrage opportunities and let’s you make crazy returns

    • It’s like saying that 0.3% is not possible per Forex trade. It is possible in one trade, it is possible in some trades, but it is impossible to achieve that in every trade, day in, day out.

      • That’s where you’re wrong, while there could be a limit on how long this platform can last with the mass amounts joining arbitrage isn’t something that can’t be done day in and day out, arbitrage is literally done by every single business that sells products, cotp also sells to OTC / P2P Traders which is even more achievable. Research Ovex that’s a platform that provided arbitrage services for years and got anywhere 2-6% profit per trade. Do your research, Koinknight has been around for many years also a platform to do arbitrage with

        • Thank you for providing arguments that support what I say:
          Ovex was like 4% per month in arbitrage trading:
          And Ovex confirmed that arbitrage profits are not stable, for some periods of time they disappear completely:

          And again, you can never offer these services to an unlimited number of people. Arbitrage windows are always very limited by liquidity at given price levels.

          • It wasn’t 4% per month? Literally read the post you made and read this as well. The arbitrage RANGE from 2-5% sometimes even went as high as 8-15% these are PER TRADE. They’ve done this for years and in comparison to what they make I’m sure that’s what they meant by disappeared I doubt 0.3% is anything they’d even bat an eye for considering they were getting on average 2-5%. They’ve done this for YEARS. So yeah don’t say that arbitrage can’t be a service to the public when Ovex was for many years

          • Geez, in that first article you have a screenshot of the Ovex platform that says 4.16% after 5 weeks. So you are right it is not even per month, it is per 5 weeks.
            And read the second article where it says that there are long period of time when there are no arbitrage opportunities at all!

          • Also keep in mind that this was ONLY IN South Africa they didn’t buy and sell anywhere else and that was done for years, now imagine doing this same process all across the globe for 0.3% profit. That profit margin is more than achievable in the world of arbitrage you never say to Amazon that “0.3% profit margin per product isn’t possible” its arbitrage what do you mean its not possible lol you’re not predicting the markets you’re literally exchanging with people who are willing to buy at a higher price using arbitrage it exists in all forms of business where there’s product. Again I’m not at all saying it’s sustainable forever I even stated that in my first post but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE for you to make consistent 0.3% profit with arbitrage, especially if exchanging with one person to another. You also failed to mention about Sam Bankman-fried who made 10% a weekday doing arbitrage making $1,000,000 profit a day. There’s plenty of evidence everywhere the shows how profitable this is

          • You believe in fairy tales or you are willingly spreading misinformation.

            Since you probably still don’t understand how arbitrage trading works and that it has its limits, explain this to me:

            I am Ovex or COTP or anybody who claims to have an arbitrage robot that can make you X percent per day or per month. Why the hell I would be making this money to other people and not keeping all the profits to myself???

          • Turns out that Bankman-Fried is a scammer that lost billions that belonged to FTX customers.

    • Riley just link me in these other platforms and I will be great full

  • The article about Ovex.

    “That arbitrage gap typically ranges between 2% and 5% but has frequently jumped to 8% and even 15% ­– even in recent months”

    • You obviously have no clue about how arbitrage trading works. Yes, there can be windows with 15% or even 30%. But that will always be for a limited amount. Please learn about how order books work, how pricing works and you will understand that if there is for example an arbitrage window for 15%, it will be only for a limited amount of money before you equalize the prices as you start buying on one exchange and selling on the other.

      The idea that arbitrage windows are unlimited and that you can turn over millions when you see a difference in prices is pure fiction. Robots are jumping on small windows and they equalize prices quickly.

      Larger windows remain only where you can’t move money in a full arbitrage cycle. Take for example South Korea, there are hard limits on what you can move in terms of money out of the country, so even if you see the famous Kimchi premium, you can buy crypto X cheaper here, move it to an exchange in Korea, sell it for higher there, but then you won’t be able to move the money back here. So you can’t do the arbitrage cycle in full and you can just look at the arbitrage window and be wishing you could.

      Promises of arbitrage profits by third parties are just a lure for noobs. If you could earn any decent money by moving money between exchanges, why would you offer these profits to the public and not do it yourself???

      • You failed to address most of everything I said. If I buy a pack of skittles for $0.80 and sold it to you for $1.00 in a week does that affect the arbitrage at all? We’re using USDT not BITCOIN its a stable coin that does have slight fluctuations but it’s pretty much stable, we buy low that could mean in America where Ovex as well bought their USDT and sell it to an individual in a different part of the world for a small price difference P2P / OTC. You’re speaking on simple exchange to exchange order books arbitrage which does in require bots to do but there’s still opportunities there, COTP stands for Crypto OTC Trading Platform so we’re dealing with individuals from all different types of exchanges hence why you see the name’s each time you place an order and you can actually check some of the orders, some I found on Binance P2P. Arbitrage is simply taking advantage of price differences that varies in many ways You’re talking only about exchange to exchange orders not P2P OR OTC

        • It doesn’t make sense to continue arguing about this because you clearly don’t understand how crypto arbitrage trading, order books and over the counter trading work.

          The point is that you believe that an anonymous company that is openly lying on its website about being FDIC insured and that shows you stock photos while claiming it is people from their management will make you 3% daily returns and you don’t have to do anything, just deposit money.

          Either you are knowingly promoting are scam or you will learn the hard way what COTP really is. I am sorry, but I can’t do anything for you. And I firmly stand by my review.

          To everybody else: You don’t have to trust me, contact your national financial regulator and ask them COTP to get a confirmation that it is a scam.

      • So, you’re asking why would an investor (cotp) bring on clients instead of making all the money itself? Doesn’t cotp get a rake off of everyone it brings in? Which would then enable cotp to make exponentially more money than if it invested alone?

  • Man anyways I’m done, I’ve already more than 10x my money making well over 200K profit that’s been withdrawn as well as many people who joined in months ago that I know, I knew the moment this got popular people like you would come to try hate on it. Everyone should take proper risk management, it’s of course a high risk investment but when you can get your initial back in less than a month it’s worth the risk.

  • Crypto is the wild west if a stupid dog token by the name of Shiba Inu can make people millions in a year anything is possible. Get in and get out, make your money

    • Have you seen the tracing of wallets associated with COTP? Apparently, about 100M is being transferred from a wallet linked to Binance back to COTP every several days or so. This may be profits that were held in escrow.

    • Tell me about the platform that’s similar to COTP please

    • There’s something i would want you to clarify for me pls..
      I contacted one of the suppliers on binance but he clearly told me he doesn’t have any idea about cotp or whatever. So I was a kinda worried.
      Here is my question sir, what’s the duty of the suppliers in the transaction?

  • Your life is a scam for writing this

    • Nah, actually I’m fine.

      • You and Riley are both right. Exchange arbitrage isn’t something you can do consistently, I’ve tried it. The gap is too small, there’s opportunities but rare, it does getting eaten up by bots pretty fast.

        What COTP is though, isn’t an exchange arbitrage platform in the sense of buying from one exchange and selling it on a different exchange, it’s a OTC Trading Platform which means you can set your own profit margin or use arbitrage by buying low in the market and sell to people in the P2P / OTC Market. I actually P2P part time on Binance so I have a little idea of how this works.

        • Sure, an OTC platform that is doing 3% daily feels the urge to give away the profits to the public…

          • We’ll they’re not “giving” away anything. For us to be getting 0.3% a trade is criminally low. I can make 5% profit a transaction easily on Binance P2P, they even added a new section to find buyers / sellers for at a great rate, also Binance charges 0% trading Fees which is why it’s the best platform to do P2P. I recommend trying them out, great source of income.

          • Sure, you can be a millionaire on your own, but you don’t want to…

        • Thanks, Jack for pitching in and the rest of the contributors! I’ve been reading all the way from the first comment. I needed a picture of what many think this COTP is all about.

          I guess we can always discuss amicably and air out our opinions without attacking each other. Thanks for your review, James Pinion, let people do their due diligence – you have done yours, and they can figure out if that’s something they wanna involve their money with. I just put a little bit and honestly wouldn’t want to lose a single coin. Just a hopeful mind.

        • Hey Jack are you in the states now? I’m working on developing an automated system for this. Have you automated it or is there an order to it with binance?

          I’m in cotps for a decent sum and I have a good piece of info of importance that’s good regarding it. If it is within your prerogative reach out to me.

        • Hi Jack.
          ( How Many times have people made
          Jokes about that I dread to think)

          I’m with Binance but haven’t got to grips
          With P2P..
          Would appreciate some help
          If at all possible

        • Hi Jack

          Thanks appreciate the info. I currently am day trading on Binance and make some decent profits. Would appreciate your assistance on the P2P on Binance if possible.

          Much appreciated.

  • John P. I think you are right but I still don’t understand you slightly. Have you tried it and it did not work?

  • Omg man ur review sucks i mean i havent even used this platform yet but saying that it is impossible to make 3% gains daily trading crypto?! LOL . Im signing up for this sh*t after reading ur review lol

    • Sure, I believe you 😀

      • People don’t like the truth because they don’t want their illusion destroyed Lol . I totally agree with you James Pinion.

        • Me too. I think James made all the important points one needs to hear and then some. It doesn’t mean that one cannot make money from dubious sites but the risk is always there. I have seen one that crashed after 5 years

          • I can hardly believe that a trading company can gives that interest daily, too good to be true. Before I didn’t know much about brokers and was approached by zedex capital limited. I lost a lot of money since it was a scam. They are still trying to scam other people, perhaps the same criminal organization who knows. Nevertheless, first lesson is not invest more than you are not ready to lose.

          • How can we trace this? Can you send me links? I am invested with COTP and I’m concerned that its a ponzi scheme rather than true arbitrage trading based on the fact that there is no phone number, they have a virtual business address and fake CEO names and licenses that appear to be sketchy so I am concerned that its scammy, but I also understand the power of crypto to make huge sums of money quickly, especially with trading bots.

  • This is 100% scam. Why do people fall for things like this?. First it was IPC and this.

  • Exactly my point….half of the world would have been a billionaire by now…even the workers at COTP wouldn’t be working there as staff but would have been trading for themselves and making real…Mr James let’s fold out hands and watch this crash like many others…

  • Have you actually tried it yourself?

  • When did it start operation. Has it lasted long?

  • Nne, you are right abeg. Please, if you have other platforms that pays like COTP tell me.

    86FB online football betting is also paying massively and making people millionaires.

    With 86FB, some people have bought cars, land, built houses etc.

    I invest in both 86FB and COTP.

  • I have friends that developed the script they charge for the script $60 and u can install it yourself or they will set it up for you for $120 I’m using it and it gathers my referral commissions and puts them in the wallet to use when its time every 2hrs….I love this program I have friends that put 30k here and making $600 daily withdraws are practically instant. I hope tge platform lasts..if your interested in the script let me know so much better than doing it manually every 2 hrs

  • I am a developer and I’d really love to embark on this arbitrage bot project (I can use it just for myself, no qualms) I just need advice. Considering the entire setbacks, talk of liquidity issues and the rest, do you still think such project is worth the stress and time? I’m open to suggestions . Address: [email protected]

  • Thanks to u all for your arguments – I am sorry am persuaded with Riley “s arguments. James u are found wanting in proof that is gotten in trying the product . If u have not tried this product then all u are saying is deemed hear say . Your arguments amount to wild assertions- causing the reader to wonder might u have an another motive
    . In conclusion- I suggest before u make scathing statements about a product provide proof that I have tried this product for 3months etc and these are my results . Otherwise this amounts to wasting the readers time .as you have not tasted this pudding u have no idea how it tastes like accordingly u are not qualified to sell it nor give an opinion of how it tastes like .
    Later .

    • In conclusion, if you want me to believe that getting hit by a bus is a bad idea, you have to get hit by a bus yourself.

      Also, financial regulators have to lose money in scams before warning the public against them, right?

      • Hmmm.. These comments were really worth reading. I invested in cotp some days back through a trusted friend that has collected her main capital and is gaining from it. I have refused to refer anyone yet even though I have two people that are really interested in it. I will be back in one month to drop my honest review on it, as usual, I’m being very hopeful and optimistic that I will withdraw back my capital and keep my gain back for trading. Thank you James for the platform

  • My friend invested 25k in cotp 28 days ago. I told him be careful. we will see.

  • I am using COTP and have friends that have been using it for a couple of months with no issues at all and full payouts. I do have concerns about the company for obvious reasons but if they don’t pull the rug in the first 19 days you can’t lose, it’s as simple as that. The only thing I would really like to know is how are people who are using this OTC service for USDT accessing it, I have never seen the other end of the operation, I was wondering if anyone else has?

  • If he invested it 28 days ago he has already made $50k profit!

  • The only question I have is; why they don’t keep collaterals for 90-100 days like all the Ponzi scheme out there? You cannot run a Ponzi scheme without locked in capital that cannot b withdrawed from the investors. In COTPS you can take the money out anytime. Your explaination doesn’t make sense.

    • You are misinformed, Ponzi schemes do not need to lock money for months.

    • Hola, los retiros son inmediatos, leí la reseña y si, hay puntos que tienen solidez, aunque no son 100% señal de que algo es una estafa, por otro lado, las operaciones se pueden comprobar en distintas plataformas de arbitraje como Binance y Kucoin.

      Entre un poco temeroso pero cuando realice el retiro y vi que era instantáneo entendí que hay un smartcontract que automatiza todo el proceso, por lo que puedo entender que la liquidez está, y obviamente debe de salir de algún lado, y no hay otra explicación que de la misma operación de compraventa del Usdt en las distintas plataformas.

      Hay que ir con cautela, pero nada está exento de riesgo y de fracasar, ni siquiera los negocios más legítimos.

      • Hola Andrés porfavor dime como fuiste capaz de comprobar las transacciones, ya que yo realicé una búsqueda por el número de orden y no encontré absolutamente nada, ni en polygonscan ni en bscscan o la plataforma no es open source, talves hay algo que no estoy entendiendo pero aunque fueran transacciones reales no existe forma alguna de que un 3% diario sea sustentable, de otra manera tal y como James dice los billonarios estarían rogando por darles su dinero, y por que molestarse en crear dicha plataforma para “ganar por comisiones” de las cuales no sabemos el monto. Y honestamente el anonimato parece perfecto para cometer cualquier estafa, ya que si no puedes dar la cara por tu propio producto significa que sabes que hay algo que no esta bien, por el momento no tengo idea de que demonios pasa con esta plataforma, ya que permiten sacar todo el dinero talves es un experimento de exchange fallido, y siendo honesto me parece una falta de respeto que para sacar dinero tu si tengas que identificarte pero nosotros no sabemos quiénes son ellos hahaha, otra cosa 3% diario de forma sustentable es lo más absurdo que he escuchado. Aún así somo cegados por el deseo de generar ganancias sin hacer técnicamente nada, sin conocimiento alguno de como funciona el blockchain, porfavor quién quiera que invierta en esta plataforma ponga solo aquello que no cause problemas si llegarán a perderlo, yo lo hice y a pesar de que técnicamente hace lo que dice no me agrada poner dinero en algo de tan dudosa procedencia, quién pueda probar que estas son transacciones reales busqueme talves lleguemos a una buena conclusión.

  • People in the beginning will make some money, tell other desperate friends who will do the same. They will get greedy and invest much more. It will implode at some point. Musical chairs only has one winner. Everyone else gets burned. No such thing as 3% per day or even week on a sustained basis. Have some common sense people, learn how to think critically for gods sake!!

  • James
    And others please
    When did they launch this cotp platform?
    How long have it been in existence?

    • That’s another lie on their website. They say they launched the platform in 2019, but the domain name was first registered in October 2021:

      • I don’t really understand the work of the suppliers in the transaction because i contacted one of the suppliers in binance but he told me he doesn’t know anything about cotp or whatever..i ask him again if has done any transaction that particular day,he said NO..but before i contacted him i have already done the transaction in cotp site and my usdt has returned back to my Wallet in the sire..
        I pray it doesn’t crash till June so i can make some money from it because i registered a week ago

  • #copied
    You and Riley are both right. Exchange arbitrage isn’t something you can do consistently, I’ve tried it. The gap is too small, there’s opportunities but rare, it does getting eaten up by bots pretty fast.
    What COTP is though, isn’t an exchange arbitrage platform in the sense of buying from one exchange and selling it on a different exchange, it’s a OTC Trading Platform which means you can set your own profit margin or use arbitrage by buying low in the market and sell to people in the P2P / OTC Market. I actually P2P part time on Binance so I have a little idea of how this works.

    #My reply
    What I want to add is that COTP is paying
    Though some information isn’t straight based on the starting point but many trades going in can be verified for honesty.
    The good thing about COTP is that they display real time traders as of when the bot operate. To know if this is scam or not is to contact this traders directly to know if they actually made a trade of the amount COTP claimed they traded with them to gain the arbitrage opportunity
    Me personally from Nigeria., I trade COTP and I have screenshot some Nigeria who COTP purchased COTP arbitrage from and I verified that the price was correct as of that day but what I haven’t verified is calling those traders to verify if that quantity was actually bought or sold to them
    I believe I can drop some of this traders on Binance so we can check Binance and ask them personally following the time of the trade
    In my next message I will type out the transaction information from COTP for us to help verify this
    Thanks guys
    If it’s really true this is the best thing on Earth guys . COTP to the moon
    I wish I can upload my screenshot but guys in your next trade copy the usdt traded for u and go to Binance and write the user right away. Asking him that please you want to confirm a trade by your bot earlier. I guess that verifies everything. Thanks guys

  • Hello guys I have called the Nigerian Binance trader that COTP pop out during trade and they affirm they made non of such trade amount and advice those trades aren’t real
    It confirms James Pinion that it’s actually a Ponzi scheme and it can scam any day so trade carefully. However risky it’s paying and some people may still see it as an opportunity. COTP has to come with a good explanation why they use those fake trades like they where actually concluded trades on real life
    This is a big heist guys
    A word is enough for the wise. I have withdrawn from my account
    How ever I made $250 gain but my honest opinion guys it’s a ponzi
    Thanks guys
    You can also do your research

    • You cannot payout a fake trade through blockchain as that is the middle ground where the mining of everyones coins have to pass through first that would had been stopped ASAP if they were fake

  • My major concern now is that COTP has no visible officer that can come out and tell people that this how they trade with the money even if they don’t have to show their face because it’s members who are making videos explaining how cotp money flow from wallets to wallets
    Why won’t they say something and clear this discrepancies
    Okay we buy other coins and hold with a robot trading
    All I see is members who can still be scam helping them prove how they use their money
    Yes it’s a ponzi and just like others we can’t say how long
    But it’s unwise to risk so much in this at the expense of feeling they are genuine
    They are many registered HYIP like this paying with registered and powerful ssl yet still disappear after a while
    You can check to see similar of this kind of website and they pay fast and automated even at due time.
    HYIP stands for high yield Investment Platforms
    High yield yet high risk
    It’s simply a money revolver scheme
    The early bird sure enjoy this and the greedy fall pray feeling it’s really a real business as portrayed
    I will like you to know that seeing a license is not a guarantee that a website won’t scam or attending zoom meetings or seeing office
    My advice is to save families who would put all they own or sell real property with the hope of a better future.
    As a financial advice trade what you can afford to loose and take it like every other HYIP out there

    So many red flags to call this a real business and no company or CEO or company members have written anything to clear the air.

    Please I urge you to text the customer care to come here and write an anonymous reply to clear the air.
    I see them making way with billions of dollars soon because people like good roi over seeing the flaws

    • I’ve been tracking the wallets and the money goes to different exchanges and money coming from exchanges throughout the day. Over 100 million has been paid out in a few months, about 2 million a day being paid out consistently, they 100% are doing something to earn money, you can’t fake the blockchain. Truthfully no one knows, I’m not going to take a chance and miss out on this..I invest only what I can afford to lose

      • You have been tracking the wallets? Really? So please, provide the list of the wallets here along with your analysis.

        • Forgot about this site but here’s the first wallet I’ve found dating back in October 2021 until March. You’ll have to keep following the trail as they have different wallets. This is the withdrawal wallet, have fun diving in. If this is a ponzi it’s a really good one since most ponzis I’ve seen usually just have everyone money in one spot and people just withdraw from it, this on the other hand moves the money periodically every day to different wallets that go to exchanges which is what you’d expect for them to do arbitrage. What’s also interesting is that when the money gets low they deposit tons of funds that come from exchanges, now you may not know this but this is how most if not all legitimate platforms have their setup in their wallets. They always send more funds to the withdrawal wallet when it’s low.

          • You say you’ve been tracking COTP transactions and then you send me the address of one single wallet and say do your own tracking? Like really?

    • Tell me how many of you know the people behind overnight coins. Let alone “Bitcoin”. Also what are these coins backed by. Most of them backed by a tweet. Lol. The point of cryto is to remain in the shadows.

  • Great discussion. I like cotp, i will ride the wave while it lasts. I have taken my capital out. Didnt we buy many coins that have become sh*t and we cant get back any money. Why the whole problem, i pray it last for a while until i make several thousands

  • The writer of this post is very foolish and has a shallow reasoning.

    • As always, time will prove me right.

      • Good afternoon! After reading your article and the subsequent reaction to your article in comments section, it is clear to me that this is quite a divisive issue. My question is why?

        • I have been publishing scam review and alerts for years, so I have a pretty good idea why. People who attack me for my scam reviews can be divided into two groups:
          1) People who desperately need/want money, so they very much want to believe that such an investment opportunity is true an legit.
          2) Scammers who either run the scam or are affiliated with it, therefore they are financially interested in other people putting their money into that black hole.

      • Send me a contact I want to talk to you privately

  • I think that people are not stupid and they know where they are going, whether ponzi or not, people want to take advantage of the fact that it exists, that’s all

    • The same people will cry when it collapses and they realize they lost their investment.

      • James: I agree that COTP has to be a Ponzi scheme, but I can’t convince my brother. He has put some money in and received great returns for the past week or two. My concern is that when the thing collapses he will be liable for the people who sign up under him. He has signed up under an MLM program called Passive Income Club that uses COTP. I have too many friends who over the years honestly believe the opportunity they are in is legit. They bring in their friends. The thing collapses and not only to they all lose money and friends, the guys near the top of the pyramid get nailed by the FBI.

        • That’s unfortunately how it works. Maybe people should pay more attention to what is happening for example to Trevon James because of how he was promoting Bitconnect. Authorities don’t care if you knew it was a scam, if you promote it just by telling others to join, you will be held responsible.

        • Hi,
          I’m a victim of a Ponzi scheme.
          I want to know how to contact the FBI to get that fake Defi-company arrested.
          They are based in the Philippines, I lost all my savings to that company

      • And you miss the part where your “protection” of the average person is also protecting families from making money to survive.

  • @James, please don’t mind my deluded Nigerian brothers and sisters. You seem to be in this business for a while and I understand your point. I recently “invested” in this said platform and I’m aware of the risk involved. It’s 100% ponzi. It pays for now and the smart early birds take the chunk of profit. I’m careful not to refer anyone and I’m aware it could crash any day.

    Considering the start date, how much more days/months do you see this platform lasting ? I know it’s hard to tell but your experience and thoughts matter. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry but I really have no idea. Some Ponzis last for years. Only those who run COTP know if the end is near.

  • Whatever the case is, invest amount you can afford to loose. Take your chances

    Everything is risky; even eating, sleeping and not doing anything . . . . . .

  • Oga,our prayer is let COTP just last for a year or more.if u are from Nigeria,u must have heard of all state trust was a bank registered and well operated until one day it folded and lead to d death of so many dad lost everything there and the government did nothing about point is that, nothing last forever.thank you!!!

  • Thanks guys, mostly James Pinion and Princecrichy and everyone who contributed. I have learned alot and will know how to manage my risks.

  • I think the secrete is to manage your risk in any form of investment, some stocks and even cryptos were hyped to inflate thier values to win more people but within few months lost thier values because thier hyped prices did not reflect thier utility in society. Ask why the cryptos have been in a bearish market close to a year now… it self is a scam …..if not why do we loose our loved ones unexpectedly….investing in ponzy scheme is also a business just hope to win because definitely some have to loose…

  • I joined COTP 2.5 weeks ago. Made back 80% of my initial investment. Should be at 100% by end of the week. Am I 100% confident in it? No. Just want to double my money, take out my initial investment and let the rest ride. If it continues on this path for at least 2 month I will be fine with it. If it continues for a year I will be ECSTATIC!!! But thanks for everyone’s opinions. If anyone is looking to sign up let me know!

    • I’m with you here.

      I’ve invested my money over a month ago. I doubled my money and have pulled out my investment.

      Which means I no longer have my own skin in the game.

      I’m letting it get to a certain amount in the account and then I’ll be paying myself a salary.

      When I pull out, I’ll put away % for taxes. And have the rest to take and invest in other streams of income. That way, if this ever disappears, I’m not fu*ked for taxes. And I’ve profited in the mean time.

      Not pulling out too much each week, so that it’ll still grow. But all money now, is bonus money and I also am not putting all eggs in one basket.

      Sure there are things that seem fishy, and is it a Ponzi scheme ? I don’t know, nor do I care. Because what the true facts are, is that I invested money, it grew, and now I have my investment back.

      Plus a stream of income at the same time.

      I don’t know if it will be around forever, but for now, I can pull out my money without a hassle like IPC. And it’s all real.

      I’d love for it to be around for the next year, I’ll be a billionaire. But when I’m making 100k a day, you’d be an idiot to not take out profit and do something smart with it.

      Maybe it’s a Ponzi scheme, maybe it’ll bust, but the true facts is that your money goes in, you make approx 3% a day(it does fluctuate BTW even with a Bot clicking for you) some days I make more some days are just 3%. Some days there is discrepancies between the info – and I assume – it’s because not every transaction goes through. It takes 2 hours for them to process. And sometimes – the number changes.

      Regardless it’s growing, it’s real, and it’s working.

      Don’t be an idiot with your money, only invest what you’re willing to lose, take out your investment in 30 days and let it grow, and then when you start living off it, take out the money you’ll be claiming for taxes, so you’re not fu*ked if this ever disappears.

      At that point you’re just taking advantage of a system that’s working at the moment.

      If you invest all your savings and bank of this being the thing that saves you, you are an idiot to begin with. Don’t be dumb with your money.

  • Thanks for the wonderful information you put together. I personally really appreciate your Time to put this article together and for u save somebody life….. Thanks once again

  • See in summary to everything everyone has spoken weda Plartform is registered in heaven and approved by Joe Biden world president, Invest what u can afford to lose………

  • This guy just wanna make money with fake news

  • en el caso que ellos se ganen en arbitraje el 3.5% y le dan el 3% a los usuarios, el 0.5 de todos los inversores minoristas de es una suma billonaria, ellos ganan por volumen, y esas empresas por ser OTC (El trading OTC está menos regulado). los grandes inversores quieren mucha confidencialidad.

    Todo tiene su riesgo, y hay que invertir, invertir una cantidad que uno este dispuesto a perder, pero nos puede generar mucho.

    si prestan dinero a alguien, hay posibilidades de que le queden mal.

    este articulo habla sobre el OTC, muy bueno.

  • James the web archive you posted its link from 2006 to 2022 was not entirely about the COTP we are discussing here

    The COTPS fro 2006 was talking about Richard Cooley’s Paino Shop named Cooley’s Old Time Piano Shop (COTPS). it has no connection with Crypto Ove-the-counter Trading platform

    Please be clear about what youre making reference to

    Try to be sure of what youre alluding to bro

    Just advising

  • I’m just saying you might be looking at this wrong. This isn’t price action trading. It’s arbitrage. Just like buying a $10 toaster from walmart and selling on Amazon for $20 paying their fees and keeping the $6 profit.
    If you only buy items with the proper spread you will always win. There are transactions back to 2019
    They don’t payout on peoples deposits only on the profits . You can find the orders on exchanges, when your doing an extremely high volume brokers will pay you, make money off spreads etc. If you use set rules like day trading forex and only find orders above .39% or .0039 everything else is profit for them (.3% for person and 30% of .3% which is .09% for referral commission) order is $500 order 1.50 profit .45 to referrals anything above 1.95 is profit for the company there’s a 3$ price difference and they profit $1.05 times 100k orders 10-11 times a day

    But yes everything in life is a risk , you get in a car , and then you could die or get injured, your in your house you could get hit by a stray bullet . You have a job, there’s a risk that your boss has a bad day and fires you or company downsizes .
    You buy a lottery ticket you may lose
    When your not the owner of something your not in control so there’s always risk . It’s about managing it . Technically at risk of you taking the data off this page and selling it .

    Be safe mitigate risk, spread it out, don’t mortgage your house to invest , and don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose

    • Arbitrage opportunities are not as common and as big as you think. There is an army of professional traders waiting with their robots and they quickly erase those opportunities. If someone can make money in this, they certainly don’t give away their profits to people just like that.

  • Mr James, I like what u are doing oh. Greed is everywhere, we Nigerians want to come out of poverty by all means good and necessary.

    If you, making this post and people will comment and keeping commenting, and you are making money from us is also a scam. Cos u are telling us the truth and making ur money small small,

    All the same, I will only trade with what I can loss. Truth be told, the % is still small and for the fact that is done globally will make it last longer than expected to crash.

    • Lukenzo, I am sorry to sound mean but people like you make your country even poorer. Which country got develop on the back of Ponzi schemes. If you want to get out of poverty, you got to get to work. Crush the rocks in your area, cultivate the fertile lands, fish the good fish in the water bodies, and build poultry farms. All these can be done with zero capital. You just need to stop looking for help somewhere and work hard. And most importantly don’t invest in a scheme you know cheat on your neighbors or friends to pay you.

      You can never get out of poverty by cheating.
      Wake up, guys. What investment gives you a return- a crazy arbitrage profit of 100% a month.

      Frankly, some of you are aware that this is a bubble waiting to explode but you keep staking this gamble because you think you are going to make your money out before it collapses. Think again.

      • Well put Truss. When it collapses many people get hurt. People that are desperate and really need this to save them from the proverbial financial drain so many are circulating. Circulating the financial drain is a very challenging thing where people try so hard to find help and fall victim to scams like this.

      • Sorry James. But you fail. I’ve read the posts, and you’ve answered most with esoteric type minutia purposed to go over the heads of we non experts. Here’s where you fail: 1) If cotp was a scam, it would need to double its fresh investment money monthly to merely stay afloat. 2) Everyone knows why cotp seeks investors, as more money they have to invest the greater their return. Your reply about why not cotp just get a bank loan reveals you’re not serious.

        • Esoteric what?
          I am not serious when I ask why is COTP paying a 3% daily interest on a loan instead of 3% per year?

  • Every scam will pay you back till the new money stops coming in. Then your going to wish that you didn’t invest. However if you get in early and make a profit, get your seed money out then keep withdrawing till the bottom falls out. Me, I’m not going to risk my money and time presuming this is real. You people do what you want. I’m staying clear of this guy. I’m making 1% a day with my own trades. I trust me.

  • All im sayin, that isn’t even what the website looks like. No matter what it is, I’ve been making money. Here soon will be able to start paying myself 10k a week. And at this rate, I’m a few months, I’ll pay myself a couple mil, and I could give 2 craps if they shut down the website.

  • Thanks James and Princecrichy that went all the way to confirm from the binance trader that COTP poped up doing trade. That was it for me confirming it as a Ponzi Scheme. But the CEO staying in the shadows doesn’t mean a thing. It’s a choice. Biman Das creator of FastBNB was all over the place doing Zoom calls etc. Yet pulled the rug in our faces I lost my entire savings because I was brought in by a pastor and I didn’t make my research. Saying u been existing since 2019 to gain trust why you actually less than a year old is what a good intent company won’t dare. Even the CEOs want to stay put in the shadows for personal reasons, they would never put up misleading information about the company. Now I know it’s another FastBNB and am running as far as my feet could carry me. It’s paying now what about the next minute 404 error, the site goes down or the site is up but u can’t withraw because of high gas fees like FastBNB? I don’t want to remember what I and family went through in the hand of Biman Das. It was traumatic, all savings gone. Thank God for life but never again! Thanks a bunch James.

  • Well it is not a scam , I have withdrawn money! It’s true that it gives about 3% daily interest, just try for yourself with a small amount and see 😉
    btw here is my aff link —****************

  • I am a trader now 6years. I also teach students forex trading. Honestly no one should guarantee you 80-100% monthly from trading. This is a big Fat lie. I have seen several companies (Ponzi Schemes) come and collapse leaving people in debt. I also know people who have made a lot of money from this schemes, my advice invest what your willing to lose, when in profits take out your money. Always remember that day will come when you all will get code 404 error on that website.

  • When I first started trading on this platform, cotp, I was so sceptical because I thought that those buyers they were selling to were imaginary until when I saw the name of a close friend who is p2p trader on binance as the buyer brought by the system to buy my usdt.

    Now you said that this company is scam and is liable to crash, my question is, what of those buyers who buy from all over the world, are they fake too? These people are real buyers from different countries as I can confirm more than 3 of them that I know personally.

    I still don’t get it how the program is likely to fail because this is a pure p2p trading automated by cotp except if all the crypto buyers around the world stop buying. Even this should not make the platform to crash, the worst thing should be that people would not make profit again or the percentage is reduced.

    What I notice from all this is that people like you who serve as the prophet of doom are responsible for the fall of something like this because of the way you instill an unknown fear into the people’s heart.

    As worst as MMM was, the ponzi scheme could still be existing till date if not for the way you people created fear in people’s heart that made them to run away. In as much as people keep coming and money is circulating, nothing could have stopped MMM.

    May I say that people like you are working for government or some rich people who feel threatened that those programs can liberate people financially and which in turn will render their influence impotent.

    • Your last sentence persuaded me that I really don’t have anything to answer. This is the stupidest argument I am hearing on my website. I try to warn people against scams while being attacked that I don’t want people to make money. But every single discussion like this under my reviews ends up by people coming in the end and saying I was right and wishing they listened to me. So when COTPS crashes, it will be the same. Please come back then, I will want to hear from you.

    • MY thoughts on COTP
      I am a trader and trying to see for myself, trying to understand the ifs, buts, hows and whys. Unfortunately cryptocurrency trading is available to the minority whether it be because of lack of knowledge or lack of finance to even begin. Those that are into crypto are divided between mega rich, rich and not so rich. I see the mega rich just keep getting richer, the rich stay rich except those that get greedy and take risks, whilst the not so rich remain so, until they hit a good investment or trade, or they loose everything trying out every new platform that opens promising them riches.
      I fall in the not so rich after loosing everything to scams, so here I am in COTPS believing and understanding that I am not trading, I am selling only, The trading is done by COTPS with mega funding from its members.
      The bone of contention is the 3.3% gains but when you break that down between the possible 11 sessions of average 5 sales at 0.1% profits then you see the bigger picture,
      11 X 5 X 0.1% = 3.02%
      Balance from referral income
      You have to sell(trade) every two hours to achieve the 3.3% daily earnings they promise. How many days can a human maintain that momentum. Secondly a stable coin is being used with minimal gains had it been your own funds doing a trade on any given platform. Again COTPS are massing gains by using members USDT.
      This is my opinion and understanding only and the reason why i saw fit to join,
      It is up to the individual to make their own decisions’

      • You are repeating debunked nonsense. It’s like saying you can fall from the 20th floor and survive because if you break it down, you will be falling just one floor at a time.

  • People just won’t listen. This is an outright scam. Ask yourself 1 question, it says OTC (Over the Counter), where exactly are these trades taking place? Within COTP system, or in another exchange?

    If within their system, in trading there are winners and losers, so how magical is it that everyone within their system makes the 3% profit daily. Whose loss is funding the profit of others?

    I’m seen smart TECH guys defend insane ponzi and when it comes crashing they’ll try stay motivated, I assure you all that the day it comes crashing all those saying it’s legit here will disappear in shame to either to nurse their wounds or be smiling that they partook in the loot.

    Be wise guys, if money is ever made this easy then there won’t be poverty in the world.

  • Bro please do us a favor as you are posting all this scam platform,also post the good ones also not only posting the scam platform. Thanks

    • The problem is that by good platforms people mean platforms that will make them 1%+ per day, but such legit platforms don’t exist.

  • Nobody is even saying anything about us funding a terrorist or something bad. We give money to this criminals to use it to hunt us. This is what I hate about crypto. The saying “Invest what you can afford to loose” or “enjoy it while it last” you may not be hurt directly but you are killing your family, your country men and destroying the common good.

  • I dont know whether or not this is a “scam” but the fact is that many investors before me have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions in only months and this project has been around for over six months now in public and three years in private so whatever they are doing works and is making a lot of people money including me since i have 25k profit on 40k investment in less than three weeks so im pulling out my seed capital soon and will risk only the profits and hopefully it will last another six months and i will make millions like those before me. Like every business or life itself nothing lasts forever but do your own research and only invest money you are willing to lose.

    • And that is why so many scams exist, a lot of people don’t care as long as they can pull money out of them at the expense of others.

      • Thats called economics

        • Not really. Economics is called when I provide you with something valuable and you pay me for that. I can bake bread, I can cut your hair or whatever, and if you find my product or service valuable, you will pay me to provide it to you.

          COTPS is just a monster pyramid where there is no product of value, in fact there is no product nor service nor any value generating activity going on. In a typical Ponzi scheme fashion it just takes money from newer members and give it to older members while publicly lying about doing legit investing/trading.

    • @Danny, you it’s obvious you didn’t make your research well, let me show you how to fish out these liars named COTP, do you even know the original meaning of COTP? I doubt. Use your browser and go to “wayback machine” and type in and search the history of the website you will see the snapshot archive of the website, how that it originally belonged to a musical private enterprise that deals in musical instrument, you will see it dated back in the late 90s and how it was sold out. The three years claimed by the new guys in possession of it is to make people think they have been inexistence since then. But in reality, it’s a lie. The website began to function fully this year.

      That aside, and aside from all the evidence given by @James, I personally made a research on how the funding and withdrawal is done(I can bet you didn’t do that) copy your TRC20 wallet address from COTP and check it on the USDT explorer, you will find out that your fund is not in your wallet, but rather in a reserve wallet designated to receive all the funds from everyone’s wallet on COTP. You will find a double transaction for a single deposit you made, first it will hit your wallet address then later it is directed to another wallet address different from yours(check it). Then when you withdraw, you can use the txnid to check the paying address, you will find out that, there’s also a reserved wallet to pay out people who will want to withdraw, the fund is not coming out of your wallet… meaning whenever there’s more withdrawal than people are depositing on the platform, it crashes… making it a Ponzi scheme.

      Don’t be carried away by all those verified seller and numbers displayed to you when you click those buttons, they’re all fake only a display of p2p trades from binance(ever wondered how they settle in fiat?)
      Good for you you’re in profit already, take out your fund before your regret it,. Check Now2trade, they did the same thing and made away with people’s fund.

      Even if you should risk, let it be reasonable, it’s only greedy people that will get trapped, don’t you even think the 3% on such a huge amount of money is even to little for the stress of clicking the button every two hours? You could learn how to trade watching YouTube videos and make money yourself rather than take such unreasonable risk. The choice is yours, many Ponzi schemes here are crashing
      They won’t tell you when they will, so don’t trust them.

  • so you chose not to post my message I wonder why

  • One thing which concerns me is the the website or backoffice is a canned one used many times before. The website is not polished and very amateur.

  • They should keep pulling out and never put any back because soon it’s gonna crash

  • If your money is in Cotp you will want to protect your investment. But the official truth is Cotp is a Ponzi scheme so treat it as one.. Don’t be carried away by greed to put back new money.. Enjoy while It last

  • Hey James Pinion. Nice Write Up.

    But i must humbly submit to you that you are wrong. You are obviously not a subscriber and you have failed to understand COTPs business Model.

    I also wanna let you know that COTP is not a Ponzi scheme. We make money from the Arbitrage System where we buy USDT at low prices and sell at high prices we profit from the difference.

    The source of the profit is traceable, therefore there can never come a time when there will not be enough money for subscribers to withdrew because the withdrawal that are made are not from any central depository, the moneys are actually profits made from real and traceable transactions on this premise i wanna say categorically that this is NOT a situation of robbing Peter to pay Paul or using new subscribers funds to pay old ones.

    Lastly transactions pn COTP are carried out with Real Merchants on Binance and other Exchanges. COTP unlike other scheme is one of its kind and is here to stay.

    For More Enquiries or those wanna learn more, do send a whatsapp DM on ************.

    • So making 3% daily for thousands of people while arbitraging the USDT? Do you know that USDT is a stable coin which value is always 1 USD? So how can you make money when you buy it for 1 USD at one exchange and can sell it again only for 1 USD on another exchange?
      I am not saying there are never price fluctuations on the USDT, sometimes the algorithms can’t keep pace with big markets movements, but arbitraging a stable coin with daily profits is one of the best jokes I have ever heard about cryptocurrencies.

      “we buy USDT at low prices and sell at high prices we profit from the difference” – LOL, you really made my day with that one, low and high prices of a stable coin.

      Also, you say all the transactions are traceable. I already asked here: someone please provide those transactions hashes so that we can verify them and see! But nobody seems to provide those transactions. I wonder why…

      • Hey James Pinions. thanks for your reply. And keep in mind, we are not at loggerheads. We are Sharing our opinions about this. Just thought to reiterate this.

        I think you are deliberately unwilling to see what i am trying to say bro. When you go on Binance P2P you see different merchants selling same coin be it USDT, Bitcoin or whatever at different prices, some of those prices are either above or below the “market price”. The basic principle of Arbitrage is aimed at taking advantage of those discrepancies or difference for profit.

        So the Algorithm searches the highest prices to sell and the lowest prices to buy, therefore the profit comes from those difference. This is elementary stuff, except if you’re not new to crypto trading. I am surprised you can even say that a so called “stable coin” cannot be sold at different prices at different times, its black market Bro, no regulations. There are daily price fluctuation that can provide daily profits.

        You are just bent on proving your point that COTP is a Ponzi scheme and that’ll soon crash, that you cannot accept any thing i or anyone says here. You’re denial bcos its too good to be true and you cannot get yourself to blv, perhaps bcos of your past experiences.

        COTP is nothing like Bitconnect and others mentioned here. Its changing lives and God willing will last longer than any of you “Doubting Thomas'” will ever imagine. Amen!!!

        • So I caught you with an absurdity about arbitraging a stable coin, so your answer “but we are doing black market, bro”.

          I’m afraid I have nothing to add.

        • I totally agree! I’m laughing cause I’ve got the numbers to back it up but people still think it’s a scam lol

      • James, you deserve a medal for your patience with these deluded people, but time will bring them back to reality.

  • One month after this post, COTP is still very strong, vibrant and paying!

    Join is now, crypto arbitrage is real and COTP has found this secret! Be an early bird

    PS: Some still thinks Bitcoin is a scam even in this century, so, nothing really is new

  • James for someone who appears to be well educated on arbitraging crypto, you still have alot of learning to do so you should jump off your ponzi scheme bandwagon and look at a few more facts and articles before you continue to critisize COTPs.

    Here is a small example taken from OX Currencies forum.

    “How To Do USDT Coin Arbitrage for Impressive Gains

    Stablecoin arbitrage such as the USDT coin arbitrage is a type of crypto arbitrage where the focus is on making profits by selling a stablecoin between exchanges to realize profits.

    This comes as a result of the fact that stablecoins are beginning to gain widespread recognition as was evident in the first quarter of 2022 when cryptocurrencies, in general, went bearish whereas stablecoins continued to gain more popularity.

    In April alone, the total market capitalization of all stablecoins exceeded $182bn, helped in large part by USDT’s staggering $82bn valuations.

    Key Takeaways
    USDT coin arbitrage trading is a form of crypto arbitrage trading where stablecoins are the coins being exploited instead of the usual cryptocurrencies.

    You will need to have a solid trading strategy if you want to successfully make profits through USDT coin arbitrage.

    Stablecoins do not fluctuate as much as regular cryptocurrencies do which makes it more difficult to make profits compared to regular cryptocurrencies.


    Institutional firms are the major traders when it comes to stablecoin arbitrage trading because of their huge minimum deposits and withdrawals.”

    Now clearly you have plenty of time to squawk here day in day out defending what is and what isnt a ponzi as you seem to have an answer for everything, but i bet you were one of the first to create an account on COTPs and have already pulled out plenty of money, if you havent you have rocks in your head and will forever be a lonely poor little man.

    • Sure, arbitraging stable coins for 3% daily for thousands of people. You all are gonna get so rekt, it won’t be pretty.
      Spreading lies about COTPS and its legitimacy won’t help it to survive much longer, you know that, right?

      • there are no lies about it, what you are spreading here are lies and it wont do you any good, your wasting your time, yet you will still continue to do it, you are a keyboard warrior.

        • Yes, the lies are that COTPS is a legit arbitrage trading company/program, which it is not.

          • You still have yet to produce any solid proof of this, your only assuming based on what you think. When you can produce solid evidence that this is a fully blown ponzi people might start to take on board and believe what you are assuming

          • Actually, it is the opposite. COTPS is claiming they are doing something that has never been done before (show me company in the history of the world that was making 3% daily to all clients), so it is up to them to prove the arbitrage transactions. After all blockchains are public ledger, so it should be easy for them to provide all the data.

  • This is hilarious how many people are defending a company with an imaginary team that you cannot contact and can’t find an address for. When people stop signing up, your imaginary CEO, doing imaginary trading with your sign up money will magically disappear with your money. Matter of time, and you won’t be able to take anyone to court. You people are mad!

    • Just because they dont have their details of who is running it doesnt mean it is not legit, There are plenty of other polished arbitrage companies out there such as swapnex which it is still possible to earn 3% plus per day, it even shows you the difference in price on the different exchanges and how it calculates your profit based on the amount of equity it is using in the order, the only difference with COTPS is it does not show its backend running these orders, this does not mean they dont exist, its just simplified.

      • Go and look at the details, chose an arbitrage opportunity, go to both exchanges, look at the real prices and the amount of tokens available at given price levels, then take into account trading and transfer fee and you will see that the reality is quite different.

      • Since you seem to like my debunking capabilites, I have a special gift for you that shows that Swapnex is just another fake arbitrage scam.

  • All of you are way over your heads, COTPS is risky, anything is a risk, you invest what you don’t need.

    Arbitrage trading is nothing in any sense of how any of you explain it clearly and openly to my knowledge of the system I know that you guys have no idea what is involved with this system it is very very complex. It is very capable to produce these numbers at a high percentage depending on your activity to participate in the transaction. I won’t go into detail of how it works, the info in here is very incorrect in fact 99% of it is.

    To put this into very clear and to end this weird back and forth on here, invest what you don’t need. Anything can happen doesn’t mean it will happen, if you are in it take advantage of it but do not assume anything. Just be very smart. Enough with all this internet rubbish, it’s all over YouTube as well it’s weird. I’m a day trader, investor, system dev, arbitrage dev what ever you want to call it, the information here is just insanely incorrect. Stop wasting your energy and time in these forums if your in it you in it if you are not then just carry on in your life. There’s risk in everything, and there is also opportunity, you as the individual make that choice. Move on.

    • If you are real arbitrage dev, you know that COTPS has to be a scam. Period.

      • See your Biased expression “CoTP has to be a scam” just bcos you feel that way?? Lol laughable, James you’re suffering from lack of comprehension of how it works. Humble yourself and do your due diligence with an open mind not with pre-concieved notions

        • Please post a screenshot of USDT arbitrage opportunities from Binance P2P since you are saying they are there, because to me, Binance does not show any.

          • Lol your all over this thread yet still dont know screenshots cant be uploaded?

            I have a screenshot ready to upload by the way

          • Use a public picture service like Imgur and post the link here.

      • They only registered in October 2021. The ponzi will collapse soon.

  • Hey James Pinions. thanks for your reply. And keep in mind, we are not at loggerheads. We are Sharing our opinions about this. Just thought to reiterate this.

    I think you are deliberately unwilling to see what i am trying to say bro. When you go on Binance P2P you see different merchants selling same coin be it USDT, Bitcoin or whatever at different prices, some of those prices are either above or below the “market price”. The basic principle of Arbitrage is aimed at taking advantage of those discrepancies or difference for profit.

    So the Algorithm searches the highest prices to sell and the lowest prices to buy, therefore the profit comes from those difference. This is elementary stuff, except if you’re not new to crypto trading. I am surprised you can even say that a so called “stable coin” cannot be sold at different prices at different times, its black market Bro, no regulations. There are daily price fluctuation that can provide daily profits.

    You are just bent on proving your point that COTP is a Ponzi scheme and that’ll soon crash, that you cannot accept any thing i or anyone says here. You’re denial bcos its too good to be true and you cannot get yourself to blv, perhaps bcos of your past experiences.

    COTP is nothing like Bitconnect and others mentioned here. Its changing lives and God willing will last longer than any of you “Doubting Thomas'” will ever imagine. Amen!!!

    • I was arbitraging cryptocurrencies when you probably did not even know cryptocurrencies exist. Believe me, I know how that works. What I am arguing here is that there are no opportunities in the current markets that would allow for 3%+ daily, let alone in a scalable way.

      Please post a screenshot of USDT arbitrage opportunities from Binance P2P since you are saying they are there, because to me, Binance does not show any.

  • I dunno about this review. If it was a Ponzi scheme there would be ridiculous withdrawal fee to encourage you to keep you money in the platform, but it’s not. The withdrawal fee is only 0.3% which is nothing. And also withdraws would take days if it was a Ponzi scheme because they’ll have to get money off the new members, but withdraws take less then 5 minutes. I’ve be honest with you, I’ve been on COTPS for about a month now and it does exactly what it claims to do, pay up to 3% + daily on your investment. I’ve already withdrawn more than my initial investment and every time I withdraw it goes into my crypto wallet in less then 5 minutes. I’m currently at 7045 USD and like I said, I’ve already withdrew my initial investment, so everything I make now is 100% risk free and all profit.

    • You guys don’t stop surprising with dumb arguments about why something can’t be a scam. The best is that Bitcoin is not a scam, therefore nothing else is a scam.
      I think second best is yours: Something does not have ridiculous withdrawal fees, therefore it can’t be a scam.

      • Actually, not once anywhere in his comment does he say that it’s not a scam, he just says if it was, then you would usually see these red flags etc. Then goes on to simply explain his story of using it, it seemingly working, and making money, having made him his investment back and now making profits.

        You are literally just unable to listen to anyone’s experiences of using the system and why it COULD be legitimate, because you can’t stand not being right.

        • In fact, people who are pulling money out of this scam just refuse to accept that it is how Ponzi scheme work.

  • I will wait till July. If still working, I will invest my $870,000 usdt. I am giving myself 2 months of watch since I just heard about it

  • I’ve been in 1 day on lost $40 out of my $220 to commissions .. that’s what I don’t like about these . I wouldn’t have started if I knew you lose money to people above you who started you In it .. I couldn’t do that to a friend

  • Thanks for the good advice & warning James, I got referred and am in their Telegram group, where they are claiming to have been making money since 2019… it’s very dodgy. Also you have to verify with a photo ID so when it all collapses I reckon they will be selling all the personal data to fraudsters to steal peoples identities.

    5min research will prove this is a ponzi scheme

    • Yep, that is what usually happens, they will take your data to a scam recovery service that will scam you a second time. They will promise to recover money you lost in COTPS, you will have to just pay a fee upfront and then…

    • You dont need to verify at all, use binance deposit option copy code to withdrawel page and bam, goes straight through.

  • Wonder how many of these people posting here will come back and admit they were wrong when this ponzi collapses … or just mysteriously vanish.

    • I’ve seen this happen many times on my website. The vast majority of proponents will “mysteriously” vanish, only a few will admit they were wrong. And then comments will change and be dominated by people who lost money and are seeking ways to get it back, but it will be too late.

    • James PInion wont thats for sure, he will do a runner and hang his head in shame

  • can make a new post explaining what Cryptos OTC Trading is.
    of course nobody makes 3% a day on a single trade every day,

    But doing 0.01+0.02+0.01+0.03+0.04+0.05+0.03 until reaching 3% is quite Possible.
    just search what is Crypto OTC Trading

    • No, it is not. You can’t make 3% daily in arbitrage trading on a massive scale for everybody who signs up. It is impossible, arbitrage trading is not scalable. And a consistent 3% daily is impossible in itself even for an individual.

    • Exactly and i dont think James understands this and how many orders this is running to do this. That is why a automated system AI is used to do this, a normal human being cannot execute this.

  • It’s a scam..a platform called DF,betrayed more than 2000 people,all around the world and now they are trying to get this people,as a help,into COPT.Maybe some will win something but much more people will lose a lot.That’s not fair.DF said ,they are doing Multi level marketing,but it was just a pyramide.And all of you know how a pyramide works.DF hat suddenly very much members and they didn’t made it to pay the people,that’s way they had to shutdown the platform.I’ve spoken with people all around the world,and to read their messages it makes you cry.There were people from poor countries, some of them are just desperate to get more money,somehow,even if they work 10-12 hours a day.

  • you said that 3% a day is not possible on arbitrage jajajaj really just google this guy that its making almost 10% daily doing arbitrage trading

    Sam Bankman

    Iam a full time trader and I turn $1k into $10k almost every month trading deriv

    • Correction: He was making years ago when crypto markets were not as mature as today and he was doing it for himself, it never was scalable to a public service like COTPS is pretending.

    • So what will you say about that Bankman scammer now?

  • Since your thread doesnt allow screenshots deal with this….

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    Coinbase Pro
    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    VOLUME, 24H
    CHANGE, 24H

    Select exchange 2

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    Coinbase Pro
    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    CHANGE, 24H
    VOLUME, 24H

    • Can you see the price differences here and the volume available and yes Binance is amongst the exchanges, get your head around this and stop talking your ponzi crap.

      • Give me a picture, I need it for a better understanding.


          No doubt you will have a negative response to this as you do everything else, proves your just a hater.

          • Where does the screenshot come from so that I can analyze bid and asks?

          • So I found out, it is a screenshot from Swapnex. Guys, you have to get your act together. First people were saying here that COTPS is trading on Binance P2P. When I said I don’t see any arbitrage opportunities there, they went silent.

            Now you come and post a screenshot without saying where it comes from and what the prices represent.

            Why you did not post the entire screen from Swapnex with the calculation of the profit after fees?

            Because from what I see in your picture, you show prices of LTC on different exchanges (another U turn, we went from COTPS is arbitraging USDT to ok, it is not possible, so they do LTC).

            The problem is that Swapnex is showing fake prices, it is the same kind of fake arbitrage scam, see the Swapnex review.

        • Imagine all the money you would have if you didn’t think everything was a SCAM. I feel sorry for people like you….I started March 2nd and have a 265k account started with 20k and I’m making 9k a day taking out 70/30 daily and growing daily. Have fun staying poor man….

          Just another blog from James Pinion and his lame a*s OPINION.

          • There is no debate, if I was a scammer, I would already be retired. During my time doing these warnings against scams I saw several extremely easy opportunities to make big money in scams.
            But I care about where my money comes from, so I did not participate.

            The thing with Ponzi schemes is that for a few people to make money a lot of people have to lose a lot. And I will never support that.

            Some people here say that money from COTPS helped their family. But at what price? Lots of people who joined after them will lose their savings in this crap and it will generate a lot of tragedies, it will destroy a lot of families. That’s not the way forward.

    • I’m sorry but it is not clear what are bid and ask prices, I need a picture.

      • So far, ive put the MONEY I could afford TO LOOSE. Got it back, and make some good profits.

        Just happy. It helped me a lot specially my familly. Dont know if it will last another 2 months or 2 years.

        Good Luck everyone. Stay Safe.

        No Hate James!

  • Lol funny how you think Cotp is a scam

    Well you said it started existing last year which was a like cause my upline has been trading with cotp since 2019.its so funny how people think every opportunity is a scam.

    Well I think I like this scam that I have made over 300% of my capital.

    I also remembered when binance was tagged scam by bloggers and youtubers now most of them blame themselves for not buying bnb then

  • I’ve found this page fairly entertaining. However, I believe your statement about COTP being illegal, and down playing their MSB registration, is a disservice to your readership.. no matter which side they may be on. I’ll quote a passage from the site:

    “States take the lead in making sure these companies operate in a manner that protects consumers from harm, whether it be misleading fees or failing to send money as instructed. States also make sure MSBs don’t support criminal activity – either accidentally or on purpose – like money laundering or terrorist financing.

    “Since MSBs are not banks, their funds are not necessarily insured. To protect consumers from loss of uninsured funds, states have legal requirements. Generally, states require MSBs to have a minimum net worth, or put simply, enough money to do business. They also require MSBs to have bonds that can be triggered to pay consumers in the event of something going wrong.

    Perhaps most importantly, most states have a self-insurance mechanism called “Permissible Investments.” In short, for every dollar held by an MSB for a consumer, the MSB must hold an additional dollar for security. If the money is lost for any reason, the MSB would be able to cover the consumer’s loss with the permissible investments set aside. ”

    So basically, if anyone is concerned about the safety of their funds if they decide to participate in the COTP trading platform, just contact your state banking regulators and ask them if they require MSB’s, like COTP, to carry these bonds or if there are Permissible Investments safety nets in place for the consumer should something go awry.

    From everything that is available via search.. MSB’s are heavily regulated operations, contrary to what you are stating on your blog. And all one needs to do is contact the appropriate authorities in their own state and ask questions… COTP appears to be registered to operate in every US state, as well as the territories in Canada. This space is not the right place to get answers concerning your money and investments.

  • COTPS is selling only USDT which prices vary from county to county.

    Now let’s take time and check how much profit COTPS make on each transaction and what they give investors is peanut

    Assuming buying price of USDT is 7.65 and selling price is 7.75 and you trade with a 1000 the profit here is 0.1 for each usdt

    Now 1000*0.1 = 100 USDT

    however COTPS will not pay you 100 usdt per trade they pay 0.3% which is just 3 usdt per trade with a 1000 mean while the 1000 usdt could have given you 100 usdt if you do a manual trade

    So COTPS takes 97 usdt and pay referral commission from it as well as other administrative cost

    Question how many people can do manual trade with P2P using only usdt
    Again how many time can you manually trade .

    Am not holding brief for COTPS BUT want us to brainstorm

    Just like the Uber system they need people to invest with their cars .

    • 1) You are forgetting about trading and transaction fees.
      2) The biggest problem is that arbitrage trading is not scalable. There always are very limited opportunities, limited by the size of bids and asks at given price levels, which makes arbitraging at the scale of COTPS impossible.

      • How is he fogetting about trading and transaction fees? what do you think the other 97% of the profit of the trade is going to if we get 3%? god do you even read *slapface*

        • I like how you think you are destroying me, it is very entertaining. I wanted to give him a chance to rethink the example, but here you go.

          For a start, assuming a buying price of USDT 7.65 and selling price 7.75 is a nonsense, because USDT is a stable coin pegged to the US dollar.

          So that destroys all the math from his example. So let’s start again with real numbers.

  • I got into COTP because they are paying out 164.9% per month. So it is not a ponzi scheme. That is for certain. So, if you continue to call COTP a ponzi, then you are like chicken little screaming that the sky is falling. The company can fail for a myriad of reasons but not because they are stealing our money. Right now, the company has paid out millions of millions of dollars, much more than they have taken in and they continue to do this every hour. So, if you want to say COTP is a scam, show us something concrete, not speculative.

    • Ponzi schemes do pay in their early stages, until they don’t. And the review is full of proofs that COTPS is a scam.

      • Actually you and like two others are the only ones calling it a ponzi here, everyone else has shown alot more proof that it is legit than you and your other ponzi believers. Find a new hobby, your just pissed you never thought of this becoz you think you are king of arbitrage trading knowledge

        • I caught COTPS with so many lies, all are documented in the review. A supposedly fully licensed and legit company which has its head office in a rented mailbox. And soon I will present more because I am continuing the investigation.

          I think COTPS won’t see the end of the year because 3% daily is way to high even for a Ponzi to survive the year.

  • I think here are the people behind COTPS, its seams they opened a new office.

    • Oh, wait, so the rented mailbox of a “fully licensed and legit” US company is forgotten?
      The video is a show for the people. I’m afraid they used paid actors, the real guys who run COTPS won’t show their faces because they know sooner or later law enforcement will go after them.

  • COTPS is simple idea.

    The platform matches my selling order to an order that wants to buy USDT higher price. Usually spread is more than 1%, so the profit could be more than 1%. Reward of 0.3% per each trading is not a scam only if the trading is real.

    I joined and researched what happened. When I pressed immediate competition order, then COTPS matches merchant’s name, currency, market price, and selling price.
    It shows real merchants and real price from Binance. So, it looks like a real trading.

    Don’t be fooled. When I research deeper, I found that COTPS matched a seller not a buyer. The price was not buying price. It was selling price of the merchant. I can’t sell USDT to seller. It’s not a real trading. I can only sell USDT to buying order. not selling order. The trading was fake.

    If trading is fake, there must be no profit. When there is no profit, you can’t get any rewards from the trading.

    You may get the rewards from COTPS which is from new member’s investment.

    It’s simple.

    If COTPS doesn’t create a trading, it is a SCAM.

    • if your able to click on Trade and receive a profit from said trade, where is that profit coming in, just accumulating from referrals?, i do get that this platform is full of red flags but one dood on youtube by the name of Alan Cosens is profiting around 38k daily mainly from the amount of referrals he’s commissioned, surly the more people in arbitrage trading will bring its daily percent down, but what about the owners of the platform, do they receive a profit from said referral or transaction, meaning it benefits user and platform owner? that might be the way i see it as a business But there are alot of liquidity mining scams out there where its using the USDT in your wallet and connect to sites smart contract, they claim they use the liquidity in your wallet to do ai arbitage trades , which this contract secretly has access to withdraw all your funds at any moment, One of the Sites that Got me Was, like i said there many duplicates out there claiming to earn income with there smart contract they all have fishy names and look very boot leg, just letting yall know if you ever cross that bride like i have

    • They sell short…

  • Here is the owner of the COTPS telegram admitting its a scam!
    There is no excuse to think its in anyway legit.

    • Nothing there about the owner admitting its a scam? Just some random and his underline teams speculation on this as everyone has their own oppinions.

    • How do you know its the owners?

    • That guy is in no way associated with cotps other than being an investor and he said, “it MAY close up one day.”

      I do think it will close up one day, so I’m not debating that. But your comment is misleading. He knows people who have been in it for 2 years and have 5-9 Million in it, that’s wild! He doesn’t think it will go another 90 days, but its been going for 2 years and his friends have made a TON of money. Why can’t it go one more year? I honestly dont know what to make of it yet, I’m trying to find these brokers they claim to be using and ask them myself about certain orders.

  • James Pinion heres your proof you were looking for that the orders being generated on COTPS are actually real,

    but no doubt youll believe that its just fishing out random suppliers to make it look real, you cant convince stupid.

    • So your picture shows an offer that is selling USDTs for 186.83 PKR per 1 USDT.
      186.83 PKR = 1.005 USD

      So you would be paying more than 1 USD for USDT that is worth 1 USD, already losing money from the get-go.
      Then you have to pay substantial fees to move money to Pakistan to pay the seller, so a totally losing trade.

      Try again.

      • Clearly this is a fine example of your understanding of arbitrage and why every single one of your posts is incorrect.

        The “Market Price” at 185 is the sell, the buy price is $186.83 on Binance exhchange, we mate the difference.

        Clearly shows you bite before you bark, think things through before you continue to make a fool of yourself here.

        • Your Binance part of the picture shows you are on the “Buy” tab, which means that you are seeing what you can buy and for how much. It means that you can buy at 186.83 because somebody is selling at 186.83.
          So you buy at 186.83 and sell at 185, which is a loss.

          Try again.

          • Wow the expert doesnt even know how simple P2P works, your beyond help, good day to you

          • So it’s me who is wrong when I say that buying means that you actually pay for something?

          • your obviously going out of your way to not believe this, it finds a higher price to sell at but i guess not in your brain it does not

          • All I keep asking is show me those profitable arbitrage opportunities that will allow you to make 3%+ daily on a massive scale. Nobody was able to show me.

  • Sam Bankman was making 10% a day doing arbitrage I believe. I do think in theory the arbitrage trading style is very possible, more so if you have a lot of money. if you trade a billion dollars and make 0.05-0.1 % per trade, you’re doing pretty well. I also think they could be doing trades on the forex markets with crypto, which has the volume (6.6 Trillion a day) to support their style.

    I’m not saying whether cotps is legit or not because I don’t know. But apparently someone tracked down one of the brokers that facilitates the OTC orders and this broker confirmed they made certain trades that they were questioned about.

    Also, the wallets that seem to be associated with COTPS total around $4 billion. Not that this makes them credible but if I was doing a ponzi scheme and I had 4 billion, I’d probably dip out haha.

    Always invest at your own risk. I decided to risk it and ended up putting in 3700, it got to 9k and I withdrew my initial, its all house money from here. I’m making $200 USD a day and its increasing exponentially.

    ****affiliate link deleted****

  • Didn’t post my last comment haha, let people make their own decisions.

  • A Ponzi takes in more than they pay out. COTP is paying out almost double each month what they are taking in. COTP does not fit the definition of a Ponzi. Furthermore, the investor money is liquid other than the two hours the money is used for trading. Again, not the definition of a Ponzi, where they always hold your money for some period of time.
    Many persons have matched the orders within COTP to actual orders on BInance. Again, real time proof of every single trade that is being made.
    What is hard for some people to wrap their heads around is the immense returns that are being paid in COTP.
    The returns are certainly mouthwatering and hard to comprehend but COTP pays them methodically and without fail.
    If COTP were to stop tomorrow, they would not recoup their losses from months and months of paying out almost 200% of investor capital.
    In this particular scenario, COTP is more beneficial to the investor than to the company. Anyone can double their money in as little as 21 days, pull out their capital and continue trading without any personal risk.
    In conclusion, the risk is minimal in relation to the upside potential for gain. It is an investor’s dream.

    • You are repeating things that I have seen here in this discussion, but when I asked for proofs, nobody was able to provide them.

      Please prove that COTP is paying the double of what they take in.

      Please show me the proof of trades being made. And not only one side, but both sides of the arbitrage.

      Your statement that the risk is minimal is a huge lie and you should know that promoting investment scams can be classified as criminal offence.

  • James I am afraid you simply don’t understand how our government and this capitalist system works! The whole thing is an illusion to make it seems like it’s fair. Our financial system is really a “Master-Slave” pyramid scheme. For example the people at the top make all the money at the expense of the people below them. The ones at the very bottom get all the free benefits. The ones between the very bottom and the top “pay for everything”!!! This idea that if you tax the rich, they will really pay! Hah! No they won’t! They just pass the cost on to the poor working class! In case no one noticed . . . the rich own all of the businesses and controls the price of all goods and services. I said all that to say this. . . under our existing system you won’t get paid nothing for your invested dollars, simply because they are greedy and don’t have to. However, now digital assets have flipped the script! We are no longer on that slave plantation and have been set free. Please understand something, the concept of the value of something is purely based on belief! it is an illusion! Digital assets has taken this illusion and placed it on steroids! Why is the picture of a stupid Ape worth millions!! It’s the same reason one can make 3% a day doing arbitrage!! Yes! it works because of the illusion of the value of an asset. Why is Bitcoin worth $40k?? Because of the freaking illusion! It has zero utility, yet most “believe” it’s the best thing since sliced bread!! Just let one bad thing happen and it will come crashing down to $13K so fast it will make your head swim! In my opinion BTC is actually the scamm along with many of the other “no utility” alt coins! All of life is a risk, if you play it safe, you will always remain onec of the slaves, work for someone else, live pay check to pay check and get stuck paying all the taxes for both the poor and the Rich. In summary, if you see a great opportunity, jump at quickly! Just obey the one simple rule . . . “Never invest more than you can afford or are willing to lose”! Be Blessed and invest in COTP before the government sees how wealthy we are becoming and changes the laws to put us back in our place on that plantation !!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in cryptocurrencies. I’ve been an investor, a trader and a publisher about cryptocurrencies for about 7 years.

      That is why I know for sure that COTP is a scam.

      The presence of inequalities and unfairness in any part of the society does not justify creating scams. You criticize the wrongdoing of others while trying to make money in a scam that will crash hard and destroy a lot of people.


  • I placed my initial investment with on April 24, 2022. 12 full days of “trading” and thus far I am at a 23.28% return. This is without referring anyone to the program. Is it high risk…. In my opinion “POTENTIALLY”, but this is why I diversify my money. One must be tempered when looking at gains like this and determine the long term sustainability. When I hit a point where I can withdraw my initial investment plus the profit I want from a high risk investment, I will. No emotions, just stats. From that point on, I’m playing with the houses money. Never invest more then your okay with losing. Is the juice worth the squeeze… far it seems so.

  • This is a funny thread. Bottom line… everything in the world involving money is a Ponzi scheme… rob Peter to pay Paul. The stock market does it… banks do it… government does it with redistribution… crypto does it. There is ONLY a finite amount of currency unless NEW money is printed out of thin air… which causes inflation. So with ANY entity that holds money, it is a risk. Ask the trucker folks in Canada how secure they feel with their money in banks recently when government just seized it. Simply use RISK capital & pull out your initial as soon as U can and move on. If U lose everything due to rug pull… no biggy. If U lose sleep over it, then U did not use RISK capital.

    • Typical scammer’s argument: everything is a scam so my scam is OK.

      • Better than wasting your life trying to be a hero on here where nobody gives a crap what you say anyway.

        Im in a telegram group of over 100,000 COTP users and there are plenty of much more well educated traders, arbitragers than you providing alot more positive feedback. Tell you what when i pull out my next withdrawal i’ll donate some to you for your entertainment, your at least worth that.

  • I have read many times here that COTP did not exist back in 2019, since the domain was not active at that certain time. I presume you know that you can buy and hold multiple domains for use at a later date even if it’s years. It’s often about securing the rights to the domain name, so the talk about them not being legit because of the date they started to use the domain name does not make any sense. Remember that you need to host a site, the website is just a shell. Where you choose to use your software is up to the owner. In other words they could have used another domain name back in 2019, it’s possible to use Chinese domain names for example, Icann supports foreign letters for domain names as well. If you check Youtube COTP seem to have been active at least for western territories since last October. Based on what people post they are paying out large amounts. It’s strange if they are a ponzi that they still can maintain instant payouts without losing money. At this point they must pay out more than what comes in based on their daily 3%+, it may be a scam as you say but it still doesn’t answer how they are able to pay out in seconds!

    • Exactly, there are no traces of COTP before autumn 2021. Even the company was registered in autumn 2021. If COTP really started in 2019, there for sure would be some traces from back then since it is an online business that pretends to be trading cryptocurrencies.

      As for the argument that it is still paying, it can’t be a scam, there really is no rule about how long a Ponzi will last, it depends on many circumstances. Madoff ran his Ponzi for decades.

  • Well after reading this review I’ve now been convinced to give cotp a try. I’ll invest only what I can lose and wait till mid June to withdraw double if it’s still ongoing. Thanks James Pinion

  • A scam that pays multi your capital is better and for goodness sake find something legit and introduce it if this is a scam ….. Otherwise you can join COTP fro betterment also.

    • So if you can’t make the money for doing nothing in a legit way, you’re good with a scam. Well…

  • I am very glad that I gave COTP a try, doubled my money in less than a month and withdrew my seed money, withdrew again a substantial amount in merely minutes after another month and now I will leave my money to grow for 3 months. All those here that say that it is a scam might be right and time will tell, but they are not engaged in it and I haven’t read about anyone complaining who is engaged in COTP.

  • Watch this and replace BitConnect name with COTP. With minor differences it’s the same all over again. People didn’t learn anything over the years.
    Don’t be stupid! Run!

  • James is right, I have over 8 years of experience with HYIPs this is just another one to add to the books. The risk you should understand is — it is a ponzi scheme you are racing to be one of the first in & first out. The last people to join will suffer. I was a major player in Bitconnect & Bitpetite I made lots of profits for a long time. It still came crashing down. It is obvious that COTP is using TRX chain to handle deposits so they can anonymously run off when the time is right. Good luck!

  • Watching those YouTubers telling about COTP and excels of profits…lmao. People become intelligent when they can find the right line in the spreadsheet which says they will be multi-millionaires in a year. And pass Elon Musk in a couple of years. Everybody, stop working, sell your houses and cars and invest big in COTP and become billionaires in a couple of months. Why wait years. This is financial advice…really, believe me.
    The talks about percentages and is it possible or not are nonsense. Who mentally healthy human can claim that this illusion is going to be possible? What’s wrong with people??

    The only thing I can see here is that James is talking with COPT trolls who are trying to defend their scam. LMAO

    • i’ll just leave this link here…

      if COTPS is such a scam and these arbitrage trades happening are smoke and mirrors, why has the 24h volume of USDT being traded doubled in the last 7 days? Everyone else decided to start arbitraging stable coin now? Or could it possibly be the sheer growth of arbitrage trades happening on COTPS?

      • That happens in exceptional circumstances. You can’t do that every day like COTPS claims.
        Also, the USDT still has roughly the same price everywhere, so no real arbitrage opportunities there. It’s lost its peg to the US dollar, but it’s not like you can arbitrage it, because nobody is currently willing to buy it for 1 USD.

  • It definately is NOT a scam. It takes advantage of imbalances in the crypto market. Right now there are lots to take advantage of. But the more and more people that join, there might come a time when there isn’t enough of these. And then the opportunities will not be there. That does not make this a scam.

  • It could very well be a ponzi scheme. However for as low as just $9 to start and then pay about $10 a month for the VPS it was definitely worth the risk FOR ME. We all have lost or wasted 20 bucks on something at one time or another. Wait 3 weeks to make your $9 back. Wait less than 2 months to make back the $10 you spent on the VPS. If it crashes you will have lost $20 or less. If it succeeds then you will turn a profit. You don’t have to put in a large amount of money to give it a shot. I have referred 3 people. Lowest amount put in was $50 and the most that was put in was $300. One has made his money back already. One will make hers back in about a week. Last guy will make his back in 2 weeks since he started last week. If you want to take a leap of faith and you need a link let me know.

  • You can start with 9$ for sure but why not speed things up. If you sell your house and get 600k$, how would you invest the money? With COPT you would have $30 BILLION in your bank account only after 365 days! Isn’t that amazing? What would you do with the money, maybe buy a private jet, hehe, I bet you would. And of course all the other cool stuff. BUT if you keep all the money in for 484 days, you will have $1 TRILLION in your bank account! Let me ask you one question: Is it worth selling your house, living 484 days in a car, keeping your 9to5 job all the time, and then retiring, you decide? Can you guess how much money I have made in two years? Heheh, you won’t believe me if I tell you. But you can calculate it if you can use excel!

    Don’t believe what they are writing here, always do your own DYOC (do your own calculations)

    Ps. I promise we will not shut down our trading site ever. Why should we?
    Pss. We need to stay anonymous because of safety reasons, I hope you understand.

  • I don’t know that this is an a scam or not but what I am sure about of this page (cotps) I have done 10 k and I started with 1 k

    and I’m on this page 3 months ago
    and I have also withdrawn money

  • Sorry I don’t own anything. So I can’t put $400,000 in. But I can withdraw this $3000 profit and pay off this vacation I just returned from! Lol. Thanks COTP!!!

  • James you seem to be right. No one is able to withdraw from today

  • they’re having withdrawal issues today and everyone is trying to panic’s really funny..and yet sad

  • It seems this is becoming true
    Because I can’t withdraw my money o

  • I hope everyone will be able to see again that Mr Pinion was right.
    COTPS has just scammed.

    • Yeah..,this is ugly….site is still up but can’t withdraw…it’s been a week

    • Holding our funds isn’t right. They need to do the right thing and let us withdraw or place limits on the withdrawals. I wish there was something we could do about it. They can’t get away with this

  • in case you dont know they are protecting from mass withdrawal from panic from the cyrpto market crash, use your brains instead of your ponzi belief, it will be fixed shortly, if it was a ponzi and they were running with the money why would they continue to give updates and employ customer service?

    • My problem is that they are holding my funds. They need to do the right thing and let people withdraw . It isn’t fair. Why would they consider taking our money to begin with . I’m sure they’ll make money regardless

  • You are all idiots believing and falling into this IPC and COTPS PONZI SCHEMES.

    You should have listened to Mr James Pinion’s very comprehensive review.

  • Cotp scam new users it’s really a big scam people where unable to withdraw since yesterday

  • Seems Corps stops paying already… Hmmmm

  • WE TOLD YOU. IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS. As much as I want to be smug right now, I really hope you guys were able to get your money out in time.

  • over $13m dollars taken out of this wallet over the past 2 days… The rug has been pulled.

    • lol thats nothing, still plenty of wallets of theres have over 200 million each in them and growing from trades still being executed but no one withdrawing until sms verification issue is fixed, what are all you haters going to say next week when its fixed? the ponzi creator had its chance to take the money and run so why didnt they? could it possibly mean its not a ponzi perhaps? haha

      • The right question is what are you going to say to people that join the COTPS scam thanks to you and lost their money?

        • Nothing because I havent signed anyone up, i have no interest in the commision sides of things, ive invested and growing my own account. Oh ill just leave this here too ..

          This is their main wallet which is always growing, bookmark it and keep an eye on it, and when this reaches 0 you can come back and tell me the rugs been pulled and it was a ponzi 🙂

          • You have been aggressively defending COTPS here as a legit project, which may have persuaded some people to join COTPS. You will have their losses on your hands.

          • This is NOT a COTPs wallet. It literally says Kraken right there. Please stop lying to people.

      • “the ponzi creator had its chance to take the money and run so why didnt they”. Easy, look at the transactions into the wallet, they’re making about a million every 12 hours even AFTER they’ve disabled withdrawals. If I was the owner of COTPS, why would I want to shut down something that is still making me money even after I’ve stopped paying out? The sooner you open your eyes the better.

  • My mothers friend introduced me to COTPs, understand the difference between affiliates and pyramid schemes guys some of you have no idea how different the two are, 1. I have no one under me and 2. i am under no one soo i had made $10,000 NZD in 2 months and withdrew it out, pretty dam good i must say doing that on my own, so again tell me how this is a pyramid scheme
    just know this.
    I never join unless i know the risks, however the site may say registered ®️ 2028,
    But only last for a couple years. This site is a legitimate trading platform, selling your USDT at a more higher price in other countries as the currency bounces every second. So yes the possibility of making money in COTPS is real.
    Like anything in life people you got to take risks just know when to slow down and stop before your in to deep. Dont sit there and point fingers and call it a scam if you miss the train my friend oh well to bad but those who jumped on take what you can before the doors close

  • Look im with cotps about a week ago i was able to withdraw now that im making alot of money my verification code doesn’t work i am unable to Withdrawl money

  • This might be a scam after all. Int beginig of the end

  • Now its possible to withdraw the money from cotps

    I have been checked

    its working

    • I have been trying for 3 days now. I cannot withdraw. The 90 second timer times out and never get a sms message.

  • Alleged “partner” saying that they have no affiliation with COTP

    • Yes, and in my review I have an e-mail where Dukascopy says the same, they have no connection to COTP whatsoever.

  • It appears that all who invested in COTP will find out if this truly is a big scam as mentioned. WEDNESDAY MAY 16, 2022 WILL VERIFY!!!!

    I personally invested about $7,000 after seeing my brother withdrawal $10,000 /Month.
    I am hoping to make my first withdrawal once I double my initial investment and play with house money thereafter. I would hate to loose $7000 but ” scared money don’t make no money ”
    I had to bet on myself when I started my own company and invested thousands of Dollars without knowing if I would ever make it back. Thank God I did. A Rule I live by is to only Invest what you are willing to loose. I don’t believe in supporting scams but there is not much evidence pointing to that opinion. – Thank you Pinion for sharing your opinion though

  • Thank You James. I keep telling my friend this is obviously ridiculous, and then when he told me about the referral money,,,, OMG,, making this a true Network marketing scheme , that was it!!! They always collapse. Only people in the very beginning of a network marketing co make money, No matte how good the product. Now he tells me there is a “glitch | withdrawing money. Yeah Baby close it before the feds close in.

  • I have been with Cotp since April 30, I have not invested too much abs utilize an automated server to auto click ti exchange every 2 hours. I seen a YouTube video about a potential scan by Cotp and now I have been trying to withdraw funds for 3 days and upon clinking to get a code to withdraw it times out ( you get only 90 seconds). Cotps website help area says they are working on this SMS problem. I pray I am not scammed!

  • Well all you haters keep on hating, but some people are already using new verification codes with Tencent sms gateway, and withdrawing. The great ponzi lives on, funny you all call it a ponzi with billions in their wallet, why would they continue to fix this issue and carry on as normal, in true ponzi fasion they would have already pulled the rug and taken the pot. Long live COTPS, sorry James Pindoodle

    • They were not correcting any real issues, they were just delaying payments because they are running out of money. The final collapse is near.

    • yeah that was all fake. no one is actually withdrawing. I know youre just hanging out on all the chats just waiting for any good news so you can say we are wrong. it’s actually funny. you think a legitimate company could actually go multiple days with holding people’s money? go join the new hypertoken or whatever the hell they call it and go lose more of you’re money

    • Well James, chickens have come home to roost and you are shown to be the lying scumbag you are. You were promoting this scam on several different website and disputing the obvious truth. You are a horrible excuse for a human.

      James Pinion – You are a legend, thanks for your good work trying to wake up the gullible and naive

  • Pinuts, do not FUD. We will come back strong!!

  • So if you give the bank $1 million dollars and they pay you 3% a year return, what do they make from your $1 million?
    A bank is a business like any other. If everyone didn’t pay their mortgages, banks would collapse. Banks are set up the exact same way, only rich get richer. Also, every business no matter what it is, is timed to die at some point. So regardless, put your money on red or black. In the end, you are just raking a little but back from what the banks can not regulate and its stealing from them. My heart bleeds for the banks profits…
    I’m making my money off it, got it all back and am now making decent money from it. Nygaard is a massive company, only to fall cause the owner was a bad person. Everything is eventual, just don’t be the last person every time.

    • Except for the fact that banks do a legit business, they serve a purpose, they help the economy run, while COTPS is just a Ponzi scheme that is going to destroy lives.

      • Banks are the largest fraudulent business around! They choose who they lend to. You honestly think someone who can afford $2500 a month rent on top of all other bills can not afford a $800 month mortgage? They set the standards, they set interest rates. Only when something happens that is global they have no recourse. I had over $110,000 in RRSP’s. When the markets crashed, so did my money. No warnings, no emergency stops, the banks just though up their hands and said, oh well. Meanwhile, they lend out my money and made millions off it. Again, banks will be trying to shut down crypto, but in the end, banks will be forced to play or go away.
        Remember banks selling paper notes for gold reserves? Who won there? Not the people who sold gold to get bank notes. People don’t hold real wealth anyone, just debt. So do I feel bad, not the slightest. Have I done my research, you betcha.
        If you can say this is a ponzi scheme, the banks run on the same platforms with your money. So the banks are the biggest scams of them all. Please stop defending what you do not understand because no graph or crystal ball exists. But, everything will end, they always do. We invented money to control the masses and to buy shiny things. Prove me wrong.
        And this is not a personal attack, I am a facts person, and unfortunately everything is fake news until time tells in the end. Happy investing everyone!!!

        • A bank takes your money on a deposit and lends it to somebody who can for example get a mortgage and buy a house. This is a legit business that benefits both parties. In most countries it is regulated and deposits are insured. Not to mention that a bank facilitates transactions, automates your payments etc. Makes your life easier.
          COTPS does nothing real, it just plays a financial pyramid and people have to hope they are not in the lowest level when it collapses. No real business, no real values, nothing.

  • Please can we talk on WhatsApp ? ********

  • Shout out to James for trying to bash some sense and logic into these dummies pumping away at a ponzi whose only argument is deerp, it’s paying.
    You morons have failed to articulate a single valid point to any of Jame’s arguments, which are air tight
    keep shillin guys, you will all get rekt in the end

  • James, I’ve been a Police Officer for 19 years and my ‘Spidey Senses’ tingled within one minute of looking at documentation sent to me for “checking” by a friend.

    From what I looked at for myself, before I even looked at this page and the points you raised, I was 100% convinced COTPS was either a MLM scam or Ponzi scheme. People are making money right now, but that clock is ticking.

    You have defended your article well, in my humble opinion. However, in my job (as I see here also) you can tell people the truth until you’re blue in the face, but as the old saying goes, “There’s none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you. I know I won’t convince everybody, but even if this review saves money only to a few people, it is worth it.

      • On behalf of everyone who reads your article and decides to put their hard-earned cash into something that isn’t a scam, thank you for what you are trying to do and for being an example of honor and integrity in a corrupt world.

        • Thank you.

          • At James Pinion, please keep up the great work. You have a big fan in me. Keep exposing these scams.

          • I got referred to this “cotp business” by a colleague and kept getting the odd feeling it wasn’t all it was glorified to be. That feeling led me to this site and it only took two comments from James Pinion to convince me that my suspicions were valid. I had to immediately withdraw all my funds only a day after putting them in. lo and behold, 2 days after, Cotps withdrawal system stopped working and with all the drama that’s going on, they may never return. Thank you James, from me and the few others that listened, you saved us a sh*t ton of money. <3

          • You’re welcome, that’s why I’m doing it.

          • I know you’ll never hear from them again, but I hope all those people in the comments above defending this nonsense come back on here and apologize to you. COTP is as dead as bernie madoff

  • I knew it was a scam, but I put $$$ in anyways, and now looks like withdrawal is locked.

    And idea if I have any recourse I can take, or should I just assume it’s gone and move on…?

    • You knew it was a scam but put $$$ in anyway? I’m speechless!

      • Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to differentiate real world events from Cartoon experiences. lol

      • Yea, I was planning to do the same.

        Double, then pull out, then play w/house $$$, but stalled with the sms issue.

        They have a message on their site now (strangely it’s in Spanish, but I translated to English…):
        “Due to some issues with Binance, a number of processes cannot be executed normally. The SMS channel will be restored to normal at 00:00 hours on the 22nd. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”

    • I put money and lost it as well. Any idea how to get money back?

  • Regardless if people are making money, its a ponzi scheme. That’s how ponzi schemes work – use other people’s money to pay other people their returns. I only put in $500 and doubled it less than a month, but there’s so many red flags with the site lol. Glad I took out $500 to break even because now there is an issue with the sms for withdrawing funds. I think this is it lol

    • Yea, I was planning to do the same.

      Double, then pull out, then play w/house $$$, but stalled with the sms issue.

      They have a message on their site now (strangely it’s in Spanish, but I translated to English…):
      “Due to some issues with Binance, a number of processes cannot be executed normally. The SMS channel will be restored to normal at 00:00 hours on the 22nd. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused”

  • Anyone w want some entertainment?

    Watch these sheep drinking the KoolAid concerning COTPS:

  • You said you’ve been doing arbitrage for years? How might one go about getting into other arbitrage opportunities that similar but arent scams? im lucky i only put in $50 to test it so i didnt lose much. Still I am interesting in learning how I can make money with crypto.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think anybody will be doing arbitrage trading for you. Profitable arbitrage opportunities are not so common and those who find them trade them for themselves and keep the profit. There is no reason to teach this to somebody else or even share the profit with them. I’m sorry but that’s how it is.

  • Got to know about your website a little too late and now you cannot withdraw from cotps again . If I have seen this earlier I wouldn’t have invested at all. They now have a new message that says they have been hacked and it will take 3 to 5 weeks to fix. This is the end of the road although I lost some money as I only joined 3 weeks ago.

  • So here we are, time proved me right again. I got attacked so much here because of my review that was right from the start. Where are all the COTPS supporters that attacked me? Will you apologize to people who joined because of your false arguments and lost money? Anyway, I am happy that I was able to save money to at least some of the people who read this review, that is why I am doing it. I don’t mind the attacks on me, over the years I got immune.

    • It feels so good to be right.

      • Not that much when I know that lots of people lost lots of money in this. That is why I never do my victory lap, I am just angry with people who were defending the scam.

        • Hi John,

          Any recommendatiin on what to do now?

          Any idea if I have any recourse I can take, or should I just assume it’s gone and move on…?

        • You’re a better man than me James. My conscience is clear. I warned everyone I knew to steer clear and I’ve been doing the rounds on forums like this and twitter to get people to take their money out. If they didn’t then that’s on them and their own greed unfortunately.

  • same..thanks for doing what you do

  • Someone needs to contact the local FBI where the headquarters is located. It used to be a minimum of $25,000 before the FBI would get involved and I am not sure what the number is now. Has to be where the main office is located so FBI has jurisdiction. Those guys need to go to prison

    • Do we have an idea of where these people are located? I’ve only just come across this article after investing and have lost a lot of money.

  • Is there any recourse of action and how we get our money bacK?

  • James you were right, Iam here to apologize thanks got I got my investment back but I know some people who lose more than 1M dlrs

    • How did you get your money back? My husband and I invested and we lost a lot of money. This is the first time we get involve in something like this and we thought it was legit. Thank you!

    • How did you get your money back? My husband and I invested and we lost a lot of money. This is the first time we get involve in something like this and we thought it was legit. Thank you! After reading this article I realized that in fact it was a scam.

    • How you can got your investment back? You should share the info with us… could you please let us know??

      • All I want is my money back. I’m a retired civil servant and I was just to keep my head above water. Please give me my money back, I don’t need any additional to my money. Please give me my money back.

    • I think he’s saying that he had reached a full return on investment via withdrawals before the ponzi collapsed / they pulled the rug.

  • James, you (and the early fall of COTPS) saved my money. A huge thank you. I don’t feel well about Meta Bounty Hunters either, pure intuition since I know nothing about crypto. Any hints?

  • Cotp is not reachable and i lose my all money plz any one can tel me what happened

  • James, COTP appears to be making a comeback in the form of a crypto trading platform that goes by the name of HEAL.Estate you can go to their site yourself to see, there’s no founders info, no contact info, no location info and when I clicked on the dashboard button. The dashboard flashed for a half of second that looked identical to COTP’s platform. Keep doing what you are doing to make people aware of scammers and con artist. Much appreciated.

  • Hmm! Short of words.

  • Two other fraudulent sites are MetafiYielders and SkyDwellers. Both are happy to take money but never give a withdrawal. Beware!!

  • Please stay away from crypto0p2p. This is an OTC exchange. These guys stole (froze) 4121 usdt from me.
    Please feel free to contact me for details.

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