Coxdatix review – Dirty SCAM exchange [Beware!]

Review of Coxdatix

In this review we show that Coxdatix is a cryptocurrency scam that was designed to steal your money.

What is Coxdatix

Coxdatix is a cryptocurrency platform that will allow you to trade and stake cryptocurrencies.

Staking cryptos with this exchange allegedly can earn you up to 24.05 % per year (with XRP).

The exchange also seems to be running a marketing campaign where it says to random people that they won bitcoin and that they need to deposit on Coxdatix in order to be able to withdraw their prize.

But is Coxdatix legit, can you trust it?

Coxdatix scam

In reality Coxdatix is a monster scam that was build to scam people out of their money. You have to stay away from it. In this review we go through all the details.

Not registered

Coxdatix claims on its website that it is registered as a MSB with FinCEN in the US and with the ICO in the United Kingdom. But it is a lie.

First of all, Coxdatix is not registered with the FinCEN, you can check it here.

Second, ICO in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office, which has the mission to “uphold information rights in the public interest”. So it has nothing to do with crypto trading regulation and you guessed it, Coxdatix is not registered with this authority.

These lies alone make Coxdatix a total scam. But there is more.

Fake history

In the section called Our History on the official website of Coxdatix you will find that the project allegedly started back in 2013. So you would assume that the exchange is running for 7 to 8 years.

Wrong! The Coxdtatix domain was registered on December 15, 2021. So at the time of writing this review, it is only one week old!

Clearly, the whole history of Coxdatix presented on its website is totally fake.

Fake history

Fake stats

Since we proved that Coxdatix is only one week old, it is obvious that the stats shown on its website are completely fake too.

The exchange claims to have more than 50 thousand customers, which is not true. This is a new scam that is just showing fake numbers to impress potential new victims.

Fake stats

Impossible returns

Last but not least, Coxdatix promises up to 24.05 % yearly returns thanks to cryptocurrency staking. This is not realistic.

Funnily enough, the exchange say you will get this kind of returns with XRP, which has a blockchain that does not use staking to validate transactions nor mining. So promising you these returns thanks to XRP staking is obviously BS.

Impossible staking

How Coxdatix works

Coxdatix is a scam that will use different tricks to get your money. It will promise you nice returns, free cryptocurrency etc.

But every time you will have to first deposit your own money and every deposit will be lost forever in this scam.

In other words, everything Coxdatix says is just a fairy tale that is tailored to persuade people to send money to this scam. There is nothing more to it.

And because all the transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, victims have no means to reverse them, everything is final.

So fraudsters from Coxdatix will just keep cashing in cryptocurrencies that people send them and laugh all the way to the bank.

Coxdatix review – Conclusion

Coxdatix is a scam, it’s only one week old and its website is full of lies. Every deposit with this fraudulent exchange will be lost forever. Stay away from it!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, choose a reputable exchange or a regulated broker. You can even start on a free demo to try everything out.

Should you chose to trade with real money, please be sure to understand the risks and to have a good strategy.


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