Crypto Comeback review – proofs that this software is a scam

Crypto Comeback review

In our review we prove that Crypto Comeback is a scam software that is not able to make you any money in cryptocurrency trading.

Our detailed test and analysis reveal what is Crypto Comeback about, why it is a scam, how it works and what you could do if you already got scammed.

What is Crypto Comeback

Crypto Comeback is a software that has been designed to trade cryptocurrency markets. It is a full automated trading app that will open and close trades on your account and supposedly generate profits in this process.

According to its official website, the main features of Crypto Comeback are:

  • superior trading algorithm
  • the quickest market analysis, a 0.01 second advantage over the competition
  • consistent profits
  • 99% accuracy level
  • works on autopilot
  • requires only a few minutes of work each day
  • no prior experience in trading is needed

The presentation doesn’t say how much you can be earning with Crypto Comeback, it only mentions that you will achieve a “consistent passive income”.

The most important thing is that the software doesn’t cost anything, you can get it for free. Which should ring the alarm bells, shouldn’t it?

Is Crypto Comeback legit?

No, the Crypto Comeback software is not legit. It is an illegal app, because it has no license whatsoever.

In most countries the law classifies every auto trading software as an investment service that is subject to regulation. Therefore, this type of software needs to be authorized by regulators in order to be legal.

But Crypto Comeback is completely anonymous and unregulated. This is why it is an illegal app, which is a fact that you can verify with your national financial regulator.

The Crypto Comeback scam

Unfortunately, Crypto Comeback is not only illegal, but also a scam that is very dangerous for your money. It will do the exact opposite of what it promises, it will take your money and lose it in trading.

In our review we prove that it is a scam that you have to avoid in order to stay safe.

Copied scam

For the last couple of years there have been countless investment scams that are abusing cryptocurrencies. But the majority of them are in fact just clones of each other. And Crypto Comeback is one of those many copies of an infamous scam.

You can see in our reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Comeback Pro and Bitcoin Era just a few examples of the different variations of this scam.

In our picture you will a few more examples. Crypto Comeback has a slightly altered website design, but it still a copy of those scams. It uses the same texts, the same promises and the same video.

We know from real users of this trading system that it is a scam that is losing money in cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto Comeback scam

Fake testimonials

A very tangible proof that Crypto Comeback is a scam can be found in the testimonials that are showcased on its website. Because they are fake.

Not only these same testimonials are being used by scammers over and over again across their different products, but they also were made with stock photos, which is very easy to prove.

Take a look at the following picture and you will see that people portrayed as real Crypto Comeback users are in fact models posing on stock photos. These users’ reviews are completely fake.

Crypto Comeback testimonials are fake

Scam software platform

Another thing that Crypto Comeback has in common with other variants of this scam, is the software platform that you are supposed to use for trading. See it in our picture below.

This same trading app is used by many other programs, so not only we know that it is losing money, but we also know exactly how it works.

The most important feature of the Crypto Comeback platform is its demo mode. Because if you test it, you will see it generating a lot of profits. But those profits will be fake and impossible to replicate in trading with real money.

How is that even possible? The demo uses fake prices and it miscalculates profits on purpose. It is rigged, it was design to manipulate your opinion to make you believe that the software is profitable in trading, but it isn’t.

This dirty trick with a demo faking profits is extremely dangerous, because only people with experience in financial trading will see what is happening. Everybody else will probably believe that Crypto Comeback is the real deal and let it trade with real money.

But then they will see their money quickly disappear, and when they realize they got scammed, it will be too late.

Crypto Comeback platform with the fake demo

Crypto Comeback in the media

One of the most common tricks of scams like Crypto Comeback are fake endorsements by celebrities and fake articles that are supposed to prove positive reviews in serious media.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see articles associating people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Richard Branson to Crypto Comeback. These articles will of course be fake.

Concerning TV, the Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank are two favorites TV shows that scammers like their products like Crypto Comeback to associate with. This Morning and Good Morning Britain are another two.

They will take real pictures from these shows and create fake articles with stories about how Crypto Comeback was discussed and approved on TV. These articles might look very credible, but if you analyze them in detail, you will see they are completely fake.

In fact, The Mirror has warned about these fake articles.

Just to be clear, Crypto Comeback has never been and will never be endorsed by any celebrity, journal or TV.

Is Crypto Comeback safe?

No, Crypto Comeback is not safe. It is a dangerous and risky app that has a misleading demo and a losing real mode. The only thing that will happen if you use it is that you will lose money.

This scam is very-well known, because as we have already explained, it has been around for years under different names. In fact, many financial regulators have already warned the public against it.

We have a lot of feedback from Crypto Comeback users and they all tell us that they have lost money with it. It really is the only outcome you can expect from this auto trading software.

If you sign up for Crypto Comeback, you can also expect harassing phone calls and e-mails from scammers asking you to send them your money. So, your personal data is also at risk with this scam.

If you see positive reviews of Crypto Comeback, beware, they are fake. Scammers paid for them to promote their product.

How Crypto Comeback really works

Our review would not be complete without a detailed explanation of how the Crypto Comeback works. It works like this: it will persuade you to send money to scammers. This is how you lose.

Now, let us give you some details. We have already mentioned that Crypto Comeback has a demo that generates fake profits. It is its crucial feature, because in order to scam you, it needs you to believe that it is a working software.

Because if you let them convince you that the Crypto Comeback app can earn you money, you will want to switch from the demo to the real money.

And here comes the catch. If you want to use Crypto Comeback with real money, you will have to deposit at least 250 USD with a selected broker. You simply won’t have the choice.

Scammers who run Crypto Comeback cooperate with some brokers that will pay them for sending new depositing clients. This is how it works; this is how scammers make money.

Crypto Comeback is just a big fat lie made to convince you to send money to a shady broker. Then the software will trade with your money and lose it. Scammer who run this fraud will get paid by the broker a commission for referring a new depositor, and that will be it. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

This why this fraud is so dirty, they can be giving you a losing app and still reach their goal, which is earning an affiliate commission thanks to you. You will be the only loser in this.

And they won’t have a hard time to convince many people, since they say Crypto Comeback is free and the demo shows profits.

When you lose money with this software, it won’t probably stop there. You can expect calls with requests to deposit more money. They will tell you that next time it certainly will work and that you will get your big profit. But you won’t, not with Crypto Comeback.

They might also ask you to pay all sorts of fees and fictitious taxes when you want to withdraw any money from your account. But everything you send them will be lost and they will never let you withdraw anything.

Already got scammed by Crypto Comeback? Here is what you can do

If you found our review too late and you already got scammed by Crypto Comeback, there are things you can do to try and recover your money.

Follow these steps:

  1. See who you sent your money to. Typically, it will be a broker that has opened a trading account for you.
  2. Contact the broker and ask for a withdrawal / refund of your money. Explain that you were referred under false promises by the Crypto Comeback scam.
  3. If the broker refuses your request, threaten to report everything to regulators and authorities. Also say you will initiate a chargeback on your deposit.
  4. If the broker still refuses to cooperate, see if it is a regulated broker. If it is regulated, complain to the relevant regulator.
  5. If the broker is not regulated, immediately try to reverse your deposit transaction. If the payment was made with a credit card, ask your bank to do a chargeback on that transactions.
  6. If you used an e-wallet, contact the provider of the wallet with a complaint and a refund request.
  7. The most difficult to revers are bank wires. Ask your bank and the bank of the recipient for help.
  8. You can also ask for advice the national financial regulator in your country.

If you don’t do anything, you won’t get your money back. Scammers rely on people being passive. Therefore, be active and fight for your rights.

Delete your Crypto Comeback account

If you already signed up for Crypto Comeback, you should also try to have your account deleted. Remember you are dealing with scammers, so it won’t be easy, but it still worth a try.

Your personal information is with people who run Crypto Comeback and with the broker they referred you to. Contact both with a request to have your account deleted.

With the broker it might be easier, since brokers always provide at lest some contact information. With Crypto Comeback it will be hard to find any contact information but look through your e-mails and see.

If you gave them details about your credit card, we recommend getting a new card because we have heard about many cases of unauthorized payments.

If you gave them copies of your personal documents (passport, ID card), the risk is smaller, but you still have to evaluate it properly and maybe get these documents new.

Crypto Comeback – the final verdict

Crypto Comeback is a scam. The software is losing money in trading cryptocurrencies, we know it from real users. Therefore, it is important staying away from it.

If you want to try legit cryptocurrency trading, begin on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to try everything risk free.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to have a sound trading strategy.

Please help us to warn people against the Crypto Comeback scam and share our review.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crypto Comeback

Is Crypto Comeback a con?

Yes, Crypto Comeback is a con. It is a known scam that is making people lose money in cryptocurrency trading.

Can I make money with Crypto Comeback?

No, you cannot make money with Crypto Comeback. This auto trading software does not have any real strategy, it is losing money.

Is Crypto Comeback real?

The Crypto Comeback software is not real, it is a generic scam software designed to rip people off. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies may rise again but it is another story.

Crypto Comeback

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  • Fraud
  • Stealing money
  • Full of lies
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