Crypto Engine review – subtle, but still a scam!

Read our review to understand that Crypto Engine is in fact a scam funnel designed to drive money away from you.

About Crypto Engine

Crypto Engine websiteCrypto Engine is presented as a simple way to profit from cryptocurrencies. Its website says that another bitcoin boom is imminent, and you can easily profit just by signing up and investing.

They say that the price of bitcoin is continuously rising, therefore it is easy to make money. They will guide you through everything. But is it really that easy?

Crypto Engine is a scam

Bitcoin price chartLet’s start with some basics. Financial trading and investing is never easy, there is no easy money in it. Yes, cryptocurrencies have had their exponential growth in the past, but for two years we have had a bear market and nobody knows if or when that will change.

Anybody saying that it is easy to make money in crypto trading is a liar and a scammer who is hiding the last two years from you. Indeed, that is what Crypto Engine is doing. They show you the chart of bitcoin up until the beginning of 2018 and they hide last two years when the price when down. You will se the complete chart on our picture.

How it really works

They want your moneyWhy is Crypto Engine telling you that you can easily profit with cryptocurrencies? They could profit themselves and keep the money, they don’t have to bother you with their website and video, right?

The reality is that people who run Crypto Engine don’t know how to make money in crypto trading. But they have partnered with some shady and unregulated brokers that are paying them for getting new customers.

So, it works like this: if they manage to persuade you to deposit and trade with one of their brokers, they will get paid by the broker for referring you. In our case it was Dash Trader they wanted us to deposit with, which is unregulated.

If you deposit money with them, you will never see it again. They will keep it and share it, and tell you that you lost it in trading. And then they will ask you for more deposits. They will say that circumstances were exceptionally unfavorable and that it will change. But it won’t, every deposit with them will be lost. So, don’t send them any money!

Crypto Engine review conclusion

Crypto Engine is a simple scam, just a way to make you send money to unregulated brokers that will rip you off. Stay away from them!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn with virtual money.

Only when you have a proper strategy and an understanding of the risks, you can start trading with real money.

Crypto Engine

250 USD





Trading system



  • No trading system


  • No trading system
  • Only wants your money
  • Full of lies
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  • Thank you. Very helpful . I have already lost USD 20.000,00 To a scam broker called LBinary. They disappeared with all clients money in 2016. One of my friends committed suicide he lost 500.000 . Stay away from unregulated brokers.

  • Crypto Engine is Scammer 100%
    I not lose money but I Investigated
    all situation and 100% of Companies ask the Famous £250.00 are pure Scamners.
    Plus when someone has the capacity to avoid Scammers isn’t easy to earn money
    with Cryptocurrency mainly for the fact finished a BITCOIN Era.
    Alby Liverpool

  • Do you have reviews for I just investee $100 with their platform.

  • Hello out there.. thank you for your straight talk!!!…
    Cripto engine is totally Fake ?.. check out the Sutle behavior,sweetheart jargon.then making
    money with your eyes closed…wake up Brits!.
    (Crypto criminals).

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