Crypto Investor App review – a very poor scam [ALERT]

Crypto Investor App review

This review of Crypto Investor reveals a very simple scam that is aimed at your money. See why you can only lose with this app.

What is the Crypto Investor App

Crypto Investor offers an app that will provide you with trading signals for cryptocurrencies. They say you will need only 15 minutes daily to generate a passive income.

The Crypto Investor App allegedly wins 87% of trades, which makes it highly profitable. The software can be used by anyone, even by people with no experience in financial trading.

The most intriguing thing about Crypto Investor is that the app is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get free profits. But is it really true?

Is Crypto Investor legit?

No, Crypto Investor is not a legit app. Here is why. Its website says the app will provide you with trading signals and generate you a passive income, while professional advisors are ready to assist you.

This means that Crypto Investor is an investment service. As such it is subject to financial regulation and it needs to bee authorized in every country it is supposed to have users in.

But in reality, Crypto Investor is completely anonymous and unregulated, which makes it an illegal investment service. With your money you should never trust anonymous and unauthorized services.

The Crypto Investor App scam

Our review revealed facts that show that Crypto Investor App is a scam, similar to Bitcoin Boom. Here are the main ones.

Impossible win ratio

Financial trading is very difficult and achieving any profitability is a big success. But there are certain limits, you will never be able to win all your trades, not even close.

The Crypto Investor App promises an 87% win-ratio, which is a nonsense. It just is impossible to win that much in crypto markets. Trust us, we have been trading for years.

To be more precise, the win-ratio alone doesn’t mean anything. Because you can be risking $10,000 per trade and aiming at only $10 in profits, which will make you lose money even with an 87% win-rate.

So, to be exact, what is impossible is to have an 87% win-rate and still be profitable in the long term. Crypto Investor is promising an impossible thing.

Crypto Investor scam

A lie and a nonsense

The Crypto Investor App website is designed to make you believe that making money with cryptocurrencies is easy. They say that Bitcoin made new all time high this year, but it is a lie.

Check our picture below to see a proof, Bitcoin had its historical high at the end of 2017 and since the price has been only lower. This proves that making money with cryptocurrencies is not just a matter of buying any time.

Also, in our picture you can see that Crypto Investor says that by 2025 the global crypto market could be worth more than 6 billion dollars. That is a nonsense, because already now it is worth more than 360 billion US dollars.

This shows that scammers who run the Crypto Investor App have no clue about real cryptocurrencies and the markets.

A nonsense

How the Crypto Investor App really works

Crypto Investor is a simple scam that is designed to make money to people who run. They are affiliated with some shady brokers and they get paid for sending new depositors to these brokers, it is as simple as that.

How to make you deposit money with a shady broker that you don’t even know so that scammers can earn their affiliate commission? They promise you a free app that will make you lots of money in trading.

The catch is that after registering with Crypto Investor you will have to deposit money with a broker of their choice. This is how they make money. Their signals will then make you lose your deposit, but they don’t care, because by that time they will already have earned their commission for referring you to their shady broker.

This is how lots of investment scams work. This is also how you can spot them. When they promise you free profits but first ask you to deposit with a certain broker that you can’t choose, there is a very high probability that it is a scam.

If you have already signed up fot the Crypto Investor App, don’t deposit any money with them. If you already made your deposit with them, ask for a withdrawal, and run away from them. Just don’t let them trade with your money and don’t trade based on their signals, otherwise you are going to lose.

Crypto Investor App review – our conclusion

The Crypto Investor App is just a simple scam made to make you lose money with a shady broker so that scammers can earn their commission. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legit crypto trading, get a free demo with a regulated broker and use virtual money to see how it works and to learn trading.

Don’t trade with real money unless you have a good strategy and a clear understanding of the risks.

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    Is that the same crypto before investor younreviewed? Im confused because there is no mention of its website. Butbthe app instead. Please review this link. It was recommended to me in telegram. Thanks

  • I would appreciate if you can correct the bad grammer and spelling before you publish these reviews.

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