Crypto Nation Pro review – desperate SCAM on the go

In this review we explain the details about the Crypto Nation Pro (Crypto Nation Plus) scam. See why you have to stay away from it.

What Crypto Nation Pro is about

Crypto Nation Pro reviewAccording to its presentation, Crypto Nation Pro is a cryptocurrency trading group that will provide you with trading signals.

They say that these signals are highly accurate (99.8% win rate), so they will generate you up to 500 USD per day. All you would have to do is to trade according with these signals.

Crypto Nation Pro is a scam

Crypto Nation Pro or Crypto Nation Plus unfortunately is just another scam that is abusing the cryptocurrency wave. We’ve seen several programs claiming they can win 99.8% of trades and they all were scams.

Crypto Nation Pro is a mix of these previous scams, it brings nothing new to the table, it just recycles some lies with some videos from regular media.

In reality there is no real group of trading experts behind this trading program, trading signals you will receive are not profitable.

Media mentions

Testimonials about Crypto Nation proCrypto Nation Pro is suggesting that media like CNN or the Financial Times have said something about it, but it is a lie.

Media are covering cryptocurrencies in general, but they have never even mentioned scams like this one. All in all, everything about this program is fake.

How you lose

They want your moneyNow let us explain what you should not do in order not to lose money. In short, don’t join Crypto Nation Pro, certainly do not deposit any money with this program.

You see, they claim that the program is free, but that is not true, they won’t be sending the trading signals until you deposit with a broker they have chosen for you.

They will always push you to trade with unregulated broker that will make you lose your money no matter what you do, this is how they make you lose.


Crypto Nation Pro is a simple scam aimed at your wallet, stay away from it!

It is possible to make money in crypto trading but forget about free signals that will generate you profits. Start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn your way to profits.

If you are not able to learn to trade profitably on the demo, don’t start trading with real money.

Crypto Nation pro









  • Easy to expose


  • Losing money
  • Scam
  • Unregulated
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