Crypto Superstar Review – The lousy scam is here [+ experience]

Read this review to understand why Crypto Superstar is a common scam that can make you no money.

What is Crypto Superstar

Crypto Superstar is a closed group of people who have access to a trading program of the same name. This program was created for trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ether, XRP or litecoin.

The official Crypto Superstar website lists the following main features of the application:

  • 99.4 percent accuracy in trading
  • can triple to quadruple money in a single day
  • is 0.01 seconds faster than competing programs
  • has won a number of awards
  • earns 500 to 2000 euros a day for each user

The key question is, how much does such software cost? It is said to be able to earn up to 60,000 euros a month, so it has to cost many times more, right? Surprise, you can get Crypto Superstar completely free. Doesn’t that sound weird to you? Definitely should. And not only that.

Functions and properties

Is Crypto Superstar a legit app?

First, let’s see what Crypto Superstar is. Who runs this program? This is unknown. The operator does not provide any contact information. And that is a warning signal.

In essence, Crypto Superstar is an investment service because it will provide you with a program that will make trading decisions for you and invest your money in the financial markets. Such a service must be authorized by the relevant financial regulatory authority in order to be offered legally.

However, Crypto Superstar is a completely anonymous service without any registration or permission. This means that it cannot be legally offered in most countries of the world.

Applications and services of this type are often blacklisted by regulators. Because they are unregulated, this means, among other things, that users’ money is not insured or otherwise protected.

Crypto Superstar Scam

Not only is Crypto Superstar an illegal investment service, but it is a complete scam. It was designed to lure money out of trusting people, it was designed that way and never had another purpose.

All the claims about making money with this app are just a fairy tale, this program was created to do the exact opposite of what it promises. In this review, we present the following evidence.

A copy of an old scam

Crypto Superstar is presented as a complete and unique novelty. But the reality is the opposite. This is an old program that fraudsters have been offering for years under various names, such as Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Rejoin or Bitcoin Sunrise.

In our picture you can notice that they are completely identical programs, they have exactly the same website. Scammers have become lazy in recent years and are just copying their old scams. They give them new names, but at first glance you will know what is going on, if you have already seen some of their previous work.

Therefore, there is a lot of experience with Crypto Superstar in its previous versions. Internet discussions are full of people who have lost money with this application. And these are the confirmed experiences of real users.

Crypto Superstar fraud

One more thing about copying

It is clear that fraudsters are copying this fraud in a massive way and in a hurry. They no longer even pay attention to rewriting the name of the program in all places on its website.

If you look at our picture, you will see that on the official Crypto SuperStar website you will find the name Bitcoin Digital in the text, which is one of the previous versions of this scam. This is further proof that this hoax is being copied around, it is still the same thing.

The hidden link

Fake reviews and testimonials

When considering any product, including investment products, it’s definitely a good idea to find out what other people have experienced with it. In the age of the ubiquitous Internet, this might seem like an easy task, but the opposite is true.

Because scammers take this into account and create a large number of false reviews of their products. They don’t hesitate to imitate articles from reputable media and come up with stories about how celebrities use their programs.

This is no different with Crypto Superstar. The reviews you find on its site are fake. It’s not real user experience and testimonials. These are fictional stories supplemented by stock photos.

Fraudsters are so lazy that they copy these same testimonials across different versions of this investment fraud. It is thus easy for an experienced eye to see at first glance that this is a hoax.

Not real user experience

False results

Crypto Superstar is a cryptocurrency trading program. The measure of its success is therefore its trading results. You can find the alleged live results in a table on its website, but again this is a hoax.

The table has nothing to do with real business results, they are completely imaginary numbers. On the one hand, it is very suspicious that the table always shows only profitable trades. In real cryptocurrency trading, it is impossible to make only profits.

However, clear evidence of fraud is that the table shows cryptocurrency pairs that do not exist, such as ETH / LTC (ethereum / litecoin) or LTC / EOS (litecoin / EOS). They certainly are not offered by brokers to which Crypto Superstar will send you.

No real trading results

Crypto Superstar in the media

We have already mentioned this, fraudsters often and massively falsify reviews of their products. Sometimes they don’t even bother to fake reviews and they just claim that their program has been positively covered by reputable media.

And this is also the case with Crypto Superstar. Its website states that you could read about this program in CNN, the Financial Times, Time and Forbes. But that’s not true.

You can do your own search on the mentioned websites and you will see that they did not publish a word about Crypto Star. If Crypto Star ever gets into the real media, it will be just as a warning that it’s an investment scam.

Media links

How it really works

The main danger of Crypto Superstar is that it can look like a risk-free program because it is free. But it is exactly the opposite. So how does Crypto Superstar actually work?

When you register for Crypto Superstar, you will immediately be asked to send at least $ 250 to an account has been created for you with a broker that has been selected for you without your permission.

The fraudsters who created Crypto Superstar work with fraudulent brokers and together rob people of their money. They will tell you that the money remains yours, that you just have to make a deposit for the business application to start earning.

However, from the first moment you will risk your own money and Crypto Superstar will be losing your money from day one. So it doesn’t matter that the application itself costs nothing, you will lose money anyway.

These scams are very clever, they will offer you a free application and then they will say that it is unfortunate it has lost you money, but that you cannot ask for anything back because you have not paid anything for the app.

But few people know that it’s just one big game, that the creators of the app share the money with a fraudulent broker, to whom they sent you and forced you to deposit money with.

The real purpose

Watch out for its demo

At this point, we need to point out one insidious trick that scammers like to use. And this is a fake demo of their trading platform.

If they offer you a demo of Crypto Superstar, don’t even try it, because it will be fake. It will use fictitious prices to generate big profits. However, these gains would never have occurred in real money trading.

You would find it out by opening another trading platform and seeing that the prices used by Crypto Superstar do not correspond to reality.

How not to lose money

Detecting scams like Crypto Superstar can be quite easy. Money can’t be free, so if someone promises it to you in the form of a program that will earn it for you for free, you can be sure that it is a scam.

Also alarming is the fact that Crypto Superstar is an anonymous program that does not have the necessary permission as an investment service. More experienced traders then know that tripling or quadrupling trading capital every day, as this program promises, is absolutely impossible in real trading.

All these warning signs should lead you to the conclusion that you will not send any money to Crypto Superstar. That you won’t be able to lose it.

This is absolutely crucial: if you do not send your money to fraudsters, nor do you provide them with any of your payment details for a payment card or online banking or wallet, you simply cannot lose it.

So it is essential to stop and think carefully before sending your money somewhere in connection with investing. This way you can prevent losses in fraud.

Did you lose money with Crypto Superstar?

If you found our Crypto Superstar review too late and have already invested money in this program, try to get it back.

The program sent you to a broker who created an account for you. So log in to this account and see the damage. If there is still money in your account, ask for a withdrawal. If the money is no longer in your account, contact the broker and explain that you are the victim of a fraudulent app and that you want your money back.

If that doesn’t help, contact your deposit payment intermediary (bank, online wallet, etc.) to see if it’s possible to return the transaction.

Unfortunately, if you made a deposit in cryptocurrencies, their transactions are non-refundable. The last option is to file a criminal complaint with the police for fraud.

Crypto Superstar Review – Review

Crypto Superstar is a scam. It’s an old hoax with a new name. Experience with it are very bad, people lose money with it. Be sure not to register for it and do not use it!

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, you can always try it on a free demo account with a regulated company.

Use virtual money for test trading, learning and strategy building. If you decide to invest real money, make sure you understand the risks well. Always invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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Is Crypto Superstar a fraudulent app?

Yes, Crypto Superstar is a fraudulent program that was designed to rob people of money. It does the exact opposite of what the presentation on its official website promises.

What earnings can I make with Crypto Superstar?

None. This is a loss-making program that makes no money in real trading. In fact, you will lose all the money you put into it.

Why can't I register for Crypto Superstar?

It is likely that you have been blocked due to the country in which you are located. But you are very lucky because you have just avoided a scam.

What results does Crypto Superstar achieve?

Crypto Superstar loses most of the trades it opens. The result is losses that will gradually clear all the money in your account.

Crypto Superstar

250 USD

Crypto trading


Trading results


Marketing materials



  • Stupid


  • Scam
  • Loses money
  • Full of lies
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