CryptoBank Review – Dirty And Dangerous Scam!

Review of CryptoBank

In this review, we provide evidence that Crypto Bank is a scam that you must avoid if you do not want to lose money.

Our thorough test revealed how CryptoBank works, what the user experience is like with it and why it loses money in cryptocurrency trading.

What is CryptoBank

Crypto Bank is trading software for cryptocurrencies. It is a program that will trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ether or XRP for you.

This program can work completely automatically, so it will generate trading signals, open and close trades. So you just have to start CryptoBank, let it run and track the results.

What results will it be? The official website of CryptoBank promises that this application can earn you $6,325 a day and make you a millionaire in one month.

Such powerful trading software certainly has to cost a lot of money, right? It’s a rational expectation, but you can get CryptoBank for free. They even say that financial experts will advise you on how to use the software and make even more money.


Is CryptoBank safe?

The first question you need to ask yourself about all financial and investment products is whether they are safe. The answer is no, CryptoBank is not secure.

In fact, it is an illegal investment service and a fraud. It is a clone of a notorious fraud called Bitcoin Billionaire (more on this topic later in our review), which has already been warned against, for example, by the Spanish regulatory authority CNMV.

CryptoBank is therefore a dangerous program, not only for your money, which it wants to deprive you of, but also for your personal data, which it will want to obtain and may possibly misuse.

CryptoBank scam

CryptoBank is a scam and in this review we bring evidence of it. It was designed with the sole purpose of getting your money. Its presentation is full of lies to persuade you to take one step, and that is to give up your own money to send it to the fraudsters behind this program.

Non-original fraud

As we have already mentioned, Crypto Bank is, in fact, a plain copy of the Bitcoin Billionaire fraud, which we have also warned against, by the way. In the picture below you will see for yourself that these are identical programs. Similar are, for example, Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Union.

Crypto Bank is such a thorough copy that it has exactly the same website, only the logo has been replaced, and in a fairly obvious way.

So this is a relatively old and well-known scam, about which there is a lot of real information and with which real users have a lot of experience. We therefore know for sure that Crypto Bank robs people of money. It is doing the exact opposite of what it promises.

CryptoBank fraud

Experience with Crypto Bank

There is a lot of experience with this scam, thanks to the fact that it is just a copy of another hoax. If you read internet discussions and forums, you will find a lot of complaints about how people lost money with Crypto Bank.

This can be surprising given that you will find user testimonials and reviews on the official Crypto Bank website that are very positive. Everyone is happy and confirming how they make a lot of money with this app.

But the fact is that the reviews on the CryptoBank website are fake, they are completely fictitious. Photos of people are stolen from various places on the Internet, earnings and stories are completely fabricated. And it’s easy to prove.

On the one hand, you can find the original sources of users’ photos, so you will find that they actually belong to someone completely different who has nothing to do with CryptoBank. But it is even easier to look at the German version of the site of this scam, because you will see reviews with the same photos, but with different names than, for example, in the English version!


Absurd promises

The first thing that should stop you at CryptoBank is the promise they make to you. This program is said to earn you hundreds of thousands a month and make you a millionaire, for free. Doesn’t that sound absurd, completely unrealistic?

It is often that easy to detect a scam. While, of course, it would be nice to receive money just as a program would do everything for us, it is also completely unrealistic, because then no one would do anything and the economy would collapse.

The economy relies on the fact that money has value. If it were possible to get it for free in practically unlimited quantities, it would cease to have value.

This is really a common feature of most internet investment scams, especially those that attract to cryptocurrency trading. They promise completely unrealistic profits, plus for free. That’s how you usually spot them.

Crypto Bank and celebrity reviews

Recently, it has become a habit that when fraudsters create a new system, they write a number of fake reviews on it, in which they do not hesitate to claim that their product is used and recommended by celebrities.

At the same time, they create quite impressive copies of well-known websites, such as CNN, Bloomberg or Daily Mirror, so at first glance it may seem that these are authentic articles from real journalists. However, a detailed examination always reveal that this is a hoax.

We have not seen them with CryptoBank yet, but such articles state that the system is used by celebrities such as Elon Musk or Bill Gates. But it will never be true.

CryptoBank has never been used or recommended by any celebrity because it is an investment fraud.

How CryptoBank really works

If you still don’t know how Crypto Bank can deprive you of money when it’s free, then this passage is for you. So how does this scam work?

The typical promise that the trading software is free, in the case CryptoBank, is only half-true. When you sign up for the program, you will find that you must deposit at least $250 into an account with a questionable broker in order to start using it.

You will have no choice. You will be told that you need to use a specific broker, otherwise the app will not work. And that’s the catch, that’s the core of the scam. The creators of CryptoBank work with fraudulent brokers and together rob people for money.

The whole story of the miraculously profitable free trading system is just a fairy tale, the purpose of which is to convince you to send your money to a fraudulent broker who will keep it. Then they will deprive you of them.

They will come up with various reasons why you should put more and more money into your account, but all your deposits will disappear in their pockets forever.

Scammers like to use one particularly insidious trick, and that is a fake demo. They equip their trading systems with a test mode that does not use real prices for trading as it should. It uses fictitious prices, and thus generates fictitious profits.

If you don’t think of comparing the trades with an independent platform and look at prices, you may not see through this trick, and you will get the impression that CryptoBank is a truly profitable system. But once you let it trade real money, you will be surprised by how quickly it disappears from your account.

How it really works

How not to lose money with CryptoBank

We have already written reviews of dozens of scams that hide behind cryptocurrencies, and their essence is always the same. They promise you automatic and substantial profits for free, and in the first step they will want you to deposit your money into an account with a dubious company. So you can easily uncover them.

The truth is that it should stop everyone when someone promises you big money for free, but first wants yours. This is a very warning sign and a practical confirmation that you are facing fraud.

Crypto Bank works in exactly the same way, so don’t register in it and don’t send your money through it. If you have already done so, try to get your money back.

See which broker you sent the money to, log in to your account and ask for a withdrawal. If you fail and the broker refuses to cooperate, threaten to complain to the authorities.

If even that doesn’t help, consult the payment intermediary you used to deposit (bank, digital wallet, payment service). Especially for credit cards, there is the option to reverse transactions, so if you prove that you are caught in a fraud, you should have a chance to get your money back.

If nothing helps, the last option is to file a criminal report with the police. Also, don’t forget to think about what personal information you have provided to fraudsters and what precautions you should take to prevent their misuse.

CryptoBank Review – Conclusion

CryptoBank is a scam that is based on an infamous system. This system has been robbing people of money for years, so it is important to avoid it, not to register for it and not send them any money.

If you are interested in real trading in cryptocurrencies and other assets, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

If you want to trade for real money, keep in mind that it is risky and that you need to know what you are doing. The basic rule of investing is to use only money that we can afford to lose.

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Frequently asked questions about CryptoBank

Is Crypto Bank a scam?

Yes, unfortunately, Crypto Bank is a scam. It's not a profitable trading system, it's just a tool to lure you out of your money. It will never earn you anything, it will only lose.

Is CryptoBank safe?

No, CryptoBank is not a secure application. With it, all your personal data will fall into the hands of fraudsters who may misuse it. Not to mention the money that this program will lose you.

What is your experience with CryptoBank?

CryptoBank is one of many copies of an old scam with which there are many negative experiences. All users who have ever used it have lost money with it. You cannot expect any other result.


250 USD

Real Performance




Legal aspect



  • Known copy


  • Fraud
  • Losing money
  • Full of lies
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