Bitcoin Miner review – a cunning SCAM

This Bitcoin Miner proves that this program of Dan Manson is a total scam that you have to avoid.

What Bitcoin Miner is about

Bitcoin Miner reviewThe proposition of Bitcoin Miner is pretty simple. It is a bitcoin mining program that you can join and allegedly make between $2,000 and $15,000 per week. This means potentially tens of thousands of dollars per month.

And that’s it, Manson ask nothing in return, you can get rich quickly for free. Or, can you?

Bitcoin Miner scam

Of course that nobody will make you rich for free. If becoming rich was a matter of doing nothing, the economy would not work, nobody would be working.

Bitcoin Miner is a scam that, funnily enough, has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency mining.

Dan Manson scammer

Dan Manson scammerLet’s start with the alleged creator of the Bitcoin Miner program Dan Manson. This guy is inviting you to join the program he created, but the problem is that he doesn’t exist.

Dan Manson is a fictitious character created by scammers who run this program. To portray Manson they have stolen a photo that belongs to somebody else, you will find a proof on our picture.

Bitcoin Miner testimonials

Bitcoin Miner testimonialsThe website of the program shows some Bitcoin Miner reviews and testimonials that are supposed to prove that the program is really working and making money.

But again, these testimonials are fake. Even though these are supposed to be posts from social media, you cannot click them to verify they are true. Scammers who run the program fabricated these Bitcoin Miner testimonials.

How the Bitcoin Miner scam works

The first thing we have mention is that bitcoin mining is barely profitable. Electricity and computer hardware costs are simply too high to make any reasonable profit in most regions of the world. This alone proves that Bitcoin Miner is a scam.

But there is more. When you sign up for the program, you will immediately be redirected to a deposit page of an unregulated broker, in our case it was SwissKaptialInvest. So, the program is not even about mining, it is just one big fat lie used to send you to an unregulated broker that will rip you off.

They will push you to deposit money with that broker and if you do it, it will be game over. They will have your money and they will never give you anything back. This how the Bitcoin Miner scam works.

Bitcoin Miner review conclusion

The Bitcoin Miner scam is not even mining cryptocurrencies, it will just send you to a shady broker that wants you to deposit and lose money. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in crypto trading, start with a regulated broker on a free demo account.

See on the demo how trading works, what you have to learn to be profitable and what would be the risks of trading with real money.

Bitcoin Miner









  • Not mining


  • Trading scam
  • Made to steal money
  • Fraud
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