Cycleone review – a scam you want to avoid!

Thanks to our Cycleone review you will understand that this investment system is pure fraud.

About Cycleone

Cycleone reviewCycleone is a trading platform that uses bitcoin to generate profits. It allegedly will use artificial intelligence algorithms that will make you 3% to 5% daily until you double your investment.

This means that you supposedly will double your money every 20 to 34 days, so in about one month. And that’s it, the minimum investment is 50 USD. Could investing really be as simple as that?

Cycleone scam

Cycleone scamUnfortunately, doubling your money every month is not a realistic goal. No legitimate trading system can do that, life would be too easy and nobody would be working, just doubling their money every month and doing nothing.

It might sound too harsh, but the reality is that any investment program offering you 100% net gains in one month is a scam. There just is no other possibility.

Ponzi scheme

Cycleone is obviously trying to run a Ponzi a scheme. This means that there is no real trading going on, deposits are just accepted and some of them are used for the first withdrawals.

This way scammers will make it look like their system is working, gather some positive reviews and attract more people and money into the system.

But every Ponzi scheme is doomed to fail, it always is just a matter of time. Withdrawals will always exceed deposits and at that time it will all collapse.

Cycleone is a pyramidal scheme with a dedicated affiliate program that will even pay you to get new victims to deposit in the system. This is why you should not participate, even if you manage to pull some profits, it will mean that somebody else has lost money.

Cycleone review conclusion

Cycleone is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that won’t last for a long time. Stay away from it.

To make money in crypto trading you need to build your own profitable strategy. You can try and do it on a free demo account.

Before investing real money be sure to understand the risks.


50 USD








  • So obvious


  • Scam system
  • Pyramide
  • Ponzi
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