D.AI.SY AI review – a HORRIBLE scam is coming, beware!

D.AI.SY review

In this review we show that Decentralized AI System (D.AI.SY) is a terrible scam that is about to hit your wallet. You have to avoid it.

What is D.AI.SY

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI System. It is presented as a crowd funding platform for financial technologies. According to its official presentation it is not backed by a company because it is just a smart contract running on blockchain. They say there is no human control, yet members will somehow receive stock equity.

The first funded project is Daisy AI, which is a trading system that supposedly will use artificial intelligence to enhance the performance of already profitable trading strategies four times. Daisy AI is developed by a company called Endotech.

The typical trading performance of strategies used by D.AI.SY AI allegedly is in the hundreds of percent per year. Some even bring more than 1,000% returns per year. Remember, these numbers will allegedly by multiplied by 4 thanks to D.AI.SY AI. The basic return is promised to be 3% daily.

They say that normally you would have to invest at least one million dollar to get access to these strategies, but with D.AI.SY AI you need just 100 dollars.

Would you believe that? Well, you should not.

What is Daisy

D.AI.SY AI scam

D.AI.SY AI is unfortunately just a gross scam. Its presentation is full of lies and impossible promises.

Fairy tales

Artificial intelligence is used by scammers like a magic word. It’s true that the world’s top financial firms are investing in this area and developing systems, but this is not something available to the general public.

When you see an investment offer that promises you a passive income thanks to AI, you can be almost certain that it is a scam.

Another magic term abused by scammers is smart contract. Smart contracts are apps running on the blockchain, they can be modified only by people who have special access. They are not that different from ordinary apps. A smart contract won’t make you any money by itself.

If you have a profitable trading strategy, you don’t need to run it on a smart contract.

D.AI.SY AI scam

Impossible numbers

The one thing that screams scam the most about D.AI.SY AI is the investment returns they promise. 800 or 1500% per year is absolutely ridiculous and impossible. Or an average 3% daily returns, which is a total scam.

In financial markets these numbers are just impossible. Period. Ask any experienced trader or your financial regulator to get a confirmation.

You just need common sense to understand that if something like this was possible, nobody would be working, everybody would be living of such a passive income, which would make the economy collapse.

Daisy testimony

Illegal system

D.AI.SY will take money from you, supposedly trade with it in financial markets, and then bring you returns. This is, by definition, an investment service. And it does not matter if it runs on a smart contract or whatever.

You take money from people, you promise them returns thanks to financial trading, then you are a investment service that needs a license from a financial regulator. You need a license valid in every country you target.

As you probably guessed it, D.AI.SY is not licensed anywhere, nor is Endotech who allegedly is providing the trading strategies. Therefore it is an illegal investment service.

People who run Daisy AI and people who will promote it, will be breaking the laws in almost every country they acquire members for this scam. Anybody who participates can be prosecuted for selling unregistered securities and other criminal acts. It really is better to stay away from this scheme.

Dubious Endotech

We needed just a quick research about Endotech to see that this pseudo company raises o lot of red flags.

First of all, the company provides no contact information on its website, just an e-mail address. For a company that is selling trading robots it really is a huge problem.

Second, the company claims that it was founded in 2012, but its domain was registered in 2018 only. We are pretty much sure that the company was not founded in 2012.

Where is the company located, where it is registered? Who really owns and runs it would be verifiable in a public register.

A few profiles of people with no provable history in this field won’t save the day for Endotech. It is a very dubious company that can’t be trusted.

How D.AI.SY really works

D.AI.SY is a scam and it provides no real profitable trading system. Given the extensive matrix structure that is behind daisy, it is obvious that it’s a Ponzi scheme.

A fancy Ponzi scheme that is trying to lure you with terms like artificial intelligence, smart contracts and blockchain. But still a horrible scam.

Should people running this scheme really have trading strategies that make them hundreds or thousands of percent returns per year, do you think they would build a matrix and try to get people into it so that they use their miraculously profitable strategies?

World’s best investment funds will make tens of percent per year, but Daisy AI will make more than a thousand percent? For free? No, really not.

D.AI.SY will just take your money and give it to somebody else. That’s all, that’s how Ponzi scheme works. They take money from newer members and give it to older members.

This is why their multi-level structure with bonuses and everything is so complex and generous, they need to motivate every member to refer as many people as possible, because D.AI.SY can exist only as long as new money keeps flowing in.

Once the money inflow slows down, D.AI.SY will crumble like a house of cards and everybody will realize that it is a scam and that all the money is gone. Don’t be one of those who finds it out too late!

The matrix

D.AI.SY review – the conclusion

D.AI.SY is a scam, D.AI.SY AI is a fancy name for a non-existing trading system. This whole thing is a Ponzi scheme that will just play an illegal game with money and then collapse. It is doomed to crash, the only question is when will that happen. Stay away from it.

It is possible to make money in financial trading, but it is difficult and most people won’t succeed in this. If you want to try it, start on a free demo account with a regulated company.

You can invest real money only when you fully understand the risks and when you have a solid strategy.


100 USD



Real results







  • None


  • Scam
  • Ridiculous offer
  • Illegal
  • Sure to crash
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  • Thank you for your good work in this field. I’m researching and writing about Ponzi schemes myself and work like this is invaluable.

    It’s amazing how many of these sophisticated scams are out there now, operating in particular from countries like my own – South Africa.

    Regards Paul Eccles

  • This is VERY disappointing to read. I had high hopes for this. I REALLY NEEDED this to work.

    • Hello!!

      As far as I’m concerned I love how everyone puts assumptions into this! Have you tried it? Do you know anything about it?
      There’s a big team that has put into this company and myself I’ve made money for doing nothing so far!! How cool is that??

      It amazes me how people can just throw it out there without any real proof or anything!!

      It’s too bad

      • You are stealing money from investors that come after you. Being able to withdrawal in the short term doesn’t change what this is. It’s a Ponzi. When investors deposits dry up they will exit scam and everyone will have lost what remains in their account.

        This isn’t speculation. This is absolute fact.

      • So I hate to break it to you but I said exactly the same with Beurax and it looked incredibly professional was paying out etc etc then suddenly overnight it was gone with all our money. Millions of dollars from hard working people.
        Sadly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Your referral link

          • Hello this is Kasun from Sri Lanka…
            According to this article Endotech is also a scam… But if you go to Gemini crypto exchange Endotech has been there under “institutions”…. Why would a well recognized crypto exchange do that?
            Is Gemini too a scam??
            People write lot of reviews when a new project get started so that they can get other’s attention…
            Don’t get caught to those kind of people… Do your own research!!

          • Do your own research on Endotech & Dr. Anna Baker

    • And who is this to say it won’t work. I have not put any money in this yet so this is not a sales pitch, I am checking this out before I consider putting my money in the program. I question everything this article says for example “World’s best investment funds will make tens of percent per year, but Daisy AI will make more than a thousand percent? For free? No, really not.” I personally know an international commodity broker who averages 20 to 40% returns annually but an individual needs at least $1 Million dollars to open an account. We all know that the rich get investment options that we don’t know about. So supposedly Endotech has developed a program that will share the wealth. And yes they make a profit it says so right in their presentation, if you pay attention, so it’s not free it’s just not an upfront free. The more money their program makes the more money everyone makes. What I like is that it seems to keep the financial leeches of the central banking out of the pie and I absolutely love that. Tired of funding the Rothchilds, Morgans and Soros types. Besides that I can blow $300-400 in one weekend, so why not take a chance a perhaps REAL Freedom from the banking cartel that currently exists.

  • Great writing, although your “free demo account with a regulated company” affiliate link kind of gives it a bit of a biased-with-and-agenda aftertaste…

  • Daisy cannot be ponzi ..
    1. It is not reliant on new people joining

    2. Passively there is potential to earn from the trading

    3. the benefits of your contribution is trading rewards and equity in a 100 M company

    • It is a scam, because you have to refer people in order to make money it’s a scam

      • Actually you don’t! And besides I guess the whole world is a scam or Paramid scheme… you got the ceo and then the president of the company and oh look all the little worker bees!! Same thing… really if you think about it ! So maybe we all need to get facts straight… I’m with Daisy and so far it’s been great!! I make money everyday and haven’t recruited a single person! If you would like more info I can help you out on that and proof!!

        Thank you

        • Hello, can you please give more details about how it works exactly?

        • Congratulations! You got it! You finally realized that all of capitalism is a scam!

        • Hello Tanya,
          I just invested in DAISY & was referred by my best friends mother. I believe in this program so much & “thought” I’d asked the right questions, but seeing all these articles now as well as negative comments its really making me wonder. I went all in at tier 7 ($12,700 I believe). I work a full time job & was hoping & praying that this could be my vehicle to create a much better financial situation for me. That said I’d be very appreciative of i could chat with you & really get your perspective & thoughts on Endo Tech & DAISY. I am very nervous now with the amount of money I’ve invested. Would you please reach out. (713) 293-2211

          • Hi i would like to know how are you doing with Daisy right now, because i would like to participate and with this article i got a lot of doubts.

        • Hi Tanya! Can you give me your email so I can ask you more on how you earning from DAISY? I believe that DAISY is for real too. I just need confidence from like minded people like you.

        • Send to me your link. I learned of this today. Thanks. Paul

        • Hey Tanya
          Need your help with daisy

      • No, take another look

      • No you don’t have to refer!!! That’s the amazing part of it!!

    • It is most definitely a Ponzi. There are no trading bots and they are not registered to offer securities, which means they are committing securities fraud. There is only one why they would be operating illegally and that is because they are a scam.

      EndoTech claims to have been in trading business since 2012. They didn’t register their domain until 2018. There is no trading bot, when Investment/recruiting stops the house of cards comes crashing down. The financial commission is distancing themselves for Anna Becker and Daisy AI because it is nothing more than a trading bot scam that come and gone before it

  • There are dozens of legit smart contract crowdfunding projects, D.AI.SY is the latest one.
    I can’t paste any links here, search for a “list of highest-funded crowdfunding projects in Wikipedia” (2nd search result)

    Blockchain is of paramount importance as it facilitates users to own digital goods, assets, and data. It is a global distributed digital ledger that ensures transparency for all stakeholders within the network besides being a trusted and reliable technology. Both the ideas, Smart Contract-Based Crowdfunding, and Rewards platform, have harnessed the power of Blockchain in addition to using smart contracts.

    The foreign exchange or forex market is the largest financial market in the world with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion. Especially now, operating in the cryptospace the numbers and percentages are very much a reality.

    I personally trust the people behind this project and I believe in it.

    Ready, D.AI.SY, GO……. 🙂

    • D.AI.SY is not funding anything, it’s a scam. All the other project mentioned in your list have or had real platform with some utility, D.AI.SY has nothing. Not to mention that the first one from your list (EOS) got fined by SEC, DAO was hacked, etc.

  • No you dont Anne. How about researching it for yourself and quit being a bandwagon . I haven’t signed anyone up and I’m profiting. #haters

  • ive seen many bulls*it reviews in the internet but this one has the potencial to be king xD
    even my dog ​​can do better research than you!

    I think the only point your website has is to do other things badly so that your visitors pay for your trading bullshit programs.
    I know some people who have lost a lot more from trading than from scams.

    So in short I think your side is a bad joke.

    Shame on you

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Just a quick remark, I am not selling nor promising anything.

      • James Pinion Thank you so much for your work. Someone called me yesterday about doing D.AI.SY .. I said this sounds too good to be true. I must check it out. That’s how I found your article. I really want to Thank You for saving me money and time (not to mention my reputation)
        And what is wrong with all of you ? saying “James is just promoting his own agenda “
        He’s not promoting anything … if you can’t read then you really should stay away from this. .. you’ll lose your shirt and a lot of money.

  • You lack of research about daisy bro.

  • Oh! Oh! Very Disappointed! The only scam i can see now is this article…gathering lots of comments… rubbish so many speculations… Only Time Can Tell! JUST WAIT AND SEE!

  • Haters & Never Reviews:

    DAISY is going to be BIG and everyone is talking about it so expect a higher than normal amount of negative reviews, critics, and trolls!

    When addressing negative reviews, trolls and haters where are some Questions to ask…

    Who is doing the review?
    What makes them qualified to write a review?
    Did their do their own due diligence or is their review a copy of someone else’s review?
    What undeniable facts do they have to validate their claims?
    Did they personally interview any of the people they are writing about to get their side?
    Are ALL their reviews critical?
    Do they ever write a GOOD review?
    Do they remove comments that contradict their review?
    Do they earn advertising dollars from Google… negative reviews get higher traffic so more ad revenue?
    Are they pasting links to their other opportunities, other products, courses etc on the same page?

    I can assure you if you ask ALL these questions you will find 99% of ALL negative reviews will FAIL all the questions above!!!

    Remember this..

    1. People can write whatever they want online. Every negative review or post about me so far has been written by people who do NOT know me, have NEVER worked directly with me, and never been interested in asking me for my side.

    2. More than often people who write negative reviews know scandal sells. Why are tabloids and gossip news channels so popular. People love to read, listen to, and watch the juicy gossip. The more you interact with those who perpetuate it the more they love the interaction because it creates MORE traffic lifting their rankings in the search engines.

    If you ask any expert who deals with this whether it be a celebrity, business person or network marketing leader like me they will tell you, “Ignore it….do NOT respond!”


    When Bob can show he is actually qualified to make an informed review and do proper due diligence then there is a chance he might get taken seriously.

    • So you basically want people to think about everything else and not about the review and facts presented in the review. What should people do in the first place is to examine the facts and proofs presented in the review, use their brain and form their own opinion. Some of the questions you wrote are legit, but only secondary. People have to learn to gather and evaluate information and make their own decision. If they rely on the opinions of others and they won’t think about facts and proofs, they will fall victim to scams and fake reviews.

  • Thank you for posting this article. My mom was trying to join this and asked me to look into this. She told me that people made a lot of money, but when I asked how did they make the money, she couldn’t explain. Anytime I hear MLM, refer friends, Crazy returns, typo on their website,, I knew for sure it was a scam. What sucks is that a family friend she’s known for years is trying to get her to sign up. Facebook and these internet scams need to stop.

    • Again how would you know? Did you sign up? Or get returns? I certainly did and went right into my tron wallet right away!!! For being passive and not progressive… but hey seems everyone had the answered of negativity… no one really knows… especially the ones who haven’t done anything with it… oh and guess what you can take all the rewards out whenever you want

      Need to be in a great team and have the knowledge behind how to get started… that is the great thing being with a team with like minded people… whether you recuit/refer or not everyone wins

  • It is amazing that your reviews are based on bias opinions and little few facts. I am ashamed that most adults here who believe that something is a scam or is bad are quick to jump the bandwagon train and do no research for themselves.

    Change is here no matter what the circumstances are. SO here are tips for the adults in the room. Do your own research and make your own judgment call and stop allowing individuals like James (Bad)pinion to dictate your decisions.

    • Care to elaborate and pinpoint which statements in my review are wrong?

    • I’m sorry so many of you think we’re being negative.
      I wasn’t negative I was exactly like all of you. I was so excited and I believed in the platform. I really hope and pray that D.AI.SY turns out to be different.
      I told my husband how this was so much better for us than money in the bank and believed it would work.
      They stole everything and only the first in got the bug rewards.

  • Well there’s another Zoom meeting Friday morning. We shall see if they feed us more B.S.

  • Hi Dear,

    I believe you have good intention. And there has been many scams and many will come too.

    I have been only once in network marketing company so very sceptic about projects.
    I have my own crypto currency news site and very informed about market and bots.
    I do crypto trade for a long time.

    So i dont speak out of nowhere.

    It looks you are wrong this time. I am not advocate of anyone. But i think you are misguiding people. I think there are too many scams so you just overlook and make up your mind.

    So you gotto check it again if you are wrong and if you are misguiding people.
    I recommend anyone not to decide about DAISY before making and real check. This looks something big and something real.

    • I am sure I am right.

      • I am neutral here, not for or against your opinion or to be judgemental but one searching for clarity, and need to know who to avoid if choosing investment platforms. you seem so adamant in the case you are making to the point that your last quote is as saying “i am sure i am right” so my question is simply “what makes you so sure?” i think if you answer that with facts and not just opinions or circumstantialities it would then give big credibility to your claim.

  • You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! All based on assumption. Really! I suppose there must always be some negative about something so, so great.

  • it is good i need joint

  • I put my $100 in and recerred nobody and received NOTHING in return EXCEPT a promise that my position in the “smart contract” was guaranteed permanently.
    So this could be a pyramidical ponzi mlm securities matrix fraud but so far it has treated me no different than any of the other ventures I attempted. I should be able to open a lemonade stand soon…Come on, it’s Ozk, you know you want to laugh, chuckle maybe, even a snortle will work, I’m not picky…lol



    The odds say sometimes they are right – there are scams out there… but DO YOU OWN RESEARCH… these guys have a vested interest in you reading their article – its not about giving you good advice (as this article obviously shows) it’s about shocking you into reading it.

  • Thank you for your work.
    I guess these comments are somewhat exhausting. Seems like it’s always the same one or two guys commenting with different names.

  • Hi Jenna,

    This article was written in December 2020. Endotech has been transparent from the beginning. In 2020 Daisy was still VERY new.
    They are relying on Contributions to FUND (Crowd Funding) the development of the Trading System that will offer lower trading costs across the Cryptocurrency world. You really need to have a listen to The Awakening by Charlie Shrem. You can find his interview on YouTube. The trading platforms that will be used for the financial sector of society ( which is why Daisy is being developed) will become an essential problem solver.
    I was apart of the very first contributors in Daisy when they launched the BETA program as a test! I invested $200.00 THEN WHAM! It was shut down to re analyze and continue the development. The massive contributions of 49Million provided a percentage of returns to the contributors AND another percentage to the program for improvements. Then guess what?? THEY CAME BACK and relaunched on March 29, 2021! My contribution was STILL THERE!
    If this was a scam — Why didn’t they take their 49Million dollars and RUN? That is a TON of money. But no.. they utilized a portion of that money to make the improvements and RELAUNCH. They have presented that there were losses when Endotech launched their more aggressive contribution with the Leverage Strategy. Endotech has been transparent and says that there will be losses – but there will be gains.
    Endotech is on the road to be publicly traded. So those who invest now in Phase 1 of the Relaunch will continue to profit as other Phases are launched. Have I seen any real money yet??? No not yet. Because we are in Phase 1 which is continually growing .
    The reason for the Referral Plan is so Endotech can continually develop this trading program and make it the largest AI trading platform of its time- which is coming. Watch The Awakening. Even if you don’t refer anyone you will still gain. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

  • Anyone who wants to know more —- please reach out. I was a FOOL to miss out on Bitcoin— not going to happen again!

  • I would love to know what you gain from your negative reviews
    You started a scam review on Cash FX back in August 2019 advising people not to get involved and that is almost two years ago and Cash FX is still paying out every week with no sign of shutting down.
    A friend of mine joined Cash FX with $600 back 14 months ago and has recruited 17 people into Cash FX and has made over $300,000 to date and is currently making over $15.000 per week.
    He was lucky he didn’t listen to your negative reviews
    Daisy looks 100 times more legit than Cash FX.
    There is not a positive bone in your body and I advise anyone to ignore your advice.
    90% of people never take a risk and that is why they always end up working for the 10% that do.
    Take a chance on Daisy because the risk is very small compared to the massive reward it offers.

    • Making money in a scam does not make it legit. There are at least 7 financial regulators that warn agains CFX, inlcuding their domestic one in Panama, etc.

  • So why is it there is no member support. You can’t contact the admin through any means in the site/telegram group. No way to payout rewards. Why?

  • Wow people first believed Bitcoin to be a scam now we have nation-states mining Bitcoin, digital space is shifting from the old school of thought to a new school of thought, and sometimes it hard to understand this dramatic shift, I do agree that regulation to some degree should be implemented however one must agree that regulation stiffs innovation & creativity.

    Just like when people had horses and carriages there was no need for automobiles and those who see the future than were rewarded eventually everyone had to buy an automobile and regulation for vehicle design to ensure safety for passengers during a crash.

    People thought the internet was going to be used only for the purpose of illegal activity and look at where we are today its almost utility status as a required service to function in today’s society.

    One can always argue, it’s a Ponzi scheme or that it’s illegal, well we will just say that may be true. But keep in mind anything disruptive against the status quo is always dubbed illegal or a scheme, in a decentralized digital space code is law not analog.

    Technically Daisy is nothing more than a game and a system of numbers and these numbers are referred to as crypto, smart contracts and we agree these numbers have a value that translates into a currency for which we agree to trade our analog resources into a digital one.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for writing this article. I must say, alot of the people who are coming to the aid of this project in the comment section are also gas lighting people who don’t agree with them. Characters like “Tanya” etc have repeatedly stamped the same bulls#@t on others comments. The same goes for the youtube comments. I have one co worker who’s curently falling for this scam. Thank you for your work and research, it’s immensely appreciated. No ones going to make you a wealthy in this world for $100. And “Tanya” if you’re reading this, get a real job.

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