Daily Cash App and Blue Lable review – a pair of big SCAMS

In this review we examine the Daily Cash App and Blue Lable Digital Marketing scams that want your money. The app is presented by Steven Jenkins.

What it is about

Daily Cash App reviewThe Daily Cash App is an online program that claims that it can make you $2685 per day. How? The presentation is a little bit confusing, it talks about paid surveys and worldwide offers. But in the end you will learn that it is about online marketing.

Through Blue Lable Digital Marketing you are supposed to invest into third party ad campaigns, which allegedly will earn you money. But that’s not going to happen.

Daily Cash App and Blue Lable scam

The reality is that Daily Cash App won’t make you any money. In fact, it was designed to do the exact opposite of it publicly promises, it will steal your money.

The Daily Cash App is a scam app that tells a stupid story about how you can make money in ad campaigns of big companies. The internet is plagued with scams of this kind, we have reviewed many of them, like for example AdCode and Adsbanc, BannerBanc or Digital Revolution.

They try to make you believe that you can somehow profit of an ad campaign run by a company that you have nothing to do with. You can’t. The only way to make money in advertising is to have advertising space that advertisers are willing to buy.

How it works with Blue Lable

Blue Lable reviewDaily Cash App is in reality just a funnel for the Blue Lable scam. Blue Lable is a fake advertisement platform that will show you ad campaigns that allegedly are run by big companies. You are supposed to invest in them and make money.

But everything is fake, the campaigns are fictitious, it is only a tool to get money from you. If you deposit money into the system and invest it, you might see some profits in the platform, but everything will be fake, you will never be able to withdraw anything, they will just keep all your money.

As we have already said, we have reviewed many scam platform like Blue Lable, so we know how they work, we have it confirmed by real users who lost money with them.

Daily Cash App testimonials

DailyCashApp testimonialsOne of the things that proves that Daily Cash App is a scam, are the testimonials.

They show people who allegedly are earning money with the platform, but they are fake.

You can check our picture and you will see that they used paid actors from Fiverr, not real users.

Steven Jenkins scammer

Steven Jenkins is a scammerLast but not least, the alleged creator of The Daily Cash App Steven Jenkins does not even exists.

He is a fictitious character invented by scammers who run this program. See our picture to see that his photo is in fact a stock photo available to everybody for buying.

Daily Cash App and Blue Lable review conclusion

Daily Cash App and Blue Lable are connected scams that just want to get your money, stay away from them!

If you are interested in real investing, first try a free demo account with a regulated company and start testing with virtual money.

Only when you feel comfortable in investing and you understand the risks, you can start trading with real money.

Daily Cash App / Blue Lable

100 USD








  • Giveaway mess


  • Scam
  • No profits
  • Treacherous
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