FILTHY SCAM: DeFi Smart Mining review

DeFi Smart Mining review

This review shows that the DeFi Smart Mining program is a fraud that you should not get involved in.

What is DeFi Smart Mining

DeFi Smart Mining is an online app that is supposed to make you money thanks to USDT mining.

How exactly the process is supposed to work, is not explained. You just have to trust that it run as a DeFI (decentralized finance) service.

The promised earnings are juicy, DeFi Smart Mining supposedly will generate you a daily income of 2-16%. Which means 60 to 480% per month.

They say that your USDT tokens will remain yours and that you have nothing to fear. But is it true, is DeFi Smart Mining a legit way of making money?

DeFi Smart Mining is a scam

Our research showed that DeFi Smart Mining is a scam. It is a fraudulent scheme that will inevitably make you lose money. Here is how.

What is it even about?

Most of the investment scams we review at least try to serve you a fairy tale about how they generate their huge profits. But DeFi Smart Mining is lazy and is not even bothering with a bogus story.

When we tried to find out where the profits are supposed to come from, we did not find any answer. There are just some vague statements about decentralized finance and providing liquidity.

But they don’t specify what DeFi platform they use, what liquidity pools they participate in or anything similar.

Which is a huge red flag. An investment platform that can’t even explain where your money goes and how the profits are generated should be avoided.

Not Safe

Unreal returns

What made us clearly see that DeFi Smart Mining is a scam are the promised returns. Because 2 – 16% daily is something that can’t be achieved in real DeFI platforms, be it staking, liquidity providing or anything similar.

We have to repeat this in almost every review, but the easiest way to spot an investment scam is in most cases to look at the offered returns. Anything with 1% daily or more is a scam, that’s just the way it is.

No legit platform can generate 2% daily like DeFi Smart Mining promises. It is just impossible. Just look at the recent collapses of giant projects like Luna or Celsius, they were not able to sustain 20% yearly. So forget about 20% monthly, only Ponzi scam promise that.

DeFi Smart Mining scam

Fake partners

DeFi Smart Mining claims on its official website that it has partnered with the likes of Coinbase, Binance Smart Chain or CoinGecko. But it is not true.

This scam platform has no rights whatsoever to use logos of those companies and blockchain projects. You can ask any of them to see that they have nothing to do with DeFi Smart Mining.

No partners

How DeFi Smart Mining steals your money

DeFi Smart Mining claims that at no time you will lose control over your cryptocurrency tokens. But it is not true. You will have to buy USDT and transfer it to wallet that you don’t control.

That will be the condition for you to start “earning” with them. We of course refuse to do that and you should too. You should not connect your crypto wallet to that fraudulent website.

It works like USDT Pool Mining or Tron Mining scams that we have already warned against.

The only question remains is whether DeFi Smart Mining is still running as a Ponzi scheme or if it has already collapsed. In any case a total crash is inevitable and that is why you have to stay away from it.

If it is still paying, it does not matter, run away from it because it is a scam that will soon close down and all the money will disappear.

DeFi Smart Mining review – Conclusion

DeFi Smart Mining is a scam that has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency DeFi platforms. It is running an illegal financial scheme that is sure to crash an lose money of all people that are involved. You have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in real crypto investing, you can try a free demo with a regulated platform or start on an established exchange.

Don’t invest real money until you are sure that you understand the risks perfectly.


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