Digifunds review – combined SCAM that is scary

Read our Digifunds review to understand why you have to stay away from this program.

What Digifunds is about

DigiFunds reviewDigifunds is an online platform that it supposed to make you money in financial trading and sports betting. It will provide you with e-books, crypto trading signals and sport predictions. It even can trade and presumably bet for you on autopilot.

In trading the platform allegedly averages 200% returns per month, in sport betting 400% per month. The access to the platform starts at $49.99 per month, you can also buy a lifetime license for $339.99. Should you?

Digifunds scam

DigiFunds scamUnfortunately, this program is a bad joke, Digifunds is a scam. There is a simple fact, no legitimate business can generate 200% or 400% monthly returns, it is just impossible.

Should it be possible, not only all media all over the world would be reporting about it, but also everybody would stop working and just make money this way. Which, of course, is impossible, because the economy would collapse.

200% monthly is 4096% yearly with the compounding effect. Which means multiplying your money 40 times in a year. This is ridiculous. We are not saying that this cannot happen, some cryptocurrencies did this or more in the past, but the thing is, nobody never knows which asset and when can do this.

So, if anybody is claiming to do 200% monthly on a regular basis, you know you are dealing with a scam.

Illegal investment service

DigiFunds testimonialDigifunds offer an automated solution that will trade for you, which clearly constitutes an investment service. And such a service has to be authorized by financial regulators.

But Digifunds is an anonymous service, they don’t even provide contact information, let alone license information. Digifunds is not regulated, therefore it is illegal in most countries.

One last thought

When considering investment services like DigiFunds, you should always use common sense. Let’s assume that it is possible to make 200% per month with a trading system. Would you sell this system just for a few bucks to anybody and risk its failure, or would you use it to become rich in a short amount of time?

The answer is clear, people who have profitable trading systems use them to make money, they don’t sell them to the general public for a few bucks.

DigiFunds review conclusion

DigiFunds clearly is a scam, it cannot make you 200% per month, it is just impossible. It is an anonymous and unregulated investment service, stay away from it!

To make money in crypto trading, you have to do your own research and learn how to trade profitably. You can test it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

And remember that in trading with real money there always are risks.


49.99 USD








  • Broadness


  • Fraud
  • Full of lies
  • Cannot keep promises
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Comments 8

  • Have you bought and tried it out for yourself?

  • You know they don’t even offer automated stuff right? It’s a signal service, your review doesn’t make any sense or what so ever.

    Literally judging a book by it’s cover.

    • Can you read? If you can, look at the third picture in the review and the section called Auto-Pilot.

      • I can read, i’m a member of Digifunds.
        Their “autopilot” means that they offer courses (ebooks) that will learn you how to setup your own autopilot systems (dropshipping for example).

        You are completely missjudging them, your whole review is based on a few words which you intepreted wrong.

        Their main service is providing signals and predictions (signals for crypto, predictions for sports) which have been very profitable the last few months.
        With a quick google you can find some forums which have links to sheets that have all the results, these results are real.

        • Seeing the picture i understand where you are coming from, but they say “we offer autopilot methods”.
          On the forums they sell on a method = eBook/guide that for a certain method to start earning money.
          So they offer ebooks that will learn you how to setup autopilot methods.

          If i where you i would contact Timo or the team, he and the team are very chill and they will explain you everything.

        • During the last 9 years we have had scammers coming to our websites and telling us that their system is the real thing that can make hundreds or thousands of percent returns per month regularly. None of them could, of course, neither can Digifunds, because it is impossible in real financial trading. We stand by our review, it is a fair warning to people who don’t have the necessary experience. But as we always say, it doesn’t change anything for us if people trust us or not, it is about their money, not ours. So, don’t waste time, we won’t change the review because we know it is right. It might save some people money, others will verify our findings the hard way.

  • He’s Right, the service is all based on a lie. No need to criticize. I’ve been a member of Digifunds for more than 2 months and all i accomplished is losing 100$

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