Digital Revolution review – a hybrid SCAM

See in this Digital Revolution review that this system is a scam associated with Adsbanc.

What is Digital Revolution about

Digital Revolution reviewDigital Revolution is an online program that allegedly will allow you to earn money thanks to online advertising.

You are supposed to invest in online ads such as banners and then get money when they generate an income. The say that Digital Revolution could make you a millionaire. While the membership is free. Really?

Digital Revolution scam

Digital Revolution scamThe first look at Digital Revolution revealed that it is very similar to investment scams. Just look a our picture and you will see that it uses the same website as scams like Bitcoin SuperStar, Bitcoin Revival or Libra Profit System.

Therefore, it was clear what is the nature of this program even before we started digging deep with our review. When we did, we found that Digital Revolution is a hybrid scam, because it is not about financial trading, but about ads.

Digital Revolution testimonials

Digital Revolution testimonialsWe have seen many scams based on this online advertisement nonsense. We have to repeat, you can’t buy banners of famous brands doing their advertising and make money of them. When companies like Samsung run ad campaigns, they have their teams creating ads and placing them on websites. There is no way for you to enter this process, unless you are a website owner that advertisers are interested in placing their ads on.

The story told by Digital Revolution is a stupid nonsense, big corporations won’t share their money with you, there is no reason for that, and that’s a fact.

All the Digital Revolution reviews and testimonials you can see on its website are fake. They were made with stock photos, see the proof on our picture.

How it really works

Adsbanc scamDigital Revolution is a scam that is designed to steal your money. It works with the Adsbanc scam. Once you register, they will want you to deposit money and buy ad campaigns. Which is a nonsense, as we explained earlier.

If you deposit money with them, that will be it, they will keep it and you won’t earn anything. That’s how the scam works, it’s the same as the Adcode fraud.

Digital Revolution review conclusion

Digital Revolution is a total scam, you cannot buy your way into profits of other companies, it is a nonsense! Stay away from this program.

If you are not a site owner, you cannot make money in online advertising. If you wish, you can try online trading instead, which is very different, see on a free demo how.

You can try trading with virtual money, but if you decide to invest real money, be careful, because you can have profits as well as losses.

Digital Revolution

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  • Scam
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  • I received phone call and guy told very interesting things of marketing business which they do with paypal, twitter, facebook etc. and he said you can pay your deposit via paypal its a secure platform, after one month of trial if you not happy with the profit you can withdraw your money. Your money is secure. because deposit via Paypal I thought its going to be definitely secure thing and I deposited Euro 250.00 in the online account. Soon I deposited the amount he said ok now will get our compliance team to connect with you and ask your id details. I said what for? he said we want to ensure that you are genuine person depositing money. I said you didn’t mentioned to me before and also I paid money via Paypal so I am registered and genuine person because paypal has my ID documents.
    Then he got aggressive and hanged my phone by saying you will receive phone call soon.
    Immediately I thought its definitely a fraud company or kind of money laundering thing. I immediately processed my withdrawal request within 5 minutes of deposit. then the guy called me again and said why you put the withdrawal request remove your withdrawal request and we can’t process any refund without receiving your ID and bank details . You required to talk to our compliance team. he Hanged up the phone again.
    I am 100% sure that they are not genuine it’s a fraud. They have declined my withdrawal request three times since last few days and still waiting to get my money back….

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