Double scam review: Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd

Swiftfxbitrade review

This review exposes two scams that are the same – Bitcoin Cash Ltd and Swiftfxbitrade. See why you have to stay away from them.

What is Swiftfxbitrade and what is Bitcoin Cash Ltd.

Swiftfxbitrade is an investment program. Bitcoin Cash Ltd also is an investment program. It might be a little bit confusing, because there is a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash, which is the same name, but it has nothing to do with this investment program.

When comparing Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd., you will find that these programs are the same to the smallest detail.

They are supposedly run by companies registered in the UK and they both allegedly generate big profits thanks to cryptocurrency trading.

There are four investment plans for you to choose from, daily returns go from 110% to 400%. Minimum deposits start at 20 USD for the lowest plan and top at 1000 USD with the highest plan.

This proposition is insane, because it means that you will supposedly be able to quadruple your money in just one day. Are Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash LTD real?

Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd scam

Let’s get straight to the point, Bitcoin Cash Ltd and Swiftfxbitrade are scams. Terrible fraudulent investment programs that will make all your deposits disappear. Here is the explanation.

As you can see on the picture, both programs have the exact same website design. Swiftfxbitrade clearly is the newer one, it was created as a copy of Bitocin Cash Ltd. It can be seen thanks to testimonials, more on that later. Here are other proofs of scam.

Bitcoin Cash Ltd. review

Decoy registrations

Both programs claim their legitimacy by showing you registration certificates from the Companies House in the United Kingdom.

First of all, you should know that a registration with the Companies House means almost nothing. It is basically just a registration for tax purposes and anybody can get one. You don’t have to prove anything about the legitimacy of your business when registering.

In fact, we have seen dozens of investment scams with registrations from the UK. They get the registration, they scam people and quickly disappear.

Secondly, you should notice that Bitcoin Cash Ltd has the status of a dormant company, while Swiftfxbitrade was incorporated on 27 October 2020, which is only a few days ago. So these companies have no proven track record, they have never supplied any real documents about their business to the authorities.


Not licensed and illegal

Both Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd are investment services. Therefore they are required by the law to have an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. But they don’t have it.

This means that Swiftfxbitrade is an illegal investment service and Bitcoin Cash is also an illegal investment service. Money you deposit with these programs is not protected in any way.


Fake stats

Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd claim to be running for more than two years (852 and 774 days respectively). They also claim to be managing more than 20 thousand accounts and that they have paid more than 30 million dollars to their members. But all these stats displayed on their websites are fake.

We have already proven in this review that Swiftfxbitrade has been established only a few days ago. You can be absolutely sure that these programs have not paid out millions of dollars. They only serve lies and pay nothing.

Fake teams

Another proof that Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd are the same scam is in the fact that they show the same fake teams that are supposedly running them. They used stock photos to portray their alleged management. Also, what is the ID supposed to mean?

These programs have no real teams of people, just a bunch of scammers that are trying to get as much money as possible from you.

Fake teams

Fake testimonials

When examining the video testimonials about Bitcoin Cash and Swiftfxbitrade, we had a good laugh. Take the first video for example. There is a lady speaking about a different program (Polycrypto Trading), but someone added a bubble to the video with Bitcoin Cash Ltd.

Also, the same video testimonials are used by Swiftfxbitrade. It really is a bad copy. Once again, it proves that these scams are the same and that their testimonials are completely fake.

No real testimony

Stupid plans

Last but not least, let’s have a look at the investment plans of Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd. They are the same and they are absolutely absurd.

There is no way for a legit company to make 100% or 400% per day. It is absolutely impossible in any real business. The best investment firms in the world won’t make these profits in a year, so making them daily is complete utopia.

It also is a proof that Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd are scams, because they promise you things that are literally impossible.

Impossible investment plans

Bitcoin Cash Ltd. and Swiftfxbitrade review – the conclusion

Swiftfxbitrade and Bitcoin Cash Ltd. are the same scam. They just take money from people and pay nothing back. You have to stay away from them!

If you want to try legit cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated company. Start with virtual money to see how it all works and learn to trade.

Only when you have your strategy ready and when you understand the risks, you can start trading with real money.

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