Dragons‘ Den and Bitcoin trading systems – never happened! (the truth)

Dragons' Den

In this review we expose the big lie about systems like Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole or Bitcoin Code being pitched on Dragons’ Den.

We researched the connection between the TV Show Dragons’ Den and bitcoin and various trading systems. In this article we present our findings and we explain that nobody from the show has ever invested with any automated crypto trading system.

What is Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a TV show that gives room to entrepreneurs to present their business idea and seek money from investors that are watching. You can watch it in the UK and Ireland.

Currently, the British panel of investors who consider presented business ideas, is composed of Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Tej Lalvani and Touker Suleyman.

In Ireland the investors are Seán Gallagher, Seán O’Sullivan, Eamonn Quinn and Barry O’Sullivan.

The “Dragons” are these investors who invest in projects presented in Dragons’ Den in return of a stake.

This show exists in many countries under different names, its probably most popular other version is called Shark Tank (USA and Australia).

Dragons’ Den and Bitcoin

There are many stories about Bitcoin in Dragons’ Den, but none of them is true. You can read articles about different bitcoin trading systems being presented on the show, about the Dragons’ Den crew being impressed and endorsing them, about Deborah Meaden or Peter Jones investing in bitcoin etc.

Some articles, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest posts go as far as saying that Bitcoin is Dragons’ Den’s biggest investment to date, that it is the biggest deal.

There is a Daily Mirror article about a Cambridge University student presenting a bitcoin trading system in Dragons’ Den and getting a deal.

But all these articles are fake, bitcoin or any bitcoin trading system has never been presented on Dragons’ Den. In fact, every bitcoin trading app that is said to be pitched on Dragons’ Den is a scam.

Every time you see such an article, you have to carefully examine it. Look at the details and you will see that the article is not what it seems to be. These fake articles just emulate renowned media and it is not that hard to see it. Details won’t just add up.

If you see ads about bitcoin being on Dragons’ Den, they are paid for by scammers who want to get your money through their fraudulent systems and apps.

Dragons’ Den – the Bitcoin episode

Since there are so many fake articles about the Dragons’ Den Bitcoin pitch, people are asking us where they can find the Bitcoin episode of Dragons’ Den, if it is on Youtube. The answer is that the episode and the video don’t exist.

As we have already mentioned, no bitcoin trading system ever was on Dragons’ Den, every article stating the opposite is false and fake.

Deborah Meaden has never invested in bitcoin (see her confirmation), the same applies to all the other Dragons (investors). This is why you cannot find the video with the episode about bitcoin.

Fortunately, videos cannot be faked as easily as articles, so you won’t find the concerned Dragons’ Den episode anywhere, which should be a red flag for you.

Bitcoin Loophole in Dragons’ Den

There is an interview circulating around the internet which basically says that Bitcoin Loopohle was presented on the Dragon’s Den and endorsed as a profitable trading system.

Bitcoin Loophole promises to make you money in crypto trading on autopilot. But it is a total scam, see our linked review.

The truth is that Bitcoin Loophole never was on Dragon’s Den. Every article making the association between this system and this TV show is made up, it is a hoax.

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Code in Dragons’ Den

Bitcoin Code is one of the oldest cryptocurrency investment scams. No wonder that there are articles saying that Dragon’s Den has invested in Bitcoin Code, but again, it is not true.

Fraudsters who run these scam investment schemes create these fake articles. They take pictures from the real show, but the content of their articles and reviews is completely fake.

Virtually every other scam mentioned in this review is derived from Bitcoin Code. It is a very dangerous program that loses money!

Bitcoin Revolution in Dragons’ Den

Was the Dragons’ Den crew impressed by Bitcoin Revolution, did they invest in Bitcoin? Of course not!

Bitcoin Revolution never was on Dragons’ Den, it would simply not even be allowed, because it is an investment scam.

This system promises to win 99.4% of your bitcoin trades, but in reality, it will lose most of the time, so you will lose your capital if you use it for real cryptocurrency trading.

Dragons’ Den and Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is another seemingly free trading system that is supposed to make you tens of thousands of dollars per month on autopilot. Allegedly you have nothing to learn, you just have to do a few clicks daily.

This miraculous Bitcoin Trader is said to be one of the greatest things ever featured on Dragons’ Den, but it is a lie. It was never there.

Just think about it, a free system that makes people millionaires? Do you see how absurd it is? There is no free system that makes money in financial trading on autpilot.

Bitcoin Profit and Dragons’ Den

Another trading app that we have to address in association with Dragons’ Den is Bitcoin Profit. This system is very similar to all the others mentioned above, it is supposed to make your rich thanks to cryptocurrencies.

But no, Bitcoin Profit never was on Dragons’ Den, all articles saying otherwise simply are scams. These fake articles were made to persuade you to send money to scammers, there is nothing else to it.

In fact, Bitcoin Profit is just a clone of other investment scams that we are discussing in this article.

Bitcoin Formula on Dragons’ Den

What about Bitcoin Formula, was it on Dragons’ Den, did someone invest in it? No, Bitcoin Formula never was on Dragons’ Den, therefore it could not get any investors.

We have reviewed Bitcoin Formula and warned against it, because it is just another fraudulent system designed to transfer your money to scammers.

To be clear, these systems have very little in common with the real cryptocurrency bitcoin, they just use it as a lure, they have no real substance.

Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones about Bitcoin

Did Peter Jones invest in bitcoin thanks to what he has seen as an investor in Dragons’ Den? No, Jones has not invested in bitcoin.

Jones made this fact clear in his Twitter post, see below. His name is abused by scammers, all articles saying that Peter Jones is using a bitcoin investment system are fake.

See what Peter Jones has to say about his bitcoin investment:

Bitcoin News Trader and Dragons’ Den

Bitcoin News Trader is presented as a system that is capable of analyzing news about bitcoin and correctly predict price trends. This way it allegedly earns thousands of dollars in daily profits.

Such a program certainly would make a big impact on Dragons’ Den. The only problem is that Bitcoin News Trader never was on the show, it is a scam that is losing money.

So, stop searching for the Dragons’ Den episode with Bitcoin News Trader, it does not exist.

Bitcoin Compass in Dragons’ Den

Bitcoin Compass is another old scam that is being falsely associated with the Dragons’ Den. Scammers will tell you that this trading app earned the trust of the Dragons and that they started trading bitcoin with it.

But nothing could be farther from the truth. Bitcoin Compass never featured on Dragons’ Den and no real investors are using this system. It is a fraud that has no algorithm, no edge in cryptocurrency markets.

If you use Bitcoin Compass, you can expect to lose money, no other result is possible.

Ant McPartlin about Bitcoin in Dragons’ Den

There is a story about Ant McPartlin pitching a bitcoin trading system in Dragons’ Den. Be it Bitcoin Revolution or any other system, McPartlin is allegedly making money with it.

Supposedly, he managed to convince investors in the Dragons’ Den to invest in bitcoin with him. But it is a big fat lie.

McPartlin never presented anything even remotely connected to bitcoin on Dragons’ Den, he is not using any of the apps mentioned in our article.

Bitcoin Autotrader on Dragons’ Den

Bitcoin Autotrader is the name of yet another trading app that supposedly featured on Dragons’s Den with huge success because it can earn big money on autopilot in cryptocurrency trading.

But it is not true, Bitcoin Autotrader was not even mentioned on Dragons’ Den, let alone presented or endorsed as a good investment system.

Articles saying the opposite are fake and it is easy to see. They replicate journals like The Mirror, but the domain name is always different, all links lead to the registration page etc.

Dragons’ Den about Bitcoin Wealth

Bitcoin Wealth is also a bitcoin trading program that has been associated to investors from the Dragons’ Den. They allegedly were quickly sold and invested in this system.

At this stage you can probably guess that it is not true, Dragons’ Den has never featured Bitcoin Wealth and never will, because investment scams are not allowed.

Bitcoin Wealth is not a free program, it will push you to send money to a fraudulent company, which of course means that you will lose it.

Bitcoin Era on Dragons’ Den

Bitcoin Era is a trading app that allegedly was designed to trade bitcoin on your account automatically. It will generate trading signals and execute them on your behalf, while generating thousands of dollars in profits.

Did Dragons’ Den investors invest with Bitcoin Era? No, they did not, because Bitcoin Era never even was presented on the show.

Bitcoin Era is a dirty scam that has lost a lot of money, yet it still somehow manages to survive and be online. A lot of new victims are falling for this fraud.

Bitcoin Era


Bitcoin or any related trading system has never been pitched on Dragons’ Den. There is a lot of fake articles that will say something different, but they have been published by scammers who run these systems.

The truth is that all automated systems that promise to make you money for free are scams. You have to avoid them, no matter how many fake articles present them as the next miracle.

If you want to try legit cryptocurrency trading to make money, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Use the demo and virtual money to learn how trading works and to see what your results would be. You can learn and build your own profitable strategy.

Do not invest real money until you have a proper strategy and an understanding of the risks involved in real trading. And always use only money that you can afford to lose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Dragons’ Den invest in Bitcoin?

No, nobody from Dragons’ Den has invested in Bitcoin. Simply because no bitcoin trading system was ever pitched on this TV show. All articles stating the opposite are fake.

Is Bitcoin in Dragons’ Den a scam?

Yes, it is a scam, because bitcoin never was presented in Dragons’ Den as a potential investment. Nor any other investment system focused on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Where is Dragons’ Den Youtube video about Bitcoin?

There is no video with bitcoin on Dragons’ Den, you won’t find it on YouTube, because it does not exist. Bitcoin never was discussed on this show, this is the truth.

When did Bitcoin appear on Dragons’ Den?

Never. Bitcoin never appeared on Dragon’ Den. You can find articles connecting this TV show with bitcoin and different trading system, but all of them are fake.

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