eaconomy review – a product you should not buy

Read this Eaconomy review to understand what this product is about and why you should avoid it.

What Eaconomy is about

Eaconomy reviewEaconomy is an online scheme that is selling Forex trading signals and online courses. It is all about making money, you allegedly can make thousands of dollars with it.

The membership will cost you a one time $247 and then $169 monthly. Is it worth it?

Stay away from eaconomy

Eaconomy testimonialOn the eaconomy website you have to look at the rewards plan to see what it really is about. Then you will quickly see that it is an MLM structure that requires you to sell the membership to other people to make money.

You have to recruit new paying eaconomy members to earn money, this is the true nature of the program.

Forex trading signals and other lessons are here just to make the program legal. Should it be just redistributing money from members’ membership fees, it would be illegal. By officially selling a product it probably is legal.

The point is that eaconomy won’t make you any money in financial trading, it has no profitable trading system nor alerts. You have to keep this in mind, it is about reselling digital products, not about making profits in Forex markets.

We sincerely doubt the quality of the products that are being sold by eaconomy, because profitable Forex systems don’t need and are never sold in MLM structures. When you have profitable trading system, you use it and make money. You don’t sell it to the public, because it could make it lose its profitability.

eaconomy review conclusion

Eaconomy is an MLM structure, it requires you to resell products to other people to make money. We recommend staying away from it.

To try genuine financial trading, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and start with virtual money.

Should you decide to trade with real money, please have a good strategy and understand the risks.


247 USD








  • Acknowledge the true nature


  • Not about trading
  • Reselling dubious products
  • MLM
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Comments 6

  • I was just in a Teams meeting with somekind of Swedish firm using this company. I just see bad omens on the sky so I aborted thanks to your comments!

  • I joined eaconomy before it was called that. First there was Silver Star Live, then AI Global Markets, and then eaconomy. I heard they were launching the company again and it made me sad to know that people that were sued by the CFTC (Google it) were at it again. I know that Hassan and his wife Candace are willing to hurt people and not fulfil promises of payment. I hope this eaconomy review is read by people before they make the terrible mistake of joining a company run by dishonest people.

  • Here is an eaconomy review. Eaconomy is a scam. Hassan Mahmoud has been turning this concept over and over and scamming people for years out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was finally sued by the CFTC, just Google it, and now he is at it again. Save yourself the frustration, find a legitimate home business. One with owners that have not been in legal trouble and already shown what they are willing to do to unsuspecting people.

  • You didnt mention anything about the OTHER TRADING services Eaconomy provides, such as Trading Education for beginners. Live trading sessions, Trading Signals people can follow analyze, Crypto Education, Scanners, and an EA bot.

    You also didnt mention the recruiting side is 100% optional, and you can make money through trading resources without referring anyone too. This is Literally the OPPOSITE of an mlm scheme.

    Ive been scammed before by ponzi scheme companies in the past.
    But youre NOT selling anything with Eaconomy.

    You can join and just be a trading student and use their trading resources provided without referring anyone to join.

    Like most of your posts, i think you were too.

    The fact you only spoke about Referrals , their EA bot, and stated they have “nothing to do with trading” shows you either didnt do your research….or youre just to quick to call this a scam so you can promote your own services. …..

  • Been an EAconomy member for a few months and using their EA, it works nicely at the beginning, but I closed my account after I had a 100% drawdown, my advice is, if you like your money, stay away, you will lose them all eventually.

  • Can customers actually vote and review this product? I’m unable to ..

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