Earnbitmoon review – A SCAM that will abuse you [stay away]

Earm Bit Moon Club review

In this review we explain how the Earnbitmoon scam works and why you have to avoid it.

What is Earnbitmoon

Earnbitmoon is an online platform that promises to earn you money basically for free, you just have to complete some simple tasks.

Earn Bit Moon Club will supposedly earn you up to 2 USD every 5 minutes, which equals to 12 USD per hour. Should you do it full time, given their promises you would be able to earn about 100 USD per day or 3,000 USD per month.

But is it really that simple, is Earn Bit Moon legit, can you earn free money with it?

Earn Bit Moon is a scam

The reality is that Earnbitmoon is a scam that will steal your time and pay you nothing. It will abuse your online identity to generate money to scammers who will make excuses for not paying you.

Earnbitmoon is not paying

Let’s get the most important fact about Earn Bit Moon Club out of the way right at the beginning: it is not paying.

We’ve researched this program and found many testimonials and reviews that say that Earnbitmoon is not paying.

It happens like this: You join, you complete your first tasks and you earn coins. Then you will want to withdraw, but you will realize that conditions changed.

For example, when you start, they say you have to use the faucet 30 times before withdrawing. But after using it 30 times, suddenly the condition for a withdrawal will go up to 100 times. And this will keep repeating.

Or your Earn Bit Moon account will get blocked for a fake reason, for example they will say you had multiple accounts, which you did not.

You will hear all sorts of excuses, but you will never be able to withdraw anything from Earn Bit Moon Club. You will lose your valuable time and get nothing in return.

Not paying

How Earn Bit Moon works

The truth is that Earn Bit Moon earns money thanks to its users. For example, the basic faucet will make you solve captchas. Scammers who run this program get paid for solving captchas, but they don’t pass on that money to you.

In other words, they make you complete tasks that are paid and they keep the money.

You see, there is a lot of affiliate networks that you can earn money with if you can refer people to various offers. You will get paid when people you refer click on various links, install apps, register for offers etc.

And Earn Bit Moon is just a scam that is taking advantage of those offers. Instead of having a real website that is providing valuable content to the visitors and monetizing that traffic, this fraudulent platform promises you an income that you will never get.

They force you to complete paid tasks, they take the money and they keep it.

And they make you complete paid tasks that are unethical to say the least. For example, they will promise you 0.1 ETH for downloading and installing an app in your mobile phone, so more than 100 USD for a simple task.

But if you don’t read the fine imprint that is hidden by default when registering for that app, you won’t realize that it is a paid service that charges about 5 USD per month.

Not to mention outright scams promoted by Earn Bit Moon Club, like Tron mining programs.

So if you keep completing tasks as you are asked and you don’t pay attention to every little detail, you can end up by losing a substantial amount of money because you registered for shady paid apps and other services.

In that regard Earn Bit Moon works like Gramfree or Cloutzap for example, this concept is not new.

People often argue that it is free, so you don’t have anything to lose. But as we have just explained, you have a lot to lose. Not only your time that you could use to earn real money, but also you could end up with paid subscriptions that will charge you a lot of money.

Participating in Earn Bit Moon Club means that you earn money to scammers who run the program while you get nothing. They will keep changing conditions for withdrawals to keep you working for them as long as possible, but you will never get paid.

Earn Bit Moon scam

Earn Bit Moon review – Conclusion

Earn Bit Moon is a scam that will make you complete paid tasks but will never pay you. Fraudsters who run the program will keep all the money to themselves while making up all sorts of excuses why you can’t withdraw anything. Stay away from it.

There is a lot of this kind of fake earning websites that abuse affiliate networks, promise you free money, while in fact making you a worker that is not getting paid. Beware.

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  • kalo saya sudah dari 1997 ikut crypto dan sudah kennyang di tipu be4bagai link aplagi earnbitmoin 10000% tidak bayar penpuan blaka .jadi sya pribadi jadi tahu dari awal muncul link apa saja apa itu scamer atau byar dalam waktu di tntukan skrg jadi tahu smua apk dll mana yag akan bar mana yag scam

  • Um…what? I will not vouch for it as I’m sure it will close down eventually like all others but as of right now it is paying, I have withdrawals that I can post/prove.

    The only part of this that may be accurate that I don’t do is the tasks. Promises and numbers like that are unrealistic but the faucet and ads are free along with certain adwalls/with ptc ads, not sign ups, accounts, etc…

    Have you actually tried it? I’ve been using it for quite awhile (though I took a break in the middle as the payout for such seemed low, but since then I’ve gone back and it’s still paying me at least…)

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