Elite Edge review – an old darn SCAM

Read our review of Elite Edge to understand that this investment program is a horrible scam.

What Elite Edge is about

EliteEdge reviewElite Edge is a software for cryptocurrency trading. It works automatically, which means that you just have to switch it on and it will generate its own trading signals and execute them on your account in the form of trades.

This software allegedly is dramatically profitable and can make you between 950 USD and 2200 USD per day. And the worst thing of all, it doesn’t cost anything. Why the worst? You will learn that in this review.

Elite Edge is a scam

Spoiler alert, the conclusion of our Elite Edge review is that this software is a scam. Now let’s provide you with some proofs.

Cloned fraud

EliteEdge testWhen we first saw Elite Edge, we immediately recognized a familiar design. Indeed, it turned out that it is just a copy of scams like Immediate Advantage and Immediate Edge Bot.

On our picture you will see the comparison between these programs, they are not similar, they are exactly the same. And thanks to testimonials from real users we know that these programs are losing money big time.

Manipulated quotes

These quotes aren't realOne of the dirty tricks that Elite Edge is using are the quotes of Bill Gates and the Winklewoss twins. Because yes, these people have spoken about cryptocurrencies, but none of them said that it was easy to make money with them.

Yet that is precisely what the EliteEdge’s website tries to make you believe.

Elite Edge testimonials

EliteEdge testimonialsOne thing is sure, Elite Edge testimonials presented on its own website are absolutely fake. Not only they are using the exact same testimonials as with the other versions of this scam, but these people actually have nothing to do with trading.

Because what you can see in those reviews are just stock photos with fictional stories about earnings with this program. You will again find a proof on our picture on the right.

The truth

So, how does Elite Edge really work? Its only purpose is to steal your money. It will send you to an unregulated broker and you will be told that you have to deposit at leas 250 USD in order to start using the software.

But whatever you deposit will be lost, they will keep your money and ask you for more. They will never let you withdraw anything.


Elite Edge is a copied scam that has been around for a long time, it just rips people off, stay away from it!

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading to make money, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Learn trading with virtual money and understand the risks of investing real money. Only then you can start trading with your own money.

Elite Edge

250 USD



Working mechanism





  • Easily recognizable


  • Copied scam
  • Is losing money
  • Scam and fraud
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