EmpiresX review – a Dirty scam, stay away!

EmpiresX review

In this review we reveal that EmpiresX is a scam investment platform that is designed to collapse and make all the money disappear.

What is EmpiresX

Empires X is an online investment platform. It will allow you to invest money into real estate, some non-specified private investments and a trading bot (Ex Bot, Bin Bot).

The main selling point seems to be the trading robot that trades Nasdaq and will allegedly generate you a return on your investment up to 1% daily.

There is also a very generous affiliate program that can earn you additional revenue across 20 levels. You will earn a portion of what people under you invest.

The EXB robot costs $400 per year and it is the initial investment that everyone has to make in order to become an investor. If you want to be just an affiliate, your minimum initial investment will be $200.

But is EmpiresX legit, should you invest with it?

Investment offers

EmpiresX scam

Unfortunately there is no doubt that EmpiresX is actually a scam that will just run for a limited period of time and then disappear with all the money left in the system. In this review we explain why.

The basics

We have to repeat ourselves in almost every scam review we make: When you see an anonymous trading robot that is supposed to make you 1% daily in financial markets, you can be pretty much sure that it is a scam. It really is that simple.

It is because financial markets are largely unpredictable and prices of different assets don’t always move the same way, with the same magnitude. Every experienced trader will tell you that it is absolutely impossible to have a steady daily return on financial markets. You have to accept this fact.

Financial trading is a game of probabilities and risk management. Sometimes you earn, sometimes you lose, the goal is to make your profits bigger than your losses. It is a very difficult task and the majority of people fails in this.

Legit investment offers will provide you with proofs about their performance, there will be mandatory regulatory information, audited results etc. EmpiresX provides nothing to back up their claims.

Fake ROI

Anonymous and illegal

Empires X is providing investment services. As we have already explained in this review, besides the trading robot there is also real estate investing and some other non-specific investing.

These activities are regulated in most countries. This means that EmpiresX needs authorizations from financial regulators in every country they want to have members/investors in.

So, is EmpiresX regulated as required by the law? No, it is not. In fact, it is a completely anonymous enterprise. The only contact information they provide on their website is an e-mail address, that’s it. Doesn’t look very trustworthy, does it?

The fact that people who run EmpiresX are hiding and breaking the law by not being regulated tells a lot. It is a scam that you have to avoid.

In June 2022 the United States SEC and CFTC announced they were suing people behind EmpiresX.

Company contact

How EmpiresX works

It is obvious that EmpiresX is a huge pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scam that will try to run as long as deposits are flowing in. But this type of scam scheme always runs out of steam and collapses.

It is just inevitable due to the nature of the scheme, where money is just moved from newer to older members. So if Empires X is paying at all, expect it to stop and it can happen any time. Then the end will be quick a money will disappear.

Since all the payments to EmpiresX are made in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, nobody will be able to get their money back and to trace the scammers who took it.

Pyramid scheme

EmpiresX review – Conclusion

EmpiresX is a scam, an anonymous Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse. It is only a matter of time, so you have to stay away from it in order not to lose money.

If you want to try legit investing, do it on a free demo account with a regulated company. You will get virtual money to try everything out.

Should you later decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks.

Top regulated investment platforms

BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 71-78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Comments 108

  • EmpireX has claimed to be taking part in trading strategies. But the that after reading the review in the site link I will drop below. I realized it’s a scam. The platform came out from ponzi scheme and I won’t recommend you trade with it.
    However, if you would know more about the EmpireX, I suggest you sit back and go through this Review.

  • Mr James pinion what you had said was absolutely naked true.. people have lost their money as you said..so how can you help them get their capitals…I mean the advice ..or they must just forget about their capitals?

  • EmpiresX, I quess is a Scam. I became apprehensive and suspicious what I made a withdrawal since November 1 and payment has not been made. Efforts to get information from them has been successful. Eminent is the fear that site will soon be closed.

  • How stupid I became to invest in this sh*tty scam, I regret those one’s who brought it in South Africa, some affiliates invested half a million but let keep quiet, the leaders who brought this started new projects now.

  • The people who introduced us Empirexs now says they don’t know what is going on since they don’t have feet back from the management.but they where the one who always hold commuting zoom call now they don’t have any ideas of what is going on.

    This people are fooling us they knew what was about to happen n withdraw money first

    • As for shohan bolowa or what what he was busy discriminating mining city company as if it was a scam now his quit n we have no access to our money it’s been 3 months now we are still stuck

  • This is a pure scam. We haven’t been paid for two months. I don’t think I will ever recover my capital

    • My account is now at Half a million it keeps growing soon it will be at 1 million in rand

      They worse part is they did a promotion know that people will come easily to join them few minutes later the system is no longer available.jiki jiki no longer one year celebration

  • Unfortunately, EmpiresX IS a scam… Still waiting for my benefits and the withdrawal of my capital 🙁

  • Looks like the same leaders of this scam have started a new one! BEWARE!!! Iprimecapital.com

  • I love how the idiots that kept insisting this was legit got real quiet! LOL! Hope your friends and family still love you after this one losers! LOL!

  • Well now the empiresX page is down. SUPER SCAM!

  • Thanks James for the heads up on this scam

  • My life changed because of EmpiresX. Keep lying to South Africans for them to be able to dwell into banking with banks, whereas those banks trade on the same platform and make 1% daily but gives our people 7% per annum. I’m happy to say I’m in it and I’ll never leave it. You’re probably a journalist for SARS because they want all the tax and EmpiresX is tax free

  • I invested $10,000 into Empiresx after a friend told me about it. He invested $250,000. I ran the exbot and watched the trades going on live. It took about three minutes to realize this is not running legitimate trades. It would buy shares at $1.03 and sell seconds later for $1.78. The next trade was at $1.03 again and sold again at $1.78. Common sense tells you that you can’t buy at $1.03, sell at $1.78 and then buy back in at $1.03 again 20 seconds later (five – six times over, every night). There is actually only about six different trades, that just repeat over and over again for each level.

    I have tried to get my money out and I got a screen error and am told the system is having difficulty paying at the moment, so it is being done manually. I think I will probably lose my money but before you defend Empiresx, take a look at the trades and you will realize things are not as they should be.

    One more example: I now have the autobot running every night. Each day my 30+ trades gives me a return of $131.75. Nine days in a row now. How can you do 30+ trades each day and the return be identical?

    Sadly it is a scam and I fear I have lost my money.

  • This is a scam same owners as MCC who scammed a lot of people in Latin America. Emerson and Junior and even Flavio are such thieves.

  • Actually my friend went to join , I can guarantee it’s a scam . Why because I have joined this type of scam before but managed to get money out before it collapsed .

    Here are the keys I have learned

    1. The website of scams are often vague and have little or no details of founder . They are also filled with inconsistencies . You will notice they talk like they are in 5 continent . Urmm you know even big forex companies don’t grow that fast . Then there is 50 countries and then 16 counties

    2 Trading results are posted without actually using mT4 or mt5 trading .

    3 when you withdraw money and they tell you IT issue or they are processing as there is backlog
    I realised early and quickly pull out my capital

    The basic rule of thumb is simple – if they really can beat the market with the bots – they should be using a licenced platform like ETORO which have copy trader ability . The investor invest in a licensed platform and we just copy trade . Investor money is secured in a segregated fund

    There is already technology available to do bots and copy trade . – if they really can beat the market so it the legal way .

    Any website that says they use traders in the backend or bots without showing you on MT4 or a certified trading platform and promise high returns that is 100% a scam

  • Thanks admin.
    The article helped me a lot in advising my relatives about EmpiresX. Whatever the result is failure. They still believe in EmpiresX.
    EmpiresX did a great job of their “education”. Participants give a lot of confidence to them.
    So, sometimes it costs a fortune to have a well-deserved lesson.

  • James Pinion is right! Empirex is not paying out. You can’t even log in. There are pages missing from their site. The people saying they have made money have cashed in on the referrals.

    The people in the comments trying to say it isn’t a scam are part of the empirex team/family who want you to put your money into the scheme so they can get their cut of your money.

  • After reading all the comments I believe you James Pinion because they introduced EmpiresX to me the I started to research about it and I found you, thank you so much keep up the good work this world needs a lot of people like you.

  • Wow! People still believe that there is an investment out there that can guarantee a 1% daily interest?! No wonder ponzi scheme business is triving. SMH

  • I requested withdrawals of bot profits on the 1st of November yet no signs of payment. ExpiresX claims that they’d make payments five days after an investor submits a withdrawal. Yet it is 17 days and counting, no payment has been made. When you submit an inquiry all they reply with is “be patient, the financial team is working to make payment”.

    I also withdrew my deposits on the same day, but was surprised that instead of Expiresx paying, they canceled my request with no explanation given.
    Now I am stuck, cannot withdraw profits, cannot withdraw my own money.

    These are the red flags of a Ponzi scheme and Internet scam. Please stay away

  • EmpriesX is returning to Vietnam to scam. A lot of people have invested in it. Including my friend withdrawing interest from 11/1/2021 so far has not had money. They keep making promises and see nothing

  • Could you please help me find out where are they? I know them cheating a lots people around the world.
    Emerson Pires is living in USA or outside the USA?

  • I am a former practicing securities attorney who fell down this rabbit hole trying to help a friend research this. I will not attempt to render a verdict because people choose to believe what they want to believe. I will just ask them to do their own research or accept the consequences of not doing so.

    I will just summarize what I found so far trying to help a friend.

    1. Empirex Capital is not Empires Consulting Group or EmpiresX (as mentioned by others). EmpireX Capital has an SEC filing for creating a hedge fund with minimum contributions of $50K which requires investors be “accredited”. It’s CEO, Raphael Vargas indicated in the SEC filing that the company has existed for more than 5 years, yet Mr. Vargas has a LinkedIn profile that does not mention affiliation with EmpireX or EmpiresX.
    https://sec.report/Document/0001820591-20-000001/primary_doc.html, https://www.linkedin.com/in/realraphaelvargas/ Frankly, EmpireX looks dodgy too, but it’s not what I’m here for anyway.

    2. EmpiresX (with an “s”) is the company indicated by the founders, which is registered in a different part of Florida and does not have any SEC filing under any name I could find. It’s CEO, PIRES, EMERSON S has no reliable information on LinkedIn or anywhere else I could find. Likewise for its VP, Gocalves, Flavio Mendes. For an idea of what you’d expect from an asset management or investment advisor company, see the Motley Fool’s filings – https://sec.report/CIK/0001512814

    3. I researched further EMERSON SOUZA PIRES and FLAVIO MENDES GOCALVES and found nothing to suggest they had the capability to initiate or run such a venture, but you are free to research these individuals and determine if you feel they are capable of developing and harnessing cutting-edge AI to outperform professional investors, hedge funds and venture capitalists through trading NDX alone.

    – If it’s a ponzi, get in, get out and be happy, but don’t ask your friends to join.
    – It’s certainly possible to train AI to take advantage of short term trends and do “micro-trading”. Whether that’s what exists here will take time to tell, but there’s lots to be suspicious about and at least the claims about the SEC seem likely false and at the least not yet substantiated.

  • May be legit but what a bunch of lies. Changed format to withdraw once a month and can’t get money. No way to correspond. Stay away/

  • Not to mention, the address for the entity is a single-family home (not even a business). Which in my mind is the ultimate “no brainer” of legitimacy for a true business.

    This is the exact same model used by another rug pull company called “Profitable Morrows”, look them up (if anything still exists). I went through this exact scam about three years back and lost 3 ETH 🙁 – that equates to about 15K today.

    **Call this sh*t out James, good job!

  • I withdraw my profit since 11/01/2021 until now, I still don’t receive the money.

    • I requested withdrawals of bot profits on the 1st of November yet no signs of payment. ExpiresX claims that they’d make payments five days after an investor submits a withdrawal. Yet it is 17 days and counting, no payment has been made. When you submit an inquiry all they reply with is “be patient, the financial team is working to make payment”.

      I also withdrew my deposits on the same day, but was surprised that instead of Expiresx paying, they canceled my request with no explanation given.
      Now I am stuck, cannot withdraw profits, cannot withdraw my own money.

      These are the red flags of a Ponzi scheme and Internet scam. Please stay away

      • I know people that have 7500-25000us dollar in this. They get paid out all the time. They make god money,and they are way in plus. Everything you invest in can collapse. So you dont put out money that you can’t aford to loose.
        This goes for everything.
        I think it is all i the timing you go in.
        Pyramide scam is also profittble if you are early enough.

  • James,

    It feels like you had an opinion of this project early on and are refusing to change your mind no matter what. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests this is a legit company, who have filed with the SEC to be a hedge fund and have set-up their tech and back offices, which have also been approved.

    If you are going to write reviews, please don’t be so closed minded. Over time, you need to do revised research to see if your review is still accurate.

    Reading how you respond to people giving you hard evidence makes it hard for me to ever believe one of your reviews.

    I hope you open your mind and change your review process.

  • does anybody know a contact PH number or email from empires X support?

  • James pinion I bet you won’t disclose your information .. lets talk in person would love to meet you

  • Hei. Investerte du anne?

  • You J Pinion, mind your stuff. Don’t trade with EmpiresX and stop talking sh.t here,,,mxm

  • Is forex trading also a scam??

  • whether its legit or not, I got my original investment back within 3 months. I’m just riding out with the money I made from my original investment lol. For those who are currently investing or future investors, just give it time until you make up the money that you invested in and then pull it out, EASY AS THAT. I highly doubt the company is going to go under in a few months (if it were a scam).

  • Thank you for writing this article it is going to help a lot of people including myself. I was about to invest in this company but now I have changed my mind coz they really do not seem legit

  • bizapedia.com/fl/empires-consulting-corp.html
    Empires paraplybolag där du kan se när det registrerades 14/10 förra året 2020 och vilka ägarna är..
    sedan kan du kanske läsa lite positiva sidor också , så gå in på denna sida:

    • 1) EmpiresX IS NOT Empires Consulting
      2) Trustpilot is full of fake reviews, this is not news.
      3) EmpiresX is a SCAM

      • Is empiresx good or not because i want to investing in it but because i was disapointed by mining city i don’t trust this scam wny more. is miningcity registerd? please help me

      • my boy gets paid out 132l

      • your a clown… you hate on anything that you can’t be apart of u think u know what’s going on but don’t know shit empires consulting corp is empires x u dumb ass I get cashed out 6 figures every month … for almost a year now im tryna figure out where is it a scam ? do you know what algorithmic trading is the bot runs on an algorithm you broke ass lame

        • You realize that comments like yours confirm that EmpiresX is a scam, right?

          • because I don’t speak proper and I speak how I want your a wierdo with a bachelors degree that can’t even get a real job bro im rich lol you probably work a 9-5 making 15 an hour looking for the next 2 dollar raise ..I cash out 6 figures every month you got no life u literally have a blog that u make and talk sh*t about companies making money that u don’t think are legitimate your a clown you probably have no wife or kids ..and if u do y’all miserable and she’s fu*king the guy upstairs …ur kids if u have any probably hate you .. your a clown how much money do you have to your name I bet you couldn’t stop working right now if you wanted to .. you know why I can sit here and write this … cause im rich lol

          • Thank you for your kind words.

  • They showed multiple times the in-real-time trades on their TD Ameritrade account, it looked legit , they were refreshing pages and the trades were appearing.
    What do you think about that James Pinion ?

  • Don’t listen to the leaders. All of them want your money only ‘cos they are serial scammers.
    – Shohan Bowala
    – Mike Lucas (USA)
    – Ron Singh
    – Prince Pardhan
    – Filip Puljizevic
    – Mike Musich (USA)
    – Richard Hanson (USA)
    – David Hallstrom
    – Olivia Mushamba
    – Kevin MacKay
    – Peter Trolle
    – Mike Soh
    – Mat Stark
    – James Wiggins (USA)
    – Arleshia Jones (USA)
    – Mike Donaldson (USA)

    All of them I reported to SEC and FBI

  • We the members now pay 20% in credits=tax of all profit – anyone who knows where these money goes? I think the company now must be tax registry somewhere!!!!

  • Thanks a lot, I actually have an interview with one of their South African affiliates tomorrow but I am canceling!

  • I know the owner, he has a lot of videos on YouTube who says them names and talking abou the company. I think it’s a lot money to win monthly, but I am there making money for 1 years and buying my dreams. If it’s over today , I won more that I invested

  • *****deleted by moderator*****

  • if EmpireX is legally trading can they tell us where?.they should if they are legit.

  • Looks like EmpiresX is not listed?

  • This has so many red flags for scamming. My instinct is SCAM, stay away for now until proven legit by SEC.

  • This articles is sh*t the are legit and have filed with sec

  • Is this the same company? Empirex Capital Llc
    SEC CIK #0001820591
    Empirex Capital Llc is regulated by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and incorporated in the state of Florida. For financial reporting, their fiscal year ends on December 31st. This page includes all SEC registration details as well as a list of all documents (S-1, Prospectus, Current Reports, 8-K, 10K, Annual Reports) filed by Empirex Capital Llc.

    If it is they seams to be registrited.


  • Hvorfor skal vi tro mer på deg enn EmpiresX ? Hvem er du? Vi kjenner ikke deg heller..
    Hvilken rett har du til å svarteliste nye foretak?
    Hvordan kan du vite dette?
    Selv om du tror dette, så er det ikke dermed sagt at det er fakta.
    Er du medlem selv, og har mistet dine penger?
    Eierne er ikke anonyme, og har legitime adresser.
    Det finnes også papirer på at Empiresx er registrert etter amerikanske lover.

  • I would really advice you to first investigate and understand it fully before posting any information about any products or services. Why? Because it will come a time that the very people you are trying to warn will crucify you tomorrow if EmpiresX comes out to be legit.

    • I did my due dilligence, don’t worry.

    • Hello is empiresx is really working or is a scam .

      I was listening them to my radio i took one of the numbers so that can ask more about this business but am doubting to join its look like scam

    • This is a scam. They have not paid up any request for payment from someone I know. They requested to get returns got non, requested investment, got Zero dollars. If they are not a scam, let them prove it by paying out outstanding tickets!!!

  • How much did they pay you to write these craps!!! If you believe this review, I have a beautiful property in Montana facing the ocean.

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